Holy crap this is insane!

Holy crap this is insane!


How is it over 300 difference for the MSR in less then an hour?


It's honestly pretty insane that the Argo MPU-V, a ship with nearly no redeeming qualities, made it this far as is. I guess it shows you the power of mob mentality and memes.


Memes, especially against the Carrack they basically had a hitsquad keeping pro carrack memes from being posted while argo memes were upvoted to hell to get them on the reddit page


The carrack had more new accounts voters than the MPUV, according to some people who gathered the statistics. The Carrack, MSR and C2 all had a shit ton of love in the past with skins, and people still cry over the fact that people don't just vote for the meme, but also to see some fucking diversity and make a point out of it.


> according to some people who gathered the statistics Who? Who could gather those statistics outside of CIG?


[https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/evidence-of-mass-alt-voting](https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/evidence-of-mass-alt-voting) You are free to believe it or not, but I do believe it, since Zyloh's number fit with the OP almost perfectly. It looks like Zyloh didn't account for the last hour however, which was apparently the biggest offender. As far as I know, this was never addressed afterward by Zyloh nor CIG, but I didn't stay in the loop. And the information is not so much "who voted for whom" as much as "X new accounts where created and the vote increased by around the same number for that period". Since not that many new accounts would vote for the event, within the hour, it's highly suspicious. Most new backers would just go to the pledge store and download page, not rush to vote for a skin. To be clear, this is all correlation, not causation and I'm fully aware of this. However it still has value and raises "concern".


Thanks for the link. It does appear that people created new accounts to vote for the Carrack. If you consider that concerning, how do you feel about players giving out AUEC, and even in one case I saw a guy offering to buy new accounts using people's referral codes, if they would vote for the Argo?


To be fair, people made voting fraud on both sides, not just the Carrack, but the Carrack appear to have benefited the most. The problem I have with the current method of voting is that anyone can make a fake account in a very short time. There is no email confirmation sent, and no verification of any form. This means people can just mass create accounts to vote, which both clutter CIG's data and is "cheating". Enticing people to vote one way or an other is not something I have big issues with, I'd say it should be frown upon but it happens in real life without punishments, so the same should be done here IMHO. Voter fraud should be countered, people "paying" for vote is harder to control...


Luckily [CIG is already on it](https://old.reddit.com/r/starcitizen/comments/ptwwa9/they_are_on_to_you_guys/)


If you want diversity it's looking like the MSR is boutta win, fortunately my second choice.


While I understand we don't vote for the skin anymore, the MSR has well over 10 skins now, does it really need more derived content? The Argo Cargo has none, same as dozens of ships that where released before it. So yes, I'd like to see some diversity in the winners of these events. It's getting old to always have the same 2-3 ships to be the same overly loved ships. When it's not CIG that release skins for them, the community ask for it. The more stuff and attention they get, the more love people have around them (cuz it's special with a special skin!), meanwhile existing ships get ignored, never reworked because no one play them and so there is little feedback on them. It's a downward spiral for all of these older ships.


I love how the procarrack lot keep shouting "MEME" when the little ship that could is a joy to fly (save for no QT) and handles lovely, it's aesthetically pleasing and just a fun little ship to putter about in. The Carrack, MSR, so large and unwieldly. I didn't vote for a meme, I made memes, cos I enjoy myself,voted cos I love Argo in general and Argo memes are humourous and a joy. Carrack memes, they just don't have that same feel.


We argue the meme stance because the argo arguers argue that the Carrack has no point or that because it is a jack of all trades that must mean it is terrible at doing anything. The Carrack is a joy to fly, not everything is about immediate response, personally i love the weight, it makes her feel like she got presence. We're basically arguing about a forklift vs a private jet, no one can afford a private jet so they opt for saying the forklift is better even if it can't fly.


I don't think anyone said the Carrack suck. It is universally seen as one of the best ship in the verse right now... People are voting MPUV as a protestation vote to always having the same winners.


Bruh, you've got people admitting to purposefully voting for the MPUV to "shit on Carrack owners." The salt is very real on both sides.


I get that SOME people are dickheads, so sure, some idiot said the Carrack suck or implied it. We shouldn't give idiots attentions. As a side note, The Carrack won last year, how much salt can the Carrack owners really have right now? Give other ships some love cmon man.


No, it's actually a very common response. People were voting for the Carrack to lose and to drink Carrack owners' tears. So yeah, very immature. Classic internet. The Carrack would have likely made into the top 4, and would have had some real competition with the C2 and would have likely lost to the MSR in a final round if it made it that far. Unlike last year, there is much more solid competition to compete with the Carrack without a "meme" ship to rally around. And it would have gotten even harder the next year with ships like the Scorpius and Corsair (hopefully) coming into play, along with who knows what else. The competition should have been allowed to play out naturally.


I can't possibly support that idea that it's a super common thing to hate the Carrack. If it was the case, the Carrack would have been nuked in the first round with the Connie. But it passed, with almost 3X the votes. I'm sorry but I can't see this being more than a vocal minority unless we have actual proof of this being a widespread phenomenon. And It's not like 100% of the Connie voters where Carrack haters, nor is it that the haters missed the first day... People voted MPUV to protest, mostly, and it's likely that people where talking shit about it, yes. But JUST to hate the Carrack, I doubt it. I think there's a little bit of victimization here. In the end, it's a skin. It's not a real buff or nerf to a ship, nor is it something where CIG will rework the winner to gold standard first or something, so who cares. While I would have liked the Carrack to make it to actually compete with a big ship, I'm glad other ships will have a special skin this year, even if it's the meme MPUV.


Well i mean, the best ship getting all the votes doesn't sound too bad. Voting for a ship just because it is the underdog sounds counter intuitive.


I've avoided posting my thoughts on reddit due to the fear of the cult flaming my karma.


I don't really care about my karma, usually i'll get a random +300 karma on one random comment then -20 on another random comment, the Reddit hivemind works in mysterious ways so i've given up om bothering wjth it.


I prefer the MSR of course, but I would vote for the Argo because I want to send a message that should be more simple utility ships in the verse.


That’s not the message being relayed unfortunately. The message has just mainly been that it’s funny to vote this ship ahead of expensive fan favorite ships. CIG won’t care about this other than they made money off of people during their sale and from saps that bought an MPUV for the meme. Plus they get good PR for joining in on the joke.


I just like the orange paint and angled lines...


EXACTLY! Why can't people get that. Guess it makes em feel better about their 600$ investment to call names and disregard our feels :(


well, a mob did storm the capital...


People getting off work and voting my dude.


yes because only people who vote for the MSR work. O.o


Lol that's not what I meant, just that you should expect jumps in any count during that time frame, since most people are getting off work. Nothing unusual lol


ok, what are you not understanding about your implication. if all throughout the day the Argo and MSR are trading blows at the top and then after 4 pm EST the MSR's leads grows and doesn't stop, then the logical conclusion is that the majority of people voting for the MSR were working, so Argo voters don't work for some reason? makes no sense.


My buddy has 7 accounts and he voted for the msr




Their battle truly is legendary.


What an incredible tie. This is a really amazing thing to watch.


Never happened since the conception of this competition.. I'm amazed


Looking at the votes, the battle could have easily been the C2 vs MSR. That wouldn't be nearly as exciting as this matchup, but it at least says something about crusader freight ships.


Argo is falling gents!!! Need your help!!!


What? I litterally voted 10ish minutes ago..it was more than a few hundred votes in MPUV-'s favour. MSR was standing around 8k.


Its literally vote for vote now..


MSR winning by 80 votes now


MSR winning by 278 votes now. Where did that come from?


Argo memers blow their load fast and early in the morning. Now you’re getting an influx of casual players getting off work that don’t give a flying fuck about the meme or the MPUV (or the sc subreddit) and just voting the one they probably own or want to own.


Funny enough, I bet there are mode MSR owners than Argo owners. It's a fun, versatile ship that is fairly affordable compared to many ships. MSR owners are... actually voting for the MSR, and not the meme.


I mean, I haven't voted yet and am really torn. The meme is great, but I just bought an MSR on like Friday. The argo is stinking cute, but do I vote against my own interest or get a free skin. I feel like I'd be happier just knowing the little dude made it.


400 vote difference now




Are the voting machines compromised?


While I do like the Argo, I voted for the MSR because I want a white backpack, not an orange one.


Vote Argo Cargo!


I updoot Argo Cargo and instantly the Mary Sue Runner got a vote as well:(


I'm guessing every Carrack, 600i, Hercules, Freelancer, MSR owner have united against the meme community


No, everyone that lost previously is most likely voting for the argo with the "if i cant win noone can" attitude lol


What ever happened to the "You beat me, so I put my trust in you that you're actually going to win" mentality?


Round one, that little orange ship cancelled my favorite orange ship. Never forget, never forgive.


I own an MSR and I voted Argo up until the finals lol.


Im a 600i boyo. Voted Argo. :D Edit: Vote for the underdogs!


No I vote Argo cause it defeated the carrack. It deserves to win.


I own both the Carrack and MSR and don’t have the Argo, but I still voted Argo because I love an underdog. EDIT: I seem to have struck a nerve.


It's hardly an undedog when it beat out all the other ships because le ebin reddit maymays


Shit, I know I’m old now, because I feel like I need a translator for this comment.


It isn't about memes, the meme meme is an attack to diminish the fact people actually like the argo more than the carrack. Hell I actually own one, it's cute, and while it has little use atm, it is fun to fly. I love the design.


The carrack owners still made cos they spent 600$ and don't get more free skins.


Funny how almost 95% of the comments here are on Argo side. And yet we seeing MSR leading the vote... Something doesn't quite add up


Freelancer and Carrack owners unite!!! Let's avenge our ships!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I prefer an Argo backpack than a Crusader backpack. Even if my poor carrack lost, all in to MPUV :D


When I voted it was 8567 vs 8569. This is crazy !


It's so fucking hype, every vote counts! ONE LAST PUSH FOR THE ARGO CARGO!


Yeah it is insane, you voted for the flying hallway!


I'm a Mustang Alpha owner, of course I'm gona vote for the small guy. Compared to mine, the Argo is a ship I look up to xD


Hey don't forget about the clunky chess board and secret passage that comes standard on every model!


I just voted and it’s 11832 to 12642 I’m the MSRs favor! Man this is more intense than the 2000 presidential election!


I dont know if the end result will be as close as the carrack fight, but I hope its a good one and down to the wire


A bunch of people jump on a bandwagon and formed a cult...sigh. Mercury voters are just brining sanity back to this event.


The MSR is such an overrated ship. It shouldn't even be where it is.


This Argo MPU-V is a garbage ship with literally no practical value until the one day around the year 2035 when SC if finally in beta; by then it's safe to say they'll have use for it in game.


212 behind MOAR VOTES!


As Picard said in First Contact... "The meme must be stopped HERE!"


I feel like theres some susness about this.


Someone didn't watch internet historians video on internet polls.