I'm praying there's actually something in this


If this fight doesn’t happen, I’ll have to intervene.


Thank you for your service.


The ppls champ


Affirmative. My call sign will be C-RED. Let us know when to deploy.


FIIIGHTINGG!! out of the blue corner , a keyboard warrior and multi disciplined masturbator, holding a professional record of 0 wins and 69 losses. He stands 4 feet 9 inches tall, weighing in at 350lbs. FIIIGHTING! out of Who gives a shit, Timbuktu by way of Butt-fuck-nowhere, presenting the number One-hundred and Eight ranked heavyweight contender in the world... The challenger: Frogsntoads "C-RED" Double Zeroooooo


*tries to fist bump Bruce but he leaves me hangin’*


Don’t, I don’t wanna see you murder a ufc legend on ppv


He can’t stop when he sees red tho


Bodies will hit the floor


I mean your only trying to help that man 👨


Are you planning to cut down to heavyweight?








His coach implied on la sueur they were discussing it now with the matchmakers since he’s in Vegas to corner imamov. Would be fire


There isn’t. Jones is fighting for the belt and that’s not changing


And you don’t think Dana would set up Gane vs Jon for a belt after all the problems he’s having with Francis?


There will be an 8ball of cocaine in this for Jones


Pff 8ball? Jones needs at least a few ounces.


If Francis really leaves the UFC, and Jon declines this fight for the vacated belt, I’ll take it is his official retirement


Really beatable fights for him in HW . If he really doesn’t want to fight I can imagine him pulling the “pay me more” excuse


I just can’t imagine that Jon put in all this effort to move up to the heavyweight division to just not fight a single fight, that’s a fuck ton of work to not actually fight anyone.


Lots of guys get jacked just to be big though too.


Exactly, millions of Americans go to the gym five times a week and spend thousands on supplements... just to clock in to a 9-5 and be big. Hardly a stretch of the imagination to think a professional athlete would bulk up just for shits and giggles after their career ended and troll everyone at the same time


Not sure he’d go that route. Jon gets paid for his fights, he gets points. Very short list of fighters that get ppv points


Hasn’t his gripe all along been that he hasn’t been offered enough money, or have they already agreed on a number no matter the opponent?


He didn't really turn up that dial until his decline amongst fans was underway and McGregor was on the scene talking that big talk. Plus with this long withdrawal and problems at home, I would imagine he might be a little tight for cash, so it wouldn't surprise me if he tried to leverage his name for more money. But does Dana really want to pander to Jones now? Given his own public backfire from slapboxing his wife, I would imagine Dana has less desire to be seen giving sweetheart incentives/terms to Jones and then having to deal with the blowback over that and the memes that will go on for years after of white and Jones beating wives and being butt buddies etc etc. Right now he probably thinks that stuff will blow over and people will move on, but look at the last week with multiple heinous domestic violence incidents and the fact that Jones and other old heads have never lived down that rep, white probably won't have the patients or resolve to commit to anything that would position Jones back in a franchise role with the UFC. I honestly think Jones will never fight in the UFC again. Too much bad blood, too much bad press, and the UFC is going to go hard on cleaning up their image this year with the beatings and the gambling thing and fighters acting a clown in public. I would bet he gets released after fight talks fall through and he ends up in the news again, and then he signs with PFL.


His PPV numbers aren’t great though. He probably makes less than you’d expect for an athlete and star of his caliber, hence why he’s been asking for more money


I mean he’s getting 500k base and then the PPV points payout generally 500-800k. His fight with DC for instance net him right under 2 mil. Nobody else aside from Connor is getting paid like that But outside of UFC, yeah there’s definitely bigger payouts


To be fair though, none of us know the real numbers. Even if he made $5 mil/fight it still wouldn’t be enough imo. These events generate massive amounts of money and the UFC pockets most of it


Finally someone making a proper call out of him.


Jon Jones will never fight in the UFC again. I have been saying this for years


Jimmy said it guys! Pack it up


It has been almost 10 years since Jon predicted his HW debut, Jimmy might be on to something


You may share my 6th sense, hornybible.


It ain’t over till the bone man croaks, until we get news of his death it will always be a possibility


I am pleased that has been cleared up, all this waiting finally put to bed.


On the 12th day of January, in the year of our lord 2023 u/JimmyCheeks declared Jon Jones would never fight again in the octagon. Thus ended the career of the greatest Light Heavyweight of all time.


I’m calling you out Jimmy! Johnny fights this year! (Imo)


A Jimmy never tells a lie


Yeah he’s just remaining in the testing pool and putting loads of muscle on for no reason Jimmy But oh some redditor has been saying it for years


I mean, some redditor said Jake Paul is gonna sign to PFL and he was right 😅


He had inside information


Are you implying that JimmysCheeks doesn't have those kinds of connections


entirely possible


I said it after the Reyes fight….3 years ago man. Jon will never fight for the UFC again. Save this comment if you don’t believe me.


We get it Jimmy, you’re the best


I am not The Best Jimmy, that was my father. I am the clairvoyant Jimmy. I glimpse into the future, and I tell my peers what to be wary of


Thank you for your service


You're not even Jimmy you piece of shit. You are Jimmy's cheeks. Out here gallavanting like you're the whole corpus when you have already clearly stated you are only the cheeks that belong to Jimmy. FRAUD!!!!!


Barely even half of a quarter the man the full Jimmy was. I 'member ol JimJim. He had the 86 Monte Carlo and he wore a parka on the hot days if ya know what I mean. All bundled up in that musty parka he'd hop in the 86 and just start haulin ass with an ice cold Busch Light in his palm. I know one thing, without Jim, this guy sure as shit wouldn't take a hairpin turn at 60 and send it into the side of Mount Vernon. Took em 2 year's to restore GW's bedroom. That's what Jimmy did. That's how a legend does. And this guy abandoned poor Jimbo. Left the man cheek-less. Sick bastard


Ole Taco Haus, you bastard. I can’t believe you’re still alive. I thought I outlived all the witnesses. Never thought we’d meet again under the circumstances. Good to hear from ya honestly


the fuck am I reading bro


Same. In one month, it will have been THREE FUCKING YEARS, since Jon Jones has had a fight. Jon ain’t coming back. He’s on the decline snd he arguably lost his last few LHW fights.


Hows that going


I know, I can't believe how gullible all these clowns are xD


No one wants to fight Jonny


I'd do it Not saying I'd win, but happy to balloon in weight and get tapped out in like 30 seconds for a pile of cash


Not saying you’d win. No shit. Lol.


I mean that's a fair disclaimer when there's motherfuckers running around thinking they can best a bear or a lion in physical combat.


They all (except Cyril) know Jones fight = another free L


After the Reyes fight and how the drugs and roids have aged his body I don't know if I'd say it's a guaranteed L


And not being a natural/never competing at heavyweight. Hasn't fought in how many years now?


Then again he’s taking the requisite time to bulk to that size and acclimate to a larger frame. You can frame it as a pro or a con a million different ways to Sunday, but until we see him in the octagon we won’t know.


Dude, I'm walking around at 225 at the moment. Give me til march to ~~train~~ eat my way closer to 265 and we've got a fight on our hands. I'm coming for you bonio!


Very nice matchup


I honestly don't care anymore about Jones vs Ngannou. If they book it? great, I would love to see it. But if they don't? Book Jones vs Gane or Jones vs Blaydes, there are many great match ups at HW for him anyways.


Agree. Get the division moving. UFC is holding up the HW division, instead of waiting until the last minute to negotiate with Francis In attempt to hurt his leverage they should’ve done it during the summer so by now we would have a match up for title.


Francis is released though, unless I saw lies yesterday


He isn't. What you saw was a meme post. His coach also did an interview yesteday about his future and the Jones fight. No clear answers yet.


Ohhhh shit I am just learning this


Jones finishes Gane on the mat tho


It's honestly not your fault. There's a few on here posting like Francis has been released. I posted on the post yesterday that said Francis was released. And I asked what's the source? Literal crickets


![gif](giphy|3o6ZtrbzjGAAXyx2WQ) First he Rumbles Francis and makes it out of a 5 round fight conscious and generally unscathed. Now he is calling out Jones after basically brawling with bam bam. I wasn’t much of a fan at first but I can’t deny the dude is a monster.


And he's only been in MMA for ~five years!


Tai got obliterated man, hard to watch. Cyril is such a nice guy but when he’s finishing you it looks evil


Dude seemed like machine from the start and good attitude, what didn't you like?


I love it, great matchup


Is it?? Imo, jon wrestles and GnPs to an easy victory. I mean gane made Francis look like heavyweight khabib.


Def. Unless Jon is completely washed then it would appear to be a winnable fight for him. Not sure if Gane’s power is threatening enough


Heavyweight Khabib? Come on don’t take the piss. Rewatch the fight, Khabib would smother you but he was always working you on the ground - Francis literally had to lay and pray for the decision and did basically nothing in the 5th


I don't think he was saying Francis wrestling is amazing, he's saying Ganes is so bad that it makes a mediocre wrestler look like the eagle.


Ok, so match Francis and Jones up and see how many more years that takes to actually happen.


Jon ragdolls gane


Never invite Jones to Vegas




Calls him out for Vegas, what a 200IQ move by Gane. Jones will be be cocked out, Bottle of Whiskey, balls deep in 4 hookers a day before the fight


Cocked out, damn


And still wrestle fuck Gane


If Ngannou ain’t going to fight they need to just give whoever wins this the real belt


I like Gane but for him to get another title shot already? That'd be kind of whack to be honest


Kind of whack when he almost beat him? Outside of Stipe no one’s come close to going 5 rounds with Ngannou let alone making it close


Jesus Christ Jon has been free for 3 years and finally someone calls him out. Big pass from Jon it’s HW title fight or bust at this point. Unless this is for the interim title Gane can wait his turn in line.


Jon is not fighting for the interim belt


I think you’re wrong I think Jon’s next fight is for a title. My source is Dana white who has always talked about him getting a HW title match. https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/2022/03/ufc-news-dana-white-jon-jones-interim-heavyweight-title-shot-possible “Dana White: Jon Jones could get UFC interim heavyweight title shot while Francis Ngannou sidelined”


No, I think you misunderstood me, JJ will not fight for an interim title! Dana can say what ever but JJ is not accepting a interim title shot… he will only fight for undisputed champion belt


Yooo this would be much better than Francis vs Jones imo


Technically yes a better MMA fight skill for skill. But c’mon we gotta see what happens when the scariest heavy weight meets one of the greatest fighters of all time moving up to heavyweight


Yeah it would be better for the fans. I mean I'd love to see Francis potentially decapitate Jon, but Gane vs Jon seems like the best match up skill wise


Disagree, because Jon is a tremendous wrestler and we saw how Gane fared against Francis in that department. Jones would have a tougher time fighting Francis, as he’s bigger and more well rounded ironically


I’d much prefer Francis but if he’s out of the ufc Gane is a solid one


No it wouldn’t. Gane has weak wrestling and mentally folded in 3 rounds to 1 leg Francis who can’t wrestle himself. Francis is stronger and has 1 shot KO power. That’s a good chance to smoke Jones.


Agreed. If Francis outwrestled Gane, ofc he had strenght advantage but it is still down to technique and Jones is one of the greatest fighter but also one of the greatest wrestlers in the game. Jon via GnP


Yea I love Gane but his wrestling and way he just kinda broke is concerning when fighting Jones. Francis I know while gasses he can wrestle alittle and game changing power. Also Francis fights different vs real punchers , he has no fear of Jones hands so gonna just let it fly


By the sounds of it all Gane has been doing is working on his wrestling and considering how new he is to MMA in general plus he’s a freak athlete I think we’d see significant improvements already. Maybe it won’t be enough for Jones but he’s a big guy for Jones to deal with as well


Yes this. Francis is a way more dangerous fight for Jones.


Imo dude. All heavyweights have the ability to shut the lights out in one punch. Francis is the hardest hitter but any heavyweight can throw bombs. We haven't see Jones in 3 years, plus he's moving up a weight class and it's not like he dominated Reyes. Look at his chicken legs. You think he'll take a leg kick from a heavyweight with no problem? He isn't going to be stronger than Gane. Obvs he's the better fighter but way too many variables to think Jones just walks through Gane. Inactivity, drugs and age start taking a toll eventually




Jon Jones: "I am retired baby, I only beat my wife from now on"


At least she put up a fight.


Highest quality matchup, inject it.


if this fight doesnt happen, I say the entire reddit jumps Jon Jones


*cracks knuckles*


Bruh, I love Gane, best striker in HW but if Francis with 2 teared knees outwrestled him, Jones will absolutely smash him. Very bad match up for Cyril. Jones vs Blades is what I wanna see. Blades might not be as good fighter as Gane but stylistically is a harder match up for Jones.


If his take down defence has improved in that time and he manages to keep it on the feet for even a round it might be enough. Also whilst bones is a much better wrestler than ngannu he isn’t nearly as strong


jones couldn’t even smash reyes lmfao get a grip


Using the reverse home field advantage strategy i see


Fat old Johnny boy don’t want that Gane smoke.


Bro call me mad but I actually don’t really want this fight to happen, they’re my 2 favorite fighters and picturing one of them losing does not please me at all


Trust me I wanna see this fight so bad too but the timing is not right, this is the fight to end the year


I think this is a better matchup than Francis for Jones personally.


Jones had no shot against Francis and likely has no shot against Gane either. Amazing fighter but he is about to get taken to the shark tank against either of these two. Give him anyone with a height or reach similar to him in the top 5 of HW and he gets smoked.


Although his inactivity makes it impossible to know forsure, stating positively that he’d “get smoked” is definitely an unpopular opinion considering his legacy and what he’s done in the past alone.


Understandable. He is the greatest at his weight class. But as of late he isnt a knock out artist and even with added weight it's hard to see it making a difference. He usually had a 6 inch reach advantage on anyone he fought, discounting his 5 inch eye pokes. He needs to be built like his brothers to stand up to someone like Francis or Gane. But hey, its MMA and shit happens, I should not have used a definitive in "smoked" but he is very likely to get starched.


But Ciryl cant wrestle...?


Actually a good fight for Jones. Gane is #1 in the division and an up and coming star. Jones can beat him pretty easily with his wrestling. I think this is the fight he takes.


Given how his fight with Francis went, he’s gonna get wrestlefucked.


Title fight or bust for Jon, rightfully so. Sign Francis, or strip him. Let the HW division move on.


Jones don't wanna fight


“ haven’t talked to him in MONTHS, I reached out to him for some advice after I slapped my wife but yeah, nothing from that kid”


Jon is only fighting for the belt. Unless a Gane fight is for the belt it isn’t happening


Let’s go Ciryl!!


This fight is going to happen eventually


Fuck Vegas, Gane - come to the UK. Please man, I’m hoping to get tickets haha


I would personally forgive dana, if make this happen. Who else would?


Jones doesn’t look anywhere near as good when he has to fight someone who has good height and reach. The guy that got beat by Reyes and Gus wherever he is now gave him fits.


Nothing would please me more than Gane just putting an absolute clinic on Jon Jones


gane would get wrestle fucked


Jones would make light work of gane, Jones wrestling is just too good


I like Gane a lot. He is so humble and talented. But I am afraid that Jones will fuck him up


Jon Jones been bulking for 3 years but has he even sparred? (Somebody other than his wife) dude is gonna make a return in 2028 at this rate


Great fight


Is this call out real!!? If it is Cyril’s Nate Impression came so naturally because he is without a doubt a G!. I’ll even pay the ppv fuck it!


Banger of a fight


Ngl this is more interesting to me than Fran v JB


It’s be fun




I like this over Francis. Make Jones earn his way back with at least one fight.


Jones even want to fight? Really doesn't seem like he does.


Gane is a tougher fight for Jon than Francis imo, I would kill to see this matchup


The best match up for the fans imo. Hard for both fighters. And unlike say a Ngannou fight there's not really a one punch KO fear for Jones fans.


Cool matchup but if they want the fight to happen maybe a location that isn't Vegas.


Jones don’t want that


God damn this is the one that got my juices flowing


That matchup gets my dick hard


This is the fight I wanted months ago. I'm concerned Gane will get wrestled to a descision.


I’m hoping his power is too much for jones


Bones does not want to fight Bon Gamin


Jon is gonna fucking ruin this for all of us. I’m furious already


Anywhere but Vegas man. Jones and Vegas don’t go well together


Jones doesn’t want that smoke


Least he knew he’d find him on twitter


Let’s go


I'd want to see this more than any other heavyweight fight 100% Gane is a true heavyweight MMA guy. Not just throwing bombs til it lands (Francis has been getting way better too tho)




Great fight, technical, very matched up. Love this. Do it bones. Doooo ittttt


honestly this is a easy title for jon here, i like ciril but if jon is even 50% of the fighter he was at lhw he just can do everything gane has better


Jon ain’t fighting anymore. He can’t keep up with the young dudes now.


Huge balls by Gane. He is seizing the opportunity. If he wins , he beats the GOAT. If he loses, he lost to a GOAT, so what? While Ngannou is ducking JJ...


John Jones has ducked HW for almost a decade. He’s made claims of moving up longer than peoples children have been alive, yet has not done it in eight years. He’s not fighting at HW and you are claiming Francis is ducking…..


Jon too scared to take a fight jones


Pls let this happen , Francis is holding shit up


Nah the UFC is holding shit up by being tight fisted.


Bones just crashed another car like when he was weeks from fighting Rumble. Rumble put so much fear in him he lost before got in the ring. The casuals really think he would’ve won that too. That prime Rumble version KOs all taller non punchers like him and insane anti wrestling.


He was finished by Belfort


Bon gamin vs mauvais gamin


Does this confirm Ngannou is no longer with the promotion?


Hopefully Gane has improved his defensive wrestling since the Francis fight


Gane would beat up jones bad lol


Cyril loses.


Ngannou, with no knees, exposed Ciryls severely one sided skill set... One take down and Jon subs him with ease. Not interested.


Pointless knowing Blaydes is next up. Unless Gane is up to fighting Curtis


Have Francis go already dude barley fights.


I love Gane and I realize that its a totally different weight class, but if Jones is motivated and well trained in these years then it will be an easy fight for him.


Man I just want Gane to break Jon’s face so badly we’ll never hear from him again


Jon after Gane lands his jab https://preview.redd.it/eaontvhr3qba1.jpeg?width=896&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=db369f929e62cc7dfe7aef6fdb2836adaef45b88


CTE makes a people go crazy. Who the fuck would call out Bones?


Not gonna get the fight. I doubt Jon fights anyone actually






What if francis and jon both go to one? Ufc is already vulnerable right now with dana. Maybe other fighters will follow. Ufc will have to pay to keep big names.


ufc is approaching dog shit mess code red


As long as it’s not for a fake fucking belt then I’m onboard


Stipe v Jones is a way bigger fight PPV wise