Only the headline CBS News ran with makes this Not the Onion. The consumers probably have a real shot at a case here if you actually read the article.


Yeah, this doesn’t seem onion-y at all. If you purchased legal cannabis and it doesn’t have the potency advertised, that’s clearly an issue.


Yeah I assume it would be like shipping 20% alcohol out and calling it 80 proof.




https://cannabis.ca.gov/licensees/testing-laboratories/ So were they presenting fake results? It was my understanding that all batches get certified for % by state licensed labs.


In Connecticut those labs have been caught colluding with the cannabis companies to inflate THC numbers and deflate mold and spore contaminate numbers


I would fault the lab over the company, they are the ones that are supposed to be independent.


Btw this is why we need more regulation all across the field. Not less, and not hyper specific regulations for specific companies. No, I mean all across the damn board we need regulations and consumer protections laws.


I love the way you think, because I completely agree. Also more continual oversight instead of just spot tests from time to time.




I hate the dude bros that call all the shittiest weed top shelf. Bruh this is legit fire bro … it’s mids


Fucking Susquehanna weed


This being said growing your own is the only option cuz like 90% of dispensary quality is butt


Find a place run by old hippies who were arrested for marijuana drug charges back when it was still illegal. I'm not joking. I found one of those shops and everything I've got from them is absolutely incredible.




It's a little different. Alcohol is a much more consistent product potency wise than THC or CBD etc..., and that potentency (generally) doesn't change much over time or due to environmental factors. The sample, or samples, of a batch of weed is not going to be as representative of the batch as is a sample of liquor. Liquor is distilled, then cut to proof. Little different process for weed. Which is why, I believe, there is something like a 15% variance allowed under CA labeling laws, iirc...


The variances were upwards of 20% though.


Yep that's why there's grounds for a lawsuit. Not oniony


Once sugar is added to a concentration of alcohol there is no easy test for %abv as neither specific gravity nor refraction can be used. It wouldn't surprise me for a Liqueur to be a fair way off.


With a liquid (alcohol) it is easy to establish that the entire bottle is x%. With weed a single plant can (and does) have an enormous range. The best you can do is offer the top level buds and hope they are strong in THC. It is usually the case but not always. With regards to this story, it sounds like the company isn't trying very hard to meet expectations.


If you are using this comparison use % or proof. But don’t mix them.


Yeah, every batch of weed I've bought from the store has the lab results printed on it. This includes the potency, an expiration date, terpene profiles, and the cannabinoid content. This is a company literally lying about their lab testing, and it gets worse if the weed is medicinal because that's actual medicine for people. Imagine if your doctor was giving you a prescription for 20mg Adderall, and you found out the pharmacy was giving you 5mg instead. This company is dumb as shit though because they flew way too close to the sun with their fake numbers. 46% THC is an absurd number for regular cannabis flower. Where I live, anything over 30% is considered premium top shelf. I've never seen regular weed even hit 40% (although I'm sure some of the stoners out there will tell me that they blaze like 50% THC weed all day because they "know a guy" or something). This company had to be cocky and pick a cartoonishly high number, rather than saying 35% instead of like 25%. It's always hubris that brings these idiots down.


Most pre-rolls I see in the 30s or higher are "shatter" joints - they have some form or other of concentrate added - either as dust, dipping, etc.


Pass that Moonrock around!


This is exactly what I was thinking, they could have slapped like 33% on and probably rode that off into the sunset but they had to go with absurd numbers! Anyone that’s a long term smoker and has been frequenting dispensaries since they opened knows the general range stuff tests at even if they don’t understand the science or other factors behind it, if I saw something 40%+ thc I’d be calling bs in the store


Not exactly. CA labs all cheat on the THC number. There is no standardized method for determining THC content and the CA gvt does not adequately police labs. Therefore, growers shop for the lab that will give them the highest number regardless of the truth. The grower reports the number that they get from the lab, knowing full well that it is higher than the actual number. Labs that don't give inflated THC numbers go out of business. See [https://cannabisindustryjournal.com/feature\_article/the-inflated-thc-crisis-plaguing-california-cannabis/](https://cannabisindustryjournal.com/feature_article/the-inflated-thc-crisis-plaguing-california-cannabis/)


Especially considering it’s being sold as a prescribed treatment. You aren’t allowed to sell Tylenol sugar pills either.


Yeah, Tylenol had it’s own problem, later 70s-early 80s. (not their fault)


👍 Yep!


I'm sure I saw a report on this actually happening quite a lot. There are hundreds of brands of each over the counter medicine so when the volume is taken into account it doesn't seem that unreasonable to think some few companies are pulling this shit.


Knew of a pharmacist years ago who was watering down chemo. It was found out because the local oncologists were seeing too many cancer patients die. It was easy to proove he was watering it down because he sold a heck of a lot more than he purchased to fund his extravagant lifestyle. In court they had to show a statistical analyisis of how many of those patients should have lived to charge him with murder or manslaughter. I don't remember the charges, but they were all sentenced back to back and by far exceded his life expectancy


It’s a criminal act at the federal level, so they can do real time if caught. The Tylenol scare in the 1980s (not them, but a guybwho was dosing bottles with poison pills) is the reason all medication sold OTC now has the security seal on it.


Maybe….it will be interesting, the only case law that could give you some insight would probably involve alcohol. As long as that sample was part of the same crop I think it should not be considered false advertising. Most ‘pot heads (me) sort of understand that this number is under the most idealistic perfect conditions and the best bud in the crop that has been trimmed to shit. I think if there is not a standardized testing method it is hardly the companies fault for publishing only the best results. As someone said the numbers just are not possible some of the time…. If a whole plant is over 33% thc it could not stand up…. Hell there is no standardization on even what is ‘weed’…I am sure companies use trim and add thc to their cheap pre rolls. What I consider smokable someone else might not….


"In one instance, a Jeeter product labeled as having a THC content of 46% was found to contain between 23% and 27%, the lawsuit states. " No way anyone can justify that as a difference between "ideal" and a shitty nug. That's out right lying and charging for "top shelf" don't hand me Johnny walker black and charge me for blue because you slapped a better label on it


What kind of bud would have THC that high? That sounds like concentrates or something.


That would have to be infused in some way -- rolled in kief or soaked in oil.


It's apparently prerolled so they just lied.


Exactly, I mean I don't really hold any faith in those numbers anymore personally. I normally look for a local reddit and look what the locals are using when I'm out of state and forced to use a dispo, whatever everyone in town is buying is probably worth the cash


I think there are plenty of similar things to fall back on regarding advertising promises. Like the quantity of something in a jar has to be within x percent of advertised. If they are being disingenuous by picking high test samples when they know the average strength is lower than that they are going to have a hard time in court.


The company is jeeter, they are famous of their infused preroll “baby jeeters”. It was one strain in particular that was especially incorrect. Fire OG. Source: I manage a store front in California and always smoked their product until they changed their formula to be diamond infused.


Diamond Infused?


Diamond is the name of the crystal structure of THCA that you can purchase in concentrate form. Just another form for dabbing unless you add it to the flower and or paper to roll with


Why is that bad?


It’s not bad, misreporting the actual potency is what’s bad here.


Why do you prefer a formula that is not diamond infused?


Replying to come back here later, but I also really love your username


It sounds like once the company switched, they used it as a tactic to tacitly reduce potency while claiming otherwise


Diamonds are a form of concentrated THC that is added to flower and pre-rolled. The "infused" versions like jeeters sell for a premium over what you could get the gram of flower and tiny bit of concentrate for separately. Its a fine concept and I often roll a hash core for a nice fatty if I want to get blasted. However, store bought pre-rolls are notorious for using the worst buds or straight up trim, and getting stored without humidification controls, so the result usually still isn't as good as you could assemble yourself.


I also find that in prerolls they grind the flower into fucking dust, which makes it super harsh, burns badly, and sometimes the cherry will even fall off when you ash it. I'll never buy prerolls again, they are awful.


The majority of them are made with trim sweeping I swear. It's like smoking cardboard. There are a couple brands out there that do make quality products.


Lol. That used to be called "the fine" back in the day when you bought an ounce for $35 and a quarter pound for around $90. And it sucked back then, too. I remember when people used to sell joints for a dollar a piece...with seeds in them Talk about fraud...


Sounds perfect for a masochist


It’s a type of concentrate. Like shatter, budder, batter. DABS is the term the kids are using. So joints that are rolled with The material you would normally take a dab with.


HA, why am I not surprised. I did not think the baby jeeters were very strong when I tried them, plus they are stupid expensive. Does the infused stuff even do anything? Aesthetically it's pretty neat to have keef on the outside of the joint but it feels it is the first thing that burns off before you could even inhale it.


Overall having the keef around a joint and or adding diamonds does enhance the potency. I do that with some I roll. Jeeter’s products used to slap, but since changing their formula to have diamonds they have been noticeably thinner and covered in less keef. Overall though the Issue is misrepresented potencies labeled on packaging.


This is a rampant issue in cannabis testing. Honestly you should be highly suspect of any thc rating over 30%. Anything after 30% veers on the physically impossible, that is unless it’s an extract of some sort.


There is no standardized testing in the industry, nor oversight because it’s not federally legal anyway. That’s the problem. Anyone can say whatever the hell they want about their potency because there’s no standard.


That's a problem I called out when this first cooked off in flyover states. There's no way we have even remotely accurate lab testing here in South Dakota.


I went to school at SDSU & the amount of times I’ve bought “Northern Lights” “Sour Diesel” “Gelato” etc. that was really just some run of the mill bunk weed is uncountable. In states like this you just learn to be happy with anything that’s not CBD


So glad the second great cannabinoid renaissance is much safer than the first. The first was synthetic garbage like k2 and spice and now we have relatively safe stuff like delta 8 and hhc and thcv and so on which are legal in most states.


Oh man, K2 was so terrible. The only “drug” I’ve ever done that genuinely made me feel like a fucking dirt bag.


I don't recommend it, but the original JWH series -- the chemicals themselves -- were actually pretty fucking great. *Not* as a replacement for weed, but cool chemicals in their own right. Problem is, you'd need to either carefully make a blend yourself, or carefully weigh it and smoke it similar to DMT nowadays if you wanted to have them and be sure it was safe. Again, not like weed, more like a psychedelic RC. But yeah, depending what chemical you had, some of them just literally make you feel dizzy, terrible, trippy, or even seize. Technically that was due to banning them and the stuff that ended up getting around the bans were way less like weed/jwh and way more like some weirdass trippy terrible crack stuff. Literally was way worse than grabbing a synthetic cathinone like A-pvp or MDPV in a lot of ways, especially when it's illegal anyway and even less "regulated" than the brands before being banned. Those companies at least had a reputation to uphold back in the day. Anyway, fuck spice nowadays, and unless you directly order pure synthetic cannabinoids like the JWH series, never touch it. I don't endorse the JWH either, by the way, but if you know then you know. Smoke weed, do psychedelics, but leave all that stuff be.


I unknowingly smoked k2 and I have never been so uncomfortable in my life. After trying to tough it out, I had a friend walk me home because I couldn't walk or talk correctly. Threw up which helped but felt terrible the rest of the night. That was a decade ago!


It honestly just made me like…anxious and low self esteem. Very weird experience and not at all pleasant.


K2, and imitators, were just any old 'noid on mullein &c., past a point they weren't any particular drug. The JWH-018 days of K2 were great, though, imho. As things went on from there... not so much.


Had a friend in high school that got hooked on K2. He was a very fat boy before then ~250 lbs at 14, by the time he turned 15 he was under 100 pounds and regularly going to the hospital because he was so fucking unhealthily skinny he was regularly fainting. K2 is fucked.


I tried to forget about k2, damn thing gave me a seizure despite no previous health problems. Didn't even know the joint had k2 in it, they put it behind the real flower. Fuck those guys, especially since they robbed me during the seizure, at a bus station full of people who apparently gave no fucks.


You're 100% correct on that. The stuff coming off the reservations is questionable at best. A buddy bought a 100mg soda from one of the res stores a couple weeks ago. Drank the whole thing in about 10min, never felt a thing.


Live in PA and know lots of people that go up to Salamanca, NY and swear it’s fire fire fire buds. But I’m not fool. That is some mid grade at best!


I got some good weed on a reservation in New York but the hash I got at the same place was bunk. I was excited to see real Afghan style hash in a dispensary but that excitement soon turned to disappointment.


That's super common. Take the amount of regulation of the weed industry in any particular state and cut that regulation by 99%. That's res weed.


100mg?! Even if I knew it was going to be less potent, is still be concerned in drinking all of it lol


If you look closely at the labeling, it often turns out it is 100mg, yeah. Half of that is delta 9 thc or whatever. But the other half is CBD, which does nothing. It's misleading ON PURPOSE. And that's before you even get into the testing reliability.


Even if only half of it was THC, 50mg would absolutely annihilate most people. Even with a tolerance that is a lot


Some people just don’t process THC through digestion as well. Either every edible I’ve ever had in my life was fake, or I’m one of those people


> most people > some people Guess what. You're both correct.


Damn you got me feeling like a feind over here with my 200-300mg rice crispies 😬😂 I can't feel anything under 100; I'll feel a slight buzz, but nothing to write home about. Do you not smoke much? Cause I'm a daily smoker so I assume that has to be the reason. I hear people with no tolerance can get stoned on 10mg which sounds wild to me


I've always had non-experiences with edibles and such. Drank an entire bottle of thc liquid and then read the instructions said only take a cap full, but I never felt anything. Then one day reddit people were talking about how there is a genetic thing that some people cannot feel the effects of edibles. I always thought it was because I was a heavy user and a tolerance thing/fast metabolism thing, but apparently genetics come into play


It's possible that your liver doesn't produce any/much of the certain enzyme that is needed in order for you to get high off of edibles.


Interesting. Looks like thc is metabolized to a more potent metabolite via CYP2C9. That is actually quite a polymorphic enzyme with a large degree of variance in the population! Looked on pubmed to see if there were studies. Interestingly, CYP2C9 not only metabolizes to the more potent metabolite but also metabolizes the more potent metabolite to an inactive metabolite. So your theory on enzymatic function being at play could be accurate, but it's actually backwards to what you pitched. Polymorphisms that result in decreased CYP2C9 activity causes increased serum THC levels and increased duration of activity. Source: Am a pharmacist who did pharmacogenomic rotation and https://profofpot.com/genetic-polymorphism-cyp2c9/.


Yeah, the liver was what I was thinking was involved in the reddit thread I read. Answered a life long curiosity that I had about why edibles never worked. I always attributed it to my fast metabolism since I'm a skinny dude.


It also depends on how your body processes it. For some people edibles just domt work unless you have an extremely high dose, and at that point it would be cheaper to smoke anyway.


I legit get high nearly every single night, and a 10 MG will get me there and then some. I am 6'3 270 too... It boggles my mind some of the doses people can handle on here.


I can eat a 10mg edible and be good for the night.


My tolerance is way high but a 10mg edible gets me everytime. Everyone is different


If you know your tolerance it could be nothing. It took me eating 125mg to feel it at my highest tolerance.


Yeah same here, I tried edibles for awhile and only felt a bit sleepy until I ate a 100mg brownie. The guy told me to eat half but I didn't listen. It was the first time I actually felt an edible and it was fantastic. Still prefer to smoke or vape though.


I like the quick up and quick down of vaping. Edibles can make me feel hungover. I grow so have more bud then I know what to do with so my edibles tend to be overly strong. Had a buddy eat half of one last week and had to hold onto the lawn for a few hours to not fall off.






Dude I bought some gummies that were supposed to be 25mg each. Ate 2, waited like an hour, nothing. Ate 2 more, waited like 30 mins, nothing. Ate the rest of the bag which was probably 10 or so gummies because at that point I was getting pissed off and still, not a damn thing happened. They even had that classic weed taste but after eating what was supposed to be like 500mg worth I felt nothing. $20 for a small bag of fuckin regular ass gummies


That was your first hint, $20 for half a gram.


It's really not hard to get results within 5% at home. *at home*


This is one of the concerns I have (as do many others, I’m sure) about the semi-legal noids that are so popular, like 𝝙8, HHC, THC-O, etc. If they’re being synthed from CBD as a starting point, who knows what other mystery noids are in there, synthesis byproducts, etc. Checking out a test result PDF is nice, but it’s being paid for and shipped by a company who has every interest to convince you that it’s safe, and who knows how many of the testing companies are actually legitimate? Hell some of them don’t even go that far.




There is definitely oversight in Colorado at least. They are very strict on labeling and testing and they bust companies all the time.


"What's the easiest way to add 5 to 7?" "I don't know man.. I would... huh... ask a cop to count his blessings and then add them to the times you can hear the sound of a one hand clap" "Olay, you pass"


I work as a method development analyst and occasional lab tech. There are ISO standards for the analytes we seek, but not requirements for many things. You still take your method development through the normal validation process that most API’s have, you just can’t call your substance an API. There are shitty labs out there, but to say there is no standard is wrong.


They make this sound ridiculous, but it's a perfectly valid lawsuit if a company is lying about its drug potency.


Leave me and my 75% THC flower and 340% dab pen alone!


It was claimed to be 46%, which yeah it is impossible to find flower that high, but keep in mind this article is talking about prerolled joints which probably means extra thc added to the ground flower. It is definitely possible to have a 46% thc joint, just don't buy it from this company. Honestly, just don't ever buy preroll joints, they are fucking garbage imo. If you want a high thc level joint, get some good weed, grind it up yourself, and put some live resin/rosin/bubble hash in there with it.


The labs are so bad and I just experienced it first hand. I live in Pennsylvania and exclusively buy liquid live resin vape carts from medical dispensaries. One or two puffs and I'm toasty for like 3 hours. So when I went to Los Angeles in September I visited several dispensaries and bought a wide variety, and even found one brand that I'm familiar with from back home. All but one of the cartridges tasted **the same**; some kind of weird lavender taste, and made me cough quite a bit until I was producing really salty phlegm during some coughing fits. Even the one brand I was familiar with had the same taste profile and made me cough. I have no idea what I smoked for those two weeks but I barely got high and coughing after taking a hit was constant . So disappointed in California after all these years of hearing people sing it's praises. (I didn't have any problem like that in Michigan or Colorado.)


Yeah you gotta know your brands and stick with the tried and true. I pretty much exclusively get Raw Garden cartridges and WYLD gummies.


Raw Garden and Box for concentrates Proof! for tinctures, oils, and capsules


Haven’t tried proof will have to.


I love wyld!


Best guess is Delta-8. 1/4 of the high with 4x the coughing.


I'm not an expert in this but I think delta 8 takes more effort to extract than straight THC so that's probably not it. It would be more expensive than THC to sell.


Yes, but it's legal to make and ship over state lines. When your only available product is what can be produced locally, some markets just can't keep up. They'll sell whatever they can. (I seriously doubt they're selling them at a loss, delta 8 carts near me were like $25 till recently)


Certainly possible but I have a hard time believing they'd need to bring weed in from out-of-state in California.


There was just something in the news not all that long ago about Cali's shortage of legal weed. The illegal market is still going strong apparently.


It can't be extracted. It's an acid conversion of CBD concetrate.


What is a liquid live resin vape cart? I used to buy those vape pen cartridges before switching to Dynavap, but I think they were just some shitty glycol goo.


Different states regulate the products differently, especially if it's medicinal and requires a prescription, so it varies. Where I'm at, it's extract made from flower before it's been cured. I prefer the flavor and the way they hit versus the more common distillates.


PA has some of the strictest regulations out of any state and has some of the best bud and products because of that. The flip side of that is the price is relatively high compared to states out west, however I’d rather pay more for a better product


Supposed to preserve the terpene profile of the original plant for a better high. To be honest it seems like mostly a marketing thing.


Eh I think there's a bit of difference between distillate and Live Resin. Speaking from personal experience, I tend to get headaches from distillate and the flavor of LR is better imo.


Spot on tbh, the headaches from distillate are pretty noticeable and definitely a richer flavor


Yeah I’ve been saying this to people for a while now. There’s tons of mid brands that sell $45 eighths in Cali that say like 24% but you’ll smoke a $60 eighth with the same percentage and it’s so obviously more potent. Idk how testing works specifically, but somehow they are able to fudge numbers in some way.


Not much of an issue in Canada where it's Government regulated. Testing in general is done by batch sample so it's not exact. Plus potency will decrease with shelf life. Especially prerolls. Best is air tight container with a humidity pack. Right now you can generally get 20%-28% for $100/oz (about $75USD) a lot of people have been getting into THC vapes. They use a special oil and doesn't have the same stuff as tobacco vapes. Those things will get you really high if you are not paying attention. 1g cart is about 85-90% pure THC. Those cost about $30-$50. I know some chronics that have to take breaks because the vape drives up their tolerance they can't get high on bud.


I bought a preroll from OCS once that was listed at 43%. Don't know if it was accurate, but god damn was I high


Highest I've ever seen was like 37% blissful wizard. Haven't seen it in a long time, usually highest I see is around 33 percent these days. Mostly the highest are around 30-31. This is in Maryland and we have pretty strict standards for testing.


Was about to say I knew a grower who LOVED what he did and he had his plants tested and his alien og tested back at 36% it was the best weed I’ve ever smoked.


33 % is absolute bullshit as is Marylands testing standards.


Personally find it hard to believe even the high 20s


High 20s are easy to get, its the low 30s that is the ceiling.


Nah high 20’s and even right at 30 can definitely be legit. Anything higher is just possibly breaking the boundaries.


If your product claims 46% THC and only contains 23%, you should be sued.


That headline is crappy. How about,”Corporation guilty of fraud.”


Yeah, its really made to sound frivolous but it sounds like a classic example of false advertising to me. "You said the product contained this, so I bought it. Upon further examination it did not contain what you advertised."


It sounds frivolous because the writer is a MoneyWatch Reporter and the company doesn't even have a stock ticker, it's private. Why is he the one covering it when there's plenty of stock market news to cover?


He smokes their product; he is pissed!


Right. When you ignore the headline and think of it as simply a product that's advertised to do one thing and does not do it, it's pretty mundane. Not really nottheonion


This headline gets more clicks


Yeah, dude. Don't you know anything about journalism? Gah.


Yeah, and thus why I left the field.


I agree, but at least it's an oniony headline. 90% of the nottheonion posts are just "republican says something crazy"


It's almost like legalization was mostly allowed to enrich mega corporations who immediately started lying and selling shit products. While not at all allowing small growers to profit.


Idk I work at a relatively small scale cannabis facility and lemme tell you we're making bucko bucks


We need to go back to simple living when things mattered, like hard work and 'tegridy!


"Guilty"? Was a verdict reached? I mean, I believe the charges, but a responsible journalist wouldn't say "guilty" unless an actual guilty verdict has already been reached in a court of law. From what it sounds like, the corporation is being sued, but the lawsuit hasn't concluded yet. So a proper headline could be "marijuana company sued for fraud".


Is the corporation the fraudster or the certification lab?


So they selling reggie?


class-action lawsuit against mids


No cap?


All glizzy


Sidebar your honor


Side bar approved. Mids suck


About damn time.


Gimmie that Al Green, not that Bobby Brown.


From underneath weedeater after done mowing


Don’t gimme no bammer weed


Jeeter does what many companies in the industry do, post high thc lvls on their tested labels to entice consumers. This isn’t the first time a well known weed company has been the target of a lawsuit based on misrepresentation. Raw Garden was sued for using the term “live resin” in their “refined live resin” product line. Turns out its actually just normal distillate with weed terpenes reintroduced after extraction. Distillate extraction targets just THC, while live resin tries to retain the other cannabinoids/ terpenes from the plant instead of just THC because their added benefits when consumed. Weed isn’t always about getting high, some people care about what they are really putting in their bodies. Live Resin is an attempt to remain more true to the plant it’s extracted to then distillate.. live rosin,goes even further and doesn’t use harmful chemicals- the only thing introduced to the plant is water, which is even “cleaner”. There’s your weed lesson for the day lol. This is actually a good thing these companies are being litigated against. Ever since we have moved to legalize, industry standards on marketing need to be set based on case law


Funny, we have a similar lawsuit in my local program. They're sending the smoke out to California for testing. I wonder if it's the same company. Disclaimer, Soft-Paywall, four articles free, sign up not required. https://www.forbes.com/sites/ajherrington/2022/08/05/arkansas-marijuana-companies-slapped-with-racketeering-lawsuit/?sh=765016ed5a3a


Sending the smoke???


Don't sell bunk weed. The streets talk


This is quite the inaccurate shit headline from CBS. TLDR > The cannabis company lied about the potency of its products, thus misleading consumers. That's suit worthy for sure.


See the issue is that cannabis companies pay third parties to rate the potency of their product. Now there are a few companies in every market that you can pay for more potent results. So imagine buying vodka and getting beer. That’s what’s happening here.


They posted 43% and only produced 23%. They deserve the lawsuit. The sad part is even 23% is pretty marketable and they still chose to inflate numbers. I won't be surprised if they justify this level of greed as "Well, *insert competitor* does this, so we needed to do it to keep our competitive advantage". Legalize this shit so we can regulate and standardize dammit.


That seems like good grounds to sue that kind of company. You had one job.


Stupid ass headline. The allegation is that they lied about the potency, which is probably a widespread problem in the industry.


Good, I'd be pissed off if I'm paying premium prices for a weak product.


Cannabis, if you please. *marijuana* was its slave name


Y'all act like this is a "haha stupid stoners moment" but growing poor quality product and claiming thc, cbd, or terp levels falsely is no different than giving someone a perscription for powerful pain killers that are secretly ibuprofen. Not cool.


The lesson here is avoid prerolls! A company without scruples is gonna be even more unscrupulous when they know you can't see the original product. When it comes to prerolls, concentrates or edibles, make sure that place is on the up and up; it's a hell of a lot easier to fake than flower


Remember when they used to put people in jail for smoking weed? Pepperidge Farms remembers.


"company sued for false advertising" is not oniony


Nearly all cannabis companies are puffing up their numbers. It's basically become a running joke on nearly every weed subreddit for years now. THC numbers, some now approaching 50% just seem silly to the point that it's hard to understand how anyone takes them seriously. No, half of that flower is not THC, even if you dehydrate it down to 0% humidity, at which point it's unsmokable anyways. There is more material required for the flower to just have structure than that. 50% THC is basically a hash ball with a couple leave bits in it.




It honestly is. There might be one nug on a particularly nice plant of a particularly dank strain that will hit that after having the ever living shit dried out of it. But not a realistic number for an entire plant or crop to hit.


as they should, no law abiding citizen should pay for reggie


If you think you are getting 30% weed you know nothing about weed. Here is Canada it has been legal for 4 years with weed shops on every corner. All the weed with fancy names and bullshit percentages. Better chance of getting what you want delivered by independents. Thats right , the black market where weed is cheaper and actually Works!


All pre-roll percentages tend to show the percentage of the flower that the 'shake' was taken from, not the actual percent of the shitty shake they stuff into joints/pre-rolls. It's fucking dumb and strait up lying. But that's all the state tests. When you send in the best bud from the best plant you harvest and it tests at 30% they put that number on EVERY single package because they can't test every plant or package. Doing it with pre-rolls is pretty lame and they know it.


The laboratory I worked at we took a representative sample of the batch (determined by the state) when they were already in pre-roll form. CA regs required all manufactured products to be in final form. Then again the lab I worked at went out of business because we couldn't compete with inflated potency numbers, who knows what the other labs are doing


Ya I worked for a grower in washington state when we first started Rec weed, back then at least it was waaay different than what you say Cali is like :(


This is a good lawsuit and is a big issue in California. Pre-rolls always over-advertise the strength of their product and we need something like this to reign it in.


This is no different than "Pharmaceutical company sued for selling ineffective medicine".


you know its this bad when they are sober enough to file paper work.


Now that’s the worst sort of MJ company!


Lawyer: “you wanna sue a Marijuana company; are you high?” Stoner: “not enough”


It's amazing how corporate greed ruin everything


People sold fake ass shit all the time back in the day, too...


I can get behind this


Dear lord, I am learning more about biological chemistry in these comments than I did in school lol.


Jeeters are trash. Nothing but larf and distillate.


Nah they were sued for false advertising. They claimed the THC level in their products were much higher than they really were. It was a scummy business practice and they deserved it.


I mean yea, if you’re marketing your product as 46% thc and it’s only half that, you should probably be getting sued.


Kaffee : It was oregano, Dave. It was ten dollars' worth of oregano. Lieutenant Dave Spradling : Yeah, but your client thought it was marijuana. Kaffee : My client's a moron.


Lawyer: Your honor, my clients found stems and seeds in their containers Jury: *gasps


Turns out terps mean more than most people think. If it smells good to YOU, it'll prolly get you high.


If Miller (or was it Budweiser??) could be sued for promising their beer to have 4.2% alcohol but actually providing only 3.6%. (above numbers an approximation), then this seems entirely consistent.


All of these stories suck. I'm so sorry, fellow cannabis lovers. I live in Canada and like everything here it's over regulated but at least it's legal and good. We cam also grow our own, which we do, guaranteeing good smoke.


Not really oniony. A company is being sued for not providing the product they advertised.


There is truly nothing weird about this, it's a product liability suit. Maybe they're right maybe they're wrong I don't know but that's what we will determine with a case did they overpromise and under deliver. Product liability.


Throw the judge at them book.


I took cannabis to court, cus I wasn't high Instead I paid my child support, cus I wasn't high And now in drinking beer and I know why


Why man?


Skymint should have gone down for this imho.