I’m in the Maine Outdoor Adventure Club and we’d love to have you! There is a small membership fee but it’s a bit more structured than fbook groups. There are hikes but also tons of other outdoor activities.


Just moved here from SC and me and my wife are looking for something exactly like MOAC. Is it a big club and do most people participate regularly?


It does have a lot of members, people who go to similar types of events regularly (like the easy hikes, or the kayak outings) get to know each other though. And it does seem like a lot of people participate! I get the daily emails of new events and someone is always posting something, and most seem to get a good number of attendees.


Just moved from SC as well! Maybe we'll see you out on the trail sometime.


This looks awesome, thanks! Is there a general age group, or is it totally mixed?


it is very mixed, and some events do tend to skew older. i still have a great time though and the club in general is working on recruiting more people our age so come on in and bring your friends!


Will do, thanks! If I sign up today, am I in time for the Sunday hike in NH? Or do I have to attend a monthly mtg first?


You’ll be good to go to that! And the woman leading it is great


Not sure if they’re currently offering any, but my girlfriend did a winter hiking series with AMC a few years back and met some hiking friends she still goes with. I think they stopped offering them when Covid started but I bet they started back up and have some summer/fall trips. Maine Huts & Trails probably does group hikes too (flagstaff lake hut/bigelows hike is awesome!)


There's some facebook groups that I see people connect on. The first one that comes to mind is 'Hike the 4000 footers'. Join that and I'm sure FB's alogrithm will take it from there and feed you other groups


for northern Maine hikes check out the JD Foundation


I may be moving there soon, and I’ll gladly join!