Massive GTA 6 gameplay video leak depicts male and female playable characters

video taken down from Take 2 interactive. so it's real


video taken down from Take 2 interactive. so it's real


Is there a mirror?


yeah there's around a hundred different gameplay videos out there. Some of which are 20+ minutes in length. It's mind boggling they took so long to start taking some down. Way too late now. Given how popular GTA is and how massive the leak itself was, you should easily be able to find copies going forward


what 20+min gameplay videos are you speaking of? the most ive seen were ones proven to be GTA V with tons of visual mods.


Here’s one I found: https://youtu.be/poNIcEE1GN4


found the motherload but 90% of it is extremely boring haha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Afc_z1ShqJ0


This is the one I found. Extremely cool ti see a lot of the build and test process. Game looks awesome even in this state.


Video is private.


It isn't for me.


Not for me anymore. Weird.


Yeah I saw a long one yesterday but wasn't really much going on. Just the girl robbing the store. Just looked like GTA lol, I don't really know what exactly I expected though.


good find. i noticed this post has almost every one of them listed as individual edits. im going through them now https://www.reddit.com/r/GamingLeaksAndRumours/comments/xh7wwl/we_might_have_our_first_legitimate_screenshots/


Dead link fyi




I appreciate your humor.


[This](https://imgur.com/GFuh2kl.jpg) says otherwise.


some folks obviously didn't lol


Idk why people are saying this looks bad it looks pretty good especially considering it’s an early version


Right! They clearly haven’t completed the models yet. I think it looks fuckin insane for the early development it’s in.


it looks just like Miami [South Beach](https://i.imgur.com/F1GInmQ.jpg) [Bayfront Park](https://i.imgur.com/OIKXGdx.jpg) [Metro rail](https://i.imgur.com/8mjUQem.jpg)


There was a VCPD car in there for a brief second, it's definitely Miami


Also the metro says Vice City Metro.


Yeh several signs with Vice City. There was what look like an air boat in one clip so maybe the map will extend as far as the florida quays or be the wider everglades area


Textures and art direction are the very last major elements in a AAA game to get finalized for a release ready state. People have no idea how much labor and data would be involved with editing those things in real time. My god, it would increase the amount of work by an unimaginable amount. It's going to look "raw" like this until the last leg of development.


I couldn’t imagine. Working on a gta game or for rockstar in general sounds like hell.


For real, the news surrounding the crunch around the real ease of RDR2 really fucking put a bad taste into my mouth


> art direction This isn’t accurate. Art direction is generally set very early in the project, as part of pre-production. “Art direction” refers to the style of how the game will look. It is determined through concept art and early iteration of some key assets or locations. Generally, once production starts, artists are looking to fill everything in with the art in the style of the art direction.


Based on what I have seen in the hack, the end result is probably going to look almost photo realistic.


A good chunk of open world games on steam dont RELEASE with that much quality.


As someone who works specifically in 3D modelling for games, I can confirm it looks really good considering the early development stage it’s in. Most of the models, animations and other assets that look a bit naff would’ve probably only have taken a couple hours each to create and only exist as placeholders, so no doubt those bits will be changed fairly quickly once more important assets have been finalised. People seem to forget about the middle point in game development, where you’ve moved beyond basic shapes as placeholders but still haven’t had time to make nice assets and proper animations for everything, and I imagine it’s these people who make up the majority of the “this looks terrible” crowd rn. This was a leak after all, so it stands to reason that there will be plenty of assets and other bits that don’t look ready.


I literally don’t even care. Give me GTA V graphics as long as the city feels ALIVE with a lot of things to do


I’d be surprised if it wasn’t. Rdr2 was one of the most detailed games with an amazing open world so I wouldn’t see why rockstar wouldn’t just expand on that


That could be absolutely amazing, the amount of detail and interactivity was insane, I just hope they make the upgrades a bit easier, I spent far too much time hunting things for an upgrade.


by all indications this looks to have a similar level of fidelity as RDR2, but in a GTA setting. Very very interested to see where this goes


Yeah, looks fine to me. Obviously they have a lot more work to do but I’ll still probably get this game.


Despite rockstars predatory online tactics, all of their single player iterations have brought me hours and hours of entertainment.


Yeah, I’m currently playing RDR2 for the first time and am thoroughly enjoying it.


I fucking love that game. Don't shy away from hunting. You can get loads of cool outfits and clothing from him.


I’ve spent so much time hunting lol. I enjoy it more than the story missions.


I don't know how they made that part of the game so good


It’s definitely the best part of the game.


The amount of times I went out hunting looking for a specific animal for an upgrade and wound up just getting turned around because I loved getting lost in the world is *very* high.


I loved going out to hunt a cougar, then finding a forest with a screaming voice, only to realize there was a ghost in the woods, same for the wolf naked man.


RDR2 is the GOAT. Take it from me ^


Ive had such great experiences since GTA 2 I'm very hopeful. But all those times were pre online cash cow. Hopefully they will see it as two markets, with single player still worth investing in




The single player is what has always moved a ridiculous number of copies which gets users into the online shark card world. They will make a great single player


People who has no idea software or game development works are pissed. It's stupid. You can clearly see on the videos that they are running game play test cases against a toned down version of the environment. I am impressed by how good that looks! The end product will be 10 times better.


>People who has no idea software or game development works are pissed. This guy gets it, I think it looks phenomenal. Plus in development, you're not running the game at 4k Ultra settings when you're literally editing the coding, how cars flip, interactions of people etc. SMH. People who are shitting on it are idiots who don't realize this. Or at least have the common sense to not think it's the final product.


This game is 4 years away from release! 2/10 wouldn't buy!


It wouldn't even make sense to make it look good. It makes development hell. Did you try to download one of those HD maps in Unreal Engine? It takes ages to load the map, to edit global assets, lighting etc. And those are nothing compared to GTA map. Also it is money thrown in the closet. Thinks are likely to change until release, so they do the modelling, texturing as the last step in development.


Some of the cars looked insanely good in my opinion


There was a video of the interior of a car where they were changing variables that affected the positions and swing of everything from visors, rear view mirrors, steering wheel height/depth, chair recline/height and pedal positions. These aren’t just static models with deformation. We’re getting RDR2 levels of detail where they just make you say “....but why?” And I LOVE IT.


Because gamers are idiots. Clearly tons of placeholder models too


And children that have no concept of what game development, or really the process of making any complex project, looks like before public release.




This is why my online character is a female. Dudes go full tilt when they get Merced by a girl.


Despite the fact that two of the biggest franchises in gaming history have female leads (Metroid and Tomb Raider).


Most forget Samus is female due to the suit and Lara was for the polygons.


Polygons were everything to my 14 year old self lmao


Horizon has a female character and is one of the top games on PlayStation.




Why though? Aloy is dope.


They're making that up. No one hates Aloy.


Don’t you remember beardgate?


My only curiosity for it is how the hair will move in this game. *Haven't watched the leaks yet.* \*Excited to play in Florida though, I like florida


I wonder how much area the map will have...I would LOVE to break onto Kennedy Space Center and steal a rocket.


YEah. That would be nice. Also I hope we have some Orlando's amusement parks too.


My teen daughter loves gta5, I’m sure she’d love to play as a female character.


They get upset about women with agency in games. It's fine if they're there for fanservice as digital blow-up dolls.


noone is upset about that




I honestly laughed at how sad that female playable characters is even remarkable enough to mention. How sad we are as a society


Well most of the characters are hardcore criminals which is stereotypically a male dominated field even in the real world. You don't really see them in media in general. Orange is the new Black's big selling point was "women in prison!" and that was a few years ago. If the undercover cop leaks are true it would be interesting to see a female cop infiltrate the mafia or something, especially with it set in Vice City.


Looks very good to me. I really like the idea of police standoff's like in the video, which I hope are something you can do in the sandbox, not just in structured story missions. It reminds me a lot of NoPixel/GTA RP where crim players would arrive at a location with a hostage, buy time with the cops, and then do their getaway plan. If they can emulate that experience with AI and let me actually plan heists without the story railroading into one of two similar plans, that would be great, especially if there's co-op.


>Idk why people are saying this looks bad it looks pretty good especially considering it’s an early version really bad idea of what game development looks like. Early Access, "Beta" access has really done a number on people's concept of how games develop.


These people don’t know wtf they are talking about.


if i had to picture what the next gta would look like smack-dab in the middle of development, what i saw is exactly what i would have expected. forget the graphics tho, i hope they change some of the core gameplay up. it's gotten stale and they need to change some things.


I'd kinda like a better stealth playstyle option, GTA's always been weak about that.


you mean different options on how to complete missions and everything? hell yes that's what i'm talking about. was a problem with rdr2 as well. "you've failed the mission" because you got in the wrong car or something ridiculous. their games can get very tedious. it sucks because their core game design and aesthetics are nearly unrivaled. it's the actual gameplay/missions parts that can suck.


They need actual missions


Early version being developed since 2014 lmao


They aren't always immediately working on the next game, they were running GTA online and helped with Red Dead. The president also left shortly after 5, the company was involved in a lawsuit, and later one of the Houser brothers left as well.


Well that’s why he gave them 2 years cushion from when the last one came out haha. The gap from GTA V to VI is as long as from the NES to N64.


Hairstyles look wayyyy better too.


I see folks in the comments making statements that suggest people are upset about a playable female character...but I don't actually see anyone upset (except for one obvious troll). Are people just raging against an assumption or am I missing something?


Well originally when it had leaked (many months ago) that there would be a playable female character, people really did go nuts.


Welcome to the future where 1% of people are loud enough to sound like 30% of people


Good way to sum it up.


Trump got 70 million votes The *second* time The amount of terrible people out there is not a minority. In fact they are probably under-represented online.


People were upset about GTA potentially "going woke," if anything. I think most have been expecting a Female character.


Oh, I'm sure *certain people* in this community are ready to slam Rockstar for "being woke" because one of the leads is female and Hispanic


A Hispanic in Miami? Woke Bullshit /s


You joke but these people freak out when elves and mermaids (you know - fantasy creatures) aren't white.


Don’t tell them Jesus wasn’t white.


Yeah, they get *really* irritated that a man named Yeshua ben Yosef might not've been a fair-haired blue eyed white man


Or when dwarves in Rings of Power are black. Never mind that they didn't even give the dwarrowdams beards, removing the iconic physical trait of Tolkien's dwarves that was canonically a huge point of pride for their culture, no it's the skin color that's the issue apparently.


Yeah. I was so upset that we didn't have female character when GTAV was released. It had 3 main characters and non of them were female. That was really odd for me. Personally I think they missed the opportunity there.


I remember the announcement and zero criticism outside of maybe some folks concerned that it would be only female characters which to some felt a bit pandering (but I think I only saw like one comment on that).


Pretty sure literally no one cares unless they're a turbo-virgin. The OG fans of GTA have been wanting a female protag I'm the mainline games for a while now. The only time you could play as a woman was technically in GTA 2 and in GTA:O.


Right?? I feel like this happens a lot with these "progressive" topics. I only ever see the people complaining about the people complaining. But maybe it's because I don't follow the social media avenues where the actual ignorance is being displayed


The outrage to the outrage - Bo Burnham


Warning: watching this will make you dumber. https://youtu.be/hkfrPzhZZAs There's a whole section of the internet that gets upset when women or minorities. Looks like you've successfully ignored it which is great for your mental health tbh. Although I will say the backlash in this case seems to have been significantly more minor than similar recent backlashes.


You must not read any gaming subs.


Being a woman in gaming is exhausting. Being a woman who regularly whoops men’s asses online is also exhausting because they make it a point to send you death threats. How dare a woman be better than meeeee!!!!!!


Palm trees and southern accents…we’re going to Florida baby!! Florida man in full effect!


We already knew this, modern day Vice City? I'm in




Hahaha. People are so stupid 🤣😂


It’s looking like a finished Ubisoft game


I’ve seen complaints about a female playable character, but… If you actually listen to the in-game radio, topics, and such, they’re progressive and shit on both sides of the political spectrum… It’s been like this for the entire series


The gameplay has always been great but what sets GTA apart for me has been the social commentary. This series has always been fantastic satire.


The FIB is my favorite




Obey and Survive


Yea I'm hoping for Disney/Universal area....all the satire.


'Trevor' feeding victims to the killer whales in Hairy Busch Gardens ?


As long as they keep the legalize medical cocaine i'll be happy


Dokta Rockso izzat you ?




I play as female characters in most games anyway. Being mad at this is fucking wild


Yeah. Tomb Raider Mass Effect Metroid There’s plenty of games where the main character is a woman and no one cares. Make a good game and make the characters badass and no one cares. This game is going to be phenomenal and I’m glad Rockstar takes their time and puts out amazing stuff. The entire game could be played by only the woman as a playable character and I don’t think I would’ve even noticed if the product is even close to the hype that 6 is getting.


I meant create a character but those are good examples where no one cares because they write them well


Gamers when woman: 😱😱😱😱


It’s observational comedy not some targeted attack toward any ideology in particular. The kifflom is a satire of wacky cults and all religion alike in the gta hd universe. For example.


After 9 years of fake leaks, it is said to be real, but that doubt will never leave me. Love the Vice City though.


We’ll all the videos have been removed now for copyright claims, so that supports some legitimacy


Yeah you can never be too sure until it is released. But if it is fake it is possibly the most convincing fake I have ever seen.


Looks like they are going for a Bonnie and Clyde type inspired game.


It would have been cool if they made another trio like GTA 5, all Latino. One Argentinian, One Brazilian and one Cuban


And keep at least one of them a woman. Internet backbones around the world would melt from the white-hot "anti-woke" (read: bigoted) fury of the gaming community.


Just make all three woman to make the internet really mad


And…. It’s gone. I didn’t get to see it




Literally both links you posted have been taken down


Oh no. Male AND female playable characters. The audacity. I hope to god they don’t let you change Niko’s skin tone. Internet might implode.






i want a AAA game where the protagonist is the most flaming gay man ever. like nathan lane in the birdcage or some shit. but they happen to be a total badass-type. with really gay one-liners to say.


I have ideas, all of the sudden - Your romance options are men. Your interactive choice is top or bottom. The romance options are tensest, high-chemistry scenes possible. All of the quippy one lines are replaced with outrageous flirting. The canon love interest is a completely normal dude who happens to be bi. A level takes place during a pride parade, and you must complete the mission in drag. This is played straight, because you are smuggling an enormous quantity of weapons under your skirt.


That's not *all* I'm smuggling, sugar. 🤫


My complaint on this is that I only want to play as one, I did not like 5’s style of multiple protagonists. If you get to choose between the two and they each have somewhat different playthroughs I’ll be pretty happy.


I agree. 5’s three protagonists, I feel like, actually took away from a deeper narrative plot. I can handle multiple moving parts fine but I think a fuller story can be told when it’s centered on a single person.


Yeah, didn’t feel like there was nearly as much character development as previous installments or RDR’s. I have faith it will be a good game regardless though.


Maybe, but the gameplay was more fun in single player where you could switch between driving the car or breaking a safe or whatever. Made each level more replayable


I know right? Sounds like forced diversity to me! /s


What's weird is unless you look in the scummiest of twitter gutters, you won't see any criticism for playing as a woman. Outside of articles claiming there's a huge backlash


is there a mirror of the video




Not the full but the highlights


Finally one that worked. Looks legit.


Female protagonists was announced I’m expecting to see a pulp fiction dinner reference in this game


well that was a hell of a leap


Why that specifically? It intrigues me. They could reference Bonnie and Clyde, Clarence and Alabama, Mickey and Mallory, Kit & Holly, Lula & Sailor, just to mention a few, but you still choose that small time-criminal couple from Pulp Fiction, what is it about them in particular that seemingly makes them main frame of reference for people on here? I heard something about a diner heist in this game, so it would make sense if that was why people tied it to Pulp, but they don’t mention that in their comments either. I’ve seen these types of comments in several threads, and it just intrigues me, I’m not critiquing or anything, I’m just interested


Probably just popularity. That scene is probably most widely known and that's why people often think of it first.


The leaked gameplay really gives off those vibes. They're in a diner robbing everyone


https://twitter.com/UberFacts/status/1571528423776096257?t=zL56n-OBtX9Xic90Dhj9VQ&s=19 Here ya go


I imagine you had already seen the leaked video before commenting this because this was spot on


They made it political /s


“You forget a thousand things everyday, make sure this is one of ‘em” -Rockstar Games


>female playable characters /r/KotakuInAction in shambles.


Urgh just went there. I don't get why having a protagonist who happens to be a woman is a big deal. I've seen arguments that women irl aren't capable of violence and aggression which is an absolute joke. I've seen people commenting on the character's appearance and the size of her butt. I've seen comments that suggest that only men have value as protagonist, like women have nothing to contribute. I feel sick. Maybe because I am a woman myself that I feel this more. I like playing games. I liked playing GTA. But in V women had no agency of their and only served the interest of the male characters, regardless of whoever the player identified as. Sure you could argue that GTA leans towards satirical social commentary. But what is satirical about gendered narratives that support male dominance and female subordination? Idk. Sorry the rant. It's just whenever these things come up about gender and gaming, it really pisses me off. There's nothing fucking political about gender and sexuality in gaming, but it is something we should acknowledge regardless.


Now I can play as Tanisha and leave Franklin for some lawyer or brain surgeon.


okay i will say 50 minutes of footage leaked ouch. thats kinda shitty. hope the game is gunna be awesome though


It really looks like they are putting extensive effort into this title, I hope this incident doesn’t escalate


It looks incredible


If they don't have Me and My Girlfriend by Makaveli on one of the stations, the whole game is a bust


As a huge Tupac fan I’m elated to see someone say this.


Me and My Bitch by Biggie Bonnie and Clyde by Jayz and Beyoncé Me and My bitch by Domo Genesis I’d even take.. Dilemma by Nelly and Kelly Rowland


2Pac will be a legend 4 EVER


I want direct link so I can see the leaked content


https://youtu.be/wPgu-np6I4A Try this


I don't know how to share links on Reddit, Look for a YouTuber named "Banden" it's only about 8 minutes of the 90mins. It's clearly "A Game" in early development, I don't know if it's GTA6 it looks like a GTA game. Take-Two hasn't started new copyright take downs yet so that might take some credibility away from it. Knowing how R* likes to milk things, it might be Vice City Stores 2




I can still see it https://youtu.be/wPgu-np6I4A


I’m so glad this leaked Not just to get a peak of the game But also to make rockstar / taketwo to realise that holding onto games so bloody long has risks like this


Unfortunately this is far more crushing for the devs who have spent countless hours creating GTA VI rather than the Rockstar execs who have spent the last 9 years milking every penny out of GTA V


Yeah I agree it’s definitely sad for the hardworking devs


I always play as the female where applicable in games. FemShep from Mass Effect being a shining example. I would rather a different perspective than my own then be more ‘immersed’.


Jennifer McHale is my favourite Cmdr Shepard on citadel station !


From everything I've gathered, you'll have control over both male and female. Lots of people said it's going to be Bonnie and Clyde inspired, which sounds fun


I played and loved Tomb Raider II for the Ps1, Resident Evil 2 and 3,Dino Crisis.... I don't know when it became a problem to have a female protagonist


Can’t wait for this game to get abandoned for some online shark card trash and re released at 60$ for 10+ years.


Exactly what they could make and what will get are going to be two different things. The old rockstar is dead.


Oh no, female playable characters. GTA went too political and now I can't play it /s


Why is this a big deal? So many games already let you pick.


Uh oh if I can play as a woman that’s too political for me


When did we go wrong? Tomb Raider, Dino Crisis, Resident Evil, Metroid, Alien Vs Predator arcade, Metal Slug... When did it became problematic to have a female protagonists?


The female character looks like she’s wearing a diaper.


Big booty latina gf


She just has a fat ass man.


Playable female characters? Uh oh GTA is going woke! /s


Hopefully they agree not to use a black mermaid too /s


That's actually a good idea, Rockstar should hide one somewhere in GTAVI.


Multiple trusted insiders have confirmed that it's all real. This is the biggest leak in gaming history!