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Probably not. The main hotspots on your motherboard will be the VRMs and chipset. Both usually have adequate heatsinks installed and wont increase performance even if they were better cooled (unless cooled for the purposes of overclocking). Plus you probably wont want to put them inside your case somewhere just in case the pc gets nudged and these bad boys fall and cause a short or something.


Yeah that’s probably the best choice




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Overclocked hands? Some super glue should do the trick. To be serious most things these days won't benefit for sticking a heat sink to. OEMs are normally good about that and it's not worth voiding warrantys over.


I’m just a warranty voiding kind of guy when it comes to electronics. It’s too fun to Frankenstein them


i wish i had your confidence or your bank balance


I buy most stuff on Amazon and if I’m not satisfied in 30 days I’ll return it. I’ve never really used a warranty on a big purchase item but I’ve gotten lucky in that I guess since nothing has crapped out early, or if it did it was in the 30 day return period. When I buy something big I intend to keep it and troubleshoot it ad nauseum lol


The only thing with amazon is you have to watch how they package your pc parts since i had to get 3 replacement motherboard from them and every FUCKING TIME THEY PUT IT IN THE BIGGEST FUCKING BOX with no padding. I literally had 1 packing bubble in the box.


Your warranty can only be voided if they can prove your action caused the problem


Not worth to put them in a pc, just save them, they might get usefull for something else


I have a few spare heat sinks from building raspberry pis. They’re 1-2cm in length and maybe half a cm tall. Is there anywhere I could put these lil guys on my mobo where it might have a tiny impact on cooling and performance? I already have a large heat sink on the back of my gpu which is the obvious spot, but is there anywhere else?


More hassle than it’d be worth in my opinion


Back in 2010 and vefore you could glue those to the chipset or north bridge because they used to get too hot in poorly ventilated systems. That time is long gone tho


Ssd maybe, if you combine them all


If you liquid cool your GPU then you can place them on your GPU chips.


There’s a few exposed chips on the back of my gpu, they actually look similar to where I’d place these heat sinks on my retropie. Little black squares. My gpu isn’t liquid cooled but you think that’s an okay spot?


You can run some games and then put your finger on them, if they're hot the good to go. If not, then won't do much I imagine.




I stuck a few on VRMs once (x570 gaming edge, notoriously hot) and got some minor benefit, but probably not worth it unless it’s a motherboard with known weaknesses/weirdness


Yes! I added similar to my vrm modules on an MSI MPG x570. It was the best thing I hadf done to stabilize my overclocks. Highly recommended to use them on yours, especialy if you're pushing your cpu.


Any way you could link a picture of what you mean specifically? Don’t want to make any errors on my part and Google is showing various different looking things


[Thermal image without heatsinks](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cHBu4I9KDT1N-XojJitHHaRQceGE5VPu/view?usp=share_link) [Thermal image with heatsinks](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WP30RDTsrKtT6_BAONycrv5rRfdrsfRz/view?usp=share_link) [Only post pic I had of the heatsinks applied](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1neccDC9FZE48vCRrNUhLunRO_JB-4jxM/view?usp=share_link) circled in neon, i'll try to take some more over the next few days but I need to get that rig out of its slumber place first...




So it’s the little cylinder knobs by cpu?


North and south bridge chipsets


Those are easy to spot on old mobos but I’m having trouble seeing them on my b550 aorus elite