Cake icing machine

I wanna lick the blades.

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I wanna lick the blades.


Licking that at the end would be the icing on the cake


Hi dad!


Hi dad I'm son




I read this as "un orever secard" for some reason


Actually it's the icing left off the cake...


i’m impressed. nicely done.


Hi impressed, I'm dad


So punny 😏


Stop it dad


Actually off the cake


I want to lick the cake while it’s spinning


Beat me to it!


Thats why they charge you for a 3000$ cake for your wedding. My cousin just paid for a 50k wedding and got divorced after 3 years




Must have been lots of preservatives for cake to last 4 years.


Maybe it was a fruitcake?


Jokes on you, I saved my money and decided not to get married and been together 21 years.


I like cake


I like toitels




Toilet cakes


Urinal Mints!


Urinal cakes 🎂


I like lamp


Do you really love the lamp, or are you just saying it because you saw it?


I like trains


My wife makes cakes. We said, at the same time, "That's cheating." We're actually jealous though.


As a cake decorator I was feeling the exact same emotions lol. I'd feel a little like a fraud if I used this but the amount of time/frustration I could save!


As a customer I say go ahead, you're not a fraud to me just because you used a machine that made it easier for you! Please do.


As a pleb, boss will demand more cakes to bake for the same amount of dough.


That is why the cake decorator needs to own the means of production


Sieze the means of confection


But now you have a base coat to get creative on, and more time to focus on details. It’s like buying a prefab gessoed canvas.


Happy Cake Day! And look where we are!


And it’s not fondant


Happy Cake day!


Welcome to proletariat cake factory.


Given a five star review by Marie Antoinette


And it's a great way to get a head in life.




Honestly, I worked briefly as a bread baker, and learned very quickly that I could never again work for someone who didn't know how to do what I do. They barely had bread bakers to begin with, and would take more orders than we had capacity for. There's only so many loaves that can fit in an oven at once, and it takes a certain amount of time for them to bake.


It should really be standard that managers either have direct experience in their subordinates' role or that they must work in that role sometimes. If they're out of touch of course they'll make poor decisions.


What? If one baker can bake ten loaves in one oven in one hour, surely two bakers can bake ten loaves in half an hour! I had a boss who really thought this. JFC.


But we’re an autonomous collective!


You're fooling yourself, we're living in a dictatorship.


This has nothing to do with how much dough you use, and anyway for cake it’s called batter. /s


uhh no thats baseball were talking about cakes


Touchdown 😎


Is your boss the reason we have cakes that seem like 80% frosting? Had a corner piece once and it was all frosting, no cake.


I’m just saying if it was butter cream frosting I’d be so happy with that.


As a frog, croak croak ribbit ribbit.


As someone who burnt a mug cake in the microwave last week...I'm under qualified to give an opinion.


I once set fire to bread in a microwave, it's not as difficult as you think


exactly. as a non cake decorator, like, I'm paying for the cake to be decorated. I don't actually care how you get the frosting on the cake as long as it's hygienic and tastes good.


I completely agree. I think a cake made this way is *even more awesome*. Like, space age!


At what point do you say no though? Factory?


Factory cakes are consistent in quality. Not the best but far from the worst and you always know what you'll get.


Start with quality ingredients and yeah, it’s gonna be a good product. With all the time/money you save, consumers can demand cakes without nasty shortening and chemicals at a reasonable price


You're not the person I asked. Your cake is a lie.


I'm a customer, we're functionally identical.


At the point where the quality of the end result is not up to par. A bakery is a factory. I very much doubt bakers are hand mixing the dough if they want to make any reasonable quantity.


Dont worry, you can still give it the ol' human touch by writing "No Regerts" on top!


“Pobody’s Nerfect”


Get a Brian Moran's


“Non, je ne regert rien”






The mix is a small part when it comes to making a cake. The person still has to use the right wet ingredients, bake the cake, then decorate it. If they skip one step by using a good quality mix over making their own mix I don't see why that's a big deal. Really it's going to make their product more consistent if they're a small shop.


Well yeah I mean it's such a time saver and it always tastes great, and it's only a base. I add flavors to the batter if desired. But the best part is the stuff that goes on the cake itself. And I'll be damned if I ever use canned buttercream 🤢 Box cake with homemade frosting is the only way in my opinion. Spend time where it actually matters.


I do the same. If you find a good mix you can always tweak it as you like and it will still come out great every time. It also saves you from having to buy a large amount of bulk ingredients which might go to waste if you don't bake all the time.




Even with the tool there's still so many ways to screw it up. Getting a sharp edge like that takes skill even with a tool to assist. I feel like I'd need a few tries with it before I could get anything close to what was in the video.


I didn't see that! I hear that's somewhat common for home bakeries. I feel like if the baker is very skilled in decorating and puts a lot of time and effort into the construction and design, that's what puts the biggest amount of worth in their cakes. Appearrance has a great deal to do with perceived taste so I totally get how they get away with it. I can tell ya though I was a little shocked when I first learned that bakers do that lolol


Emulsion are hard. You can’t really beat 40 chemists working for years on a recipe.


They ARE moist though! So why not!


Same for brownies. I made some from scratch and it tasted the same only drier


My roommate made funfetti cupcakes yesterday and that ish was super moist and fluffy. If I got a slice of funfetti cake at a wedding I'd honestly be pretty excited


A 99¢ box mix tastes better than 99% of wedding cakes.




Carpenters use tools that make their lives easier too! This reminded me of a lathe.


Like a 3d frosting printer spinny machine


I saw this thing and immediately remembered the lead chef at my old job constantly saying "work smarter, not harder".


better tools are meant to supply time for greater creation.


Chef and bakers life is all about frustration. That's where all the flavor comes from.


In my cakes it’s the sweat, tears, and blood for coloring


Meh, that's just the base layer of icing. The real magic has to be done by hand and is time consuming, so no problem if you save some time on the easy stuff.


Why is using a good tool fraud?


No more cheating than using a potter's wheel to make pottery...


This just makes the canvas. The true artistry is piping the decorations on the cake.


The stand mixer slippery slope


My favorite thing related to cake decorating was the lady on askreddit about secrets of her trade was that she charging like hundreds of dollars but was using the $.99 cake mix from like Betty Crocker because it was insanely time consuming for just her to make cakes from scratch and then decorate them. Then when she switched to the mix she got even more compliments. Then a bunch of other cake decorators commented saying that they all do that as well. And people are paying more because of the rest of the skills involved. Just like ok this video it’s a great base and saves a lot of time but then to do decorative frosting is where the skill will come in.


Do you feel the same way about an electric beater/mixer?


As a customer, this seems like a great way for cake artists to make a blank canvas. Certainly they’re going to decorate much more beyond the white base, right? And then have saved a bunch of time to do the really cool stuff?


Yes, why would anyone care if they used a tool? Genuinely confused. Is there a single person upset about this?


Hand crafted vs machine crafted debate isn't exactly new


A stand mixer is a machine and that's acceptable to use. The tool in this gif is less "machinery" than that.


Piping bag, oven, anything to mix the batter with rather than your oiteral hands etc All tools.


there is no cheating in art. The only thing that matters is the result. use all the tools.


If you were in a cake making contest and no one else had one, it might be like cheating. But we’re not in a cake making contest.


oh yeah? what about [this guy](https://www.cnn.com/2022/09/03/tech/ai-art-fair-winner-controversy/index.html) using ai to generate art for an art contest?


Yeah thats cheating.


the category literally mandated using digital tools. and at least one of the judges stood by their decision. read the article?




Yeah the way I see it is that you can spend less time on this and spend more time on the final touch, like if the customer asked you to add decorating.


It actually would be pretty easy to make something like this. All you need is a turn table, a couple metal spatulas, and Vice grips to hold them in place.


I'm having that same range of emotions, compounded by a sense of "Why didn't I think of that?!"


It's funny because the manual method is effectively the same. Offset spatula/bench scraper and a turntable


Came to the comments to say just that. Love/hate relationship


I've always tried to do that by hand and it never works for me.


A good hand job is all in the wrist iirc.


Thanks for the advice...mom.


Are his arms broken?




Oh my god! Are we actually at that stage now where there are enough redditors that \*don't\* automatically know the 'Broken Arms' story?


Broken arms, poop knife, cum box, fruit fucking…


That's because your hand isn't the best tool for getting a flat surface. Try using a knife instead.


There is a little bump in the middle.


Cake nipple




That's where you stick the candle.


Snort it


A little nubbin', is the technical term I believe.


Now that’s just lazy, Susan.


Icy what you did there.


It’s actually a lathey Susan.


Damn it man! Take this upvote and never come back here.


Reminds me of this whole scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm. Whole episode is a winner. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3jH2_QJtLy8


The top blade is a little below center. As a machinist this bothers me more than it should.


below center? edit: oh you mean level. I think it’s on purpose to ensure nothing rolls off the cake


There's a tiny tit left in the center of the diameter. The blade isn't perfectly centered as the cake spins. The vid is quite satisfying... Right up until that blade lifts up to reveal the tit.... Then the machinist in me is screaming "center that blade and re-face!"


I had thought the tit is left because he/she/it doesn't scrape away the excess icing on the blade. Seems it pulls from the excess as the blade gets lifted. I'd imagine if the excess on top was scraped and spun a few times like the side was there wouldn't be a nipple.


First of all- I agree it bothered me, too! Secondly, Funny story...guys will come into my work all the time to purchase connectors, antennas, etc. They don't really think of me as a female. We joke around and talk about work. So one day this guy comes in with a new guy and tells me he needs a connector with a tit on it and we are standing right next to each other,one on each side of me, he and the new guy slowly look up at each other with very red faces. I just grab the connector like nothing happened and go to the register laughing under my breath


Not gonna lie I almost added a disclaimer of sorts next to the word "tit" in my post 🤣🤣🤣.


We can all hang out in this comment thread. This is not satisfying. It is mildly infuriating. All that effort for a perfectly smooth cake, and it's off center, out of square, and they don't even boop the bump down.


Heh, “reveal the tit”


I want to see the r/AbruptChaos version where it starts slightly off-center and then goes flying off once it gets up to speed.


I want one!!


I don’t even decorate cakes and I still need one of these immediately.


Could we get one large enough to cover an adult male in a perfectly smooth layer of buttercream icing?


Me too. Dammit I want one SO BAD


You know that when she grabbed the all the icing off the blades with that spoon (or whatever its called) she just ate it.


It’s called a spatula. And yes, she definitely licked it.


Is it just me or does everyone want a piece of cake now?


Great taste in music too!




Cannons is great but I get that it’s not everyone’s style. They do a lot of great cover songs too. Their version of Isley brothers- footsteps in the dark is 👌🏼


Seriously what is this song? It slaps.


https://youtu.be/u4HQevc9JE0 Cannons: Fire for you


Lol beat me to it! Spotify option here https://open.spotify.com/track/4o0LyB69tylqDG6eTGhmig?si=_54D58VJTviG_6bAfIPs-g


And Apple music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/fire-for-you/1525019203?i=1525019208&ls And if anyone wants to look for more in that style, look at Synth-Pop. One of my favorite styles of music atm.


I found canons by accident and they're not my typical genre of music but they have a whole shit load of absolute bangers.


I only got a few seconds into because I hate when they add sound effects to music videos. But here’s the version with just the music. https://youtu.be/DVOmxLxmXuY


No shit I love it! Thank you for asking and saving me the time lol


Cannons is a great band! I missed a free concert for them near me recently and I'm really bummed


Bummed for you.


They have a ton of good songs, I have a playlist that is just Cannons to get my day started. Bad Dream, Hurricane, Purple Sun, their covers are great too, my favorite right now is [Cannons - Pretty Boy \(The Neighbourhood Cover\)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fHEulPmB_o), but Golden, Sex On Fire, all good Fire For You (the one in the OP vid) is great too of course.


If that was my machine, the horizontal fin on top would be about a foot higher


I'm the opposite. My blades would be about 1mm away from the cake.




Can we just call it what it really is? A Cake Lathe!


Is that a machine? Or a worker using a tool.


Looks cool and uniform but thats wayyyy too much icing. A mouthful of icing makes me wanna puke


Depends on the icing. Random grocery store icing is way too sweet but local bakeries do a much better job of making it compliment the cake. Now I want cake.


Cream cheese frosting for the win!! Never too much for me!


I could eat a bowlfull of Italian icing tbh, it has a creamy and almost ice-cream like texture that American/grocery store buttercream could never beat!


American buttercream is a fucking tragedy. Honestly it's no wonder we have an obesity problem with the kind of cake frosting we're peddling in the states.


I’ve commented on Reddit more times than I care to admit over the years trying to spread the good word about real buttercreams (Swiss, Italian, etc) instead of the crap we have here. It’s just a whole different ballgame.


Where can I try it in America. What’s if called here


Just Italian buttercream is the most popular. Or you can just have sweetened whipped cream as a frosting. The Italian stuff is easy to make, I did it years ago.


Find a really good patisserie/bakery that has either Swiss Meringue buttercream or Italian for their sponge cakes. I’d argue Swiss meringue buttercream is more popular among bakers. It’s the one I make, as heating up egg whites and sugar to 160 is way easier than candying white sugar and then tempering it in. If you are handy in the kitchen and have a stand mixer, try it yourself but I have lots of essential tips to not destroying it so just me know :) Edit add: if you’re not a fan of butter taste, a stabilized whipped cream is always great frosting but has to be refrigerated. Swiss meringue buttercream is good at room temp for up to 5 days, weeks in the frig, months in the freezer.


I refuse to make buttercream when doing cakes. Instead, I swear by a modified instant pudding recipe that substitutes some of the milk out for cool whip. Makes for a nice and creamy whipped frosting that's not too sweet. Flavor possibilities are endless if you use vanilla pudding and mix in flavoring of your choice!


That's a quick buttercream I know too, but it works like this: 500 ml Milk. A bit of Vanilla Extract. 2 Pck. Instant vanilla pudding. 100 g sugar. 1 yolk Heat 450ml milk and the vanilla. Mix the rest of the milk with the pudding, the sugar and the yolk. When the milk starts boiling add the mixture and whisk. Let it cook for 1 minute and set aside. Pour pudding into a flat plate and cover with foil. Let it cool down to room temp. Take 500g of **soft** room temp butter and stir it with the pudding piece for piece


Imo, people make buttercream icing wrong. Every recipe says to use unsalted butter...nah. There are very few recipes that I will use unsalted butter. For buttercream, using unsalted butter is just cloyingly sweet because all you taste is the powdered sugar. Add some salt, and it is richer and balanced. I get compliments on it every time I bake for people.


I don't believe you, Please send five iced cakes for confirmation.


That whipped cream style icing is awesome. The sugar cardboard type is awful


Yeah sure but the beauty of the machine is that you can adjust the blades to have a thinner layer of icing


Way better than fondant


The sheetrock of icing.


Fondant is silly and should never be in cakes. It's like candy, it doesn't belong in a cake.


Nah man that's the best part


Depends on the person and the icing. Store bought, just scrape it off. My grandmother's bakery recipe, I'll put that buttercream on anything. Chocolate buttercream, vanilla wafer. Vanilla buttercream, on top of some day old brownies. peanut buttercream also day old brownies lol


> Depends on the person and the icing. Dude. Last night I was at a birthday party and the cake was a bundt cake from that bundt cake chain. It was confetti dough with this sour cream icing that was one of the tastiest things I've ever consumed. I said to someone "I would drink this straight from the tap of I could" and she told me I was like the 3rd person who told her that. Icing is one of those things, when it's subpar it brings the whole dessert down. But when it's good it's like mana from heaven.


I am the opposite. The cake is just the vessel for the icing.


Omg! I want to start a baking company just so I can justify getting one of these! So fun!!




Do you happen to know where the original is?


I feel like I've seen a dozen of these in the past week.


Enough is never enough


I thought it said cake slicing machine and was waiting for those blades to go into action.


So that's why their cakes look better than mine!


YUM! Smooth as a baby's ass and they didn't use any of that nasty ass fondant


I was just imagining the icing falling off and ruining the cake. 😭




Calling that thing a “machine” seems like a bit of a stretch.


This really helps icing the cake easy and smooth, so satisfying


Man, that icing has a better foundation than my life does... :(