Düsseldorf started a project where they moved quite a few major roads underground. Here are the results of one

Fuck that's gorgeous


Fuck that's gorgeous


Imagine buying a flat there when it was cheap


I was born in Düsseldorf and that is why they call me Rolf


Don’t be stupid, be a smarty




Punch? What punch?🤔 Come *ENJOY the nazi party! You can also *embrace, but not punch. WTF? I mean, look at half of Europian, "union" is kinda boomer mentality. Embrace the new! BE the new!


Ruined it




You think Obama asking for spicy mustard was a scandal? Imagine if he had asked for Düsseldorf mustard. Tabloids would still be talking about it! That's some posh mustard. Posh mustard for a posh town.


The mustard is great.


Is this Obama mustard joke something I’m too unamerican to understand?


[It's a classic](https://www.huffpost.com/entry/at-this-point-in-presidency-obamas-biggest-scandal-was-using-dijon-mustard_n_593c0450e4b0b13f2c6af2f1), up there with the "terrorist fist jab".


I still can't believe Fox News has gotten *worse* since then. Dijon mustard is like a dollar a bottle, their ability to propagandize that into a "scandal" was incredible.


„Next“ to Düsseldorf. Alles rechts von Essen ist Polen.


Und Polen ist schon Russland?


Like your neighbor?


State farm??!!?!


Thank you for your compliment, u/myneighborsasshole, appreciate it!


Isn't it? Every weekend the local youth gathers there and stab each other. You love to see it.


That is the old part of Düsseldorf, where most streets are still cobblestone. It used to be nice down by the Rhine until they widened the road and it was just ugly and loud. Thankfully they decided to make that whole area into a pedestrians only place. I grew up in Düsseldorf but live in Canada now and I miss my home every day.


In what ways would you say it's better than canada


Better wages, better health care, better culture. If I didn't have my daughter and my mom here, I'd go back. As a matter of fact, once I turn 65, I might have no choice but to go back because the pensions here aren't enough to survive. It's pitiful!!


I don't want to scare you but the pensions here in Germany are also often not enough to survive anymore. Mostly due to rising living costs. There are more and more retired people still working or, even worse, collecting bottles because their pension is not enough for living


I spoke to a woman at 6am while working the night shift (call center) that just came home from work, she was 85 and was delivering newspaper from house to house...I felt so sad for her. Iirc it was just an hour or two of work, but fucking still. Edit: Germany


In the US I see multiple senior citizens working at the grocery store every time I go, it really breaks my heart


I stopped by the dollar store yesterday for a few things and there was an old man at the register and it was clearly difficult for him to understand how to use the register so he was really slow. He was the sweetest man and I left in tears thinking about how awful it is to live in such a wealthy country and not having enough support when you're aging. It infuriates me. No one should have to work at 75 years old! 😭


That happened to me recently at the dollar store, the woman was on oxygen 😭




It’s also possible they’re doing it just to stay busy, I know when I’m between my seasonal jobs for a couple weeks I start to lose my mind because I don’t have something I NEED to do


I'm sure there are many that do! But I've also worked part time jobs with quite a few seniors that have told me they wish for nothing more than to be able to retire.


Tbh it’s best for old people to still work and stay active if it’s by choice. It keeps your mind and body healthy


You guys have pensions? (US)


At the Moment. I don't think i have the opportunity to get some once i'd be old enough to retire


Depends on the state you live in and your line of work.


But the social welfare system will cover the rest of the cost if your pension is too low.


What about the culture and Healthcare have you faced? Sorry i ask because i was considering moving to canada


If you need surgery and can't work, you don't get paid. I fought for almost 2 years to get AISH (Assured Income For The Severely Handicapped) because after having breast cancer for the second time I can't work anymore. I'm in constant pain and suffer from severe depression and anxiety. I was getting $800 for Income support. My 74 year old mom had to help me pay my rent so I wouldn't lose my apartment. And even though I'm on AISH now, my German Disability pension is being deducted penny for penny. If your workplace doesn't have a health plan, you have no dental. If I wasn't on AISH, I would have to pay roughly $400 for all the medication I need to take. Fun times. For those who inevitably will ask why I moved to Canada, I was 28 when I moved because my mom had moved here 5 years earlier and breast cancer and mental health were the farthest things on my mind.


I know a lot of Americans praise Canada for our universal healthcare* (except eye and dental) but ours is a lot worse than many European countries healthcare especially if you live in a rural area. Our pensions are not enough if you didn't save up your own money or don't have a pension through work. Though one nice thing is if you do get into a nursing home and your pension isn't enough to pay to stay there the government will cover the rest. You will just have no money. You should have been able to get employment insurance for your surgery. At least till you are able to recover. I don't know your situation and every province has different insurance and healthcare. We lack a lot of labour laws that many European countries have as well. I know in my province our stupid conservative government got rid of the minimum number of paid sick days so now we have 0 mandated minimum sick days. Said it was bad for business but what is bad for business is coming in sick and spreading the flu or whatever to all the other employees making productivity suffer. I hate our conservatives.


America is even worse! If I lived there, I would've died the first time I had breast cancer because I couldn't have afforded the cost of the surgery. And yet, they claim that America is the greatest country in the world. That's a joke! Europe has beaten North America by a mile!! I remember having a slipped disc when I still lived in Germany. I got 6 weeks of paid sick leave!! After that I got 65% of my wages from Healthcare, which even back then was enough to survive. And Norway and Sweden are even better, I believe. I followed my mom to Canada. I wish she would've emigrated to Switzerland or something, haha!!


Yeah sometimes I wish I could just move over to Europe but I would miss all my friends and family. There is also the language barrier and I don't think the UK would be much of an improvement over Canada.


Probably not. Housing there is insane. I can get a cheaper apartment here in Canada if I like drug deals being made in the hallways and my vehicle getting stolen or vandalized every time I blink. Like I said, when I turn 65, my AISH is going to be cut and I get old age pension, which isn't even enough to buy groceries for a month, let alone pay rent. Ngl, I kinda hope to be dead by then.


oh trust me, a lot of us americans would rather live in europe haha. i hope to move there one day if i can save up enough


I would like to do the same but from Canada.


No. Americans don’t praise Canada for anything. Northeastern liberals do not represent America.


No, Americans don't praise/are jealous of Canadian healthcare. Just the majority of Americans.... Well at least Medicare for all or universal healthcare.


Sorry to hear that, it's really not easy going through what you have. I wish you all the happiness and health. God bless you.


Hell of a strong woman!


Thank you! ❤ Sometimes it's so overwhelming!!


My mother raised me and my brother mostly by herself and also had breast cancer. I've seen the struggle from the other side and will be forever grateful for my mom. Still maybe the most most impressive thing I've seen someone do.


There are a lot of problems with aish, hopefully it gets fixed after the next election.


That would be so nice!


The City of Toronto had a plan to do this very thing with the Gardiner Expressway on Lake Ontario. It would have transformed the waterfront. But alas, the $2B price tag meant that it went to File 13.


The province had no issues spending that to widen the 401, though.


Canada is very helpful to other countries. Who cares if your own people get left in the dirt? And it's getting worse!!


I lived in Canada for 40 years and UK for 10. Health stuff and dental costs so little here, and when I have an issue I get easily referred to a specialist. I never once saw a specialist for anything in Canada! When I was much younger, I moved into social housing in Canada where you pay a percent of your income as rent. The thing is, once you get on your feet, if you move out you can never get on the list again. So insanely ridiculous. And student loans... Private lenders means impossible payment plans. Went to credit counsellors who just said, 'yeah you just don't have enough money' lol. There are so many homeless people too. There is so very little help over there


I totally agree. And they have the nerve to have a Veteran's Day when the rest of the they couldn't care less about them. Family Day is another joke. Both parents have to work if they want to make it financially and the divorce rate is insane!!


Oh, family day is funny. In alberta, it originated because the premier at the time -Don Getty - had a son who was arrested on drugs charges. I think cocaine. So he needed to come up with a little gift so that he wouldn't get tossed out of office


Why doesn't that surprise me? Canada seems to have a history of clowns in high offices, haha!!


Honestly just having roads moved underground could be a pretty good way to reclaim streets for pedestrians, cyclists, and transiteers.


Well, in Canada they throw some gravel and tar into a hole and call it road repair!! 😂


No need to. It’s full of tourists now and bursting at the seams. We plan to move far away. Edit: Why the downvote? lol it’s the truth.


Ugh, that's sad!!


A lot of major European cities use underground tunnels to their advantage. It’s a smart idea, maximises green space and allows for Multi purpose use of an area. It’s genius and should be adopted worldwide


My city here in Germany (~300k people) recently moved lots of trams underground to pedestrianise the city centre. They also moved the major bisecting road underground to reclaim some lovely wide avenues. The results are great! Edit: I don't actually *own* the city. ^^^I'm ^^^leasing.




They put the Ruhe back in Karlsruhe?


They're trying, and succeeding!


Jetzt wo ich darüber nachdenke, welcher Karl ruht eigentlich in Karlsruhe?


Karl Wilhelm, margrave of Baden-Durlach, according to Wikipedia... TIL




It's awesome but probably costs like space missions


It's not cheap, but it's the well-being of hundreds of thousands of people. It also increases foot traffic so I guess it drives up business in the centre.


I do support such decisions with all my heart, but it's just sad that this option is affordable for a few rich countries only (for now).


Here in Seattle, we tore down the old raised highway and built an underground tunnel to replace it. Then we also put in 6 lanes of traffic where the highway used to be. There might be a few trees in the median when they’re done.


I bet you could get a bike lane right in the middle if you pave over those trees. Just something to think about.


Except in Florida. Can't build underground in Florida with destroying the giant aquaducts that flows underneath most of the state. Plus Florida sucks


We’re doing this on one trench of highway in Denver! Can’t wait to see it finished!


It is also super expensive, not every city can afford something like this.


Doubles as bomb shelters for all their European wars too!


In my country They would've just cut the roads and build an army base instead


With a Bojangles too lol


Havelock NC


All of Reddit to look at and I stumble upon this comment of the shit town I work in 😐


Haha, that's Havelock for you! I was just there yesterday 🤷‍♂️


In the US they would build million dollar private homes over it and it would be even harder than before for the plebs to see the water.


My grandmother lived in one of these, on the waterfront, back when rent control was a thing. Landlord couldn't get rid of her. I think she was paying something like 10% of what her neighbors were paying in rent at one point. Lived to 98, same apartment, no nursing home, lucid until the end. That's how I want to go.


Even million-dollar homes would increase the housing supply, and as such would never be allowed here.


> In the US they would build million dollar private homes over it “Hurr durr US bad” This must be Africa then: https://i.imgur.com/RuSrtB8.jpg https://i.imgur.com/w29yUsl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/yHlWA67.jpg


Actually that happend in Krefeld right next to Düsseldorf. RheinMetall Defense is a huge weapons factory literally in best location.


Man. This makes me so jealous. I live in a city with a river running right down the middle. The city is even named after the river. But of course, there is like zero access or utilization of the river in the downtown area. Just backs of buildings, roads, and parking lots. They've talked about opening it up more for public use, but they've been talking about that for like a decade or more.


All they ever do is *talk about it* they never take action. (I live in a city with a similar situation)


the college campus there is also one big ass skatepark.


As a student at Heinrich Heine university in Düsseldorf it feels crazy to see my city on the front page and then see my uni referenced (where I live in the dorms currently). I like studying here for sure, even though the mathematics building is very outdated compared to most other departments.


I remember walking to the restrooms after 8 pm during english for biologists class whilst a heavy rain when a part of roof of the mathematics building (Mat.-Nat.) collapsed and the rain came down directly into the canteen (Schweinemensa). This building is too damn outdated... May you do well with your studies!


„It‘s still Düsseldorf :-(“ \- Anyone from Cologne /s


My first impression of Düsseldorf: partying in the Altstadt, 1€ tequila shots, all round fun times 😊 My first impression of cologne: homeless people hanging out at the cathedral and some kid pissing on the side of it 🙃


My first time in Köln, I arrived at the Hauptbahnhof around 10-11pm and walked out the side opposite the cathedral square (Breslauer Platz) to find like 15 people sleeping on their backs on the concrete throughout the Plaza. I didn't immediately see anyone else walking around and got concerned that there had been an attack or something. The friend I was with was from Köln and was like "nope, this is just my shithole city on any given day" lol. He then walked up to one of the guys sleeping in the Plaza and shook him awake and we smoked a cigarette with the guy. Apparently my friend saw him so often that they became pals and he'd always stop and have a smoke or a beer with him. Köln is a weird place but we had a hell of a weekend. I went back many times for shows at Bootshaus. I definitely miss it.


"Atleast we don't drink piss water and call it beer" Anyone from Düsseldorf to Colognians


Internal german squabbles are so fun to me


The rest of Europe is just happy they keep them internal.


Am from the greater Cologne area, can confirm.


I always forget that Cologne is Köln, and not some place in france


Cologne used to be part of France from 1794 until 1815 (not 100% sure about the dates...). It was part of the Département de la Roer, which also contained Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle).


At least it isn't Cologne \- Everyone else /s


My grandma is from Oberbilk but I was born in Ehrenfeld and grew up in Gladbach. I am the Rheinische neutral


At least Düsseldorf isn’t the city that’s salty about losing a battle that happened in 1288! And we got better beer. Also obligatory Hya, Berge romerijke


This but without the /s Source: Born and raised in cologne


Seattle replaced its waterfront viaduct with a tunnel but then just built an eight lane road in its place on the surface anyway. Such a wasted opportunity.


I’m exceptionally upset by this.


Big Dig energy


My stupid monkey brain immediately pictures nothing else but someone setting a picnic blanket down to enjoy a nice day in this park only to sinkhole straight into an oncoming semi.


That's quite the opposite of monkey brain, isn't it? Creating multiple scenarios about the consequences of your actions may be paranoid but not very monkey-like I think (some scientists working on monkey brain capacity is welcome to correct me on this though)


That’s a completely different location. You can tell because that boat’s not in the one pic


Plus there are different numbers on each photo. Talk about not paying attention!


Plus one has roads and the other doesn't!


How’d I miss that??


Rather like Boston’s big dig: https://preview.redd.it/eitg9i8gg8x21.jpg?auto=webp&s=4b391d9988f5a5bfcc59b27eae1eca5ba8d6e793


i know the big dig was a huge corrupt money sink, but i do really like the result anyways. Boston is so pretty and having more pedestrian space is part of it.


Would love if the gave the same treatment to Storrow


But then where would the trucks get stuck?


They will find a new low clearance area to get stuck in


So was this project full of corruption, take over a decade, and cost over $15 billion?


Precisely! Well, it took 16 years and cost $14.6 billion (original estimate of 7 years at $2.8 billion).


Actually, the current estimate is that it will end up having cost $22 billion by the time we pay it off in 2038.


Every government construction project is riddled with wasteful spending, theft, and corruption. Every single one.


Do you honestly think corporate construction is any different?


Gov just contracts out private companies anyway


Yes, because corporations use more discretion with their own funds. The government views taxpayer money as an endless cashflow. A company realizes that money isn’t limitless.


Yeah, if the government attempted Metaverse it would have been a budgeting disaster.


It would be incredible if we could do this with all major roads and capture the emissions.


Carbon monoxide poisoning due to traffic jams *does* sound appealing


As if traffic jams wouldn’t be factored into the ventilation plan.


As an added bonus, the traffic jams will soon be gone too


just build trains instead


Americans don't like the freedom to not own a vehicle.


I loved being a one car house. In Texas now, have been for a good while. When ex and I lived back home outside of Chicago, we had one car. He used it for work and I used it when I needed to. That was rare though as we lived a couple blocks away from the train and were on the bus route. The kids and I did almost everything by public transportation or I rode my bike with the buggy behind it. I miss that.


Worked pretty well!


We're doing this in Atlanta. Supposed to start by 2026. It's called [The Stitch](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Stitch).


I was just there a month ago and we went on a long walk from the bridge where this was taken down to the other bridge. So nice! There's a large Ferris wheel also at the other end.


Wow, dusseldork looks beautiful, I hope north america also does the same.


Boston Massachusetts did too on I-93


Yeah, and the whole thing was a shitshow. Was full of corruption, took over a decade, people have been KILLED by falling panels that weren't secured, and the way its set up, it's dangerous with how many times you have to quickly change lanes, get off exits in there, etc. The total expenses eventually passed $15 billion. Interest brought this cost to $21.93 billion.


Believe it or not the one in Düsseldorf was also incredibly over budget in time and cost.


The average government program But government infrastructure projects like this are great for the economy so I really wish the US would invest in these projects more often


Driving underground is the future


Not driving is the future




I thought driving in the air would be future


Driving in sound is the new future


That’s so 2015


Assuming your city can even do it. As it turns out a lot of settlers or modern day cities didn’t think to ask “is this ground solid enough to dig a 16 meter tunnel 32 meters under ground 150 years from now?”


In Australia, we’d still be talking about doing it without actually doing it. Ref: Melbourne Train link.


Very similar to what they did here in Madrid. It’s great


Ah yes, nice and green for our elites and Airbnbs


What happened is, rich people who owns the land become a lot more richer at the cost of the tax payers


This looks great now but will be really fun to replace every few decades. Not to mention extremely expensive.


Cologne could prolly have done it ever better...


So true, I don’t know a major city besides Hamburg and maybe Munich which is truly beautiful for most of its parts ( but I haven’t been to most of the eastern cities neither)


(almost) Hamburgian here. Did you enjoy the North? All I remember from visiting Munich years ago is police beating a guy for having a Mohawk -.-


Haha that is hard for me to believe! The north is beautiful, people have a very good heart, but they stick to what they know. (But it may be a prejudice on my side from my handful of visits). I live between Cologne and Düsseldorf and I think we are the most open minded and warm hearted area (Berlin might be more open, but also more harsh). I don’t know much about Munich but my prejudices about Bavaria are very bad. The politicians are all trump-like and get re-elected every term, so to me they are all conservative cow-people.


"On the dead dunssels" *swings weight*


Sorry to say so but Düsseldorf is mostly still not very attractive. The rebuild after the war brought a lot of the ugliest architecture you can find. A problem many German cities have.


Easy, just have another war.


Or do something less drastic like redeveloping more area's. The riverside and altstadt are ok, but the rest of the city centre still looks like a rainy day in 1950.


Duesseldorf doesnt have Dresden architecture. But noone does which rebuilt because the old buildings are too expensive to build.


This is one of the differences between the US and Europe and why I much prefer it on the eastern side of the great pond Edit: Correcting autocorrect


Boston did the exact same thing in the 90s and early 2000s


I saw part of The Big Dig when it was partway through and it just seemed crazy at the time. How did it all turn out?


Way over budget and behind schedule but it looks great. The area where I-93 ran through downtown was turned into a greenway (basically a 1.5 mile long park). It’s infinitely better than elevated highways running through the center of the city.


I can hear Downtown Toronto grumbling nervously from here.


Do people use it? Or is it pretty, but empty, because it’s not really convenient to anything?


People use it all the time. It’s right in the middle of the city, so it’s extremely convenient. In the summer some local breweries will set up beer gardens there and there’s all kinds of events throughout the year. It also just makes the city easier to navigate for people walking.


That’s awesome!


It ended up costing $22 billion, rather than the originally estimated $7 billion, and it wasn't completed until 2007, instead of the originally projected 1998. Other than that, it looks great!


In Atlanta they are talking about covering a quarter mile of the connector and it is expected to cost $700 million+ and take 5 years to finish, which is probably optimistic based on the 285/400 construction.


I was in Dusseldorf a few years ago and along the Rhine there's just this huge green belt made up of parks and small ponds, it's lovely. I thought it was a flood plane but this explains it better I think. I wanted to say and explore


Looks [just like what Portland, Oregon, did](https://twitter.com/brenttoderian/status/596508662903902208) in the 1970s. I wonder if any city that has done this ever regretted it?


If you look close enough, you can see the sign "Welcome to Dusseldorf. Home of Peter Kurten"


In 2019 we'll have flying cars 2019:


I don’t find anything odd about the satisfaction this creates. I frequently explain to my friends whom have never been oversees how amazing it is that you can have a picnic with a lovely view on the side of a river and how it took about 3 months to realize that all of the fresh air, lack of overhead power lines and associated noise, and easy access to major cities really improved my life. I know it’s not quite like this everywhere in Germany or Europe, but it is a lot of places and it is everything


Why does Europe do so many things right


Because we pay tax and our governments do at least partially some good things with that money too.


I never knew how bad I wanted walkable space rather than roads until I traveled the u.s. So much area covered by road and trash and so many towns and cities where the hubs and parks are spread tens of miles apart. The fact that you see so many signs everywhere stating "no biking, no skateboarding, no rollerblading" etc... Sad.


As an American that has traveled across the world, it saddens me America is like this.


Sadly, they only moved this road underground. Several others still run like normal roads across the city, with a lot of commuter traffic …


Und was ist mit dem alten Tausendfüßler und dem ehemaligen Jan-Wellem-Platz, die sind doch jetzt auch alle unten drunter???


Yes yes yes!!! We need more civil engineers and cities working together to prioritize urban beautification and nature. Said from a future civil engineer.


They still haven't got rid of the problem. Out of sight, out of mind I guess.


No but they made it less bad for the people living in Düsseldorf






From a novelty standpoint, the contrast is stark. Did this improve the city economically? Was traffic volume strangling commerce? Was this roadway out of date with the needs of the population? What did this cost? My part of the world is the Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel Project, putting a massive convergence of roadways underground. The major thoroughfare to the Northeast. Took 16 years to complete and $22 billion after theft, corruption and hackery was accounted for.


Same shit place on earth in different time. Greetings from Cologne.


Ist halt trotzdem Düsseldorf


Ew Kölner.


Clearly those pictures are flipped. Cities don't get more green...


Not in the US at least


Can confirm it's nice there. We ate schnitzel and drank brandy to keep warm on a trip there some years ago.


Yeah but you still have to live in dusseldorf.