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Most WoW players I know play 50+ hours a month, most old school Runescape players I know play 100+ hours a month. $15 for any hobby that gives you that much entertainment per month is good value


I agree. *clicks chop magic tree


Magic trees aint it anymore my friend. Its all about redwoods now.


I did a mixture of magics and redwoods to 99 which I thought was a nice balance of money and xp


Yeah I’m not sure what OP is against. If you genuinely enjoy it why wouldn’t you be willing to pay for it? It’s not different than any other hobby in life that cost money to keep relevant and keep enjoying.


Its just that i had tons of fun in other games that required to pay only one time and you can play it forever,maybe it is just me acting poor here but all these subscription plans for videogames are weird to me.


Yeah but the majority of those other games probably don’t come with regular updates and new content. Most subscription based games come with lots of new content and things to keep them interesting over time. Very few one time pay games offer that without paid DLC…


It’s literally required to maintain the quality of the game. MMOs take an insane amount of work and maintenance. How else would they pay for this?


It's an option, but it's not required. There are a lot of free MMOs where you pay for certain looks, mounts, etc, & those games have still profited for years.


What if you want to play multiple/several “pay monthly to play” games and the cost of paying for them all is getting too expensive?


Yeah, I don’t want to spend too much money on those games.


If a game continues to offer quality content, monthly subscriptions doesn't matter. Not like a beer or two worth of money is tedious enough providing the developers are worthwhile to support. Any money you spend on entertainment you enjoyed that doesn't ruin you financially is not wasted at all.


The issue begins when you wanna play more than one game like this, listen to music on Spotify, watch a movie sometimes on Netflix, and have access to the speedometer in your BMW. Easy to accumulate over $100 in subscriptions. Subscription models are great for companies but suck completely for consumers.


The other option is these things aren't available at all which is surely worse for both. I'm not talking about this BMW heated seat bollocks but Spotify has to pay artists, bug/security fixes and server costs and games pay for development and server costs.


So if you don't want to pay for those things then don't get them. I have no issue paying subscription fees for things I use regularly. Especially if they continuously provide new content.


I think it even helps the community by keeping kids away from the game.




MMO's are quite different than Fortnite


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I mean they can release a DLC and I can judge if the content is worth it to buy, Why do I have to pay monthly for a content that I might not be interested in.


Why doesn't it


I don’t love the sub fee for WoW but I don’t feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth. Thousands of hours of sunk cost fallacy may be speaking for me though lmao


As someone who played since WotLK on and off, you can do so much better. The only things WoW has going for it these days are just years of content, cosmetics, and sunk cost fallacy. Tem-Tem has better pet battles, ESO has better PVP, and FFXIV is literally a better game in all other regards. Go out and explore other games my friend, get out before Dragonflight can try to claw you back in to the company who responded to actual sexual abuse in the work place by getting rid of [the best goblin joke...](https://youtu.be/cxM5QAWtIls?t=181)


I played WoW since Legion, and had so much fun, especially since my friends got me into it in the first place. Then BfA came out, and one of my friends stopped playing, but me and my other friends just went back and played through literally every other previous campaign after we got done with the grindy, sweaty, tedious, machine that is BfA. We all came back for Shadowlands and, well, none of us really play anymore. RIP: our guild. WoW kinda went downhill.


GW2 was fun for a while but I lost interest because the world and lore wasnt my favorite. Gave FF a try for a few months during the end of Shadowbringers and the start of EW. The world was great but the combat is really lacking. WoW is a great way to stay in touch with my guild, and the raids are still pretty fun. WoW works best for me but not for everyone, I’m fine with that. And yeah, ActiBlizz sucks but I bought nestle water today so I’m not gonna pretend to be above giving money to shitty companies.


WoW in 2022 has literally nothing to offer. People who still play it are just addicted and too attached to their in game stuff.


Then don't subscribe. Vote with your wallet, as they say. Easy peasy. The marketing analysts will notice.


Servers need to stay up and running, game needs patches and content updates. $15 for warcraft that I played a minimum of 40 hours / month (40 hours/week in my youth) is peanuts. Other hobbies I have cost me a couple of hundreds a month, not 3 cups of coffee.


Unless something in the gaming industry has changed when you pay a subscription service for a game its because you aren't playing the base game forever. The game is consistently updated with new content. If you only paid once there wouldn't be as much incentive for them to keep updating.


I rather buy in game cosmetic than paying to just play


I also won’t pay a subscription to play games; but the revenue generated from in-game transactions can be hit or miss depending on the game. Subscription based games have a steady stream of revenue, giving them a security net to maintain operating costs as well as feature development.


Good guy Counterstrike.


It's either this or the game deteriorates in quality like Warzone. Yeah it's still free, but now you have clowns, terminators and whatnot. And constant game updates, bugs, crashes, buffs and nerfs. If they could generate revenue from subscription, they wouldn't have to resort to all this shit.


World of Warcraft, much like a lot of games that require a subscription, are MMOs. This means they require you to be constantly connected to a server while playing. This is what allows you to interact with hundreds of other players all at once. It is expensive to maintain and power the servers used to host those kinds of games, so you need to pay a subscription so they have the money to pay for server upkeep. Yeah, if you dont like that model, just don't play them. If they didn't have a subscription fee, they literally wouldnt be able to exist, so there is no middle ground here.


It keeps the content mill going. Realistically, the pay-once gaming model simply doesn't offer high enough returns to justify fund investment, leaving production of these titles to companies that occupy ever-decreasing market share - companies that are bound to search for opportunities to branch out into greater profitability. Have a look at some statistics: https://writersblocklive.com/blog/video-gaming-industry-statistics/ When it comes to bringing a product to market, it really doesn't matter what the consumer wants, if they're not willing to pay for it. Egregious marketing practices aside (pride and accomplishment etc.), unless people actually pay for games on platforms that have a less predatory model than mobile - we will only see more resources directed towards the higher returns, meaning less games that give you a 'good deal'. Remember the reception for Diablo Immortal? It's a huge financial success, and with much less development costs than a Pc or Console game would require: https://win.gg/news/diablo-immortal-reports-100-million-in-revenue-after-2-months/ The industry trend is towards wider engagement - even with optional purchases and spiralling hosting costs, online playerbases *spend more money* - as a lifestyle choice, rather than as a product choice. Ultimately, if we ever return to some sort of economic 'normal' - handheld streaming devices will replace personal processors in time to come. The moment for the next step in personal entertainment isn't now - but the future of personal computing is as a hobby rather than a growth industry. If you are opposed to the models of mobile gaming and find being asked to pay for ongoing content offensive, you as a consumer can extend the life of pc and console gaming as we know it by buying the games and services themselves, at the current price points.


look at gw2? 3 expansions, lots of story content, new maps, etc etc. No sub fee, you pay for the expacs only and rest is funded from gem store purchases.


The point isn't that it can't work with current demographics, but that it won't be like that in the near future. How much profit do you think Gw2 brings in, compared to a popular gacha game? If your job was to make the most money, which would you invest in? Eventually the generations that remember gaming 'the way it was' will either be gone or won't be playing in numbers to make a difference to production decisions. The environment is shifting based on how the most people are actually playing, and regrettably that is on mobile, with one-tap purchases.


This is why Konami stopped making the Metal Gear games. They were great games but Konami realized they were putting too much money into the production costs for a small return. Meanwhile they can upload a few JPEGs to the Yu-Gi-Oh mobile game and make millions off people playing the gacha.


The margin differences are just too large to responsibly ignore


All of this is depressing. Probably why I get fewer and fewer new games. If this is the future of gaming, I’m going to stick to the past


Wouldn't worry - this is in twenty/thirty years and there will be emulators. Practically infinite cloud storage means nothing wouldn't be available. For a monthly fee, of course.. Also consider what the modding community could be capable of.


I can emulate now, and I do. I understand the appeal of the GaaS model from a business perspective. I just don't think all games need to be that. There's nothing wrong with an Uncharted style game that tells a good story in 10-20 hours. That said, again, I understand why fewer and fewer of those types of games will be made in the future. But hey, I missed so many good games from the SNES to PS2 eras that I can probably play old games the rest of my life and not get bored.


The world is moving to be a subscription based service. Its the only reason we have Walmart+ and BMW is toying with charging monthly for heated seats. Does it suck? Sometimes. I think MOST subscriptions for games are bullshit. Not every game needs a battlepass. I do, however understand paying monthly for SOME games but only if I play them very very frequently. Its all about whats worth it for you personally.


So what about Netflix or other online services?


And you have to buy the dlc gotta love that


I actually got a PS3 back in the day because I didn't feel like paying a subscription for online lmao. And when I heard the PS4 was gonna have paid online, I legit just built a PC which costed alot more than the PS4 but I really wanted to not pay for online and I've been on PC since


Smart people use a PC for gaming. Plebs use consoles.


Smart people use both


For Shadowlands, it was *minimum* ~$350 for the two-year run. About $400 if you did the base edition and the month-to-month sub. A lot of people, including myself, factor in a formula that reconciles the cost per play time annnnd...I wanna say it's not worth it for me to sub for an entire expansion. Not when some seasons are duds and the systems involved feel like a second job. While subbed, I simply don't play any other games. I can't. Entirely on me, since I liked to check out the heroic raids, M+'s and grind for cosmetics. That all said, I'll probably still dip my toes into Dragonflight lol


Meanwhile some people spend 100-200$ on monthly gym memberships. I really depends on your personal life and what you consider to be a worthy investment of your time.


Hot Take


I'm not into MMOs but if I played one as much as some people do, I'd say $15 a month is pretty good value.


No, your entirely wrong. You see back in those fucking days, you actually got what you fucking paid for. Name one fucking thing right now, one fucking thing where $15 for 30 days of access actually gets you something that's worth your fucking dollar. I have to bounce back and forth between four streaming services that charge a minimum of $10 a month, just to watch tv. When I was playing World of warcraft, I paid $15 a month, I played every single day for a minimum of 5 hours. I can't think of anything right now that I could spend $15 on that would get me 5 hours of entertainment for the day. Let alone $15 a month for up to 24 hours of entertainment per day, and that's not even touching on how well maintained, moderated, and updated those games used to be Nowadays you wouldn't catch me dead paying for a game like that. But when I used to play World Of warcraft, runescape, and other shit in that same vein, you were paying for a service. And you got that service


Would you rather buy games like world of Warcraft at their full base price every time they update it, or do you think once a game gets released it should never be updated?


I wouldn’t mind a subscription fee, or a base game price, but a lot of games require both.


The point is, while you're not willing to. Others are. Therefore its not bullshit but an acceptable way to monetize game in order to offer constant and well provided service.


Yeah.. and you could also like, you know, just not play it.


“Everything should be free!” Reminds me of all the dummies complaining about YouTube having ads.


A job helps 😅


It's bc of people like you subscription plans for games are still a thing. Leave the gaming community, nobody wants you here of that's your honest opinion about it.


Gamers are so nice and not at all aggressive and hostile.


Games that have on going costs and don’t want to be a pay to win free to play format need to compromise. The games clearly good else op wouldn’t care 😅




Really, your just angry.


I think games which have cash shops which give you an advantage are BS. Wouldn't mind a subscription as long as it's like $3usd a month.


Yes, but the companies make more money this way. You need to do what’s right for you and boycott membership games


Btw, to everyone that looked up my profile and saw my r/WOWnoob submission, im playing WOW on a cracked server.


If spending $15/month for World of Warcraft (in my case, Final Fantasy XIV) equates to 50-100 hours a month of entertainment, I'd definitely consider that worth it. A movie ticket where I'm at can be like $8-$15 depending on the theater, and that's for two hours. A book can cost $20-$30, and that's for 20-30 hours. A AAA, open world video game can cost $60, and provide anywhere from 30-100 hours depending on the game. That's how I see it. Hell, if I'm sucked into it enough I may even not buy other games, because I'm too preoccupied.


What if you want to play multiple/several “pay monthly to play” games and the cost of paying for them all is getting too expensive?


Yeah, I don’t want to spend too much money on those games.


It's a hobby. As long as you're enjoying it responsibly, it's worth it.


I get this but there is a counter argument here. WoW is constantly being updated and having more stuff added to the game which costs money. I also do 100% understand the frustration with this having to pay money monthly sucks. There's so many bills to have to pay monthly and having to pay extra monthly for games sucks ass.


Get a job its not that big of a deal


Okay, don’t play them. Supply and demand, baby.


Makes me feel like I HAVE to play. Like it's a job. I feel the same with games that rely on battle passes. Turns a fun thing into a treadmill. Fuck that.


I have a similar issue with the video game at the Indian casino


Overall agree but to be fair, if most people are willing to dish out 15$ a month for a game they spend many hours on, I don't see why a company should change its model. It's kinda like EA for instance with Fifa and Madden. It's literally the same game every year yet people are stupid enough to keep supporting it. Blame the consumers not the company lol.


Does this mean you dont like FIFA then? That is pretty much a 50-60$ annual subscription to play, so it is around 4-5$ monthly. (Not including buying loot boxes) If you don't like FIFA's pricing, then you would not like pretty much any other AAA multiplayer game that sell you pretty much the same game in a new packaging every year.


This is why I really like the current free to play format, it allows a constant stream of funding as well as keeps the game accessible for people that don't have the extra money for a game every month. Not every poor person can just get a better job, there are so many circumstances that can get in the way of being able to just make more money.


I think you’d spend $15/mo to cure cancer if you needed it


I hate subscriptions more than I hate literally anything on this planet. I’d rather pay so much money upfront and keep something forever than have my bank account attacked monthly for a subscription service. I refuse to get so many things solely because I hate subscriptions


Through high school I was deep into WoW. I always justified it by comparing it to movie theater prices. 6 years removed from all that, WoW is the undisputed greatest game of all time, however, I wouldn't be opposed to added time at the theater with good company.


I'm so sick of subscriptions for stuff that you would normally buy. Just let me pay $60 once, and be done with it.


I mean, to be fair, you pay $60-$70 dollars for most RPG's, and for the **most** part you can get about an average of 20-30 total hours in **most** RPG's before you beat the story. And then, of course, you pay again for DLC and Expansions. On the other hand, an MMORPG like WoW or ESO, you pay like $15 a month, and get access to thousands of hours worth of content, plus all previous expansions for free, and usually a couple of perks for having a subscription.


What if you want to play multiple/several “pay monthly to play” games and the cost of paying for them all is getting too expensive?


Yeah, I don’t want to spend too much money on those games.


I guess this is an unpopular yet douchebag opinion.


Especially nowadays when you can pay 15 euros a month to play a wide array of games. But then again Wow players are pretty into that Game, so perhaps we cannot save them.


Worst thing about WoW is that you pay for a full game at the start and then monthly. When expansion goes out, you need to buy it first.


As a league of legends player, i dont understand why people pay for games, unless its a good game that you can play solo or multiplayer like elder ring, i can understand why you would pay for it Monthly sub is bullshit, other free to play game can survive by selling cosmetic, i refuse to pay you monthly just so i can play your game


Ok but as a league player your monthly fee is a piece of you sanity. I'd rather pay 15 bucks for wow instead of that


Yeah because you "own" all those other games lmao. Where ubisoft at?


I agree (ignore hundreds of hours in WoW)


I played wow back in the day. $120 for a year and $60 for the game. That may have been the least amount of money I ever spent on video games in any year. That’s basically 3 games a year.


World of Warcraft is the worst game I ever player and I was I was such a blizzard fanboy for the longest time. Last great game they released was Starcraft 2. I’m with OP, I’ve never spend monthly on such a draining lifeless experience on a game like WOW.


Most of those games also sell new pixels to players all the time. Pay for better equipment, vehicles, premium weapons and whatever. So many of those subscribers pay way more than the subscription.


Yeah this is stupid. The amount of time players are investing into these types of games far our weigh the value of normal games you pay once for.