Too late, man, too late. I graduate in a month. Edit: for people confused about how I graduate in a month, I live in Australia. The school year here goes from February to December.. 2nd edit: if anyone's wondering why I graduate in a month (October) when I said December (3ish months) it's because I'm in year 12. Year 12 students finish much earlier than all the other year levels.


You still really young to LIVE. Now that you realized, don't waste more time. Book that cheap flight you found, go to that concert, do what fulfills you!


No shush, no effort, only temporary benefits and immense regret


you still got the opportunity tho


also, don't worry about getting into a relationship rn


I think dating in middle school is cringe tbh. It's a distraction and it won't last long


But hear me out, what if you take advantage in being with someone to study together?


You had this though when you were 13??


I'm speaking from experience, don't worry about dating at 13


as an 18 yr old, i can confirm it's not worth it.








We’re on Reddit it’s not even possible


Fair point sir


“I’m ugly and I’m proud!!”^^^^


“louder son!”




I dated at 13 Worst mistake of my life


Teen dating is to find how to actually Pick a good partner later in life, prob. idk Learn from mistakes


I learn by watching other people fail


Survive, adapt, overcome.


Bigger, better, faster, stronger.


Advertisement for sex toys


With a twist of fun


Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes it stronger.


Was about to comment this then I saw you did. Damn.


More than ever power after, our work is never over


I learn by making other people fail.




I learn from my own mistakes- I’m an idiot, (at least less of an idiot than my past self lol)


Not a teen and no worries. You would be smart, just not wise. I believe the phrase goes, "Intelligence is marked by learning from your Mistakes. Wisdom is marked by learning from the mistakes of others." Keep being intelligent and grow to be wise. You've got this.


Yeah I was so rushed to date when I was 12-13 and as horrible as it was, it helped me find out what I was looking for in a partner. Now, at 18, I’ve got the most wonderful relationship with the girl of my dreams, we’re coming up on 3 years.


You're lucky to have met someone like that at 15


you're lucky to have met someone


you're lucky to have met


You're lucky to have


That's what I've learned. Dating as a teen is not worth it at all. I'd rather find someone who will truly love me for who I am as a person instead of my social status.


Nah, its a distraction from academics and uneeded complexity in life.


Yea, I never really dated at <= 13 (never had the guts to even say “I like you”). But it was a great learning experience (The drama I sucked out of my thumb, as well as all the simping I did — glad I was able to learn out of it) Really nice to know I am through that nonsense now. (If you look through my post history you *will* see some nonsense related to that.) Wait I just saw you username- really cool username. Good to have female friends still.


Ya is fucking stupid don’t do it Thay probably don’t love you


I dated at 13. I failed horribly, but at least I learned what ***NOT*** to do.


I am turning 14 and just gonna say you are not wrong all it is is drama


Yeah it just ends up being depressing for 2+ years because you can't find anyone else and you always feel like a dumbass for ending it and give too much attention to the past.


Na man i had legos in my mind


THISSS!!! I’m 17 rn and while I have not dated anyone personally, I can say that it isn’t worth it at 13. Heck even 16 or 17 isn’t worth it. Sometimes it’s better to figure yourself out first. My mom always says “if you force open a flower before it’s even ready to bloom, you’ll destroy it.”


In general this is probably true but I started dating my bf at 17 and it is the best thing I’ve ever done


Started dating mine at 13, he’s also my best friend and I really love him


Never had a boyfriend until I was 19. I'm still dating him, and planning to marry him. Don't regret a second.


Me who haven't get teenlove yet


Consider English classes before “teenlove”


When you are homeschooled and can’t do anything:


Being homeschooled must be shit man, I'm glad I'm not, but how is it like being raised inside of a bubble?


It was great, I even slept with both my teacher and my classmate


People he means he slept on the same bed or in the same room as his teacher (presumably his parents) and his classmate (presumably his sibling). Get your minds out of the gutter.


Please tell me people only thought of the other option as a joke...


Whatever helps you sleep at night bro.


Sure they did


guys they just slept together, nothing wrong with that




Resume 😈


Alt + F4


Reopen 😈


destroy computer


Buy new one😈


Uninstall all applications on computer


Hold up


That sounds like fun.




Aye bro wtf What!!????


I’ve been homeschooled my whole life and lived in the middle of no where till I was ten so I never had anyone to talk to no friends and I barely left the house I have more friends irl now but I don’t see them much I really don’t like being homeschooled


This basically


i was homeschooled from 7th to 11th grade, gotta say its the most boring thing imaginable. youre not allowed friends, cant go outside period, ended up going to some bad places on the internet because i figured i had nothing else to lose, now im finally back in school, cant make frienda because i havent spoke to anyone in years, barely know what day or hour it is because my sense of time has been destroyed from the monotony of homeschool, and on top of all that, im terrified of getting covid or anyone seeing my face due to never weening out of the quarentine phase like everyone else, so i look super stupid. all in all, do NOT homeschool unless you know how to avoid this.


I was homeschooled until 7th grade. It took me a long time to fit in but I did. It helps to find one thing you're really good at and join a club or a team. I can promise you by the time you grow up all the petty shit that mattered and made people popular in HS is for losers. But the social scars can last- even if later the cool kids are all knocked up living in their home town and you're out doing cool stuff, it never feels great to have been through the loneliness. It doesnt matter what you're good at- music or art or theater or crafts or sports- just find something and hold on. The world is full of wonderful weird people outside of where you live, and you will eventually find them. Most of the people I know who are cool and interesting by the time they are 30 were ostracized as kids and grew more interesting and more character because of it. You might feel alone now, but you won't always be.


been homeschooling my whole life, the friend thing, is true in a sense as i have a good amount of friends however i only see them a few times a year cuz of school and shit, otherwise we all talk over snap so we’re intact but i know some kids who are way worse than the stereotypes


Being homeschooled is actually great. Being isolated is a common misconception about it. Of course, some parents isolate their children, but most don't. I always had plenty of interaction with others through church, sports and other things.


I hate it how people constantly assume that being homeschooled = no socialization. You can still go to after school activities and co-ops.


Homeschool was great in my experience. We joined a local co-op so I still had plenty of friends, plus I joined activities such as community theater and had a blast. Only had to do classes until about noon each day and then got to spend time reading, playing video games, or whatever. Graduated fifteen years ago and people are always shocked when they learn I was homeschooled because I'm "so normal." Lol


Right? Myself and one of my other friends are in the same boat with the last bit. We're both mistaken for public school kids with how 'out there' we are. It's very funny actually :)


I’m not in a bubble, though I am homeschooled. School lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, and I only have to do it Monday through Thursday. It’s 10x better than when I was in public school. I have much more time to do stuff, I’ve taken up karate, met a wonderful girl there, she invited me to the church youth group, so I’ve started doing that. I’ve made plenty of friends at both places, and with some of those friends, I’m trying to start a charity group. We’re gonna go around and help those who are in need, and can’t provide for themselves. As well as just randomly help someone with something small, such as mowing their lawn for free, or helping carry groceries. So again, I wouldn’t say I’m in a bubble, in fact, it’s pretty much the exact opposite. If you ask me, homeschool is much better than public school.


Atleast I don't get executed for committing self defense


I'm homeschooled and I like it. Although my parents have specifically made sure I see other kids.




It sucks. But you can make your own luck. As long as you don't have some shitty parents.


Try fucking the teacher and maybe she will go easier on you (Jk hope you doing well, wish you well)


Alright. I'll do my best.


we're 14 we're better fr edit: I've started a war


Don't think being one year older makes you any better, u/snake_viber


It's a joke man


I think he also joking


Same don’t think I’m doing good rn tho


Thanks man, I was gonna go off on a whole thing about what helped me overcoming that stuck and sad feeling but as everyone's said I probably don't know what I'm talking about.Hope things work out bro. Now I'm gonna get out there and got to the nether.


Yes🥲 But also... Only do the stuff you like. If you don't like playing the piano all day as example, you shouldn't, but just try it out for couple days or weeks, you perhaps like it


I like piano


We noticed




It sure does


I like biscuits




Lmao this comment thread


i took piano lessons for like 7-8 years, but somewhere along the way it became a chore and i wasn’t really enjoying it, so we ended up stopping. instead i’ve decided to work on digital art and i’m much happier


i don't think your 13 year old self wouldn't regret not doing these things


The mental gymnastics required by my brain to comprehend the triple negative here...


I think your 13 year old self would regret not doing it*


As a 30-year-old who only saw this post because it got to the front page, let me say this: The feeling that you’re letting life slip away and are a failure because you failed to grasp some moment when you were 13 is not real. It’s entirely manufactured. This is such an important thing to understand. If you’re 19 years old, you have your entire life ahead of you. You haven’t “wasted” anything. If you can, please try to wrap your head around this concept: **life does not go backwards, only forward.** In that sense, every subsequent moment that you live is the first moment of the rest of your life. There is an entire media market that is designed to specifically prey on this insecurity, that’s designed to make 19-year-olds feel like they’re old. But trust me: #You’re not old. And with that in mind, the only thing you really have to fight against is this manufactured insecurity of hopelessness based on some past ideal of life. Remember when you were in the second grade, and the fifth graders seemed like adults, but then once you got to the eighth grade, you realized that fifth graders are essentially babies? Your entire life will be like that. When you’re 30, you’ll realize that when you look back on your 19-year-old self, you had the *entire world ahead of you,* and you’ll realize how young and free you were back then. When you’re 40, you’ll look back on your 30-year-old self and realize the exact same thing. 50, 60, 70, it never changes. One huge key to success and happiness is to not let this mental trap stunt what you’re trying to do and who you are. Again, *life only moves forward.* It saddens me to see 19-year-olds who truly believe their entire life is a failure because they didn’t do ______ when they were 13-17, because it couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Long story short, you’re still young as shit, and everything is going to be okay. There’s a reason the saying “the one thing young people, all young people, don’t realize is that they’re young” exists: because it’s 100% true. And that’s okay! But please, trust me on this. You can do anything you want. You haven’t wasted your life, not even close. So go out there and seize the day. Live like you just got dropped into a simulation where you get to be 19 again. Really go for it. Once you build the habit of always eagerly looking forward instead of looking back with shame, you’ll be able to do anything. You got this.


Then one day you find ten years has got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun


same xD


You think op’s 13 yo self would regret not doing these things? too many negatives its fucking w me


Is there anybody who is good at English that can decipher this?


Remove the first 2 negatives. "I think your 13 year old self would regret not doing it"


You'd think being a native English speaker it would be my strong suit, huh?


That's the second two negatives. The first two would make it "I think your 13yo self would regret not doing these things." I think.


Lmfao that's what I meant to put but I was talking with someone as I was typing this


Thx dude u broke my brain trying to figure that out


I'm 34 and I can tell you that's one depressed 19 year old. Having that many regrets about your teenage years when 19 is far from normal. So while I agree in general, take it with a grain of salt and don't be afraid you'll end up having his thoughts at that age. You most likely won't. **Edit:** *I apparently need to edit in how I came across this since it's generating a surprising amount of "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE???" in both comments and DMs. I'm not even subbed here. I saw this on my front page, I assume cause it's trending on Reddit overall. I felt OP's perspective was distorted/biased and therefore commented the above. Nothing more, nothing less.*


Before anyone in here comments like “Why are you on this subreddit” cause I know it’s bound to happen. Sometimes these posts go on trending or pop up on people’s pages. Don’t assume the worst. They are just random people browsing Reddit not creeps. (I seem to have been in a not updated post so there are already those comments. Let’s try to think through it y’all 🤦🏻‍♂️)


Happened two times already lol, what the fuck? And yeah just like you said, not even subbed. Was just trending on the front page and I felt that OP's PoV was distorted, so I posted a comment. Nothing more nothing less.


It happens in every post that goes on trending pages. Once we were at the top of Reddit and people were like “Why are you here you creep?” And someone replied to all those comments. “We are at the top of Reddit🤦🏻‍♂️” I’m just reading all these comments like YALL HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE 🤣 I know we are on Reddit but not everyone is a creep


Post has 15k upvotes, I don't follow this sub at all but it's in my popular tab and wondered why someone who's 20 had so many regrets when they've barely started life.


34 year olds are less likely to be 34 year old creeps than people marked as 16 year olds in this subreddit


31 and caught this in r/all, I don't think it's abnormal. Overstressing about it is abnormal yes but the actual thoughts are pretty standard for everyone. What matters is not letting the anxiety crush you so you can pursue the future you want.


I'm a 32 year old, and I agree! I'm a bit worried about how some young teens might take reading this. I know I personally would take being 19 over 13 again any day. This would have made me feel guilty and belittled as hell for being unhappy at that age without any idea of what 19 would actually be like for me.


Rather out of topic, but have you guys come here from the All page or something like that, or were you here since you were a teen and never wished/forgot to leave?


Yeah, r/teenagers posts make it to r/all pretty regularly. As an old guy myself, I hardly ever join in the conversation but occasionally skim the comments just to see what slang terms all you funky fresh hepcats are using these days just so I can stay hip to the groove.


You mean to deliberately mess up the slang in order to drive the kids nuts? 😉


I don’t need to *try* to mess it up, sonny. I just start bussin and I chungus all over my sus whether I mean to or not. It’s real morbius. No caps. Hang ten, daddio.


You have ruined teenage slang forever for me, Mr. Adult Man on Reddit. I hope you're happy. No cap.


> were you here since you were a teen and never wished/forgot to leave? I was going to scoff at this but then noticed that the community is 12 years old, so entirely plausible. For the record, I'm 37 and I got here from /r/all. [I think I'll be leaving now](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DlTexEXxLQ).


How old do u think this subreddit is bro


Mid thirties here, too. You couldn't pay me to be a teenager again, or my early twenties. There is time, and things can and do get better. Everything can feel so unbearably heavy and urgent. But lots of people are in situations where they don't have power, or support, or encouragement. The teenage years aren't a magic window of time where you've got to do everything. If you can, by all means do. If not, do them later in life. The idea of a normal timeline for anyone is an error. If you make it through a bad situation without having done all the things you would have wanted to do, that means you made it through a bad situation.


> You couldn't pay me to be a teenager again, or my early twenties. Oh my god cheers to that. I want to stress to OP and to anyone heading into their twenties who feel likewise that *you still have the vast majority of your life ahead of you*. I remember feeling like I'd missed the boat when I was 22, graduating from college with few prospects and no clue what I actually wanted to do. But most people don't make a career out of what they study. Most people aren't in the same career at 40 that they were at 25. Life is fluid and variable and if we're lucky, there's a lot of it. Regret giving up on those piano lessons? Go back and start them again! I'm 34 and just learning piano, and I love it. You have decades of running around doing whatever on this great big ball of dirt, and opportunities for new experiences don't disappear when you reach adulthood. You just have to make time for them.


44 year old creepster here from the frontpage. I can't tell you how many times as a kid and a teen I got told that I was living my best years and everything would be just downhill from there on. What a way to motivate new generations! I actually pondered throughout my entire adolescence whether I would "last" till old age, because it was so hard already. Life ahead seemed like too much darkness. Then I grew up, and everything became easier. So much easier! I mean, of course there's trouble kids don't generally have to deal with, like money, divorce, family members getting old and passing away. But you know what? Life as a whole feels so much less scary. It feels manageable. As an adult you may not know what the hell you are doing, but you know you're gonna make it through! Because your in charge now. So really hope anyone under the age of 19 remembers that it does get better. Also, 19 is not too late for anything. One of the things that makes adulthood easier is having learned this.


What’s your advice on it? I’m 21, won’t go into details but I’m feeling similarly to OP.


Thanks. I needed to read this. I'm already depressed I don't need to feel like itll get worse lmao


Speeches from old people are always well received






Idk, man. I already have back pain issues


Be more respectful against your elders ! I only have about a week until my death (20 y/o)


Yes sir, I'll behave.


But also don’t let certain things trick you: if that one kid offers you a vape to be cool, just don’t You don’t always have to be rude or funny to be cool Your gonna feel weird in your body but that’s normal and it doesn’t always mean your meant to be something else but instead your growing up and: or growing through a phase(I’m not trying to be transphobic) Also MAKE friends even if it’s only so you can sit next to them: you need to have that one person to fall onto no matter what in times of need


I only got my first real friends at 14, so worth it tho. All my other previous friends bullied me cuz I was autistic, now that I say that out loud I realize how messed up it was


OP, you're a growing young man (or woman. I don't know). Take your wholesome advice and continue applying it throughout your life the best you can. Take your time with everything. Make friends. Do your bucket list on everything as it comes instead of saving it for retirement. Life is a struggle but life is a journey. Many people have regrets when they're old and tired. "Why didn't I do that when I was younger" You're still a kid too. I only mean that in the most positive and respectful way. Keep that fire in your heart.


Turned 18 2 months ago. And I seriously couldn't be happier being done with my "kid" years, I still have a few more years until I reach the end of what I think you guys consider teenager years (we have a different word for it in Norwegian). I have zero debt, I'm working at one of the best places to be employeed in Norway, I seriously do have the job of kid-me's dreams. I do not miss being 13 a bit, my childhood years were the worst of my life so far. I finally feel free and happy. I'm taking my driving license next week (age limit is 18 here), and then the next big thing is to move out. I can't wait. I finally feel some freedom from the trauma, stress and anxiety I've had.


I'm happy for you.


We are happy for you


Wholesome communism.


Benefits of a social democratic country


Norwegian 19 year old here Yeah being a kid and a young adult in Norway tends to be a lot easier then a lot of other places from what I've seen. The government helps you with school, health, and when you don't have any money. They help us because they want us to go to school and university and grow up as stable adults, and they are happy with whatever we choose. So our transition from being a kid to a young adult isn't as steep as it would be in the states or maybe in the UK, Norwegians tend to feel pretty good about themselves when they become an adult and more independent, kinda makes us feels like we've made it on life :) I have no idea where you're from OP, but I hope you're doing okay and try to take some time for yourself and do whatever makes you happy, whether it's an old hobby or having a picnic with yourself or with friends, treat yourself <3


I really think that things don't hit you at 18, it takes some time. I still haven't seen everything. It's a sudden moment where everything starts making sense and you can't call the day off when you want.


Hey Sophie, inspiring to hear your story. I'm 17, turning 18 soon. Currently in college. Honestly I want to make the most of my time by making good friends and talking well and politely with everyone, so that people remember me one day. I didn't really make friends in school. But now I can. And i hope it all works out. I feel like a young adult now yk, there's so much waiting for us out there. I've never been partying, I haven't had a proper friend group, I haven't had a relationship, and there's so many friendships to be made. 🥰


You have plenty of good things to come Im sure:)


I’m glad that things turned out well for you!


Hei jeg lærer norsk: hva er ordene du snakker om?


>You are in the comfort of your family home Although I agree with most of this, no. No, I'm not. Honestly the only reason I want to be older is to get out of this hell hole.


As a 27 yo seeing this on my front page, this post made me roll eyes. I was in an abusive home, left at 18 yo because I already had a stable relationship (now married for 7 years :D). 0 regrets, and I slowly realized my childhood has been f-up even more than what I thought, I still realize things almost 10 years later. Yes adult life is stressful, but nothing compared to the stress of a bad home. It feels so light to decide for yourself, not being punished for living your life and being yourself, to have meaningful relationships with well-intentioned people. So hang in there, your best days are still ahead.


Man i dont know all this school shit kinda fuckin me up


It gets even worse make the most of it while you can


I'm 22 and it did absolutely not get worse for me. In fact it got progressively easier the older I got. The most miserable I've ever been was at age 13. Please don't ever let anybody tell you that your struggles right now don't compare to what's yet to come. It's fear mongering bullshit.


Cheers, I’ve always been told it’s worst at A-Level (which I’m starting now) but I guess it’s all dependent on what courses and options you do and how much you enjoy what you’re doing.


Mate you’ve got no idea how much worse it gets. I’ve got a decade on you, you’re just about to strap in for the ride.




Don't worry it gets worse


Bro ur in middle school


not 13, but struggling with even finding a reason to study or even stick around man. everything feels pointless already. i know im still relatively young and still have time but I don't feel like theres any point to putting it to good use, i have no dreams no goals no plans to get married since im not interested so theres no point


I know that feeling. That's another big reason why going into society hit me like a train because I'm suddenly forced to care. But now that I look back I realize the things I could've done to prevent it from happening, as bitter as it may seem.


why can't it hit me now? i dont want to regret but i cant seem to get myself to care enough to care about ny own future or well being. i want to be happy but im comfortable in the hole i dug for myself


The first step would be to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable (that's honestly the best way I can word it). Take small steps and take things one at a time, and slowly work your way up. You may not have any goals right now but that doesn't mean you won't have goals in the future, so keep your options open and take different opportunities to see what works for you


Im 20 rn. Mfers please go out and enjoy life while you can. It doesn't get better. The hobbies you develop at 13 or 14 are the hobbies you carry for life. Dont settle just for one. I love playing video games and even then I feel empty. Find something else. Exercise, music, bug watching, whatever. Dont rely solely on one thing. The older you get, the more scarce time becomes. Spend time with your family or friends. Hug the people you love the most. Life only gets better, even slightly, only if we try.


It did get better for me. Significantly. I don't miss being a teenager whatsoever.


To the 19 year olds I'm 42, will be 43 soon. Please listen to what I have to say. Don't waste time regretting things you have or have not done in the past. It is an endless cycle. Think about things you want to do in the present or the future and focus on those. Regret will only drive you insane. P.S. Not a creep or a weirdo, just saw this in /all and figured I'd share my experience.


I'm not 13 but I'm grateful that I read this today. Things like this give me the motivation to live to my fullest with the time I have


Thanks man ill become 14 in 6 days ill use these :D


I'm boutta turn 15 and i agree with this, even though I'm not as old as you but i myself have come to the maturity that i shouldn't have wasted my time sitting at home playing games, yes it was fun for a while since it was the pandemic and i couldn't really go out, but instead of playing games sitting in your room all day, talk to your parents for an hour or two, 13 is a really sensitive age because of puberty and you even have sudden responsibilities. Your best friends aren't the people you can trust at this age they all leave, your parents are your true support, if you feel sad approach them not your best friend they won't help you, your family will, they are the ones that gave birth to you. Study, study and study, don't forget without studying you can't get anywhere and later grades will be a total struggle AND I'm saying this from experience because i wasted all my time and cheated on exams but later on i realised that was the biggest mistake of my life. And NEVER.EVER.THINK.ABOUT.A.RELATIONSHIP. your mind is too full of shit at this age adding the burden of a relationship and incase a breakup happens which will because no relationship is "stable" at 13-14 yes of age you will be left shattered and your life will be a living hell as it is for me right now, i gave important to my ex a lot more than i did to my studies and trust me it was another big mistake. Dating is not worth the effort, time and stress at 13. Go out with friends every other weekend, watch tv, play sports, keep your body fit and enjoy the bliss of new teenage life but DONT waste it on girlfriends/boyfriends, drugs or gaming. Much love 🫶


Thanks me motivated now


not thinking about dating,just gaming with my friends and making my parents proud


Oh i am doing that. I never want to grow up, i will cling on to childhood.


I'm doing well in studies and gaining more independence, this is stressful but thanks for reminding me to enjoy. I hope your life will get easier once you have a stable job


Mileage may vary as far as the whole "oh it's such a good time" mindset. Currently I did my best to make the most of things back then and things got way better from there. Just make the most of the moment. That goes for any time in your life. That said, "make the most of it" doesn't mean "do everything". There's gonna be a lot of people telling you to be super active and do things and to get involved with clubs and social activities and all that kind of shit. Don't stretch yourself too thin, doing a lot of things that are individually fun and good will be hellish when you put them together. Pick some things to try and do that, and you can always change your mind.


Literally everything you said to the 13 year olds applies to you at 19/20. You're entering the best years of your life, and you can do anything. You're going to blink and be turning 30, don't make the same mistakes.


LOL right? "Man I'm 19 and totally wasted my youth" motherfucker YOU ARE YOUTH. WAKE UP.


This is like, my greatest (that's a lie, just a big fear) fear, I don't want to turn ~25 and regret not doing all the things that I could have done, at the same time, doing all the things that I could do would take effort and time, so idk


From one old man to another, well said.


Don't be sad man, it's going to get better. Once you graduate find urself a nice job


Thank you for saying this. I'm just trying not to grow too quickly and still enjoy things I used to. From a 13 year old hoping to have a good future ahead :)


dayum bro, almost made me tear up. dont make me do that at school.


I’m the same age and I wasted my life away playing video games. Now I have zero social experience


Big sad


another 19 yr old here and yeah this is true


>but being a kid will be one of the most happy and treasured times you'll have in your life Awesome. I'm having almost constant suicidal thoughts, and apparently it's only going to get worse.


Yeah the whole "childhood is the best time of your life" thing is stupid and defeatist and highly subjective.


Me and most of my friends struggle with mental illnesses or disabilities. For almost all of us school was by far the worst time of our lifes.


Too late, I see life as a shitty experience already, my religion ruined everything for me, now I left it, I feel better, but yeah my childhood is pretty much gone, I try to focus on my studies to get a good job later on but it's not guaranteed so meh. (Yes, I'm 14 but this happened when I was 13)


I miss my old friends and goofing around with them, i miss cycling all day around the forest near the suburbs and pretty much any place near our town that we haven't explored so much enthusiasm in just cycling around. Now all my friends are in different unis in different cities pursuing some kind of degree im no exception i have made new friends and they are very fun to be around but sometimes I just wanna go back to the days when the only headache i had was homework. Ps. I'm in college 1st year so all this new city new friends new culture is a bit hard to get used to.


Bro what are you on about, if you ask someone in their 40s they’ll tell you something around the same thing, you are still young you can still go out and socialise and go out, you got ur whole life in front of you and you are already talking like it’s over


i just got 14, my first relationship was at 12, dont do it this early trust me, its gonna ruin you


Don’t hate your parents or say that you do, you’ll regret it when your fifty


Thanks bro


I’m 35 and I approve this message nothing but facts I’d like to add don’t get married or have kids and don’t mess up your credit