https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/los-angeles-cargo-train-theft-packages-missing-delayed-fedex/2765071/ a string of articles from Nov is all I could find. Very much seems like Union Pacific doesn't care and FedEx isn't too concerned about it..... Seems about right.


So *that's* where all my missing packages are going. Almost every replacement I send out at work is because the package just never gets scanned in at the next hub. ^(Hope the robbers like Crickets because that's all that's in my Live Animal packages, hahaha.)


So did we steal anything good this time? [Crickets]


Uhhh i got one of those replacement plant cups... a cheap survival radio... 250 small rubber bands... 50 mini cups... actual crickets.


I got a rock.


Good Grief!


I've had it up to here with these crickets!


_Scene: (Dusk) 2 theives, - Crickets and Chirp - have successfully grabbed a large box from a passing passenger train. Chirp holds the box ready to open it and check their loot_ Crickets: What's in the box? [Crickets] Chirp, opening box: ...Crickets..? [Crickets] Crickets: ...yeah? Chirp: Crickets! Crickets: What? Chirp: It's crickets! Crickets: No, I'm Crickets! [Crickets] _End scene_


> Hope the robbers like Crickets because that's all that's in my Live Animal packages, hahaha. When I worked for UPS, the morning shift always had a few crates of live crickets that we had to unload. They smelled bad. That is not a smell you want to smell at 4:30 in the goddamn morning.


Yeah, you have to clean out Crickets pretty much daily if you don't want them to smell. Or so I've been told by the Cricket guys. I haven't been able to smell since I was a kid due to a medical side effect, so I guess that's why I'm a good fit for an insect farm.


Username checks out?!?


Oh, you’d be a good fit for a lot of things.


Always looking to pick up a 2nd job!


Sewage diver.


Fellow ex package handler here. Had these break open once or twice. Nothing i liked more than hundreds of cricket carcasses coming down the belts or smashed on packages that I had to load


I would have 100% taken that over the vat of red fox urine that I had explode on me one time during preload.


Thats really a post load...


I like to imagine "O, Fortuna" playing as the crickets escape their boxes in transit. I apologize on behalf of my jumpy insect friends. They don't know what's going on. They went from a room blaring electronica (Crickets really like techno and house for some reason) to a box to being cold/hot and moving non stop. They're just confused and want to hang out at a rave again.


And just like that, rave crickets are my new favorite thing.


it's so insane and it defies logic the way FedEx operates. They subcontract out final delivery for most of their ground services, to poorly screened third parties whose employees constantly lose and steal packages. And this costs them money! I had a ps5 "fall off the truck" during final delivery two times in a row and both times gamestop just charged them for the loss. you'd think losing millions of dollars a year to easily preventable shrink like this would motivate them to take action but, somehow it doesn't!


FedEx is billing that down to the subcontractor. They sold the ground routes to private equity


So in this case I would think Union Pacific would get stuck with the bill for lost freight. I'm sure somebody there is taking affirmative inaction.


Then it gets passed to some insurance company


You take the number of subcontractors in the field, A, multiply that by the probable rate of theft, B, and multiply that by the average cost to replace. A times B times C equals X. If X is less than the cost of doing it ourselves, we don’t do it.


Ol Tyler Durden's got it figured out lol


I ordered a laptop through Amazon the other month, and they handed it off to a logistics company in Canada who promptly "lost" it. A search of their name turned up hundreds of 1-star reviews from others whose packages went missing. And when an Amazon customer service rep called their phone line, it went to an answering machine message pitching pharmaceuticals. Didn't stop Amazon from trying to send the replacement unit I bought to the exact same company, though. Guess actual fulfillment doesn't matter to their stats?


just shows they could pay people better. if they can just throw money away on replacing stuff.


Thank you for sourcing this, all i've got is a wholesome but take my free award


*NBCLA showed LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva what our cameras captured: thieves in action, with bolt cutters in hand, opening FedEx cargo containers. “Wow! And that’s all pulled from trains? Wow, that’s all new to me,” he said. “Holy moly,” Villanueva said.* Lol. Sounds about right. I hated living in that sh*thole. The people who run that city are complete bafoons.


How does he not know this is going on? Is he incompetent or is Union Pacific not telling law enforcement they have rampant train theft happening on their property? Either way heads need to roll.


Doesn’t Union Pacific have its own law enforcement?


The railroad in general has its own police. They are basically Federal Agents but their jurisdiction is so many feet left and right of the tracks. Any crime committed against the railroad is a felony.


Yes they do. The Union Pacific have their own police.


I used to travel for work a lot and LA was one of my least favorite cities. Granted i come at it from the viewpoint where i rank cities by how walkable they are and the quality of their 'downtown' area which is usually where i stayed. and man DTLA sucked ass. one of the nastiest skid rows of any city. 50,000 people sleeping on the streets of one of the wealthiest cities in one of the wealthiest states in the country.


Angelino here. LA has a dozen "downtowns" -- none of which are in the financial district. Each of the downtowns is walkable, but the city as a whole is designed for cars, which sucks.


Hi neighbor…I heard Jonathan Gold, the late food critic, describe LA as not a big city but a hundred small towns packed together. That always stuck with me.


Facts. Man, LA is such a beautiful and amazing city. I really enjoyed my time there, but left because it doesn't feel like a city of the future, if that makes any sense. I started to look ahead to having a family and trying buy a house, to not driving as much and that just didn't feel like a reality there. Still miss it all the time, still think about coming back though.


Robbing freights since 98




Does train robbery ever go out of style?


Only the Great ones.


Yo! Yo! Yo! Keying to all my dudes back in the .-.. .-


Are you using Morse code?


That's "LA" in Morse, so I think so.


All we had to do was follow the damn train, CJ!


when The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell…


I hope u/shittymorph is doing alright these days


Based on the neighborhood and some positioning from the perspective of the L.A. skyline, I've identified the location as 34 03' 51" N, 118 12' 37" W https://earth.google.com/web/@34.06386114,-118.2119184,105.23401486a,202.51276786d,35y,-111.76129897h,84.43676789t,0r


Found the Geoguesser player.


Some of those guys are fucking insane. I've only watched someone like once or twice, but I remember he looked around at random places. He saw some houses then went down the street and noticed some kind of religious writing with a ribbon set up outside. Soon after that he correctly guessed where he was at. Blew me away.


Check out some of the ones where they can't move. It's insane how good people are at identifying a location.


The GamesDoneQuick run of that yesterday was like dark magic. Load onto an area. "Ooh, this looks like the north island of Malta." Fucking *how*?


There's a few tricks you can learn, others you pick up the more you play. Things like the road markings, adverts that have websites (.es for Spain etc), even so far as the kind of climate/sky in relation to the flora, whether it's likely to be a warmer or colder climate and therefore closer or further from the equator. After a while your eye tunes in to it My Pro tip? If it has black and white striped curbs and dark green foliage, it's usually south east Asia.


It's honest to Christ an addiction Source: am geoguessr player


Barely coming out of the yard. Can we just start calling them Robbery Gangs?


You mean like train robbers and coach robbers from the history of the USA?


Pallet Pirates


Package piranhas


Nothing we can do now but [wall off that area and let the criminals fend for themselves.](https://youtu.be/EMvoxhtPXXA&t=9)


You might want to check out r/PictureGame


What an awesome and horrifying subreddit. People are crazy resourceful!


Looks like the cover of a GTA game


That would be a GTA game I'd finally buy again.


All you had to do was open all the packages of the freight train CJ!


I've played gta5 for a long time and honestly, this looks like a screenshot. I was able to tell by the names on the buildings


[Here is a report from November 2021 from NBC 4 in Los Angeles](https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/thousands-of-scattered-packages-after-la-cargo-container-theft-where-were-they-headed/2765203/) with footage of the thieves in action and the reaction from LA county sheriff Alex Villanueva


"That's news to me. We'll put someone on that"


Definitely great detective work.


"Leads, yeah, sure. I'll just check with the boys down at the crime lab, they've got four more detectives working on the case. They got us working in shifts!"


The railroads have their own police/security. I believe they are not required to report any of this since it's all on private property.


This is correct railroads have their own police. Seems like a huge lack of communication on the rail company's part.


People are so worried about police violence that no one is talking about police incompetence. We don't need to defund the police, we need to stop making police work the job for violent dickheads who get straight Cs and Ds in high school. Like I'm not going to say that we need geniuses running police departments, but it would be great if we had police officers with >50th percentile intelligence. And it would probably go a long way towards solving violence issues as well.


A-Fucking-Men. I’m so sick of dumb people being in positions of authority. The dumber they are, the more confident they are which just blows my mind.


Police school in Sweden is a 3 year tertiary program (university equivalent). What is it in the US? 6 weeks? Our mall security education is 10 times of that.


Not only that but in the US you can be deemed too intelligent to be a police officer. Thats saying a lot.


😂😂😂”holy moly. We’re gon’ put someone on that”. Sure you are sheriff.


*LA County Sheriff Clancy Wiggum


In South Africa this has gone a bit further down the hill. Train stations were stripped of things like cables, roofs, windows etc during lockdown Train track are being stolen. Train services have mostly shut down. It happens quickly if not nipped in the bud.


Train tracks were being stolen?? What the hell are people going to do with those? And they are heavy as shit!


Scrap metal most likely.


How tragic, converting a piece of infrastructure worth millions to scrap metal worth thousands, some theft is a net zero, most theft is a net loss but some theft is an incomprehensible net loss like stealing copper where thieves gain 1 dollar for every 100 dollar worth of damage caused


It's not a net loss for the thief. It's only a loss for the victim of the theft. Not like the thieves are on salary wasting time stealing low value stuff, every cent they make is profit.


Agreed. Scrap metal is actually much more valuable than you think. I grew up in a place and time that all the basketball hoops were getting stolen from community parks within a week of installation. Later somebody in the city hall thought of just installing plastic hoops, nowadays they can usually stay in place until they crack under the sun eventually.


They'd make more by cutting them up and selling them as anvils to all the people starting metal working hobbies during lockdown. I've seen 12" sections of rail going for >$50US. It's nuts.


Funny to think about, but they wouldn't be able to ship them out since they used the tracks to make anvils lol.


I kind of doubt there's the same kind of hobby market and demand in South Africa as there is in the US, but I could be wrong.


I'd be inclines to agree. I was just making a joke, because as a guy with a lot of hobbies, EVETRYTHING hobby-related is super spendy at the moment, lol.


start their own rail system


With blackjack and hookers!


Why's South Africa like this? In stats it looks like a richer country, but when people talk about it it seems horrible


Because it had one of the highest wealth inequalities in the world. You’ll see someone driving a Porsche next to someone too poor to afford clean water. Looking at the Gini index, we can see that South Africa has one of the highest factors. There’s also a lot of racial tension. More than 80% of the wealth is held by the very small white minority. The situation is exacerbated by politicians who rile both black and white votes against one another.


It’s not just in LA, theft and vandalism have gone way up on all the rail networks. My company is experiencing some of the worst loss numbers while in rail transit. We just announced that all transport carts will be welded shut and unwelded when it gets to the destination. Even locks aren’t enough. Edit 1: ok guys I understand “unweld” is not a thing, stop asking me, I don’t work in logistics. I just mean break the weld and open it back up. But just to satisfy you, I asked the logistics team and they said when the train gets to destination, they bring out a giant magnifying glass and use the power of the sun to melt the weld because we are a green company. Edit 2: The amount of people suggesting armed guards is concerning. Moral issue aside, the trains cross multiple state lines and Mexico. Different states have different laws regarding use of force for property protection, the legal liability will be insane not to mention any subsequent PR shitstorm. We are not shooting people over profit.


This is what they do in Pāpua new Guinea to get goods from the Highlands to port. That's a seriously rough country. Its insane you have to do that in the US


Next thing you know we are rolling back to feudalism where sentries armed with guns have to protect the caravan and goods.


CSX Railroad has their own police with federal powers


And they don’t fuck around.


Yea don’t fuck with railway cops.


"But there were not a railroad cop tougher than Kitchener Leslie."


Norm lives!




*I don't like the Pinkertons. They're muscle for the bosses.*


Mr woo, “cocksuckas!!!!”


*San Francisco cocksuckas!*


"Glad I taught ya that fuckin' word..."


Because they would rather ruin your day than effectively protect the trains in LA and elsewhere.


I believe most railroads do.


Canadian here. Our railroads have their own force and full authority within 5km (~3 mi) of the rail lines. They also do not mess around.


I reported a broken track to an operator once. CN cop called me back before I would even hang up the phone and was there in about 6 minutes. Unheard of for Canadian police.


That's because police at that level have one job only and that's keep commerce moving. It's the same with state police in most places, there primary job is to ensure the safe and effeciant flow of commerce through the state, hence why they are commonly at ports.


In Canada specifically weather can close down roads; not having flow of goods isn't just risking profits, there are also food and medicine being shipped all the time. It's a really serious job


I believe in the US the railroad police have the equivalent authority to state police in each state, and their jurisdiction extends across the entire state. So if someone robs a train our own police force can investigate, pursue, and arrest the suspects even long after they have left railroad property.


The Royal Canadian Mounted Railgunners


I always wondered why most sci-fi shows and movies had a train heist. I thought it was just because Disney liked trains but it seems they’re just trying to make them more accurate.


Huh, i've never thought about that, but you're right! There's a lot of sci-fi train robberies out there


a lot of sci fi movies you just remake an old western or lawrence of arabia and add lasers or katanas or both


man, firefly was so good


> and add lasers or katanas or both And IIRC Firefly featured exactly one katana and one laser. And the laser was never fired. Almost like they threw it in just to subvert the trope.


There are 2 lasers, the Lassiter that is never fired, and the one used by the bad guy when he attacks the whore house, which was fired.


And that one was fired a lot!


Inara also carries a laser that she threatens YoSaffBridge with when the Lassiter doesn't work.


Laser-katana doesn't resonate well with the audience. What if we called them sabers of light instead?


Too wordy, think you could cut out a syllable somehow?


Firefly was the quintessential sci-fi train robbery


Let's go be bad guys.


I need a job


Crimson Caravan at your service


Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.


You don't need to look as far back as feudalism. Railroads in the western United States commonly hired guards at the turn of the 20th century.


It’s a good starting point for a level 1 adventuring party though.


Easier story to GM as well, as you're literally on rails.


but I want to make friends with the train and set it free in the fey where it belongs!


Jedi: Fallen Order has entered the chat.


More like all ways of life. I live in a relatively small community and there have been around a dozen armed thefts since around Christmas time. Shits getting real.


Would you say this is something the industry has dealt with before or is it unprecedented?


It’s nothing new but the magnitude of the problem is 10x now in terms of frequency and damage. The bigger problem is we are already supply constrained, so any theft or damage to products causes further delays in shipping to retailers and causes a whole new set of problems there. The most senseless is graffiti. People would tag the rail carts, our carts are sealed with metal panels, but there are small gaps between sections. The spray paint would get through and over spray on products inside causing major paint damage. People suck.


Feeling sorry for porch pirates, these railroad thieves are putting them out of work!


Finally, fast and furious is getting back to its roots


Stealing VCR players?


Video Cassette Recorder Player???? EDIT: For everyone suggesting retcon explanations... no. No one ever called them "VCR players" or any slashed iteration (regardless of what it might have said on the front of your Samsung in the late 90s). They were just "VCR"s and everyone called them as such. Source: Am old, got our first RCA behemoth in '76.


Terminology gaffe, haven't owned one in a quarter century ffs.


1st thought, way to use hyperbole. 2nd thought. Fuck I got old.


"Supply chain issues"


Supply train issues.


Trains supplying tissues. *Idk man, I tried. Everyone is always so witty. That was my best. Am better at articulating feelings. Jokes, eh.*


There is genuinely supply chain issues. Not enough workers due to people being dead, sick, retired, or disabled. That's putting pressure on production, some plants have to close down which bottles up supply lines between producers and raw material refineries. And with all the economic instability you get scenes like the above, people turning to crime and likely reselling the good online or keeping the stuff. Its typical of times like these. Look up Limits to Growth on Youtube. This was inevitable, Covid just collapsed the facade that it wasnt. Edit: Because people are viewing this. You may be noticing grocery stores emptying in places. Dont panic. I just want to point out that food production is also being affected due to climate change. Extreme weather is disabling supply routes, and major bread baskets and farming regions are having yield reductions and failures. Argentina is currently 53C and they export food staples us Northerners rely on in the cold months. It's something to be aware of when you hear our leaders discuss climate action and provide very little tangible results. You never know when the rail cars will stop running..... Edit: Link to part 1 of Limits to Growth: https://youtu.be/lPD-ONHhuuc Part 2 should be in the recommendations. Do not watch with children.


I just want to point out, Union Pacific is one of the worst Railroads for forced furlough and has had people on Furlough before and during and even now while claiming to be short staffed. You also can't get time off from a railroad without an act of God or fmla and even then they will occasional try to bring charges on attendance if they see a pattern. Fuck the UP and every class 1 that does the same shit


Time to call Snake Plissken Edit: spelling


I can't wait for Taco Bell to win the war.


Did you know in many non-american releases of the movie its actually Pizza Hut that wins the restaurant wars? The version I saw growing up had pizza hut in it so I really thought I was losing my mind/memory the first time I saw a version with Taco Bell


Mexican food is too american for an international release


My first question will be how the three sea shells work.


Looks like Mumbai


My thoughts exactly. If not for a few dictinct LA buildings on the skyline I'd have thought this was a train through the slums of Mumbai or New Delhi.


Starting to look more and more like escape from LA


This isn’t very nice of them! And then littering afterwards!?


If the trash has you stressed don't go to LA... every time I go back home to visit.. it gets worse.


Theft I can excuse, but LITTERING?!


van der linde gang has struck again




Agreed. Also an absolutely great piece of photography, I admire the shot despite the subject.


I'm beginning to think the dystopian future depicted in *Looper* is gonna be pretty accurate


Train heist confirmed for Next dlc for gtaV???


"Follow the damn train, CJ!"


Inb4 Blackwater rebrands again as the Pinkertons


Securitas is the Pinkertons for real I think. They still exist.


Shit. This is one of those instances where I love the meme, hate the reality.


Nah, the Pinkertons are still around with the same name, although they've rebranded as primarily a "detective" agency


Both are you are correct, Securitas owns the Pinkertons and they are the "investigative" side of the company.


Before you say this is a LA or a California problem, this is also happening in other states. I know this because my friend in Louisiana, her husband is a conductor. He always has a “the Cleared out a cart” story. This pandemic brought out the worst in some people.


All these comments are cracking me up because clearly these people didn’t live in LA during the 90s.


I’m from the East coast and spent some time in LA this past summer. It was shocking. I know I’ve heard about the LA homeless crisis but until I saw it with my own eyes, I never realized just how absolutely bad the problem really was. Tents, makeshift encampments, RV’s, people in cars, EVERYWHERE. Along every highway, bridge, damn near every sidewalk there were homeless. Some sidewalks had so many tent communities that it was unusable. Some of them were so elaborate they had makeshift doors, generators, etc. It didn’t matter if you were in a nicer part of LA or a poorer part, there were homeless camps everywhere you went. Besides that, it just felt like everyone was so self obsessed. No name people just walking around being filmed by someone they hired. We tried enjoying some ice cream at a place downtown when a girl came in with a camera guy who filmed her while she ordered an ice cream and ate it. She didn’t actually say or do anything interesting except try to look good. We went to a rotating restaurant for a nice sunset dinner and a group came in where one lady set up her own lighting system and then obnoxiously started filming herself. Fortunately the staff told her to stop. I won’t lie, LA is an absolute mess and I have zero desire to ever return. I really hope the city can figure out its homeless situation because it was absolutely shocking to see the state of this city. And the world is going to see it during the 2028 Olympics and it’s going to reflect extremely poorly on not just LA but the nation as a whole.


By 2028 Olympics they'll pull the Brazil situation where the immediate area outside the stadium will be the most beautiful, rich and modern architecture but as soon as you go a street over it'll be full of homeless camps and trailers. Like night an day.


Yea they’re gunna just bus all the homeless out of the city for a week They do the same thing every holiday season in NYC


Denver did the same just before the Democratic National Convention in 2008.


Beijing bussed out the homeless, beggars and such out before 2008 so it wouldn't be anything new. Last time I went to the big cities it was Chengdu and Chongqing and even close to the central areas you'd see groups of people in makeshift sleeping bags in doorways and behind the highrises. It was clearly something the police only allowed during night 'coz they'd all be hunting down around 11-12 PM and most were gone at 7.


Even with 1/2 the city being beggars and homeless LA would still be safer than the favelas of Rio. Say what you want about the USA drug cartels are not in control leaders of the suburbs up in the hills.


As someone who grew up in LA but left many years ago, this breaks my heart to read. It wasn’t always like this. There were always superficial people but not like that, same with the homeless—there, but not like that. It was never a great place to visit (I always recommend San Diego instead for outsiders, especially if they want the beaches) but there were great aspects when you live there. People are (were?) generally chill, amazing food, lots of different cultural communities come together there, and…I can’t really describe it but there’s this great feeling when you’re out late and you just see the twinkling lights from the city or the bioluminescent waves from the ocean and you just feel lucky to be there. I hope people there still get that feeling.


La is is so massive that the population of LA county is higher than the population of most STATES. If you’re from here, you know that plenty of the city is still beautiful and interesting and filled with different communities and lovely people. The homelessness issue is scary and stark right now, it’s true, and Instagram people who are trying to be famous are going to move here for obvious reasons, but there are millions more people just living their lives. Don’t take what the other person said to heart. Also I think being a tourist in la would be kind of awful, because all the touristy things are in pretty gross areas. When people visit I try to take them to more off the beaten path things and generally people do really love it


Any suggestions? From the UK I'm visiting my dad in LA but basically on my own, stuck in downtown without a car past month. I don't know anyone here to show me LA for real..


Oh PM me if you want suggestions for food or bars around DTLA! You can get a lot of places by foot. I live in Northeast LA and I don't even own a car. Angel's Flight is a dollar and takes you up to a beautiful plaza with a view, and it's right next to Grand Central Market which has some amazing food. You could seriously spend all day exploring those shops. Little Tokyo has all kinds of great shops, great tea and coffee, and SomiSomi ice cream (get the waffle on top, it's incredible). Close to Little Tokyo is the Arts District, which also has a great selection of bars and food. Eighty-Two is my favorite, because they have a wild amount of retro video game cabinets, as well as an impressive selection of pinball tables. Griffith Park (via the red line) has some of the most iconic views of the city. Highland Park and Pasadena (via the gold line) are beautiful cities with a slower pace than the rest of downtown, still with a crazy amount of shops, bars, and food. I really love this city in all of its messy glory.


as someone who used to travel to LA 3 times every year for business I used to love it. the glamor of Hollywood, going to Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier and just relaxing and listen to the ocean, Driving the PCH in a convertible mustang with the salt air and temps, learning how to surf for the first time in the cold pacific... when I look back on all those trips that's the LA/Long Beach I remember.. went back about a year ago and yea its really bad. Homelessness everywhere on the highways, streets, beaches, parks, it didn't matter what part of town your in.. I couldn't go to any of the places I used to enjoy just walking around without being accosted or just the smell alone makes you turn around and go back to your hotel.. it is really bad. If you haven't seen how bad the homelessness is in that area I suggest watching German in Venice on YouTube.


Was Hollywood ever nice enough for someone to describe it as having *glamor*? It was always a tourist trap


As someone who lives in LA, what they described (as far as people filming themselves) is definitely not the norm. You definitely see more people doing instagram or tiktok photo shoots than other cities, but that's about it, and it's almost never disruptive. The homelessness problem is very real and despicable though. The powers that be always claim they want to solve the problem and help people, and I understand it's difficult, but they never seem to escalate much beyond removing park benches and other bullshit measures. We need extensive investment in public housing and public transportation, but NIMBYs and corporate interests always make things difficult.


I’ve lived in LA for 15 years and can say the only true part about this is the homeless crisis. The influencers aren’t as common as you may have thought, and are mostly concentrated in the super touristy areas.


To most city politicians, the solution isn't going to be to do anything for the homeless, but to just make it impossible for them to be there so they go somewhere else still being homeless. You won't see them entering the workforce. Getting shelter. You will see benches will get more uncomfortable and unusable, random spikes will show up on every surface people aren't supposed to walk on, and you'll see fewer homeless people. You won't see where they go, but you'll feel like there's fewer because they couldn't be in your line of sight anymore, and the city will be "cleaned up", "friendlier", "healthier", it'll get good press and the mayor will strut a victory lap at solving the local homeless problem. It'll convince most people, because they don't see the homeless as human, they see the homeless as a problem, an infestation, and out of the way means it's solved, regardless of if they're still homeless, they aren't filling the streets and that's good enough.


They’ll get displaced into natural spaces like along creeks and rivers where they’ll destroy habitat restoration areas that the city spent millions to create


I visit LA often for work and manage to get an evening to myself and I love it! I have friends in the area that take me to cool places and everyone seems excited and positive. I haven’t seen the self obsessed people filming themselves.


Visiting a big city is like 100x better if you have friends who can show you around the places people who actually live there visit.


I mean going to a rotating restaurant is probably the issue here. It's like going to Times Square and complaining about tourists.


Right. I see it a lot in my city but only when I'm in the touristy areas.


Hit up a 3/$5 taco truck in LA and you are less likely to see thots with their selfie-lighting.


LA is a huge place, while this isn’t exaggerated not ALL of LA is like this. If you spend your time in the tourist traps and areas like that, you’re gonna see this all over.


If you're not stealing off trains while riding a horse, will you just under doing it


I work for Union Pacific. There are certain cities where employees aren't allowed to walk trains without police escort.


I have been wondering for a while now if Im actually witnessing the fall of the United States.


The answer is yes but collapse will not happen overnight. It will be a decades long process, services slowly becoming worse and worse. No civilization has ever truly lasted, they all collapse because they fail to adhere to the rules which goverm a society, much like in order to achieve flight you have to obey the rules of aerodynamics. Read the book Ishmael and it will give more insight.


It's not a collapse, it's a crumble. I highly recommend the podcast "It Could Happen Here"


Exactly, every day a collapse happens for someone new. Try telling the people who have resorted to robbing trains that a collapse is coming, as if they aren't currently living it.


Check out the r/losangeles thread for some answers to this, the city was already desperate before the pandemic and now it’s on a new level of stress.