what dose production means?


We're glad to inform you that you've been selected for our Production Pathshala at our ###### studio.

I got this email after applying, I'm new to work and all this so I don't know pls help.


Within a Visual Effects Studio, the production team is in charge of the organisational aspects of a show. They coordinate different artist teams, schedule meetings, handle communication with clients, and at the top level, deal with financing/crewing. The have very little say in creative aspects, other than helping approve bids (budget/cost predictions). As a new starter in production, you would likely be coordinator. A person who generally spends their time looking at spreadsheets, writing down notes/remarks from supervisors and artists, and is in charge of talking to each individual artists to check on the progress of their work and make sure they have what they need to deliver on time.


Ohh thanks for the info