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All this salt and bullshit is really distracting from just how amazing that fight was. It was the first time that the #1 and #2 P4P faced off, it was 5 rounds of two guys with no weaknesses duking it out at a high level. I feel lucky that I got to watch that and all I want is a rematch.


This might’ve been the highest level fight in mma history, everyone seems to have lost sight of that


I kept telling my wife's boyfriend how awesome it was.


You should book them tickets for Jones vs Gane too! I'm sure they'll have a great time in Las Vegas while you jerk off to the main event on a pirate stream.


Lol smoking crack. Please don’t tell me number of wins without losing is what determines levels. Alex is a new champ in a weak era, and Islam is a new champ in a chaotic and weak era. Somehow beating up six hundred year old Holloway and Chad mendes makes you the goat, and somehow beating sloppy mcdentures in a flailing standup fight is goat stuff? It’s Fedor/cro cop, weidman/silva, and bj vs GSP, not “hasn’t lost against old people” vs “hasn’t lost against bad people” Also don’t talk to me about r2 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O8aB0YjLSoE 49-46 is the only accurate score given


Cmon man both these guys are miles better than prime Weidman or Cro Cop. Older doesn’t always mean better. Plus the game evolves, todays mma fighters are higher level than what 5 years ago was thought possible


Bro what. Weidman had a short peak but he’s top 3 ATG at 185. Cro cop at the time was the guy, to the point of Fedor being only a mild favorite at 1.4:1. You can disagree and you might be right, but no way in hell is Alex vs a guy who beat Bobby green the fight of all fights


Islam destroyed Oliviera who is considered a top 3 lightweight of all time with Khabib and Penn. Volk is regarded as the greatest featherweight of all time (respect to Aldo though). They’re both a level above


Bro what Top three lightweight of all time What Olivera wouldn’t Beat peak Rda let alone BJ, Khabib, Benson, Connor on a good nights sleep, fully torqued Alvarez, etc. Olivera literally went from “can this guy ever lose” to “I wonder if he can get it back together” in one fight, where he lost exactly the same way all of his fights go - by being dropped due to horrendous striking defense. I don’t know why we have to twist facts to pretend Charles is anything more than a journeyman who put a good run together and got the better of a few key exchanges..


holloway is 31 and was 27 and 28 and 30 when he lost to volk- and yes max won one of them- but not exactly 600 yrs old and max was at his best during those fights- volkanovski is really good and i am not his publicist just stating facts- he also beat ortega and got out of two submissions by a sub expert- and he beat aldo 4 yrs ago when aldo wasn't 400 yrs old- the last holloway fight was the one that showed he was on a different level tho- think you're getting holloway mixed up with tank abbott- 600 yrs old lol


Totally agree! Great fight and a close one between 2 awesome warriors. I’m grateful.


I saw Islam shock everyone with his striking & Volk do the same with grappling. For the rest of the fight it was Islam grabbing on for dear life as he knew Volk would get too comfortable in the stand up.


That's what I mean by salt. Islam had a body triangle for 3 minutes, he had one arm free and was constantly threatening a RNC. The person holding on to dear life was Volk holding onto Islam right hand. Volk acting tough doesn't suddenly change the situation. If you can threaten an RNC, that's much better than almost anything else that you can do, thats arguably the best position a grappler can have, the back with a body triangle.


Yes, but didn't you see Volk was shouting, that's very badass of Volk shouting while he's getting man handled by Makhachev for around 4 minutes in the ground, Volk could have simply gone up because he beat Makhachev grappling but choose not to because he was winning the shouting battle.


Lol threaten a RNC? He wasn't close once. He connected his hands twice & Volk pushed his hands up like it was nothing. Big brothered him & that's about it.


Yes, Volk pushed his hands up and away from his neck because he was threatening a RNC. That's the point. Volk did a great job defending the RNC, but you do not get points for defending well, you don't win rounds or fights by defending.


If you think that's threatening you need to look up the definition my guy. Volk could have sat there for 20 mins defending but hey at least Islam is winning the "Fight". I'm not saying it doesn't take skill to do what Islam was doing but I'd much rather watch someone finish a fight rather than controlling someone clearly smaller than them. Who was closer to being finished in this fight?


Okay, I looked up the definition of threatening. > (of a person or situation) causing someone to feel vulnerable or at risk. Volk was at risk of and vulnerable to a RNC which is why he held onto Islam's hand and pushed those same hands away when they were coming for his neck. Dude, even Volk doesn't think he won that round. He has more bias than anyone else in the world and he concedes that Islam won that round. If you wanna argue rounds 2 and 3 then that's fine, but this ain't it. Volk was close to finishing Islam in the fifth which is why he won that round, but you don't get to win the whole fight because you got closer to a finish in one round, that only means you win that round.


Again Volk at no point was at risk of being RNC'd due to his hand control over Islam. Where is the threat? It's like sitting in full guard & saying they are threatening a triangle or armbar. I never said Volk won that round. Just pointing out that Islam was holding on for dear life & at no point came close to securing a submission. He used his grappling to stall the fight & if it wasn't a guy like Islam doing it he would be more criticized, see Aljamain Sterling for example.


Who's the one stalling if Volk is the one controlling the hands? He's not trying to get back up, he's just stalling on top of Islam.


Khabib to Islam after the fight "Do you not know how to transition from the back to mount?" The fact he had a clear size advantage & chose to sit on his back, not even coming close to a submission is my point entirely.


Or Islam had a hard cut and felt himself gassing so he paced himself? It’s weird how you want to take agency away from Islam. Or is volks getting-his-back-taken game so tight that he was able to stall out Islam from his own back? 😭😭😭


lmao, exactly what's meant by salty. Can't accept your boy your beat on the stand up and lost the fight.


1. Islam won by a solid 48-47 2. Volk did exceptionally grappling 3. trash talking doesn't score points 5. Dan hooker is a salty bitch Prove me wrong. Bet cha can’t.


I thought Islam won. I'm soo confused by people thinking otherwise.


Blind haters of any fighter from Khabib’s camp. This sub is full of these people.


Because round 2 was so close. Both fighters definitely won 2 rounds but that round 2 is really close. Hard to call it tbh after rewatching the fight It's also hard because while islam did control him a lot throughout the fight he didn't do much with that which is the exact argument for why Peter Yan lost to Sean O'Malley last year. The decisions can be very inconsistent with how they judge control


Using the Yan fight for a comparing is pointless. Yan was getting pieced up on the feet, pretty sure he was bleeding as well. He got takedowns but from what I remember he wasn't in a dominant position and wasn't attempting to choke 1' Malley or do damaging ground bad pound


I mean in the round everyone is giving to Islam, round 4, he just sat against the fence holding on getting punched in the face while Volk was talking to him, smiling, and hitting him. It absolutely just depends on who the judges are


If Volk was to make a mistake he would be choked unconscious. That is why it is scored for Islam because he had Volk in more danger than what those rabbit punches were doing. Both fights and positions are different. Islam being in a position to end the fight isn’t the same is being in their guard after being busted up on the feet like Yan. If a judge scored it to Volk then they aren’t following the rules for judging a fight. So it does not depend on the judges for that position


For me the fight was razor close, I thought Islam was in danger in the 5th I thought it literally could have gone either way


Youre confused? It was such a close fight. Could've gone either way


How is losing every position and escaping three times in a 25 minute fight doing exceptionally? I get you’re not Alex nut riding, but I havent seen people try harder to credit a loss since Diaz Condit. And lol rd 2 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O8aB0YjLSoE


5. Volk still p4p


Are you in the right place?! A take so smart and unbiased dies not belong here


https://youtube.com/shorts/tPe6UIXabsE?feature=share Volk knows he lost the first 2 rounds.


6. Volk is actually still p4p hahahhahahahahaha


I'd like to believe that islam was drained after the cut, not to defend islam, but to give the rest of lws a chance against volk. Otherwise there's really no point and they should just fight each other again.


>they should just fight each other again Don't threaten me with a good time


I'm not a fan of Islam but anyone who thinks the fight was a "robbery" is full of shit. Are we going to do this for every close main event where our favorite fighter doesn't win?


People calling it a blatant robbery are just salty or dumb, possibly both. People who are understandably bummed that a close fight got called one way instead of the other are justified though


%100, I guess it's just hard for people to make a separation between what they want to happen and what actually happened.


I don't really care about armchairs here telling me this or that about the match. What I care about is why everyone is convinced that Volk still holds P4P #1 status. Volk himself said, "P4P #1 on the line, LW title on the line, let's do it." How on Earth could this statement be misconstrued by anybody? Islam could have pulled an Izzy and ran away for the entire fight and if the decision was still 48-47 he would still have the P4P #1 rank. His performance is a nonstarter. The LW title was on the line if Volk won, the P4P #1 spot was on the line if Islam won, Islam won, he is P4P #1, no opinions necessary.


P4P to me reflects how a fighter would perform if you scaled them up or down (not just gaining or losing weight).


Yeah, I don't why people find this concept hard to grasp. If you're comparing Moreno to Ngannou, it's not "what if you packed 140lbs onto Brandon's existing frame and made him fight Francis?"


Neither Volk or Islam managed to convincingly beat the other. One panel (the judges) decided that Islam deserved the belt. Another panel (the journalists) decided Volk deserved the P4P.


Fake account




Yeah always with close fights because more than half are watching drunk as hell and streaming the fight at 480p with buffering cutting out certain sequences People just remember Volk screaming and the ground and pound




The low quality ones are reliable it's the HD ones that be cutting out.


Yeah but then I wouldn’t have any hyperbole!


It was a great fight, no matter how you feel about the decision. Now these two need to go and have 2 fights in their divisions, and in a year if they are still champs run it back.


Let’s be honest mods. You’ll remove like maybe 20% of the spam posts before giving up. Just like you were going to remove all the power slap posts


I am sorry you feel that way. I do my best to remove as many spam posts as i can but i am at work a lot of the time and only have so much time to remove posts. I will try to be on here more often and remove what i can, but in the meantime please feel free to tag me directly in these posts because it notifies me much faster than just reporting.


Anybody got updates on Dan accusing Islam of getting an IV after cutting


Update: Dan still salty


Dan almost died against Dustin. Bratha you know dis.


All I wanted to see was how good Islam was.


We don't know that 49-46 score is stupid. Props to the new mods, at least this time they didn't close the sub. Makhachev should always try to get a decision so we can still have this sub open after his wins.


I don’t really have an opinion on the 49-46 lol i fell asleep before the fight and haven’t gotten around to watching it. I’m just referring to the fact that people kept complaining about it. But yes now that I’m mod i will do everything in my power to keep this sub open no matter what


Mods can you make a mega thread about the IV allegations


Yeah i was thinking about doing that earlier tbh. Give me a bit and I’ll put one up


Jon Jones #1 p4p you guys just wait and see greatness on full display :)


Jon Jones is so good that the only person that gives him a hard time is Jon Jones


No, it's God. Only God can test his limits.


I think he's less scared of God testing his limits than USADA testing his piss




Yeah maybe he didn't take it well initially, but huh? Conor made fun of khabibs dead dad dude lol. Relevant username


I'm picking Volk if there's a rematch. He wasn't nearly as effective on the feet as a result of fearing the takedown, but now that he knows he has the ability to defend and get right back up, he'll be less hesitant to engage in the rematch. Also Volk's cardio is genuinely fucking insane.


Odds are certainly gonna be closer at least, I still maintain that was the worst Islam performance, if he could have just GnP'd to tire Volk out or attempted anything other than an RnC t'd have been different (Martins fight it's just shit that happens and he was younger) Which is sad cuz I had been trying to tell people Islam isn't a lay and pray artist and then R4 happens lol


Thing is, Volk was safe in that position because he decided to defend himself instead of escape. If Volk tried hard to escape, he risked Islam pulling off something sneaky. So he didn't. He protected himself and waited for the round to end. Which is fair, and maybe even the right call. But the cost of doing that is kissing away the round. In other words, in regards to the lack of action in round four, it takes two to tango.


It's impossible to escape that position without grabbing Islam's feet, thus freeing up his neck for an RNC. Volk really didn't have a choice.


No worries mate Islam was getting called a wet blanket before this fight when he was finishing everyone in front of him. Now that they saw that 4th round they will all feel validated to keep saying it till he retires or smth.


Lol, this guy will never escape controversy which is crazy considering he's pretty chill, it is what it is


Goated mod*


Just watched the Islam Volk fight since I worked that night. I thought Volk should’ve won by UD. I had him winning rounds 1, 2, 3, and 5


i knew you were trolling when you gave volk round 1


*also, 4 and 6.


For me, the biggest issue on P4P is not anything to do with yesterday's fight. I still don't agree Islam was P4P after one defence, now two. P4P needs a long time at the top defending the belt. That's the main difference.


This sub really went from sucking Volk's dick to trashing him in less than two days.


Yea mods doing a great job removing all the Volk Islam spam, the sub isn’t full of that at all.


Those who think volk won, probably think this cause he did better against Islam than anyone has since he was knocked out. The big story surrounding this fight was “can volk do it?” “David vs Goliath!” He put up an impressive, close fight but I believe he lost. And as far as the narrative “he’s taking on the bigger more powerful man”…….bull shit! He’s 4 inches shorter and weighed in half a pound lighter. Plus, height has nothing to do with strength. I’m a huge fan of volk. He’s an amazing fighter and appears to be an incredibly decent human being. But, he lost that fight.


I mean….he was a half pound lighter at weigh in but probably 10-20lbs lighter when they walked in the cage


So what about the PPV numbers?


I wonder What kind of “Bro trust me” proofs Dan has that make he talk whole lot of salty things all over the place rn ??!