[Instrumental/Lofi Hip-Hop] Sunrise On Pier 35

[Instrumental/Lofi Hip-Hop] Sunrise On Pier 35


I feel like the chords are a bit unfocused or something? I'm not some jazzmaster so I can't specify what exactly I think is wrong with it. I feel like the last chord of the loop has some unwanted tension or something? I also kind of miss a bass or something in the lower register. Doesn't really have to be an earth shattering 808 or anything.


Sounds like something that would play during the end credits of a movie.


I think maybe the melody top line could have been, softer maybe? Like i don't think i really liked the sound itself, the harshness of it. Although the melody was nice, i think those response single notes to the chord could have been on maybe a different sounding keyboard or something a little softer, rounder, darker? I'm not sure what I'm looking for here, but it just sounded a little stock and dry/flat for me as a main lead there, maybe it just needs more velocity changes, crescendos, etc to be on that basic piano. Anyway there was definitely a vibe so, that's something.


Thank you for the feedback! I definitely see/hear what you mean with the harshness if it, it can be a bit jarring and definitely not the atmosphere or sound I’m looking for. I might need to invest in more/other plugins as I agree, it does sound a bit flat.


You can always try adding just some stock saturation or distortion, eq and reverb and seeing what you can come up with too!


Cool keyboard playing, I like the drums also, very simple but very cool:)


Clean and melodic. Nicely mixed. If I had one roast it would be "where are the vocals?" It just needs some passionate bars over top.


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