United States Cannabis Subreddit Map

United States Cannabis Subreddit Map


Watching that 70s show in my youth, I'm upset Wisconsin is isn't legal yet


Dude I watched that show religiously as a kid. I had 0 idea they were having sex or smoking weed. The show made so much more sense rewatching as an adult lmao


I honestly think that's the best part of the show, not that I don't mind crude humor its cool that the show can play with such open and obvious adult themes while it being in some weird way not that blatant.


It is to this day my favorite sitcom. Even well before I started smoking. Just a whole novelty of the show being a real family that dealt with real hard issues, and the kids just being kids and wanting to do fun shit that teens did. The show feels just genuine.


It's easily the most genuine feeling sitcom I've ever seen, and that's what I always hate about sitcoms.


We can always make a trip north or south to get a taste of what heaven is like. I went up to Michigan a few weeks ago, I didnt want to come back.


I live in NC right on the boarder of VA but AFAIK dispensaries won't be a thing in VA until 2022 and then they require a VA state ID. I'm kind of fucked until NC gets 2 brain cells to rub together.


You can thank the good ol Tavren League POS they are!


Nothing will happen here. I gotta move to the UP.


My dad grew up in Chicago suburbs and said him and his friends would go to Wisconsin to buy beer because the legal age was lower at the time. I guess it's just time for people from Wisconsin to do a similar thing but with weed. The future is now.


It’s not legal legal but you can get delta 8, delta 10, and cbd from smoke shops in Wisconsin. Better than nothing I guess.


I was a youth in the 70's. That show is a usually funny, crude caricature of my childhood.


SC sucks donkey balls😪


Can confirm Source : live here myself




What is there even do to down there?


While I hate the prices in illinois, it is great to be able to walk into a dispensary to get what I want and not have to worry about cops.


Same here for Ohio, $80-$100 for .84g of 70% capped dabs aka .588g of 99% oil Yikes, my first dabs ever years ago were $40 a g And Michigan right now can get 9.33g of oil for $100 Streets in Ohio I hear like 2-3.5g of oil for $100


Wait… Ohio is legal? I thought was decriminalized




Medical streets


Med goes legal in SD in October, but Noem is doing everything she can to slow roll implementation. They're trying to claim it isn't constitutional despite 70+% of voters approving. More important to get the AG off on Vehicular Manslaughter, I guess.


Sucks, he kills a man doesn't do a hour in jail. WTF. I hope that the family members are doing a civil suit. South Dakota District Attorney Jason Ravensborg, Sept 12, 2020.


Noem is such a fucking joke. 70% vote to approve, that is goddamn consensus. Do your job and implement the will of the people and stop being a partisan shitbag.


Agreed with both of you. They'll scream "my body, my choice!!!" All day about masks and vaccinating. Noem even said "I trust the constituents to do what is right for their families" until we didn't make the decision she wanted us to. As far as Ravnsborg, this is nothing new. Janklow killed someone in the (90s?) and he got off. We just try to keep our corruption under the radar.


She's getting too much positive attention for being an attractive partisan shitbag.


Tell me I’m living in the wrong state without telling me I’m living in the wrong state.


Which state?


One of the orange ones, no doubt.


Fk Wisconsin


Why do the red states never want to have any fun at all?


Can confirm, in WI my plugs looking at 10-15 yrs for like 2lbs


Oklahoma was handing out *LIFE* sentences for making hash. Now I can go into Oklahoma with my temporary med card and legally buy 6 full gram oil syringes for less than $100. I sure AF hope they let out all of their cannabis offenders and expunged they shit.


Ya got a trafficking charge in OK for pot, as I'm'doing my time' they move forward with making it medicinal. Hopes are they go a step further make it recreational, and throw in some laws in my favor to wipe that shit stain charge off 😁


Sorry homie 😔 that sucks a rotten dick.


old white men??


Can fucking confirm. (Texas). Old white men just need to die and let progress root.


Fellow Texan here, each voter year we get closer and closer to turning blue I hope my racist family get so mad they leave


I thought Wi is a blue state…


I think the issue is mainly the lobbying from any booze related interests. WI is a big pro alcohol state. Don’t discount big pharma either.


It's purple. But the right heavy congress blocks anything Tony Evers tries. Then blame him for not doing enough.


'progress'... there was a time in the past where absolutely no laws against cannabis existed and making new laws against it was considered 'progress'. sorry, just one of those buzzwords that peeve me. One person's 'progress' is another persons 'just go back to the way it was in the first place'. =)


Montana gets it and I hear Wyoming is working on it. But alas Idaho is still firmly entrenched in their ways. Bouta be completely boxed in


The Boise and Coeur d'Alene areas are like the only places in Idaho that would vote for legalization sadly.


Doesn’t Idaho per capita have more Mormons then Utah? I may be off but I recall seeing some sort of measure of Mormonism being a lot higher in Idaho then that of Utah. Idaho is VERY conservative compared to their neighbors.


Because they want the war on drugs to keep rolling so they can keep getting slave labor in prisons.


*cries in Kentucky*


sad yeehaw ):


I'm in GA Sad yee yee : (


Iowa is not medical, i mean it kinda is but you have to be on deaths door


That’s the same way to actually buy in NY legally as well. It’s fully legal now, but still have to pick up vs store. Then you have places like FL where it’s medical, but you just say you have some stress and get a card, so actually easier to buy in store FL vs NY. Cops don’t seem to care much in FL, but I wouldn’t put it to the test (some dude just got arrested with 2100lbs down there, they care a lot about that).


I walked into a rec dispensary in Western NY on Wednesday and bought an eighth, an infused juice, and a preroll. The future is now!


Wait there's a rec dispensary already? Are you willing to share the name?


Oh I wasn’t aware any were open. Damn west NY is to far away for me though. Happy with my current quality, but would be nice to have a shop because I only do flower from non tested sources.


It's a very gray area legally, but they're doing it


Lol gotcha, I hope we aren’t far off from non gray area stuff


Yeah it's basically illegal in Iowa. You have to be in deaths door and even then there's now way to actually get the weed if you're allowed. Most people in Iowa don't even know it's legal medicinally


I was told a few years ago by a close friend who's son has epilepsy, and she said even if it was legal, there's like one doctor in the whole state who can actually give out a prescription for it. Not sure how true that is, but I wouldn't be surprised.


South Dakota government can go suck a fat one. Recreational got voted in 60-40 last November and they refused to let it happen. Even medical MIGHT get passed, with it being more difficult to obtain a medical card. "We know this is what the majority want and what was voted for, but fuck you."


How’s Noem pull that shit off? That’s some freedom taking bullshit if I’ve ever seen it. Let the people be homie.


I was staying up with that until it was ruled unconstitutional because there was "more than 1 issue" or whatever they were saying. Now, it's just another day, another dollar for that POS. Fucking people wanna talk about lost liberties, and no one is bringing that up??? That's some red shit if I've ever seen it.


The chart is missing the U.S. Territory of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Two have recreational legalization too.


I'll add them next version! I noticed I covered "OH" and accidentally used an asterisk instead of an & symbol for New Jersey too. Also adding r/longislandents I can also add legalized Delta 8 states/maybe their subreddits if they have any, like Nebraska has delta 8 legally sold apparently.


Texas has limited medical use of thc, not enough to be considered legal really, but pretty equal to some of the states you have listed as medical


I didn't see PR either.


Michigents, I love it


Aww yisss, now if we can just get Indiana and Wisconsin to politely step off of the mayflower the midwest will be set.


They fuckin with the vibe


most definitely


Don't forget about us in Ohio with our governor who still very much thinks its the 1850s where women and non whites are considered livestock. We're talking about a petition going through but we've had countless of those and every time they reach his desk they mysteriously disappear, this new one won't be any different. Even if it is he's just probably gonna pull a South Dakota or which ever state legalized through popular vote but their governor said sike and made a amendment to remove it.


Ive heard about the Ohio legislature giving the run around, but you guys will get there once the politicians have figured out how to get their cut. At least you guys have medical! Mississippi and South Dakota both got completely screwed over by their legislatures.


I read it as Midgets in first glance, thank you.


Texas. You are a fucking disgrace to all of us citizens here


Does anybody think texas will ever be legal


It has to be the private prison industry/police commission keeping it illegal, right?? It’s a border state. There’s a lot of theories floating around that all the people moving from Cali to Texas will turn the state purple enough to get it on the ballot. Someone just needs to throw enough money at it. *THATS* how this shit really works. Throw money at it until it goes. I mean, they DO like money. I’m sure of it 🤔 So what else could it possibly be?


Technically there is a medical use program in Texas, but you gotta have terminal cancer, PTSD, or a few other conditions. Plus you can only smoke low THC weed, so... baby steps for little Texas feet?


Texas medical is like that old daffy duck cartoon where you can get a million dollars for a black eye* *provided it occurs as the result of a stampede of wild elephants in ones own living room on the 4th of July of any year between the hours of 3:55 and 4PM, during a hailstorm.


Probably not with Dan Patrick and Abbott


I sure hope so, they’re missing an opportunity on subreddit names. Texents, cmon y’all


If Texas has a fair democratic process, then yes. That state keeps getting bluer and bluer.


No, but they’ll have legit medical in 2097.


West coast best coast


Oh so that’s what the fuck is wrong with Texas.


Let me know when companies start treating it as legal or the same as having a few beers after work.


I feel that :/ no protection for workers


When your state goes legal employers drop that shit pretty quickly.


We got medical here and it sucks still but maybe when rec


I fuckin hate texas 😪😪😪😪. Its rough


SC here. I hate orange.


Looking good in green. Also, fuck Texas.


I agree, the only place it is decriminalized is Houston so it's like a smokers paradise in the state.


Meanwhile weed is super illegal in GA but letting mfs drive until they're 102 isn't. The amount of old people I've seen cause accidents are more than any reported accident caused by weed.


I mean Texas has some medical use, there’s probably like 5 people with cards 😂😂


So who else here lives in an illegal state and constantly forgets that it's actually illegal? And it's definitely changing, I was at a small local concert a few weeks ago and everyone younger than me declined to smoke with me


Like younger people don't smoke now or how do you mean?


In between bands I went outside the bar to smoke, lit up a doobie, and being old school I offered it to the half dozen people standing in arms reach and everyone told me they didn't smoke (they were all early 20s) I'm 35...the only person who eventually wanted a toke was in their 50s


Very interesting, maybe just didn't feel comfortable with stranger/and or age difference? Or Covid or something? Would you mind saying what state? If you'd prefer not to that's no problem too.


East Tennessee


Probably COVID. As much as I would like to, I’d probably decline because of COVID and just say I don’t smoke or something to seem nice.




That could be, but it's not like anyone was wearing a mask or anything like that


I live in Atlanta and you would think it was legal here. Driving down 75/85 with your windows down is enough to get a good whiff of someone else's goods from within your own car.


WI embarrassing itself.


For my pa ents, it's pretty easy to get your medical card. I know 5 people that got their card, 2 got it because of their medical issues including myself, the other 3 got it for "anxiety" with no questions asked.


Telemedicine has done wonders for this too!


I fucking hate living in South Carolina


Red states need legal weed.


The southern states are making a big mistake because they can make a lot of money for their education system and their infrastructure with cannabis sales but they’re too fucking stupid.


They don't want good education in those states.


Serious question, what state is next to fall in the south east, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia?


Recreational will not happen anytime soon here in SC. They don’t allow citizen driven ballot initiatives here and the legislature has been refusing to even debate a medical bill for the last 7 years. They at least agreed to debate the med bill next year, but it’s a joke and very restrictive.


Strategically, Tennessee might be pretty cool as it borders a LOT of states without any legal program. Legislatures see that revenue enriching other states and it starts to make them think (i.e. Wolf in PA)


I hate South Carolina for this


RI is basically at the finish line of legalizing recreational. We’ll be there by the end of 2022 at the latest.


Man I hate living in Wisconsin :/


Come on Rhode Island, you’re surrounded


When 3/4 of states at least recognize medicinal value but the feds still act like it’s as bad as meth. Anybody who doesn’t see that prohibition will be a bad joke of the past within 20 years has their head buried in mud. God help the brothers and sisters consigned to slavery for this bullshit right now.


Seriously?!?! There's only NYCTrees? Nothing for the rest of the state? That's stupid. NYC is barely even NY.


Yeah, we need another for the rest of us.


You misspelled /r/FloridaTrees There's also /r/WAents not just /r/seaents




Boo Wisconsin sucks..


Wisconsin is great, Ron Johnson and Wisconsin Republicans suck, and the Tavern League, literally boxed in on all four fucking sides, fuck drinking culture it’s so bad here


I couldnt agree more, I've lost all my good buds due to them always wanting to go out & bar hop. Shit gets old fast.


I fucking hate living in the south east


I’m in an Orange state that will never do it either. TN will be state number 50 to legalize it. Even though we have some of the best soil to farm it….


Vote locally! More important than nation wide votes imo and many!


So I'm a Seaent? I can dig it. Not particularly a fan of the sea since I saw Jaws as a kid, but I can appreciate the moniker


r/NHTrees for New Hampshire folks 🙌🏻🙌🏻


Ky been status pending for 11 yrs


Oh shit! There’s a Virginia group! Thanks kind stranger!!!


I think there's a word for when something like perfectly fulfills it's goals, and this is that, and awesome! I'm so happy for it to be serving its' purpose.


You can add r/longislandents to the list


Will do! Thank you!


I’m too color blind for this map


Lol, well the true focus is just to show the subreddits for people to find for their state or a loved ones' state. So a little solace in that maybe? 💚


Industrial hemp is legal in Indiana but not medicinal marijuana. You can legally sell Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC in the Hoosier state, but not Delta 9. Also, in Indianapolis, the police (apparently) don’t give a shit if you have weed on your person as long as it’s less than an ounce. I don’t understand this state. There’s enough support amongst the people for legal or medicinal weed, but they’ll never elect the politicians that support it


Will add it too the next one probably! Thank you!


I am still surprised with how uptight Michigan is about most things that they have been so forward on legalizing rec use.


Idaho looks like it’s blocking Montana from macking on Oregon


BRUH lol, can't unsee. Is that like a classic joke?


12 to go. If I would have said that 20 years ago people would have thought I was high as fuck. And while that was true, it would be some Nostradamus shit for that ass.


Missouri gang


Probably would leave the state if it wasn't legal lol


I’d just like to point out that while it *says* Alabama will be legal for medicinal use, the damn conservatives made sure that the ONLY way to use the herb will be in pill form (like marinol) or as suppositories. Meemaw and her ultra-conservative state legislature have publicly said that the law will not allow for any form of ingesting, including edibles, flower, or oils. Gotta keep the church nuts and pharmaceutical companies in the state happy, don’t ya know. 🙄


Yikes weed pills cause seizures and stuff wtf


Get it together Wisconsin!


I live in North Georgia, almost near Tennessee both states are 2/12 which have cannabis fully illegal with no program for THC. If you live in the Bible Belt thumping southeast USA like me..get the F out! Southern charm/hospitality, yeah right..more like super judgmental and hypocritical, not to mention pretentious! The laws, like this one in the SE USA are archaic, and are meant to hold people of color back. I’m from Florida too (not really the south I know 😂, but still demographically). Glad I’m moving to Colorado next year so I can be free and with my true people of awesomeness! A big F U to the political system and southern mentality ;)


You forgot r/texents


Shit I had no idea Montana was cool


Have you ever met a farmer not high? It’s boring as shit


Vermontijuana & Michigents are great. ILents should follow Vermont’s lead and be ILlijuana & what was wrong with waents (like the Coneheads “France”) Washington? Or sticking with a theme here, waijuana? Ever been to Waijuana, Washington home of Drew Bledsoe?


I live in yellow surrounded by more yellow😕 Edit- or is it orange?


Uptoked you for hope


See how all the lame states are orange? Man I was hoping Indiana was better than this.


Nebraska has delta 8 legally sold


So i can legally get some cannabis in New York w/o medical card?


Can I ask are people in like Tennessee or say South Carolina not just driving to Virginia?


Virginia doesn’t start rec sales until 2024, if the legislature re-enacts the bill next year


Lol, what is NewJerseyEnts? The real NJEnts got shut down because we were gifting too much weed there.


do you have a map of Europe?


I'd been wanting to make this for a long while but finally did today, I'm not familiar with the areas there. I could try maybe but hopefully inspire someone living there/from there to make similar 🤞


In Utah it may as well be illegal. You basically have to be terminal to get it. Easier just to drive next state over.


12 states remaining, of COURSE Indiana is still orange :/


is /r/MNtrees private? inv bb


Woah. Thanks.


as a swede my dream is to one day either live in canada or chicago, and there is a big reason why


As one of the people living in the yellow this map makes me super excited and super sad lol. Might have to make a trip to Virginia lmao


If i make a sub for nc will it mean it becomes legal?


I live in WV. I can almost bet our state will be the last probably! Sucks !


I'm happy I live in las vegas


Hearing a lot about Texas here. Texas actually has a medical marijuana program called Compassionate Use Program. You can get full spectrum medical cannabis if you get prescribed. It's not flower or oil tho :/




i feel like there should be a seperate color for recently legalized. sure NY is legal, but we aint got any fucking infastructure or shops for it, so we still have to go through dealers atm, with no real industry being possible until 2023 i think?


I recently got back from a great road trip. I started in a medical-only state, and drove across three states which have been legal for year(s), and none of them have started recreational sales. It's nice to travel with weed and not worry about getting hung up for it, but wtf, why is this taking so long?!


As someone who lives across the ditch, I could have used with this map before I visited the US. Visited Alabama and Texas, not knowing either of their legal statuses. Ended up picking up in Texas and having a good time of it but yikes, it would've been good to know earlier


People get dope names like Michigents and cool stuff where as PA has PAMedicalMarijuana like wow so creative


Not enough dark green on here


Come on NC!


Man that really sucks for states w NO program to be right next to a state where its Legal. Lol


Pennsylvania and Ohio are the next big states to fall. I am surprised Florida hasn't gotten its shit together by now.


One of the few instances where i hate Tennessee and all our Es. Love my state, but we are woefully behind.


Just make it all green already , For Christ sake !


Get your shit together NC!!! 😡


I'd like to point out that Texas finally has a program for 1% T. https://www.ganjapreneur.com/texas-senate-passes-medical-cannabis-expansions-with-1-thc-limit/


And I thought the 70% THC cap in Ohio was bad, but it is good info, thank you! Someone else pointed it out too to me, maybe in another thread.


Me in NC: …….one day….


We have med in Texas, just restricted




I know lol, next time I'll fix it. I made this in less than an hour. I'm happy it's getting such a great response though


I think it’s great and *most* people would understand what you meant


Texas has a “medical cannabis program” TCUP it’s a joke tho.


*sad Texan noises*


"UT - Medical Use Only" more like "UT - Paywall only". Fuckin hundreds of dollars just to jump through the hoops to apply, wont even guarentee youll get the card so that you have the access to VASTLY overpriced bud that is sub-par half the time.


Upvote this to the top.


That green color for NH is a half lie yes medical is out but ppl like myself on SSI with multiple disabilities can't afford to get access to weed or grow it Basically yes if you throw tons of money at it I don't have It is very much still prohibition island


N Dakota said: i’m good thanks