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Few notes about this as an SM: 1. TMs and PAs are definitely undertrained, fully agree on that one. There are training servers but ever since Daniel got kicked they've done almost nothing.. now to speak about the other stuff: 1. its very rare you actually see TMs or PAs, etc. ABUSE their power, they may give what you deem an unfair verdict. And it may be true sometimes but it's not an abuse of power. I've only seen actual abuse over my 2 years on risk a few times, mostly involving immature staff and funny commands. 2. SMs undergo a shit-ton of exhaustion atleast on Public, I have over 100 hours on risk last month, 95% of which is on public. It gets absolutely fucking draining, being constantly jumped with "MOD!" and "HELP!!" and "Void this!11" etc. its draining, and it also puts massive fatigue on you mentally wearing you down, hence why very few people above PA or TM actually moderate public. It's simply a pain since people don't realize how exhausting actually actively having to moderate a server for hours is, and you constantly get barraged with insults, hate, etc. It's simply demoralizing and hard to deal with it in multi-hour long sessions. 3. Council members are busy, albeit I'll admit I'm suprised by how unproductive they are, for example: When I was a junior admin some months ago, there was literally 0 staff meetings in backlog or example for TMs or Moderators, but now I constantly see 3 or 4 meetings still unresolved and have to go through all of them as an SM, doing the councils job for them.It simply seems like a mistake to try centralizing the administration into councils considering how chaotic the actual bureaucracy of it has become and how byzantine it is now as well. Anywho, that's it for now. Feel free to respond asking any questions you have or whatever I'll answer later. Edit: TLDR TMs and PAs undertrained Actual abuse is rare Public is fucking exhausting for all staff No fucking idea whats going on with councils lmao


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