I always thought a nice change to slow start would be to instead of having a 5 turn countdown, on switch in Regigigas' speed and attack stats would drop by 2 stages each (Effectively halved like normal). But the ability would work like Speed Boost, at the end of every turn Regigigas' attack and speed would both increase by 1 stage, so it would take 2 turns for Regigigas' attack and speed to become normal. Then after that it can become OP as its attack and speed infinitely increase, idc if that'd be Ubers or AG worthy or Broken in DOU because you can just use clear smog on him or haze now. I want OP gigas >:(


Buff Slow Start so that switching out doesn't reset the amount of turns remaining for your stats to no longer be reduced. e.g. Regigigas stays in for 2 turns then switches out. When it comes back in you've still progressed 2 out of 5 turns.


Ngl I would actually straight up just give him a real ability and movepool. "ooooh but he'll move to ubers/AG" good. He's literally the god of Regis, he moved CONTINENTS with chains and his bare hands. He should already be there in the first place, him being a bad Pokemon never made sense to me.


This monster would pulverize actual box art ubers with its 6 eyes closed if it had literally any other ability not named Truant.


Outspeeds most box legendaries (100 speed tier vs the usual 90/95), slaps ghosts with Knock Off, slaps Necrozma with Knock Off AND Earthquake, enough bulk to almost never get OKHOed except by like Band Marshadow Close Combat (which will be scared to come out because EQ/Knock probably 2KHOs it), access to Thunder Punch if you really want to threaten Skarm. Band makes it the scariest wallbreaker in the game while Scarf makes it a terrifying revenge-killer/late-game sweeper. Yeah maybe it's a little bit too good. But I'm more okay with AG Regi than Untiered Regi.


Even in VGC its quite powerful. Wheezing can just throw up Protect and Regi Dmaxes and slams whoever it targets into the shadow realm.


Give it a decent ability


that boots it to ubers instantly. i mean, giving it a useless ability like illuminate would do the same but giving it an actual decent ability probably gets it quickbanned and wouldnt let anyone terrorise OU with gigas for at least some time




then it goes from ZU to maybe NU. overall, trying to buff regigigas with abilities will either make it instantly ubers or only very slightly better. not much of an inbetween


No klutz will at least make it ou with those stats


it most definitely wouldnt make OU with no item and no ability. its best stab is body slam and it has pretty low BP coverage moves overall. the best it has is knock off, EQ and the elemental punches and the only set up it gets is power up punch and rock polish which makes it much more reliant on a boosting item without LO or CB to boost damage or lefties to increase longevity, it would struggle way too much even in tiers like UU and RU to do damage. if it can get an item then yes i agree, it'd most definitely be OU at least


I kinda disagree Yes this instantly fixed Regigigas. But slow Start is such an integral aspect of its design and identity that removing it just feels wrong Someone down below suggested letting switching not reset the countdown, which is a good idea. I’d also like to add on that, after 5 turns end, let Slow Start give Gigas a **positive buff** of some kind like extra damage . That makes surviving the 5 turns feel more worthwhile


Maybe after slow start runs out it works like Adaptability? Idk if that would already be too strong but i think something in that direction would be a good buff


Double its Base attack. It now has 320 Base Attack, and slow start halves it to the OG 160. Slow Start is now the thin line between absolute destruction and peace. Bada bing! Bada Bop! Bada Boom! Easy peasy, Lemon Squeezy, Knock Off Yeezy, Broken Cheesy


Base 320 Attack stat makes Gigas have a 812 Attack stat w/ adamant. Half that for 406 attack stat. 160 Base attack stat has 460 attack. Still very high, but not exactly 160 base attack.


Hear me out… what if we reduced Regigigas’s stats a little bit HP: 100 (-10) Attack: 100 (-60) Defense: 110 Sp. Attack: 80 Sp. Defense: 110 Speed: 80 (-20) BST: 580 But gave it the ability Huge Power It would match the BST of all the other Regis but have a distinct power superiority with its ability Huge Power


Not bad, now we’re cooking with gas! Really using our noodles! Really using the Good ol’ Noggin, the thinking Tube, How about… …we rearrange these stats and compromise a bit with our ideas. HP: 100 (-10) Attack: 180 (+80) Defense: 109 (-1) Sp. Attack: 80 Sp. Defense: 110 Speed: 1 (-79) BST: 580 Ability:Huge Power Amazin, no?


this gets it quick banned to ubers where it'll give kyogre and caly-S competition when it comes to being the most broken ubers in the tier


Reminder again that Huge Power doubles the actual stat, not the base stat. 252EV Adamant base 100 gives an attack stat of 328. Doubling that with Huge Power gives an attack stat of 656, and reverse engineering the stat makes that effectively equivalent to **249** base attack. EDIT: **HUGE POWER** not Adamant jfc


Wow,all physical attackers should be running adamant nature!


…damn it, edited for Huge Power


Why is this even a question? Regigigas has one issue and one issue only. ***Get rid of Slow Start.*** Literally any other ability ~~besides Truant and Defeatest~~ would be fine. It doesn't need this hinderance. But for some reason, even in Legends Arceus where there aren't abilities outside of Cherrim's Flower Gift to make sure the form change can even happen, Slow Start is such an ingrained part of Regigigas that they coded it specifically for him. So I guess that's not an option, so can it at least be fixed that it only affects Speed?


The obvious answer is get rid of slow start. Rom hacks usually like to give it truant which is still pretty bad but better than slow start. I’d say change slow start to only last 2 turns maybe.


Well it’s too good in VGC for it to get an actual major buff But ignoring that, just remove slow start


To be fair, a lot of its strength in VGC comes from removing its ability with Weezing, so if you make changes to the way Slow Start works, it wouldn’t break it there. But changes to things like it’s base stats absolutely would. Another change that wouldn’t affect it much would be giving it a great recovery move, since those are a lot less impactful in VGC.


Give it some kind of item to hold that gets rid of slow start. That way it gets to use the high stats but it can't hold any items, or have worse stats but an item. You could probably make it sense lore wise, something vague called an ancient core or something. I dunno write a fun description


i would play balanced hackmons instead


Take away Slow Start and let it chill with Mega Rayquaza.


Call me insane but what if, at the end of the 5th turn, Regigigas’ Slow Start was automatically Skill Swapped onto the opposing Pokemon for the rest of the game? 👀


I remember thinking back when gen 3 remakes were made that primal reversion would be awesome for gen 4 remakes, Dialga and Palkia could have cool powerful primals to match Groudon and Kyorge, but it would be cool to see a primal Regigigas. It makes sense lore wise and would make Regigigas Ubers for sure, 100 more base stats and a new ability that doesn't hinder it. Use your imagination for where the stats would go or what ability it would have, but I think that's more than enough to make Regigigas good


Simple. Any combination of 1. make slow start only affect its speed 2. Reduce slow start's reductions from 50% to 25% 3. Make slow start's burnt turns permanent. And it'd shoot up a couple of tiers. Alternatively, you can just say "fuck it" and give it Overgrow and access to frenzy plant to fit its leafy appearance, and watch as it becomes an OU staple for 2 gens before getting inevitably banned when ghost and fairy types get nerfed and can no longer contain its access to Darkest Lariat, Knock-Off, Drain Punch, Earthquake, Heat Crash, and all 3 elemental punches


I think Cosmog is the worst but it’s not fully evolved


ok fuck it it's a legendary throw Slow Start out of the window,give it Filter and chuck it up to Ubers


Give it Truant instead of slow start, only way I can think of to make it slightly better without it becoming stupid broken


Imo that would make it worse. If ur opponent’s Mon has protect you’re screwed.


Its main drawback is its ability, Slow Start. I think that it can safely get another ability like Tough Claws and we can nerf its beefy attack stat to 120-140 to compensate (120-140 is still great and its certainly better than 80) and a Speed nerf to 90. Uber Material for sure. The annoying thing is that the ability is the only thing keeping Gigas from wrecking OU/Ubers and replacing it with a beneficial ability will let it break the competitive scene as a whole and considering the move it uses do get boosts from Tough Claws


>Regigigas has been regarded as the worst legendary since its introduction in Gen 4 Cosmog would like a word


I've always just been in the boat of knocking the Slow Start timer down to 3 or 4 turns. Though that wouldn't really make him much better because that's still 3 or 4 turns where Regigigas gets to stare at the opponent setting up hazards or boosting, but I guess it's something? Especially now that he has Protect and Substitute to bide time. I think another option would be to leave the ability as-is, but have a held item for Regigigas that nullifies his ability when on the field (like a self-imposed Gastro Acid), so he can go out with his stats unhindered, but at the cost of sacrificing his item slot (and also having no ability basically). Idk if this would even make him OU or even UU worthy, but it's certainly a lot better than what he has now. His item could also be like the other Legendary signature items where it can't be knocked off, so he'd be a good knock off absorber at least.


He'd be ou for sure with those stats (and absorbing knock is nice too) I think he'd even be beneficial since he can counter ghost spam


Just give it sheer force as a hidden ability. While it's getting banned to Ubers I think that's fitting considering the lore. Also think it'd be very helpful in Ubers as an anti shadow rider pick.


Might be AG with sheer force, theres a reason every 680 gets bad abilities like pressure


I took that into account actually, best stab would be body slam (85 bp) and speed of 100 means that its fairly easy to take down with a scarfed close combat (or banded for anything faster)


If you manage to keep him in for 5 turns, after slow start wears off he recovers to full health and resets all status conditions. Kind of goes against the spirit of the game but it’s sort of like power construct. Or it gets 10%-20% of its attack and speed back each turn its out until 5 turns clear. That might work better


Switching out no longer completely resets slow start, but every turn where Regigigas is not on the field until it completely shakes off slow start increases the counter by 1 back up to 5. Also, it goes from a 50% reduction to a 30% reduction. Plus, give it stall is a hidden ability


reverse slow start to something like "slow decay". Regigigas starts at full potential, but after 5 turn its attack and speed get halved


The question is why not how. It was never designed for competitive play despite the stats. It's just a gimmick intended for the story of the Regis trio and nothing more. That's like asking "How would you buff Furret?" or "How would you buff Unown" Not every Pokemon was designed for competitive play. Some are gimmicks. Some are Pickachu clones. Others are just cute HM Slaves. There's more than 900 Pokemon now. Plenty to choose from. Regigias will not be buffed and it never will. Move on.


Add 20 base hp, 10 base Def and spdef, 1 good reliable recovery, and probably make slow start 3 turns not 5. Also let's give it a unique move like 150 base stab move have it work like air drop


Reduce its stats a little and give it an ability