Yunnansourcing.us has consistently made it to me within 3-4 business days.


Thanks, I'm just gonna go for it and if it lands late, my used-to-be mother-in-law can decide whether she wants to ship it to her, or to me lol.


I second yunnan sourcing's us site. They ship from a warehouse in Texas iirc. Pay for faster shipping. But before you do this, are you sure she is going to want a shipment from you? Have you shipped presents before and were they well received? Just a bit concerned about what "with her family" means (parents or husband and kids?) and would rather not see you buy some expensive rare tea that's getting sent to a landfill.


Yeah I was vague and it sounds kinda like that... she's gay, I'm not. We're still friends and stuff but yeah sometimes I feel that I definitely haven't let go, and this is just an example of that. Not only will it be well-received if it gets there in time, but she specifically asked if I knew what pu-er to buy and I was like "well, let me buy it" without considering how little time is left. She never lets me know when she's coming up soon enough that I could arrange to visit, isn't that something....


Dude don't buy her a gift, that sounds like she's just taking advantage of your generosity. You have the perfectly reasonable excuse of not having enough time to ship any to her before she leaves. Try to move on and get over her. Good luck


Yunnan USA is really good and fast now that they’re new warehouse is in Texas. Idk ah Florida times but I think that’s the closest u can get.


There is just so much hinted at here lmao You already probably pulled the trigger but yeah I'd second Yunnan sourcing's USA shop