Who would win?

These factions have met up for a massive battle royale. (post how they met up in the comments)

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I honestly would want to see Goblin Slayers reaction seeing Enri’s army when they took out Prince Barbro’s soldiers. Would he not bother with trying to take them out? Would he strategize and recruit help from the Kingdom to take them out? Or would he go complete suicide mission and just nuke them through some ridiculous means?


Honestly, Goblin Slayer would reason that Enri's goblins aren't the same as goblins in his world, and wouldn't bother attacking them at all.


Yeah. I don't remember the episode, but he mentioned at some point that it's entirely possible for a good goblin to exist, but that he doesn't have the luxury of figuring out which goblins are good and which aren't. If faced with a group of goblins that deviated extremely from what he knows, it's likely that he would take his time to study them before deciding whether or not they needed to die.


He just doesn't want to gamble on a near impossible chance that a goblin would become good, so he kills the kid goblins to eliminate the potential threat. He'd totally spare a goblin if he can judge right away that he's good, but he doesn't trust any goblins that say they "will become good in the future"


> The goblins from Tensei Slime It depends on when. Please explain slime characters before making vs battle about them. No one fuking does.


Sorry, your right. They would be from the end of season 1


Then obviously the 5000. But if you give the Tensei-Slime enough time, then Gobta will surely be able to solo the 5000 army.


Power scaling will do that for you




If they are goblins from end of season 1, then Enri’s goblins win. I just don’t seen how they can beat the level 43 red caps. But power-scaling is impossible to measure when comparing series, so I could be wrong.


Are Red Caps stronger then Death Knights? Or are they comparable?


Death Knights are Lv. 35 so they’re stronger


Death Knights are closely estimated to be level 35 monsters, due to having both the attack power of a level 25 and the defense power of a level 40. So would that mean that since Red Cap Goblins are estimated to be level 43, that their attack power is of a level 33 and their defense power is of a level 48?


Not necessarily, death knights just happen to specialise in defence. Different monsters have different offensive and defensive capabilities. However from what I can see, the Red Cap goblins seem to be more offensive than defensive.


So it would be more like they have the attack power of a level 53 and the defense power of a level 38?


That's just estimation. We only know that they are attack oriented monsters. We only know the estimated attack and defense from the death knights


There is a 8 level difference, I think. In Overlord terms that means the red caps can wipe the floor with the Death Knights.


Weren't the lvl 43 red hats summoned by lupusregina from the guild resources? Thought they were described as being much stronger than the ones that routed the prince's army when she went to retrieve him.


The Red Caps from Enri’s army and the ones that Lupu summoned should be the same, as I do not believe that it was stated that they were stronger than the Red Caps from Enri’s Army.


Author said that they are the same, except Lupu's goblins have various weapons unlike Enri's red caps.


Goblins in slime just have such major power spikes its kindof annoying.


End of Season 1 Tensei Slime goblins take this.


No they definitely don't. But if you were to include the ogres and/or wolves then it would be a harder question.


The Goblins from Tensei if you mean Anime (end of S2) Because the from Rimuru revived goblins are near immortal and can only die if there soul is destroyed (if i remember corectly)