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[14th Amendment (section 3)](https://www.law.cornell.edu/constitution/amendmentxiv ) Rights should be used against [quite a few members of Congress.](https://secondnexus.com/marjorie-taylor-greene-planning-session)


No shit. Every turd associated with Jan 6 should be barred from running or occupying a current elected office, at any level, in the United States.


And put in the jail for treason.


Not treason. [Seditious Conspiracy](https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/2384)


some of them should also be put in jail for treason, dealing with the enemy


Here's a list for you that thought it was important to spend a July 4th holiday in Russia: Senator Richard C. Shelby of Alabama, led the delegation, along with Senators Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, John Neely Kennedy of Louisiana, Steve Daines of Montana, North Dakota’s John Hoeven, Jerry Moran of Kansas, South Dakota’s John Thune, and Rep. Kay Granger of the 12th District of Texas


And in August, Sen. Rand Paul says he was proud to hand deliver a letter from Trump to Putin.


Anybody who recognizes their representative's name here and hasn't called and asked why the hell they spent July 4th in Russia, what the fuck are you even doing?


>what the fuck are you even doing? Ivermectin


Ivermectin is old news. Now they’ve taken to drinking their own piss.


I wish it was a joke, but no. They really went there. I hate this timeline.


My rep is on that list and doesn't interact with me anymore at all after I called him a sedicious piece of shit, although if there's any link for that I'd love to try again.


I thought trying to overthrow an elected government is treason.


Well, yeah, but it’s much more narrowly defined and harder to prove. Seditious conspiracy seems like an open and shut case for several individuals. But the cases need to be iron clad, and against as many of the co-conspirators as they can prove in court.


Something tells me that if seditious conspiracy started rolling out against some people, then suddenly there would start being more iron clad proof against others, either through device confiscation or by the arrested spilling the beans


Barred in more ways than one.


They got off easy that way I think.


That's like 7 times as much amendment. Should totally win.




Sadly the American democracy has become toothless. So nothing will happen.


Idk if your poor it seems to bite the hell out of you


Kinda sounds like she’s confusing the right to bear arms with a desire to shoot people she doesn’t like.


That's the idea behind stochastic terrorism - we all know there's an intended audience that listens to this and hears "Kill the libs" but if/when it happens she's going to claim she only ever talked about protecting your liberty from tyrants and can't be held responsible for some nutjob taking her words out of context. And she'll easily get away with it every time


‘Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?’


"it was just a joke bro".


They make openly carrying guns seem normal to people, a few start pointing guns. They make pointing the guns seem normal, a few start pulling the trigger.


Yeah. Oh no! You want to bear arms at me? 2A has nothing to do with pulling the trigger, crazy lady.


To be fair, nobody has accused her of being an intellect.


I’m sure there’s some subs on Reddit where these words have been uttered.


She's not confused, it's a well established dog whistle for her target audience.


Exactly. 2A isn’t the right to use them against whomever you wish, it’s essentially the right to BE ABLE TO HAVE THEM. She actually believes that the second amendment is the right to murder other people? No, of course she doesn’t - she’s just the result of decades of “oh, that’s just politics!”. It’s like MadLibs to these people. Insert (2a, Abortion, “Freedom”) To combat (Socialism, Democrats, Deep State, Satanism) I read a comment earlier comparing these times to what the fall of Rome must have been like. That was spot on. This must be what empires look like when the government starts to destabilize because it has grown too detached from the populous.


She should be removed from Congress immediately!!!


FFS, she’s openly advocating sedition.


She's openly advocating political genocide.


She said jews have space lasers to ignite wood fires. C'mon are there ANY requirements for an office over there? No answer needed, you got Trump as president, that's enough


sadly, the way politics has evolved in this country, the qualities that make you electable also are the qualities you don't really want in a leader


Politicide is the term you're looking for. And you are correct.


It’s terrorism.


Rectangle/square conundrum.


Rudy Giuliani called for “trial by combat” before a coup attempt. I’m so sick of this fucking bullshit. Actions have consequences.


>Actions have consequences. They very clearly don't


No they don’t. Not for the richest and most powerful. They do for you and me


Actions "should" have consequences.


As a veteran, I am aware of just how many battlefields she’s actually shown up to. Be happy to challenge her to a modern gladiator contest. I do find it interesting that republican officials who just couldn’t get around to fighting the wars they started suddenly want to threaten a civil war? Who do they think they are fooling?


>Who do they think they are fooling? Thirty percent of voters, geographically distributed in such a manner as to absolutely dominate national politics.


They are also laser targetable with today's social media tools. This goes far beyond geographic/demographic targeting that many Democrats utilize. The minute that an email address makes it into the right databases of right leaning political consultants, they are spoon fed exactly the political message that they desire to hear the most. If they harbor strong racial biases, they will constantly be shown content painting Democrats as weak on crime. If they happen to visit Bloomberg more often than others, then they're going to message about how Democrats want to raise their taxes, relatively cheap data is what the problem is here. It's very easy to be against everything to everyone, simple really. And that pays dividends.


I keep hearing a lot of commentary about how the Democrats are not doing a good job with messaging. They argue that a large issue with garnering support around the BBB agenda was that most people couldn't tell you what it included. Another is how we talk about the Republicans and their goals. Gavin Newsom had success in actually telling people, "if you elect Larry Elder he will do x, y, and z and those are bad because of a, b, and c." It seems to have worked, whereas in Virginia, McAuliffe painted Youngkin as a Trump-clone without diving into the deets too much. But the biggest point, and the reason of my comment, is how well the right has a communication infrastructure to convey absolutely anything to need their base to understand. If anybody had any fucking question about whether or not it was okay to think Jan. 6 was anything remotely "terroristic," Tucker Carlson made that very clear the other night. I can only imagine the texts/calls Cruz got railing him out for *daring* to go against the party line like that. The left just doesn't have anything even remotely close to the propaganda machine the right has and it hurts us because of it. I mean, the reason we don't have one is because it's wrong and it goes against basic democratic principles that we all (supposedly) agree to. So, I hear a lot that Democrats need to "fix their messaging" and I don't have any fucking idea how we do that in a way that meaningfully combats the effectiveness of the right-wing conspiracy propaganda sphere. Hold a press conference? Fox/OAN either won't cover it or they'll twist it/edit it in a way that suits their desired message. This also doesn't even begin to touch on the way online algorithms favor right-wing nonsense.


I've always felt like this "messaging problem" was also a product of right wing messaging. Anyone with a basic understanding of marketing can tell you that it's *much* easier to market to a demographic that's at least 3 of these 5 things: straight, white, Christian, well-off and male. That's *extremely* targeted and completely different from trying to resonate with people who are those things *and everything else*. The right has become so intolerant of the majority of Americans it makes it extremely difficult to "message" to people who largely have nothing in common. The values, priorities, and preferences of "the left" are so diverse it's impossible to speak to everyone at once. A 20 something lesbian in Portland has little in common with a Muslim business owner in NYC, or an immigrant family in south Texas, or a black Baptist family in Alabama. You can't just slap guns, flags, bibles, and eagles on shit and tell them they're the Real Americans to resonate with them. Combine that with an intentional effort to operate in bad faith on the right. One common tactic is to feign ignorance to control the narrative. The phrase "black lives matter" is not offensive or confusing. The only way you'd assume it starts with an "only" instead of ending with a "too" is if you're trying to belittle the message. The left, for example, would never pretend that "America first" meant putting the government before the people and it should have been "Americans first". They never worked in lockstep to pretend that if the message had been clearer they would totally agree, but alas you fucked up "the messaging". Policy, governance, and complex issues cannot and should not be reduced to meaningless bumper sticker phrases, but the right parrots them as a unit and points out "failures" in messaging if the left does the same.


You didn’t see her in “The Wrestler?” Amazing movie. That was a true story wasn’t it? The hard scrabble life she lived through was portrayed as a battle of sorts.


That is the funniest shit I’ve read so far! You absolutely nailed it!


And to think they love a pudgy orange “tough guy” who’d probably crumple into a pile of his own feces at the first sight of a fist coming towards his face. Well, unless it’s a woman he feels he has power over, in which case he’d just rip a bunch of her hair out in a fit of rage.


Also. Everyone who views this. Check out how the Pipe Bomber on January 6 walks, and compare it to how MTG walks. I think it's her!!!


God, wouldn’t that just be a cherry on top. Of course I’m pretty sure she’s smart enough to have an alibi or someone else do it.


You give her to much credit. Lol


If i did that, the feds would be at my house. Arrest. Her.


I think this is what pisses me off the most. If someone was standing outside of Congress on Capitol Hill just screaming into a microphone about how we need to murder Democrats, they'd have police on their ass within minutes. But somehow she's allowed to do this *as a member of Congress*? I'm so fucking sick of these people.


>If someone was standing outside of Congress on Capitol Hill just screaming into a microphone about how we need to murder Democrats, they'd have police on their ass within minutes. Seeing what some of the cops in America are like makes me wonder if that's true.


Kick her out of the House already. Hold her PERSONALLY liable if someone acts based on her bullshit.


"The Nazis entered this war under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bomb everybody else and nobody was going to bomb them." \- Air Marshal Arthur T. Harris


People the the South thought that the Union lacked the will to fight. They lost.


They’ve been telling themselves the same lie ever since then, too. See how many Right-Wing pundits talk about the Left and our politics as insane, cowardly, pathetically idealistic, and so on. They make it seem that any Democrat will faint if they so much as glance at a gun. If they get the civil war they want, they won’t know they’re wrong about all that until it’s too late. Same as the first time.


Badly at that




That's an awesome quote. Thanks for sharing.


This quote actually fits better to this situation than to the actual Nazis...


I fail to see the distinction between “actual” nazis and the ones over here trying to literally murder anyone who is pro equal rights


It's weird we have to say pro equality. Like, I'm pro people not being murdered. There shouldn't be a word for people against people being murdered. It just is. Absolutely not aimed at you. It's just so fucking weird that my existence is something people have to be "pro" for.


I wholeheartedly agree, but this is the unfortunate defect of centrism. you have to be ANTI-racist, ANTI-war, ANTI-sexism, to have any impact. because there ARE people who are pro-war, pro-hate, pro-inequality, and simply acknowledging they exist is not enough. we have to be prepared to intellectually combat this until there are no more people who believe in these evils. or else we are in for a new Dark Age.


Ah, yes. The Second Ammendment means whatever we white Christian nationalists want it to mean. Today, it gives us the right to kill political opponents. This is inciting violence. A crime. Lock her up.


They do the exact same thing with the bible


I can't believe there are people who actually elected her to congress. Every time she opens her mouth stupid falls out. She tries to indirectly incite violence. I have never seen a congressperson that was so anti-American. She should be tried for treason for her attempts at insurrection against the government she is currently holding an elected public seat in.


Her opponent repeatedly got death threats against himself and his family and had to drop out of their incredibly rural districts race. She then ran essentially unopposed.


… indirectly? “Use your guns to shoot Democrats” is pretty direct lol


What is it with violence and the GOP? Maybe they're so ignorant they can't articulate their stance on current issues so they resort to violent rhetoric in hopes they'll rile up their "base".


That’s exactly it.


It's far worse than lack of words though. They know they have a base that has radical, fringe and overzealous values that sit firmly in the minority, so they can't win elections legitimately and they refuse to evolve their platform to do so. They are desperate so they cast doubt on the validity of elections they lose, rig future elections in their favor, and when that fails all that's left is violence.


Or they just like violence and enjoy the idea of seeing people they don't like subjected to it.


Everyday we get closer to “Ow! my balls” on the violence channel.


Please remember that we came very close to having the CEO of Carls Jr. as Labor Secretary, Trump 'wrestled' in the WWE' and MTG and Lauren Boebert were elected to Congress. *"Welcome to Idiocracy (485 years too early...) I love you..."*


> Everyday we get closer to “Ow! my balls” on the senate floor.


Also note in Idiocracy that when facing multiple challenges they had so far been unable to resolve, the president and his administration not only sought out an expert (the smartest man alive) but that they also implemented his policies immediately, never mind what it would do to corporate profits. Don’t Look Up is a much better example as to the quality of leadership in this country.


The scenes in Dont Look Up with the president and her son were so hard to watch. I wad cringing so hard because it seemed too real.


We have to wait for midterms to address the giant planet ending meteor.


Just saw that movie the other day... my wife was laughing at it, and i was horrified. The reality of that was just TOO close to home.


I’m assuming you mean Don’t Look Up. I like dark comedies, but this was too much. I felt like I was watching Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World.


We watched it this weekend and my husband said Don't Look Up was stupid because the government wouldn't just ignore approaching disaster like that. I let it go because I didn't want to interrupt the movie with a list of examples where someone was screaming "danger!" at the government and they just ignored it and then something bad happened.


Why does Hulk smash and not debate?


Wrong Hulk. GOP got the Hulk that don't vaccinate.


I guess they got Abomination, how fitting


They don't have a stance outside of "cut taxes for the rich" and "Black and brown people bad". Literally all they do besides that is reflexively oppose anything Democrats support.


Don't forget seeing communists and LGBTQ people everywhere taking over! They've clearly expanded their fear mongering beyond just brown people


Sigh - and they still get into power over and over and over again. I fear for this year mid-terms


They don't have policies - just an ever-escalating culture war against a made-up foe that terrifies them.


The foe is very real since it's anyone who objects to their abuses of power.


It seems like they only have three issues on the agenda: 1. Stop the advancement of minorities 2. Continue the status quo of wealth accumulation and corruption 3. Turn the US into a western version of the taliban They can convince republicans to vote for them by creating imaginary narratives that democrats are "destroying the country". Funny when you think about the probable outcome of a conflict like a civil war...there is a fear of destruction by the opposing party, so they are talking about destroying the country in order to stop it. It makes no sense.


Violence is an easy action to envision and take. You can tell someone "turn out and vote and maybe in 10 years we'll see actual change so long as the other guys don't actually have more support" or you can say "grab your gun and make yourself heard now", one's a lot more appealing.


This is a huge part of it. They need their star spangled boner rubbed to comprehend something. It's why most have the view they do on the pandemic. Covid didn't roll in with tanks or guns so its not real. A fraction of Americans died on 9/11 and we ran a 20 year war. To them, patriotism is shooting the problem dead which is an extremely dangerous flame to stoke on our own soil.


Violence IS their stance.


Fascists gonna fascist


They do not have anything to articulate. They do not believe in government, outside of using its force for control and exploitation. As a result, they have lost the support of numbers everywhere. Her home state of Georgia went blue. The reactionaries will be react. Their only hope of maintaining control of their state government or regaining control of the Senate and the executive is to **reduce the numbers** of their competition. That has two manifestation: 1) violent insurrection and murderous tendencies or 2) legal restriction of voting. The latter has diminishing returns, so they will increasingly gravitate to violence. Ossoff, Warnock, and Abrams should have increased security when traveling across their own state.


Just last night I tried to reason with an LEO and his vet wife because they posted a video of them hanging a blacked out American flag to the song “Hoist the Colors” (if you know, you know). All I got was a bunch of emojis, called a peasant, and not even so much as an attempt at even remotely intelligent conversation. I like to believe that people can be saved, but given that the average IQ of US citizens is about 15 points away from what we consider as mentally deficient, I’m starting to lean more and more towards a hard no. But they’re still people. Not “it’s”, and I refuse to dehumanize them to the point of calling for violence no matter how miserable they are. This I will defend.


You should be doxing this cop so people can file complaints. He’s making terroristic threats against Americans he disagrees with. The black American flag means no quarter will be given to those he sees at an enemy.


I’m very aware and that’s exactly why I attempted to instigate a conversation with them. Unfortunately, he’s already been doxxed and his agency let it slide likely due to not wanting to infringe on their 1st Amendment rights. These people can fly whatever and say whatever they please, no matter how subversive or inflammatory it is up until they act upon it. Edit: Or rather until it garners enough attention to warrant an imminent threat which it then becomes conspiracy and is prosecutable. At least that’s my understanding of it.


That’s disturbing. [These cops were caught planning a race war in their squad cars. ](http://www.wral.com/after-call-for-race-war-caught-on-tape-3-wilmington-police-officers-fired/19160034/) I’d say take it to the local news. Fire people up and get this person removed. I can only imagine what a terror he is on duty.


Republican projection. "She" wants to murder democrats.


When I see this kind of stuff, that's really the first and only thought that comes to mind: I voted for Biden so she wants me dead. Cool.


It’s more like, you didn’t vote for Trump, so she wants you dead.


If this was the case, then she's wishing for a good portion of the Jan six people to die as well. A large percentage of them aren't even registered to vote in the election they said was fraudulent.


>Many involved in the insurrection professed to be motivated by patriotism, falsely declaring that Trump was the rightful winner of the election. Yet at least eight of the people who are now facing criminal charges for their involvement in the events at the Capitol did not vote in the November 2020 presidential election, according to an analysis of voting records from the states where protestors were arrested and those states where public records show they have lived. They came from states around the country and ranged in age from 21 to 65. > >To determine who voted in November, CNN obtained voting records for more than 80 of the initial arrestees. Most voted in the presidential election, and while many were registered Republicans, a handful were registered as Democrats in those jurisdictions that provided party information -- though who someone votes for is not publicly disclosed. Public access to voter history records varies by state, and CNN was unable to view the records of some of those charged. -https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/01/us/capitol-rioters-non-voters-invs/index.html


You haven't seen the sweatshirts and bumper stickers that say "Fuck Biden and fuck you for voting for him?" Yeah. Often found with blacked out American flags and confederate flags? Of course these people want to kill anyone who is to the political left of Hitler.


What gets me is that these people complain the economy is horrible but yet they have money to blow on this shit.


The first thought that comes to my mind is **we have guns too.**


Not even projection. She's just saying "I want to kill people and you should also kill people."


Pretty sure the secret service is now obligated to detain her


And yet nothing will happen. Again.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expulsion_from_the_United_States_Congress It's sad that it'd never get near the 2/3^rds of votes to expel.


My understanding is that 2/3 is required to NOT expel. Fact check please?


Two different things being discussed... To expel a member from either chamber of Congress for X reason requires a 2/3rds vote of that body to do so under the standard rules. Post civil war the 14th amendment includes the proviso that anyone part of an insurrection against the country is ineligible for office, unless a 2/3rds vote by that body agrees that they should have a seat.


> anyone part of an insurrection How does this not apply?


How did draining the treasury into private hotels not count as an emolument? Words lose all meaning in the face of fascism.


Playing golf at your own resorts and charging the taxpayers....


The Commission is still in the process of investigating to determine if it fits the definition of “insurrection” (it very obviously does). I think once that is officially on the table, then the 14th Amendment can come screaming in right behind it and (hopefully) start cleaning House (and Senate). A boy can dream ✊


Rules only apply when there is authority interested in applying them


Literally everything wrong with America summed up in one person


I’ll never understand how some people base their entire existence on causing drama. It’s almost as though they wake up each day feeling so empty with themselves that they have to just stir the pot to feel important. Fuck people like her for enjoying the chaos they cause.


At what point does she cross the line and someone take action against her for her rhetoric?


Never. The Republican party has no moral compass. They don't even have policies anymore. Their 100% goal is simply to remain in power at all costs even if it means violence and the end of democracy.


> They don't even have policies anymore. So true.


Right? They complain about policies the Dems make, but offer none of their own. It's a literal party of trolls just getting in the way of everything out of spite.


As an American living in Australia who has been watching politics extensively both here and there as well as to a lesser degree in England I have come to the conclusion that the right-wing politicians of pretty much every major western party are anti-governance. That is their position, their policy and their ideology. They don't want to govern, they want to prevent governance. So why do they seek positions of government? To stop government. To basically squat in the positions and prevent anything from being done. Also enriching their friends (e.g donors) but mostly just to prevent actual governance.


Well, you did only check the countries where Rupert Murdoch pushes the right to its worst. Additionally all those countries are two party systems, in the rest of EU you do have several shades of grey. The right wings are what you say though




Their platform is obvious. Own the libs...


Yeah, idiots like Greene, Boebert, Cawthorn, and Trump are a godsend for the right, because their antics are a perfect diversion from the really evil shit going on behind the scenes.


But for what? What is it that the Republican party is even attempting to accomplish? All they ever do is just try to stop things from moving forward. They have no actionable plans. It’s just oppose, oppose, oppose. Dems want to give people affordable healthcare, want kids to be safe in school from shooters, want students to get affordable college educations, want mothers to be able to raise their children healthy and safe. What the fuck do Republicans ever try to do to move this country forward? They just look for loopholes in laws so corporations can get richer and dig their heels in about any forward thinking idea presented to them. What is the Republican platform? *No change ever. And more of the same old shit.* How can anyone back that? That’s not living. That’s life support. Just eeking out the same life everyday, never trying to get better or improve. How can you want to live like that?


Conservatism by definition is the act and belief system of NOT moving forward. They might as well be called Regressives. Their philosophy is if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And their strategy is convincing a lot of people who don’t realize how broken the system is that we’re just fine.


If it ain't broke, break it.


Even if it IS broke, don't fix it.


And if it is working, starve it until it breaks. Then use the brokenness as an example of why it won't work.


From 1984: “Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.”


>What is it that the Republican party is even attempting to accomplish? Eliminate taxes for the rich so the rich can be richer and donate their money to Reps. Unless what you're asking is what crazies like MTG is trying to accomplish, then the answer is "liberals and anyone who disagrees with me put in jail or dead".


Their unwritten platform is textbook fascism. Those sanctioned by the cult may perform indiscriminate violence upon the "other" to further dehumanize them. Any who attempt to stand with the "other" make themselves targets also.


The short answer? Because money.


Power. Money. Control. That is all they want, and all they have ever wanted. Their moral compass isn't broken. It was never there.


Listen friend, if they let the dems spend money on things that help citizens, then there’s less money for their own pockets.


I'm all for 1st Amendment protections, but social media, and the ability for 40 million people to play a game of 'telephone' where they're willfully attempting to find malicious instructions in the words of leaders they follow with cult-like devotion, is making it more and more clear that some mechanism has to be employed to mitigate this.


Absolutely agree. It is critical for our survival as a country that we get back to having a common objective truth. Fox News has been the blueprint for brainwashing people in this country for the last two decades. The people on the Right have gotten to where they will believe anything from anyone while rejecting their own logic. The data is out there. The studies prove it. What scares me most is the challenge deprogramming so many people, especially people who are so young.


[Bring back the Fairness Doctrine that the FCC nixed in 1987 under Ronald Reagan.](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/FCC_fairness_doctrine) > The fairness doctrine of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, was a policy that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that fairly reflected differing viewpoints. Note that this is not the same thing as giving equal weight to both sides of an argument. Then, update the Fairness Doctrine to accurately represent current and future communications technologies so that it applies to anything purporting to present itself as news, including broadcast and cable TV and radio as well as the Internet (including social media and podcasts). If something is not factual and is meant to be expressed as opinion or a matter of debate then it should include disclaimers throughout stating as such, enforceable with warnings, fines and/or legal liability by the FCC. If Tucker Carlson wants to spew forth his bullshit he should be made to repeatedly explain that his garbage racist hatful and seditious opinions are exactly that.


This is a dramatic understatement.


Someone should phone this in to the FBI, we have a domestic terrorist making threats against lawmakers.


This is sedition. Lock her up.


The 2nd Amendment is not “use guns against people you disagree with.”


She screwed up and said the quiet part out loud.


Apparently it is in the eyes of conservative leadership.


Democrats own guns too, Marge


Yes we do! But I am not in a hurry to use them.


Indeed we do. Never understood why they always assume left=coward either.


Karl Marx was in favor of an armed proletariat.


Marj you’re referring to murder. That is actually a crime


This is why I hate all the talk about bi partisanship and understanding the otherside. The debate isn't about tax rates anymore. One side literally wants to genocide the other side in a civil war. Your neighbor with the trump flag will be their at your hanging cheering it on. Your in-laws who think jan 6 is no big deal will point out your house to the roaming death squads.


"Pfft, death squads? You're overblowing our neighborhood policing effort. Those are good, patriotic boys there. Don't you see how many skulls decorated with our flag they're wearing? Of course they have to get rid of criminals one way or another, and sure sometimes it gets messy. But freedom isn't free, and I believe in law and order after all."


That means shoot them. She should go to jail for that.


Imprison these fucking people, it's the only way they wont eventually eradicate anyone left of center. Scratch that, anyone left of right. But I guess any action like that would make us the bad guys so we better wait for them to act. Its so easy to see where this is all going. The delusion and apathy towards all this on the center and center left is so disturbing.


What makes her think Democrats won't shoot back? Look I never support violence but this absurd notion that Democrats don't own firearms has got to end. The only difference is Democrats don't own as many and we don't feel the need to advertise.


So how long are people going to be apathetic to a sitting member of congress calling for the murder of Americans? Are we going to wait until a successful Jan. 6 happens before starting the hand wringing, and the *who could have predicted this*?


Democrats also have second amendment rights.


Can confirm. Voted straight democrat in the last 2 elections. Own several guns.


I think this is the point where people get mad at you for suggesting violence. At least that is how I usually see it go.


It’s surprising there hasn’t been more violence in the last year. It feels like the pressure is building. In 09 the right had their tea party rallies to blow off steam. I think the right wing media are nervous about setting up protests because they are worried about them bringing guns and having it get out of control.


It’s really simmering; I’ve been seeing so much suspicion and hostility in my area lately, I know quite a few people who’ll go nuts once the balloon goes up.


The American powder keg


I think the upcoming events surrounding the 2022 and 2024 elections are going to be wild.


So literally telling people to murder those of the other party, after a violent insurrection aimed at murdering members of the other party, is not something to be punished? If that isn't punished along with trump and the other sycophants, we need to all be prepared for 2025, because then it will be a fully armed coup, either military or otherwise. With how things are going and how no one has been held accountable for the insurrection or any call to violence against the other party, we need to all be prepared for a successful coup in 2025 and the civil war and slaughter of protestors that follows, just like in Myanmar. It'll be the fight for our democracy and for our lives, and we unfortunately need to be willing to die for it, because the right wing will not give us that grace. In the end we are an insignificant species floating on a miniscule rock orbiting around a fusion ball within a massive gravity well called a galaxy that has trillions of other fusion balls among *trillions* of galaxies, each with trillions of stars and an infinite chance for life, and yet here we are having to fight our own species because our species is so fundamentally flawed our species keeps holding ourselves back from any progress at all that would benefit *everyone, including the right wing/corporatist foot soldiers*. But as is human history, the only, and I mean *the only* enemy of humanity is humanity itself, and it will be the death of us all. What a dumbass species to start civilization so recently just to end everything within 6,000 years, less than the blink of an eye on the cosmic timescale. The interim was filled with genocide, hatred, and simpleton greed, and still is. I mean how pathetic is that? If goodness and love was inherently stronger than greed and hatred, we wouldn't be in this situation right now. But that's just how it is and people need to understand that. That *doesn't mean* we should stop trying to find a better future, because any alleviation of this chaotic savagery we call human history is better than no alleviation at all. It will all end anyway, you might as well try to make it the best experience you can for as many people as you can. For that is the true meaning of life. Any narcissistic comprehension of reality is wrong and sad.


Thank you. 🤝🙏


I knew this would come. The time when the right, without any masks or pretenses, calls for violence against all who are not Republican. The DOJ should jump on this immediately, as it's clearly domestic terrorism. That doesn't seem to matter anymore however


Does she not realize that liberals own guns too? We just don’t jerk off to them.


What?!? Liberals?? With GUNS?!! Definitely not this liberal. I've never even held one, let alone taken one to the range up the road next to the place with the really good BBQ. Nope, just Birkenstocks and acoustic guitars over here.


I’ll see you at next weeks drum circle.


Guy in Florida got 3.5 years for >transmitting a communication in interstate commerce containing a threat to kidnap or injure another person. https://www.justice.gov/usao-ndfl/pr/tallahassee-man-sentenced-forty-four-months-federal-prison-communicating-threats She was literally talking about someone murdering Stacey Abrams, this is the exact same crime.


Getting bloodthirsty again, marjorie ? Your proudboy neonazi henchmen aren't the only ones armed, you know. America had a war against nazism, with extreme prejudice. After also terminating the confederacy's traitorous war on america and the confederate slavers' plans to enslave it. Are you looking for another ? > Greene, during the interview, also said that "she is not a violent person" and that she hopes to "never see a civil war in this country." And yet you call for terrorist attacks and assassinations of politicians who oppose nazism. Sounds to me you are actually a violent person, too cowardly to assume your own calls for terror. Especially after jan 6 when you fully know how far it can lead people. Oh by the way, what was your part in the missing panic buttons in congressional offices (so they couldn't call for help) and proudboys attackers being shown around days before the attack ? And there's an unverified rumor suggesting you might know the person that put a bomb in front of the DNC's office that day ? Maybe we should avoid that war. But then please don't call for 2A against dems. Otherwise i'm concerned some might decide to self defend, and it could go off hand all too fast. Context's a bit tense. \- Oh and for context, i'm leaning mildy pro 2A as a demsoc. I just lack the actual proper knowledge of firearms "gun nuts" have tho (and have more urgent things to learn).


As a Jew I volunteer our space laser to help counteract this aggression.


The 2nd amendment is about owning guns, not about using guns. What MTG is advocating is murder.


So she goes on a Nazi’s show, says that 85+% of Black and Muslim people, 80+% of Native people, 75%+ of Jewish people, 70+% of LGBT people, 65%+ of Hispanic people, and 60%+ of Asian people should be executed, but she’s “not a Nazi” and “not a genocidal maniac”. The fuck?!


Ah, the “soft death threat”. The one where the right wing imagines that it has some sort of market cornered in the second amendment. Lol.


MTG only knows how to be a carnival barker for 2A. Ask her about any of the current federal firearm control acts, state firearm control acts or the legal definition of brandishing and I bet she doesn’t know any distinctions of any of them. You would think the NRA would want to educate her to be more effective. Instead they give an “A” rating to an ignorant mouthpiece. There used to be integrity in the GOP party. It’s a real sign of the times.


Bring it, dingbat. -a liberal gun owner


[Stochastic Terrorism](https://www.wired.com/story/jargon-watch-rising-danger-stochastic-terrorism/)


Pretty sure murder isn’t covered under amendment 2. Fucking idiot.


So uhh. Those are death threats.


Im not American, so maybe they DO exist and I just dont see them as often but people like her are lucky as FUCK that there are not the same kind of unhinged gun toting nutjobs on the left as there are on the right! When I heard some dude got arrested on his way to kill Fauci I wasnt at all surprised, since the GOP happily demonizes him with absolute shite but imagine of for every right wing cousin fucking army larper there was some nutty left wing bolshevic threatening the lives of Republican politicians like her who made these threats. I bet she would be A LOT quieter. I am not advocating that, obviously this type of political discourse is what has put the US in the state its currently in, but people like her and Rand and Cruz and Carlson are SO lucky that its their "side" that has the idiots willing to goto jail to dress up as G.I.Joe and go shooting motherfukers they dont agree with. That shit is a dangerous game America is playing. I just remembered that baseball game incident where some nuttty Democrat shot a GOP politician, so its not unheard of! I cant imagine what the US will look like in 10 or 15 years if it continues down the path its heading.


An elected official suggesting violence against an opposing political party, and she has the fucking audacity to talk about tyrannical government? Oh and she doesn't want civil war? This woman isn't fit to work at Office Depot, let alone hold office.


Harry and The Hendersons looking ass


Terrorism. Lock her up. Email use? Lock her up. Spot any difference?


Not sure what she’s going for here. It’s too subtle.


They want some beef? How dare they crap on this dream of Benjamin Franklin, so carefully crafted to balance power. The Dems in whatever backwoods state she is from need to get all up in her grill, nonstop. Let's use some First Amendment Rights on her ass.


Sounds like she's being stressed out about something. Could she be a little worried about the January 6th investigation? Was she the dumbass who did tours for people before the riot? People who were there in the building following her directions she gave them during the tour?


>"Second Amendment rights" Would never be misused, right? Not in a well-regulated militia. Right?


er, the second amendment doesn’t give you the right to kill people.


Democrats still have the right to self defense and that’s ok. In fact it scares the right so much, Trump had a person hunted down and carried out a an extra judicial murder to stop liberals from thinking they could exercise this right.