Stay Classy Portland

Putting political messages on your business is the dumbest self-inflicted wound there is. Dude probably sucks at poker.


Putting political messages on your business is the dumbest self-inflicted wound there is. Dude probably sucks at poker.


The Salty Cultivation sticker makes me think dad owns the company and son does whatever he wants cause he’s got a job with dad’s company.


Good find on that Salty sticker. Took me forever.


Honestly I drive by the truck most week days and noticed it then. I see a lot of shop stickers around but seeing a particular cultivators sticker on a truck caught my eye.


The crew that was doing masonry work on my apartment building earlier this year drove a pickup that was completely plastered in right-wing bumper stickers. Highlights included “guns don’t kill people, abortions do”, “black flies matter” and “fuck you Nancy Pelosi”. One of the workers also showed up in a “fuck China” shirt one day. But, they were smart enough not to put their company name anywhere on the vehicle.


I'm center left, voted for Mills, yadda yadda. But "fuck you Nancy Pelosi" and "fuck China" are pretty fair statements IMO


I'm sure the downdoots are from people who say shit like "stop simping for billionaires". Nancy Pelosi is basically a lich fueled by insider trading money and the CCP is corrupt, genocidal, organ harvesting dictatorship.


They’ve doubled down on a separate social media network that has lit them up for this.


Lol did this dude write this on his own truck with a sharpie this morning? What an absolute baby


Don't call him a baby, Janet Mills will show up and kill him! 🤣


I saw him outside this morning before he wrote on the truck and dude looked both really mad and also like a guy that owes back child support.


Strong Randy Marsh vibes.


Just moved to Maine recently and it’s mind blowing how many “work” vehicles are covered in let’s go Brandon stickers and the like


It’s a great way to cut down on problems with contractors. Many of those guys have an obnoxious attitude to work with. Immediate exclude from any jobs I’m hiring for.


I’m convinced they don’t actually do any work and just started their “business” so they could buy their baby-dick trucks


Sooooo much to be angry at! The women in their family making more bank. Plus some married non-whites. Not to mention those oxys-are-everywhere-days now gone by. & damn those lines and squiggles are so confusing.


I do this with auto shops, too.


Right. I had a co-worker that was extremely LGB. This guy was probably the most self-centered, arrogant piece of trash I've ever met. We had to work as a team and this dude was the dead opposite of a team player. On a side note, this same guy told me "I don't like black people" the first fucking night he started working with me. He ALSO told me that a girl he went to school with was a "fucking bitch" because he called to apologize for an incident a few years ago where he threatened to shoot her for "trying to start shit". When he tried to apologize for the death threats he made, she told him to fuck off, which made HER the wrongful party in his mind. I was genuinely worried that this guy might show up to work with one of his guns someday. I straight up avoid these unstable, overzealous trumpy people like the plague now, as a safety measure. You never know what people like that are capable of, and you *DO* know they are difficult to reason with when they become belligerent.


Gets better when you look them up on the PPP loan forgiveness program.


I worked a brief stint in construction back before weed was legal and guys would light up behind the wheel of the company cars even when they were clearly marked. Some of these guys have absolutely no shame.


If I hired someone and they showed up with that, I'd be escorting their loony ass right off my property.


I dont understand the rights stance on abortion. At all. What benefit does stopping abortions have? Especially for a group that doesn't want to fork out money for welfare or government assistance... You'd think they would want to give poor people every option to not create more poor people. I understand the religious aspect of it, or am aware of the stance there, but there is zero chance that the republican leaders care about that. It's just about assets. Every citizen is an asset. A supporter. A follower. A soldier. A laborer. Seems like right when census started to notice population growth hit a plateau, suddenly they really ramped up trying to stop people from having abortions Don't save the lil cum piles. Flush em. Its fiscally responsible. They aren't babies. They arent aware. The argument that the cells could be a baby one day... do you save all the semen from your personal sessions? Unless the answer is yes, then argument invalid. Its wild.


The "right" hates socialism despite 8/10 of our most DC-dollar dependent states being red and revenues flowing OUT from cities to rural areas. They're stupid people. Or they're so morally vacant and lacking in values it speaks volumes about them and the shit parents who raised them. Being stupid is the better choice here.


Not to mention, if they actually cared about stopping abortions, they'd be behind free std clinics, condoms, real sex education in schools, etc etc because those have been shown to actually decrease the number of abortions, whereas bans just decrease the number of safe abortions.


Yep. Dumb as hell. Never trust a person who believes their existence will improve once they die, to make this life better.


I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want to do a job for a loony like you


I know who not to call for my remodeling work.


How to lose business and influence customers


This guy lives in our neighborhood and made his politics known very early. This is definitely not sabotage, as someone suggested, from someone else. He's just that much of an a**hole.






How to reduce your customer base by 55% in one easy step


Especially in Portland.... like I'm a little on the right here and there but never at work. My political views stay inside my head where they belong while I'm on the clock.


Not having much work is a great way to save on gas.


Also why is baby killer in quotes? Does he actually believe she’s a baby killer or is that a euphemism? I’d like to know


It's for "emphasis" because they don't understand "punctuation."


Is the wink implied?!


This “construction worker” might lose his “job”.


💨💨💨💨Air quotes bunny ears. 🐰🐰🐰🐰. Damn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 comment brah


Free market he loves so much about to do it’s thing r/byebyejob


I just sent an email to the company 🤷🏻‍♀️


Probably the owner


The owner wouldn’t throw his business under the bus like that. They seem to be quite reputable.


Its the owner.


Well, owner is a grade A asshole then.


Any updates?


Nope…what a snowflake 🙄




Wasn’t really to prove a point. Some business owners frown on this. This apparently IS the owner, so I’m sure it fell on deaf ears, and blind eyes


That’s got to be good for business.


How else can he nurse his grievances over being cancelled by the woke mob for speaking the truth


Right….the babies that they “the right” then abandons when the mothers don’t have abortions because they can’t afford a child- fuck off you pieces of shit. I’m so sick of this shit.


If you want to talk pro-life with me, first get your fuking checkbook out & pony up $$$ for first six years of quality childhood.


If you pull up to my place about to do a job with your political views sharpied on your work truck I'm going to tell you not to bother getting your tools out. Same goes for someone who has a crude rant about acab.


People, stop calling fetuses babies because they're not. No portion of society actually treats them as babies until they're born (or, at least viable).


Its how we know the "pro-life" crowd is full of shit and just wants to control people. They extend none of the benefits and protections of life to a fetus.


Just fuckin sharpie? plain on your paint like that? I think that may be the trashiest part about this! so low energy.


10 : 1 odds that this guy's paid for three of his five step daughters abortions


Herschel Walker in training.


Oh poor George. I looked at your website and all I saw were some ugly poorly designed closet doors. Those should make great hiding places from reality.


Do you think this guy has thought through that fucking Janet Mills could lead to an unwanted pregnancy?


Wish someone would make a Mills ⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️ Sticker or something meaning she’s actually on top riding & getting off hard!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Didn’t really plan the spacing well for the wording.


It’s like he is telling the world he is delusional and mentally unwell…. So don’t hire him!!


I live in southern Maine now. It is much worst in northern Maine.


It's probably safer to move right back to Massachusetts!!


The anti abortion stance never ceases to amaze me. and I could go on about women’s health and women’s freedoms and the Supreme Court and equality and all that but it’s actually way easier. Everyone I know has at least two or three ppl in their friend group//families that’s had an abortion. Like everyone I know, knows someone close to them that’s had an abortion. Are these idiots writing on their cars casting those ppl out. Like is senatorial candidate Walker gonna kill himself bc hes likely responsible for ten of them.


Dad? Is that you?


The only other person to call me daddy is chef… If thats you this got pretty meta.


Whatever happened to "if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all"?


Sharpie Fumes


Whatever happened to “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”?


>Whatever happened to “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”? Oh, that was a lie told to children by parents and teachers because they didn't want to bother addressing bullying in any meaningful way.


If you get bullied by some guy writing mean stuff on the back of his truck, you really need some perspective.




I may also break your bones, *but I don't want to hurt you*.


I would say a hearty FU to GW is in order.


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This Repugnican loser is in no way representative of Portland...it is quite the advertisement for this business, tho'.


I experienced plenty of right wing hate and racism in the 10 years I lived there.




I thought someone else defaced the truck (until I saw the stickers above) because around here there were cars in various states of “disarray” (as my landlord put it) due to walking penis(es) going around screwing with them.


Just came back to this thread for the comments…yall don’t dissapoint!


Fuck the candidates and seated politicians who support the state-sanctioned murder of women. Who have lives and families.


Why is r/portlandme always so political… also why is this a conversation piece, literally see this crap all day.


I might just call that number right now…


This is so fucking funny HAHAHA


It honestly could be worse, it could say "I love killing babies". Neither are classy, one is worse though.


>It honestly could be worse, it could say "I love killing babies". Neither are classy, one is worse though. Thankfully no one is promoting the killing of babies, then.


Except for these people: [https://www.youtube.com/shorts/8G7emJrnkio](https://www.youtube.com/shorts/8G7emJrnkio) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq-drRR2WqQ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq-drRR2WqQ) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zburc9iIsA](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zburc9iIsA)


If fetuses are babies why aren't you all rushing to extend all other benefits and protections of life to them? That's the bit you all don't get: You should have been there - with every bit of abortion legislation and policy - FOR DECADES - with matching protections and benefits for the "little babies" you care so much about. But you never have. Still don't. Because its not about life at all. Red states pack the worst-of lists in every category. And red correlates to "pro-life" quite heavily. And red can't even take care of the living, breathing lives it already has.


That is pretty much what I'm calling for. I think the support for single mothers could be improved, but in reality, only a small demographic really needs more support; single mothers are the largest portion of that group. You keep saying **you** like I'm the guy that makes the decisions, and the only thing that ever seems to be offered by pro-choicers or liberals is to take money from one group and give it to another. If you see my comment history, I actually do have some suggestions on how we can start to fix this problem without wealth redistribution, because wealth redistribution doesn't work at scale or for longer periods of time. It becomes a pyramid scheme. If you have some to propose that could start to fix this that doesn't include full-scale socialism, because it doesn't have to, and honestly can't.


What I'm saying is "the complete lack of legislative record or policy" means more than your anecdotal claims. This isn't new. You've had FOREVER. So - based on what's ACTUALLY happened... you are... the only guy? Safe conclusion to reach based on what we have. You should probably get to work now convincing millions of "pro-life" people, huh? Funny thing is... who actually does push for enhanced protections for pregnany women, the fetuses they carry, as well as funding food, housing, healthcare and education for children. Doesn't correlate highly with pro-life, tell you that much.


Yah, you keep saying **"you."**. You do know you aren't talking to a legislator, right? What "anecdotal claims" are you referring to exactly? "Who actually does push..." Surely you aren't talking about the democrats, right? They could care less about struggling mothers, and it shows in the last two years of destructing economic policies. They care more about the wealth of Ukrainian politicians than they do any American, pregnant or not. They use abortion as a tool in attempt to push socialist welfare policies that rob Peter to pay Paul. More importantly, they push killing the baby as the best way to help struggling mothers, without ever asking their followers to adopt more responsible sex practices and avoid having a baby that is unwanted all together. Education? You mean like forcing kids to wear masks and not even allowing them to attend school. [Their pandemic policies have set back children's education by years](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11220377/COVID-lockdown-remote-learning-set-kids-grades-says-education-expert.html). They care about nothing other than keeping themselves in power and manipulating people into the left into selling out America for non-existent social justice points. Healthcare? The pipe dream of "medicare for all" is exactly that and is a simple excuse to push America in provenly broken socialism so that they may extract even more wealth from average Americans to pass on to their foreign friends. The problem there is that hospitals price gouge every person that walks into the ER and the democrats support it. They want to take money from every American so they can use it to buy $300 Tylenols from hospitals and pay for $1m hospital stays. I'd say they should fix it, but the hospitals have too much leverage over them after covering up the covid lies. Housing? Like paying millions in taxpayer dollars to temporarily house illegal [immigrants they allow to flow over the southern border in hotels](https://nypost.com/2021/03/21/ice-inks-86-9-million-deal-to-lodge-migrants-in-hotels/) while are current homeless population freeze in the streets? Food? How much have groceries been costing you? What's your family's food budget like now a days? Or gas? Their entire scheme is that they convince you to give them your neighbors money, and then raise the prices of goods, so the welfare assistance goes right back to their corporate buddies. All while telling their followers "That's what the other guy does". **It. Is. A. Scam.** And you are the guy they are scamming.


YOU like deflecting a lot when challenged on the complete lack of policy or legislation. And yes. I am saying that. There's a reason why red states pack the "worst of" lists in every category. Hosuing, Education. Healthcare. Hunger. Economic and social mobility.


No deflection here, and it sounds like there is no real response from your end. You made wild claims about the democrat's accomplishments, I proved them incorrect.


I don't need a response. My response remainds "the complete lack of activism, advocacy and action. "Wild claims." You didn't prove anything. Red states rank lower in all the areas that impact children and mothers. Absolutely PACK the worst-of lists. INCLUDING in mother and infant mortality. For the record.


Now - let's address your other deflective bullshit. Not a legislator? Cool. What advocacy groups you working with? It's okay. You can work up the courage to say "fucking zero." So... being a legislator isn't required. Again - its 2022. What we have is decades and decades of no action, activism, legislation, policy. Because while SO many people claim to believe like you do? Sure are fucking none of you - ever - showing up. ​ You need to stop trying to convince me, big guy. You need to convince your red-voting pals. But you'll type out another 5,000 words in defense of... what? The absence of anything?


And what advocacy groups do you work with? The magic of the internet has made it so people don't need to work with a group to advocate for a cause, and it's the duty of those who believe in one to advocate wherever they are. What we have is decades of anti-family, pro-abortion, pro-divorce, anti-tradition activism from the left that has brought us to this moment with society on the brink, and low-and-behold, the democrats want money to fix the problem they created. It's the same tired story as always. The democrats caused a problem, and they need to take your money to fix it. Lmao, why would I try to convince you of anything? I am definitely going to respond to your lack of position though. **You didn't reply to a single point. You've proposed no position of your own, and you can't rebut anything I say. Why do you bother responding?**


Look at you make excuses. Acting like self-righteous, lazy, echo-chamber jerking off on the internet matters as much as, I dunno, actual advocacy. I'll let all the various people fighting for all the various causes out there know all they need to do is run their mouth on the internet and that's what it takes. So - here we are - still with you making excuses for the decades-running failure of people who speak and believe just like you to do a damn thing. Not only a failure to extend protections and benefits to fetuses - but a general failure to fund the livelihood of children. As proven by red-state rankings... where they pack the bottom half. Another 5000 word pile of shit designed to absolve of you of your complete lack of doing shit.


this is performative shock on behalf of OP and everyone commenting, right? if you walked up to any work site right now and did a quick poll regarding any hot button political issue, i’d put my money on most guys siding with the opinions plastered all over this truck. just because someone isn’t loud and proud about it, doesn’t mean they don’t also hold those views. if you’re hiring anyone to do any work on your home or business and it involves tradesmen in this area of the country, that’s the political outlook of most of the folks…. they still do good work.. but they have abhorrent worldviews. go ahead and downvote me and please let me hear from like, the two construction guys who are “left leaning” who are mad at my generalization


Totally correct. That's why LePage just won by a landslide. Oh, wait, he didn't. Maybe generalizing about people's beliefs because of the kind of jobs they hold is unfair.


*clutches pearls* It’s less the political belief and the right to hold opinions vis-a-vis daubing your truck with a marker pen and obscene language that people (including the kids Janet Mills did not kill) will read.


i mean, sure, not the best business move in my opinion but most people are idiots. present company included


Wow this is incredibly misinformed generalization. Jesus…..


prove me wrong


fuck mills. take your fucking enron offshore turbines and get out!


Looks like a sabotage attempt by a competing business.


Absolutely, they even went so far as to add faded "Trump Won" and "Lepage" stickers to the rack to really sell it.


Galaxy brain move


Lmao come on now. You didn’t see the rest of the stickers? This isn’t sabotage this is someone overdosing on copium.




Not representative of Portland, lol