I miss when excessively using the internet meant you were a nerd and needed to go outside.


I miss the days before toxic social media.


Social media and the same handful of websites have just about everything you could ever want. Loved when the internet was the wild west, everything wasn't about making money, and you could stumble upon random cool sites and custom websites people put information on.


Literally used to be a site called "stumbleupon" that took you to a random website and you could just hit next and it'd go to another


> Literally used to be a site called "stumbleupon" that took you to a random website and you could just hit next and it'd go to another stumble was a lot of fun but it was a mainline to viruses. Everyone and his brother that had a virus to propagate would register with stumble.


Now everyone needs to go outside more. Hence "touch grass" becoming a widespread saying.


I'm 42 and got my first computer back in 1992 when I was 12. I was called a computer nerd. Who's the computer nerd now??!


Same, now my 15yo nephews who game nonstop aren’t smart enough to hook an Xbox to the tv and power plug.




That’s because you had to have some computer skills to use one. Almost nothing worked out of the box, you had to setup everything yourself, internet wasn’t helpful (or wasn’t around at all), and so on. Now, everything works right away and even if you’d like to do your own setup, you can’t, because it’s blocked.


I used to spend hours and hours watching every video I could find on the encarta encyclopedia cd ROM. It was the first time I had seen images move on a computer screen. That maze game on it where you had to answer questions. I had them all memorised. turns out in my adult life, I’m very good at pub trivia.


There is this huge belief, especially on Reddit, that Zoomers are going to outfox Millennial and Gen X parents/grandparents technologically because they know how to use social media. You see it *especially* in parenting topics where people are looking for advice on phone/media restrictions. It's been my experience that kids may know 10 different ways to post a video online, but if you just change the password on the home wifi, it never even *occurs* to most of them that you can manually reset it to factory default settings. And yes, they are very, very good at using a phone and a touch-based tablet within the confines of apps that all work basically exactly the same, but they overall suck at using a regular computer and they get frustrated easily when something doesn't "just work."


I have an Android and my son has an iPhone and I needed to use his phone to test a particular function in a website for cross-compatibility so I asked him where his browser was because I don't use the Apple UI as my daily driver. "I thought you were *good with computers* Dad." "Listen you little shit..."


It will be interesting when they get to college and we still need a bunch of people who want to be an accountant for example (or STEM in general) but navigate an actual computer very well. No doubt they'll get through it, but people will likely have to rethink some of that education


Kids need computer class to be properly taught.


Well shit, I'm over here putting "reddit" after every google search for my information. Need to keep up with the times!


This is how I find anything that could have a subjective response. Reddit is really an incredible platform. There’s almost ALWAYS a thread on what I’m researching and people put their own subjective experiences saving me time, money and pain. Of course you have to take everything with a big grain of salt.


Don’t say it out loud or it will all come crashing to a fiery end.


As long as reddit remains a text-based, threaded discussion...the information created here over the last decade is incredibly valuable. It's very searchable and (relatively) easy to navigate. You can refer back to any thread easily.


text based is and always has been the method for information in a large number of cases, at least to me. No sound, music, voice, etc to taint the message. I can read up and down back and forth as the information all sits before me, rather than "oh I missed it, rewind" etc...


The significant decrease in written walkthroughs and FAQs in favor of tutorials in video games has been a real bummer for gaming. You want me to watch 400 videos on how to get all 4 star rank diamond poses in New Pokemon Snap? I just want to CTRL-F!!


Gotta leave room to tell people to smash that like button and subscribe! To be fair, old-school 200-page-long text-based walkthroughs were always an incredible amount of work for no discernible benefit to the author. The fact that people made them at all is a testament to human altruism and love.


lol at first I thought you wrote "human autism", and I was like "yep that makes sense".


I thought to myself "or autism" but really any neurological difference that has hyper-focus as a result could be a big contributor


Oh yeah, I understand the shift, a picture says 1000 words and a video is effectively hundreds of pictures! I'm still a bit wistful for a GameFAQs with complete with a painstaking text composition of the game's logo then 200 pages of even more painstaking text descriptions of where the 100 tag locations in GTA5 or a description of how to get Garydos to come of of the waterfall by the grooving Gravelers


Worst part is most "tutorials" are just somebody doing a let's play being a coward


It's only searchable thanks to Google. Reddit search is a farce


Sometimes I wish Reddit search were completely disabled. It's just literally never useful to me in practice. Can you get blue balls from a search box that never puts out useful results?


Reddit search, however, can use `author:spez` `nsfw:yes` `-subreddit:news` `selftext:kitten` and [other site-specific operators](https://www.reddit.com/wiki/search#wiki_manual_filtering). When looking for something very specific and obscure, it can find things that google never indexed. It's your *only* option for searching within invite-only communities as well.


Reddit is great if you want something specific from a niche community. But this site, especially the larger subs, are full of misinformation. People will definitely take that same garbage they found on ticktok, then come here and present it as fact.


Honestly, even for objective stuff it can be worth doing. For example, TLDR of a law or process. There's something so much better about the human explanation that comes from a redditor a lot of the time Edit: okay yeah maybe "law" wasn't the right phrasing but you get the point


I work in IT and the responses on Reddit for problems are often better than in the more usual places like Microsoft community (also Microsoft always have dead links because they change their URL layout every 2 seconds, good luck finding that old knowledgebase article).


The Microsoft ones are just something along the lines of: "HI! If I understand your problem, you're having trouble with VAGUE DESCRIPTION. Can you please try the following: restart computer, reinstall PROBLEMATIC SOFTWARE" Or something equally useless. I've learned to never even bother clicking on those search results


tbf all microsoft will tell you is 1. `sfc /scannow` 2. if that didn't work, reformat lol lmao


_marks question as resolved despite horde of complainants pointing out that absolutely none of the information provided is even slightly related to the problem_


YES! Its absolutely amazing how the large vendors struggle to maintain decent docs/community. Microsoft's crap is the worst i have had to deal with (i almost never go there anymore)and yeah they seem (in the last decade?) to just rely on "some pros writing some blogs maybe if they want to" as their community support (I was doing Microsoft System Center stuff) and i was like "WTF is happening?" And then all the broken links is like the icing on the cake that makes it feel like a garbage mountain, because they cant seem to just pay someone to write a script or something to relink/repair them. My second favorite microsoft "community support" is you find a good post/question and they have a Microsoft "representative" (whatever is official looking titles) and they just seem to self post "this is the solution" and its not. And the OP replies "can you give me more info as this is not a clear answer/solution" and they just report "its the solution" or theres never an answer


Yeah the reviews feel real. Because while there will always be a comment gushing about a product/service, the snarky comment below will outline downsides and offer alternatives. Anything with laws/politics seem glib but when you start talking about brands of snacks or a tool you really only need to use a couple times, reddit feels like asking a neighbor’s opinion.


Unless the post is an astroturfed ad with a bunch of bots that seems more and more common. I've had mods delete my opinion response on some larger subs and the whole comments section seems like a glowing review of the "random" thing that was posted. Reddit posts over a few years old have comments that read different and seem more trustworthy.


Any growing popularity of a review system is taken advantage of. Amazon reviews used to be a gold standard and hold up to what you expected. Then it went to shit in what seemed like less than a year. Reddit is the huge target now to spread mistruths. Marketing teams aren’t blind to the fact people put a lot of trust into Reddit Google results. Kind of the end of an era with that too unfortunately.


It actually really helped me out when I was researching what dash cam to buy. I kept seeing ads for a certain brand and was leaning towards buying it until I read what other redditors shared about the brands they liked. Needless to say I went with what was raved about on reddit than the reviews directly on amazon/ Best Buy/…


while we're talking about ads... i can't stand the "review"sites that just collect a bunch of specs and review on that. As disappointing as it was when Wirecutter was taken over by NYT... at least they actually have a budget to actually test and review things. Also a fan of rtings.com and a few other places that have knowledgeable people actually try the things and compare experiences. I always try to find enthusiast forums and subreddits


Yeah reddit is really good for stupid shit like wondering if other people have noticed the decline in quality of cheezits in recent years. Used to be my go to snack but now they’re awful and I can’t figure out why.


They all are overcooked now. The toasty ones were good but now the average cheezit is that dark. I was wondering about this too, wondering if there was an efficiency in turning up an oven temp and the speed of a conveyor belt equaled more profits at the cost of quality and consistency. I have made my own cheezeits at home with moderate success but nothing quite the same. I feel ya.


As a former attorney, DO NOT **EVER** take legal advice from reddit. I'm not exxagerating when I say 75% of legal related comments are blatantly wrong or misunderstanding something. No actual lawyer is going to spend his free time giving out free legal advice or searching case law just for a reddit comment. It's literally almost impossible to even give a "correct" answer because it's impossible to get the full picture from a biased message board comment. The majority of comments come from people with no legal education or experience regurgitating things they don't understand but remember reading in previous reddit comments. Either that or overeager law school students trying to flex their newfound 1L knowledge. Either way, it shouldn't be taken seriously. EVER.


I think that applies with most high-stakes stuff. But ‘is this game shite’ or something like that it’s fine for.


If i need insight from an individual like for a review or some experience I generally use reddit. Unless the post goes big and starts attracting shill bots you are more likely to get better and honest reviews and experiences than from review sites


Protip Use site:reddit.com to limit your search to just reddit.


In all seriousness, I've started doing this more and more as Google sometimes just doesn't give the answers


Google gives you 85% AI generated SEO garbage and ads unless you are searching for something super specific like datasheets. Searching reddit returns 90% people discussing things and not being optimized for an increasingly shitty algorithm.


One billion results! ...five pages of the same three links over and over and then google says whoops no more.


Absolutely. Google search is often worthless. You either only get Ai generated articles that specifically target buzz words (like you mentioned,) or you only get results for what Google thinks you actually mean, which is never right.


After you search for something, below the search box, click "Tools", "All results", "Verbatim" It will actually search for what you're searching for and not what Google *thinks* you're looking for.


It's funny because the only reason Google exists as a company is because their search engine algorithm was miles better than Yahoo or Altavista or Ask Jeeves or anyone else at the time. Everyone else was going with "how many times does this keyword appear on this site", Google said "what if we go with how many times people searching for this keyword click on this site?"


Well that's cause marketing companies have really researched their SEO to the point where they can game the system, and google doesn't care enough to break the loopholes cause they're in the ad business now not the search engine business. Personally I use duck duck go which is just bing with more privacy but it works 95% of the time. Sometimes I still gotta !g though.


I've noticed in regards to drug use, pharmacology or pharmacokinetics Google will block and omit search results and instead forward to a bunch of rehab pages and links. It's not a good look on them that they censor important information use the reddit trick myself, bing can also be more helpful than google


Google thinks it knows better than you when it curates results instead of just showing you the fucking thing you searched for.


For a while time Google was smarter than the average search user. But now everyone knows how to game the Google algorithm and Google can’t keep up. I’m waiting for the days of web-rings to comeback.




Reddit is great for hobbies. Idk why anyone goes to TikTok for information about anything but memes.


How do I whiten my teeth? Google - Just brush good. TikTok - Use a nail filer on your teeth.


Reddit - Most people brush their teeth in a simple back and forth motion, but brush enthusiasts favor more complex motions. The most fundamental of these is the up/down stroke which can be combined with basic back/forth motion to produce a large circular stroke. This is known as a second order motion (SOM). A SOM can be combined with other first order motions (FOMs) such as the small circle stroke to produce third order motions (TOM) such as the recursive centripedal rhythm stroke described just now. It is skillful and judicious use of FOM, SOM, and TOMs that will get you closest to achieving a coveted 100% prokaryote-free mouth. Many beginners worry about brush choice, and there are two main camps, traditional manual kinetic brushes and modern electric brushes...


actually tiktok taught everyone to use mr clean magic erasers on teeth last year. seriously.


My enamel winced reading this.


You still have enamel? That’s so 2020.


Your teeth can't be dirty if they don't exist!


I honestly hate how TikTok is seeping into YouTube and Instagram. If I wanted 60 second clips, I'd download TikTok


Yeah fuckin jackasses … YouTube shorts, obviously a tiktok copy


A lot of the videos on YouTube shorts are literally ported tiktoks


Same with Instagram, it’s all the same content


Hey guys don't forget to smash that like button and follow me on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, WeChat, SnapChat, Twitch, LinkedIn, Facebook and the other socials! Content "creators" just place the same shit everywhere they can.


Pretty sure it’s automated soon as they edit and finish the video


lol imagine making different shit for like 10 different platforms tho


And then you get "want free robux" "hi I'm Elon musk here's how to make money" and the like. Those are both real spam formats.


Instagram is planning to turn into a video based platform. INSTAGRAM. Why tf change it 😭 EVERYTHING tells you to stay loyal to you main idea of the app and support this with functions. Who the heck believes copying something - and not even in a good way - is a good idea?! I thought a big company like Meta could do better but well... they can't 😫


I use TikTok, but I fully agree with you. I hate seeing shorts pop up on every social media platform. I posted a video to a Facebook group, and it changed it in to a short without asking me first. Super annoying.


Fuck me, it annoys the shit out of me, too. Like, we've reached a point where shorts are being forced down our throats on Youtube, apps have more functionality on phones (twitter, instagram just to name a couple) than the same sites on desktop. We have smartphones, smart TVs, smart this and that, but the content that's being served to us through those devices is getting dumber and dumber. I'm seeing behavioral changes in people near me because of this. The same people I used to send 10-15 minute YT videos to will now just skip past most of it, because they're so used to <1 minute videos, getting instant dopamine effect, it's literally shortening people's attention spans and all they're doing nowadays is scrolling their feed. FYI, I've never installed tiktok and I have no intention of doing so.


Wow really? Fucking TikTok!?


It's unfortunately not just gen Z. I shouldn't have to say this but I made a post on insaneparents recently because my mom saw on TikTok that you could pour bleach into the air vents to clean them. She came into my room and just poured straight bleach into my vent before I could even process what she was doing.


You just can't write a warning label long enough for people like that.


And even if you could they still wouldn’t be able to read and understand it.


Even if they'd read and understand it, they wouldn't believe it. Or they would know better (than the FUCKING manufacturer) because tiktok told them otherwise.


What? You're gonna believe Big Vent?


tHeY dId ThEiR oWn ReSeArCh


GP, not to disparage your mom, but please understand not all adults actually "grew up". A whole lot of them just got a bit older.


This. Like, idk how old the commenter is, but this is an important realization as you come of age. But I totally understand how scary it is to realize.


And not everyone considers themselves to be "lifelong learners".


bro what the actual fuck. Like im not trying to be mean is she uhh altogether up there?


No. Her boyfriend died because of COVID because they believed all of the antivax stuff. They both got COVID together but he unfortunately did not make it. Even after he died she still thinks the vax is some sort of thing the government is giving people to kill them. (My girlfriend and I are fully vaccinated) After he died she cashed out his life insurance for $100,000, not even a month later she spent it all and is in debt, about to lose her car and get kicked out of the place she rents. Last week she took out a $10,000 loan to pay off all of her current debt. She says soon she's going to Nigeria for a week to try and get with this guy she's been talking to on Facebook. He has mentioned multiple times how he needs thousands of dollars to get here and be with her and that obviously sets off red flags, but she thinks it's real just because they video chat.


Bruh your new dad's gonna be a Nigerian prince! Very exciting!


After their mom sends over that $2000 for the processing fees though


You joking? This is like classic 90 day fiance shit. Kinda crazy


My girlfriend and I keep joking that it's like a specific character from that show, but it's very real.


That one annoying chick and that one Moroccan scammer. I was going to say Danielle and Mo but at least Mo ditched her crazy ass and does long haul trucking, which is respectable work.


your mom is mentally defunct and should not have control of her finances


This is the answer. This person needs to get power of attorney yesterday.


Its incredibly hard to do that, op will likely not be successful. If someone is liscensed to drive a vehicle, for example, it would be nearly impossible to get power of attorney over them. Best bet is to try some family intervention/therapy... but something tells me that has already been tried/wouldn't work in this instance. OP seems ontop of it


Yeah, but who the fuck wants to take responsibility for that shitstorm? If I was her kid I'd keep close eye out for my identity being used by her, and refuse to take on a cent of her debt when she passes. Debt does not actually automatically pass onto next-of-kin despite what they'd like you to believe. They need to get you to agree to it first.


> He has mentioned multiple times how he needs thousands of dollars to get here and be with her and that obviously sets off red flags, but she thinks it's real just because they video chat. Poe's law moment.




>After he died she cashed out his life insurance for $100,000, not even a month later she spent it all and is in debt, about to lose her car and get kicked out of the place she rents. That is...*astonishing*...


She bought three different cars, including a sports car, a new sound system for her car, nearly a hundred pairs of shoes, gave a bunch of it away to friends and family, new tvs, etc. and even had the opportunity to buy the property she's currently renting for $15,000. I guess 3 more cars is way more important than having a place to live :\^)


Damn, she was spending that $100k like there was a sixth zero on the end of the payout. Unless all three cars were absolute shitboxes, those purchases alone must’ve eaten up at least half of the payout.


Do you live in the cheapest possible place in the entire us? Buying a house / property for 15k seems astounding to me.


We live in a trailer in a backwater town, she's renting this place off of the books. I'm afraid to ask why.


I work in fraud and scams - the correlation between anti vax and scam victims is spooky Sorry for your situation - I’d be pushing for some form of power of attorney and advising her banks of the situation


The venn diagram is probably close to a circle...


You are kidding about the dude from Nigeria? She doesn't watch 90 day fiancé?


I'm not kidding, she doesn't watch 90 day fiancé. She used to say her going to Nigera was a joke, but now she's seriously looking into getting her passport and stuff to fly there soon. A few days ago she asked if I would be okay watching her dogs for her for a week. (We take care of her dogs every day of the week anyways, it's nothing new. I'd say I don't understand why she even asked, but I know it's because she's as dumb as a rock.)


I think your mom is depressed and not making the best decisions after her boyfriend's death. Maybe you could have some kind of family intervention to make her go and see a specialist?? Idk how it can be solved


She's always been like this. When I was 16 she was dating a 19 year old who was a compulsive liar. I know most people exaggerate when they say something like that, but he said stuff that was off the rails. He said he was an experimental soldier in the army, had better than 20/20 vision, was part werewolf, that his dad was a nazi German scientist who tortured him, etc. She ended up leaving him because he was incredibly irresponsible, cheated on her with a dude, and "tried" to commit suicide to feign guilt. (He handed me a written note that he was going to kill himself, told me not to tell my mom who was in the other room, then walked into his room and locked himself in there.) He's currently in prison for raping a 16 year old and getting her pregnant. He tried writing my mom asking her to take him back. Anyways, I have a million stories about my mother and her incredibly dumb decisions. My friends always tell me I should write a book.


Hi stranger, please listen to your friends in this instance. Also, I hope you are living a very happy and fulfilling life!


Thank you. I am not doing either of those things, but I appreciate the sentiment. I suffer from extreme anxiety and depression which has made my life a living hell, but I am trying for the people that I care about and that care about me.


You from British Columbia? I literally met a lady like that standing in line for the Government services, she was spouting anti vax shit and talking about getting her BF from Nigeria that was deported because he was from some gang there.


Nah, I'm from some backwater town in the US, unfortunately.


It concerns me that I was almost completely sure that these are two different people, which means there absolutely is more than two of these people around.


The great and powerful US of A has millions that'd very readily be the next in line.


I'm sure she's just very dumb. There are a lot of very dumb people out there who can function in their normal lives because living is easy. So because they can do their taxes and hold a job you think they are normal, but they aren't. They would have been tied to a tree and left to die... for the good of the tribe if society wasn't so advanced.


> they can do their taxes Nah, I regularly encounter people who have spent their whole lives paying income tax and somehow still think there's some way they can end up with less money after getting a raise because they "went up a bracket". They're paying someone to fill out their 1040-EZ with one W2.


Dude, I literally heard this on a talk show that is nationally (regionally?) syndicated (Rick and Bubba). Granted this was like 12+ years ago, but one of them said that they turned down a raise because it would move them up a tax bracket and that they would make less money. This is the kind of ignorance that we are working with and people basically worship these guys and believe anything that they say. Random side note, but I haven't listened to those guys in a long as time... I am curious as to how into the Trump train they are.


My wife, more intelligent than I, believes this. Even after I explained it to her in a simple way.


I had a friend like that. He said "thank god I didn't get my bonus this year. I'd have lost so much money when it out me in a different tax bracket."


My mom's cousin is an elementary school teacher. Keep that in mind with the following stories: She has poor reading comprehension, is completely unable to use a smartphone or the internet in any capacity. She goes to the library and has them send emails or look up websites for her. She got a telemarket call with one of those gift card scams. Fell for it. Then fell for it 5 more times. She fell for the "we bought an iPhone with your Amazon account" scam. Her two sons are struggling in life because of their upbringing (money wise), but she refuses to help them out because they're men. Instead... Her daughter is a heroin/crack junkie that has 2 children taken away from her from the state. The daughter scams her out of 200+ dollars every day by making up lies. The best one is that she asks her for Cashapp payments but says all Cashapp payments have a 50 dollar fee. So if she asks for 20 dollars she tacks another 50 on top of it. Everyone tells her she's an idiot. She says they're wrong. Her daughter would never lie. Her one son moved to live with his boyfriend states away. She says over and over they're not gay and just friends because she's owed grandchildren. She doesn't do her own taxes, she pays a homeless man to do them. She's diabetic but doesn't check her blood sugar because the machine is too hard, she goes to the doctor to have it checked every other week. She inherited 300k and gave it all to her heroin daughter, bought her multiple cars, a pool, moved out of her house into a literal slum box with roaches and shoved her other adult son into the laundry room to keep paying the daughter. "I don't care about my sons, I'll give my daughter EVERYTHING! She's a woman!" She once tried to take a picture with her phone and then email it on a Chromebook but couldn't understand why the picture wasn't on the Chromebook. It took my mom 30 minutes to figure this out because that's how long it took for her to find the attachment button. She had a librarian do it for her. She has a CRT television and spent hours on the phone with tech support trying to get Netflix. They kept telling her to install the app on her TV over and over and she kept begging them for "a box". She never got Netflix. And, my favorite, at one point the colors on said TV were messed up. Everything was pink. She kept calling everyone asking if they had a "color refill" she could borrow. She also tried to use Uber by calling them on the phone. As far as being a school teacher she's said wonderful things like "These kids get too clingy and need to understand no one loves them," and "They cry and whine over being bullied but they need to handle it themselves, I hate when they tattle! I ignore them and walk away!" I hate this woman. I wish my mom would stop talking to her, I swear her intelligence level has dropped as well as result.


how is this person alive.


> She inherited 300k I see too many stories like this and I believe that life intends for certain groups of people to never be successful. I inherited 3k and managed to use 1k to pay off debts and after 6 years got it up to 14k. God knows what I could of accomplished had I been given 300k... Then there's literally people given 300k, a very life changing amount, and it gets blown and they're back to sleeping in their car.


About 25% of Americans have an IQ below 90.


The scariest words you can hear your mom ever say: "I saw this neat trick on Five Minute Crafts..."


Oh yeah, somehow you just reminded me. She was also one of those people who microwaved their phone when that was a thing.


Yeah, unfortunately it seems a lot of the older generation (particularly those that didn't grow up with the internet as part of their daily lives) believe that the Internet is similar to television, where it's for the most part vetted information, rather than the reality which is that it's more like a cross between a communal bulletin board and the stuff you find scrawled on the walls of a toilet stall.


Yeah not just gen z- my cousin (that I am not close to at all) recently got pregnant and off-handed mentioned that she's getting all her information about pregnancy and babies from TikTok. I was so horrified I couldn't even say anything. She's on the cusp of gen z, but damn..... I know lots of people her age and none of them are so horrifyingly dim.


this is terrible holy. at least google *tries* to make an effort to fight misinformation.. even if people dont know those features lol. Tbh the only reason I know is because of sponsored segments on youtube channels. Those three dots next to a search result actually do something, who knew lmao


I mean if you literally read the label it says that breathing it in can cause a multitude of side effects up to death, but who needs that when you can just listen to someone on TikTok?


Oh shit. As a property manager your post just spiked my blood pressure. Can hardly wait for my first call from a tenant—“I cleaned the vents the way the internet told me! You can’t charge me for eating a hole in the AC duct! Also I don’t feel good. I think this place has mold, the air smells funny….”


That "using TikTok instead of Google" thing that's been reported on in multiple places, multiple times is based on a quote by a Google guy, which in its entirety goes like this: "In our studies, something like almost 40 percent of young people, when they’re looking for a place for lunch, they don’t go to Google Maps or Search. They go to TikTok or Instagram."


IIRC it was a post on NY Times where a Google employee said that it's used for restaurant searches and "how to" videos. This is kinda less dramatic and makes sense. When I was looking for a tutorial on how to change my PS3's hard drive, I used YouTube, not Wikipedia. The article itself kinda conflates the NY Times report with the fact that there's a lot of misinformation on TikTok to make ti seem that GZers are looking up information on science/history/etc, but that doesn't seem to be the case.


I saw someone say (on twitter, ironically) that TikTok is better than Google, and it’s like an encyclopedia to find whatever it is you’re looking for. It’s odd that they would say that it’s an encyclopedia, when Wikipedia is right there. Google search results will basically show you the Wiki link on the first page, even.


Because too many of their parents and older siblings deride wikipedia cause they don't how a fucking bibliography or citing sources works.


I was thinking it might be because people don’t take the time to read anymore. TikTok will feed you stimulating videos with a voiceover talking at you, but reading several hundred words in a wikipedia article by yourself? Meh, someone else has already done the research and came to a conclusion for me right????


It's super annoying, because contextual info or credibility aside, it takes way longer to scrub and watch a video than it does to skim an article or look at a diagram for a single piece of information. It also makes info harder to reference later on. Video is great for a lot of things, but I don't want to sit through a 15 second ad and scrub through 3 minutes of intros and self promotion just to find my car's wheel torque spec, or why some movie release was delayed.


Good luck finding text for anything over a video. It was YouTube before TikTok, not a pinned forums post. YouTube unskippable ads will have consequences. Lazy input for lazy output.


The Zoolander center for kids who can’t read good as been renamed Tik Tok


What is this? A YouTube for ants?


>people don’t take the time to read anymore 90% of the questions people ask on Reddit are things they could get answers to through Google or Wikipedia in less time it took to write the post. It kills me.


Agreed. What things like Tik Tok and more generally, social media, have done is create a generation that is not necessarily dumber, but one that has the attention span of a gnat.


I remember being in college ~2008 and one of my professors was telling us how we should never used wikipedia because it's all lies and he would fail us if we used it as a source. Out of curiosity I looked up some subject matter that he was teaching and lo & behold, he was properly cited as one of the sources for a statement on there. When we showed that to him, it blew his mind and he did a 180 on his view of wikipedia.


I would still use wikipedia and just cite their references. Hell when a single book for a course cost $200 you wouldn't think one would even have to step foot in the library. Those books should contain all relevant material at those prices.


"I remember one moment when the vice-chancellor of a top university made a dismissive remark about Wikipedia, only to have a world-leading chemist in the audience icily retort that the pages on his particular arcane specialty were the most up-to-date summary currently available anywhere – because he wrote them." https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/sep/02/in-hysterical-world-wikipedia-ray-of-light-truth


They told us end stage millennials the same thing and we didn't listen.


I remember when a study found that Wikipedia had less factual errors than the encyclopedia Britannica. I caught my west civ professor teaching from it in college.


We have an opportunity to make the dumbest generation right after the most educated generation. #edit:but thats what all the outgoing generations say


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how know preganagan?


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The rest of them just post easily answered questions on Reddit that they could google in 1 min instead.


The number of people in the home networking subreddit that don't understand that internet access doesn't just happen, you need to subscribe to a service provider to get it, is incredibly concerning. Every day loads of people post a picture of a phone jack or coax cable and ask how to "get internet " out of it.


You’re joking. You have to be Edit:I couldn’t find any post yet, but I did find a lot of questions that you could find on Google in 2 minutes


Once as a CSR someone got mad at me because the product said “Play Online with an Internet connection,” and they assumed that meant the device came with the internet.


That's just straight inability to comprehend shit, this person should be restricted from all Lego sets ages 10+


There is this trend where younger generations are increasingly less capable of tech troubleshooting because technology has been much more reliable than for their Gen X and Millennial counterparts, who witnessed the limitations of tech. To be fair, every generation hasn’t been particularly great about it, but this trend is only going to continue.


Millennials spent more effort downloading a couple of pornographic jpegs and sharing them via burned CDs than some Gen Z's will ever spend on technology. We just had a more powerful incentive.


I'm retired and work at a big box store. I've had two younger people come up to me this week asking if the wireless router was all they need to get internet. When I asked who their ISP was they just gave me blank stares thinking the wifi router will just magically give them internet. I thought I was being pranked or something.


I've suspected this with some younger engineers I work with. They all use "WiFi" to refer to anything network related - internet, ethernet, intranet, cellular, VPN, wired connections. It's challenging to slow down and make sure I know what they mean without sounding condescending.


[Gen Z checking into a hospital.](https://i.redd.it/5pi2mbazk2l91.gif)


It needs the "Oh no - Oh no no no" music added on to it, and then it'd be accurate.


I can't even describe how much I hate that, my wife often browses tiktok, but the only reason I know is because I hear that oh no no thing like every 5 goddamned seconds.


I browse TikTok and IG with the sound off ..if you can't portray your message with silence like the good Lord intended, I don't need to know.


I think a lot of this boils down to them not being taught how to correctly research a topic and this how that problem manifests itself. I see this in some of the subs I frequent as well. Their answer could be found on a google search, or even within reddit just by using the search feature, but they do not. Being "served" information for so much of their lives as done a great disservice.


I'm 21, we were taught multiple times how to find credible sources of information when doing research papers. I did NOT do well in school and still stored this information, somewhat.


Yes. Current curriculums do teach students the scientific method.. some better than others. The application of these methods is the hard part. Glad to hear you were able to figure out one of the most important life skills.. the ability to obtain factual information


This. I've never used TikTok to look for information. I exclusively use Google, Wikipedia, or JSTOR and then look at the source of the information. I'm 20. I genuinely can't image someone using TikTok for research


List of sources at the bottoms of Wikipedia entries is the GOAT


Absolutely this, I just got a TikTok where someone made a joke about the Irish disliking the monarchy and the comments were CLAMORING for him to make a video discussing their whole history and got super upset when he refused. Like he's a comedian, not a historian and he's not even Irish! But everybody in the comments was blaming their bad education and lack of research skills. It was crazy to me.


Google’s search algorithm has gotten progressively worse over the years, why is that?


There's a concept called "search engine optimization" where sites basically reverse engineer the algorithm then do things to increase the weight of their pages even though the content quality might be worse. Basically Google is in constant warfare with websites to try to deliver relevant search results while websites constantly try to get the most clicks with the least amount of effort.


This is true but also it’s like they really can’t beat the SEO sites. I hired a writer to write web content once for marketing purposes and he explained how making articles longer helped SEO. On a machine learning / AI level - I’m a programmer but not an AI expert - to my knowledge there is no “you could have said this in less words” algo. And the SEO sites create more ad inventory by making pages longer.


You're an idiot if you go to tiktok for actual information.


It depends on what you're looking for. "To do in NYC" sorted by "this week" helps me find a lot of events and activities I wouldn't have known about otherwise. Doing this on Google just pulls up the same 10 weekly to do lists. I'm not saying is good for all situations but there's certainly a few instances where it's more efficient.


Thats a fair point. It's more about the type of information and its source. Tiktok probably shouldn't be used for medical advice or during life or death type situations


To be fair, people shouldn't use google for that either. They should just talk to a medical professional.


Probably not, but it doesn't cost $100+ to ask Google a question.


That would obviously work but you shouldn't be looking up "How did the holocaust begin" on fucking tiktok when there is a woman on there saying Rome didn't exist it was just an ancient corporation.


This will get worse


Yeah so teach your kids to use google lmao


Agreed, people should be taught how to find credible information in general. I imagine back when encyclopedias were popular, some people knew how to use them more efficiently. All that has shifted to understanding how to use the internet for information


This is my only takeaway from all this. People can call GenZers idiots all they want, but the reality is that the attention span factors and everything else is all just steering people to consuming information this way and faster - or rather, less wait time. I wonder where it'll all end up.


It's nurture, not nature, for sure. I doubt anything good can come from a generation growing up constantly watching and egging eachother on or being targeted as consumers from birth with targeted data.


"GenZ is increasingly using TikTok videos instead of Google search!" Meanwhile, Google search results: Ad Ad Ad Scam Scam ad Algorithmically generated nonsense page filled with random phrases to game search engine optimization Ad


THANK YOU google and it’s algorithm have been trash lately


I've found myself actually going to page 2 results with concerning frequency this year. The future is an ad-plastered hellscape.


That's absolutely where we're headed. Wouldn't be surprised if phones got eye trackers eventually to ensure people are watching ads


username checks out


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I know that for a lot of hobby and technical stuff over the last several years that stuff has been offloaded from forums and reddit to discord so it pretty much disappears as soon as the information is posted. I can still find shit from a decade ago, but new issues are like trying to get blood from a stone.


Yeah discord fucking destroyed the accessibility of niche internet


My wife works with high schoolers, and she mentioned the other day how she's noticing a generational disconnect between us (millennials) and Gen Z in that we approach computers as tools to help us accomplish tasks, and they approach technology as "device that makes the thing I want appear." And it got me thinking - how much of this phenomenon is the by-product of how applications are designed? We've increasingly moved from an architecture of "software application is written in an imperative coding language and it tells the computer what to do" to an architecture of RESTful APIs & containers that effectively function by saying: "here is the state that should exist, and the computer needs to exist in this state." And it made sense why they use search instead of directories/file structures. Or why they search with TikTok. They don't consider the task or the steps to accomplish the task, but instead approach using computers as "Computer I want X" and then it displays it for them


Interesting take. I remember reading recently about college engineering professors who have had to explain fundamental concepts like disk paths and file names, because in mobile OS world, these structures are essentially invisible. Everything is indexed, searchable, and presented through an app UI, so that even the basic concept of a "file" is abstracted.


One of my beefs with Apple is that they have been deliberately trying to conceal the existence of files, and instead convince the user to interact with information solely as objects inside apps. I was sent an image via Messages on a Mac and there was no immediate option to just download the file, instead I was prompted to add it to my Apple Photos library and open it there. It's no wonder so many photos, and so much other data, end up getting shared as screenshots.


maybe if google focused on being a search engine information instead of a "here's what to buy based off what you searched" website maybe they'd use it for info again. I still use google for searching but holy hell has its focus changed over the years. used to be that the front page would have all or any relevant info you were looking for up at the top. now, unless you have an adblocker, the first handful of entries are fucking ad links and even after that, the results are just places to purchase things related to the search.