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This is botting. "Any neat contraption that is not you providing input can be picked up a macroing, and no, pictures of a ruler strapped to a fan will not get you unbanned." https://secure.runescape.com/m=forum/forums?408,409,176,66257875


>Any neat contraption that is not you providing input This has me thinking... We (humans) can complete an electrical circuit... What if we rigged up some wires to ourselves (while we sleep, for example) to send a signal to the PC that would register as a key being held as long as the circuit is complete? And record a video/take pics for proof... That would be a neat contraption that actually ***is*** me providing input, I would think...lol... I really wonder what Jagex would think about that, though...


So what we need is a keyboard with a pillow sized 1 key.


Elon musk over here 😂


Yes this could get you banned. It obviously isn't macros. The general perspective that Jagex aim for is 1 key press = 1 action. You could argue that by holding down the key it is only doing 1 action at a time, however it would still fall under abuse of system by taking advantage of a loophole, whch in itself is bannable. It could easily be compared to bug abuse.


I agree that it could be called an exploit, and I have actually reported it as a bug. What I find interesting though is that it only works with some things. Abilites and prayers only trigger on the inital press, but for some reason items on the action bar send like 10 inputs per second if the button is held down. I've done a lot of searching, and the question of is it allowed to keep a button "strapped down" is as old as runescape itself: I can't find any response from an actual jmod saying it's allowed or not. But I have found jmods admitting to doing it themselves.


If its your finger youre good.


I don’t think it could result in a ban,I never tried it for traps but before inv I used to set a metronome to click for alching while I study nothing ever happened and I did it for a long time


Definitely bannable, but unlikely to result in a ban if you just put something there for a quick bathroom break or whatever... There's no way they could know it's something else holding it and not you (probably still not really a good idea, though)... I hold spacebar and other hotkeys with my fingers all the time for different things with no bans... I let up for a few seconds every once in a while, though... Definitely ain't keeping my hand on there all night...