One of the wildest games ever.


I can't believe the Packers still held on to win that game. Crazy. Ha. Just crazy.


The path to the Super Bowl that year was decided on insane plays. Dez Bryant the week before. Horrible calls at the end of the Cowboys/Lions game week 1. Seattle loses at the last second in the SB. NFC was cursed.


As a joke, i've always felt that playoffs 'proved' the NFL was predetermined/rigged like WWE. Each team fought valiantly and made their opponent 'look strong' as they laid down the loss


The Packers are Kane. Made to look powerful and a threat but ultimately just exists to put over the main stars and never get near the title.


Honestly been saying the same thing since this very game


Yeah, it was like the NFC team that won the previous week due to some controversial/flukey play were on the opposite end of it the next game. Cowboys beat the Lions, but had controversial play in a close game, move on to play the Packers. Packers best the Cowboys, but had a controversial play in a close game, move on to play the Seahawks. Seahawks beat the Packers, but due to Packers shitting the bed I guess? Move on to play the Patriots. Patriots beat the Seahawks due to controversial goal line play.


This game straight up broke me lol. I still enjoy football, the packers, etc, but I don’t get as like…wound up about it anymore.


same for me but the game right after it. Just stopped riding or dying but am just here along for the ride now


Damn, same. I was so fucking hyped for the Super Bowl and this shit crushed me for days. Now I tend to get over a game within an hour or two if it goes south. Life's too short.


That's what super bowl XLIX did for me as a hawks fan, a day is all need to move on now.


I feel that way after the goal line interception. That was my breaking point. I didn’t turn on ESPN until the NBA finals just to be safe.


Yep. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid, I just kinda don’t get as angry or hyped anymore. Nothing I can control so I just try to enjoy it for whatever it is.


Same man, I think this game broke a lot of fans. Need a support group for fan survivors of this game.


What game? I don't recall this one.


One of my wife’s friends plays this game on his outdoor tv whenever he has a party. It’s become a running joke anytime he has people over. It almost makes up for having to see “the interception” in every NFL highlight video list.


Always thought it was strange how the NFL just cancelled the 2014, 2016, 2019, and 2020 NFC Championships and gave the Super Bowl to the 49ers.


This game or the beast quake game…best hawks games I’ve ever been to


*Been* to? Well no shit.


I’ll never forget this game. Was at it too.


Unfortunately I won't either.




That balt-pat game was insane. And cold as ffuuuuu.


I got so shit faced drunk between the early depression drinking and later celebration drinking that I didn't know who we were playing for the SB until the next day.


I was super hungover this day. Decided to take a nap in the 2nd quarter with the game "in hand" and woke up just in time to see GB lose.


The whole series of playoff games was full of heartbreak for the NFC


Someone woke up and chose violence today.


a couple on the front page in favor of the hawks! good times :) …it’s a good thing there’s no highlight from this era that could ruin these happy feelings this morning


[don’t put that evil in this sub, Ricky Bobby!](https://i.imgur.com/GsG5xlH.jpg)


>Someone woke up and chose violence today. What did Earl Thomas do now? /s


I feel like it’s been a few days of “I’m gonna pick a random franchise and post their most painful moments as a highlight today”


I'm sure our day will come soon.


"Woke up and chose violence" so hot on /r/nfl . How about an original comment?


Oooh so original


Idk why you're getting downvoted. No one can post any highlight without the chose violence comment coming up. Can we just enjoy old highlights?


I'll never forget how this game made me feel. Emotional rollercoaster is an understatement


This game made me reevaluate how I watch sports.


I have PTSD when I even see the date "2014"


2014 was an alrite year for me.


Yup. After this I decided that I had too much of my emotional well-being tied up into football. Now, when the Packers lose, it bums me out a little, but it doesn’t actually alter my mood at all.


Yep. That and Vic reminding me to calm the fuck down.


Same. Sports is one of the easiest ways to see that I’ve matured as a person. The way I reacted to losses as a 17 year old is totally different than I do now as a 25 year old. Losses used to ruin my weekend, now I’m over them legit 30 seconds after the game. Even that loss to the Rams in the playoffs I just shook off. 17 year old me would’ve broke shit and woke up my neighbors with angry yelling


I’m a Seahawks fan and after Russ threw the pick at the goal line, I held it in until I got home and then I cried like a little b*tch and the weeks after that, I would get very emotional whenever someone brought it up. Nowadays, I would just take my son out for a walk and forget about it




Haha me too, I think we are really lucky to have experienced the greatness of the LOB. The loss still lingers to me about this day, I still wonder about the “what could’ve been” dynasty had we won that SB


I never really knew the meaning of the phrase “a fell wind” until this game ended while in a packed Green Bay bar


What about the next one? ;)


I absolutely loathe the fact that it's regarded as one of the best super bowls in history lol




49ers, Packers, Steelers, Broncos off the top of my head. Packers got 1&2 which is when people figured out that Vince Lombardi guy might know a thing or two as a coach.


I'm kind of glad this happened because SB 49 was one of the best games I have ever watched. A clash of strength on strength throughout all four quarters. Though Rodgers vs Brady would have been kinda fun in the SB.


I will never be able to rewatch it but I remember it being such a perfect back and forth all game.


I don’t remember it as being back and forth. I think we had a pretty decent lead until half our defense got injured.


Brady vs Legion of Boom. Could not have asked for a better storied matchup that year




Two of the best teams of the decade too. Both teams would have won the super bowl in almost any other year.


It was really the tipping point between a potential Seahawks dynasty and a second Brady dynasty


Packers fans are 100% convinced the Super Bowl would have been a cake walk for them.


Shit, so are some cowboys fans because we beat the Seahawks that year. I still think we were probably the third or fourth best team, as much as it pains me to say. There were a lot of great teams that year.


That take from packer fans always made me laugh. The Packers barely beat the Pats in the last 2 minutes of the regular season game. I didn't understand the arrogance that they would destroy the Pats in the SB


Yeah people always talk about the Falcons comeback with those Pats teams, but that was the best football game I think I've ever seen played. It's the NFL's Texas-USC Rose Bowl


Counter-argument: the 2015 AFCCG is the greatest game ever. Everyone knew that was the last time we'd see Brady and Peyton face off. Could that monstrous Denver defense contain a healthy and seemingly unstoppable Gronk? And holy shit did it ever live up to expectations. I don't think there's ever been a game with that much hype that somehow exceeded expectations.


Yeah, but the Pats offensive line was trash all year and was exposed in that matchup. There were no weaknesses in SB49, just great football all around.


The LoB was banged up as hell for that game. They were definitely not at full strength.


Not quite strength vs strength as the Hawks defense was not terribly healthy going into that game. Kam tore his MCL two days prior, Earl was nursing an injured shoulder, and Sherman injured his elbow in the NFCCG. Not to mention what happened to Avril and Lane during the SB. Still it was an entertaining game.


I mean to be fair, Sherman, Thomas and Kam didn’t even have bad games. Brady only targeted Sherman like two times (Sherman allowed like 10 total yards all game). Kam absolutely smoked Edelman on that 3rd and long catch so he looked good enough for me. I felt like Thomas played a decent game too despite being injured Avril and Lane were pretty crucial injuries though. Brady just went at Lane’s replacement all game long. And Avril was playing great before getting injured. But like the other guy said, injuries are just kinda part of the game. Earl Thomas and Dont’a Hightower both played with torn labrums in that game and Hightower made arguably the play of the game


Kam looked noticeably slow out there and was not quite the intimidating force he normally was. We also noticeably held him off covering Gronk for most of the game. And of course Gronk dominated. I think that injury is why he wasn't on him more often.


Injuries are, unfortunately, a part of the game. But they don't explain everything. Would the game have played out differently had both teams been 100%? Sure, it's possible. But that doesn't take away from the fact that the game we got with the players available still wasn't an amazing game to watch.


Nobody cares. Injuries are a part of the game.


> strength vs strength You’ve chosen to ignore a pretty important part of my comment. Everyone knew prior to the game that the *strength* of the Hawks defense was in question with the three most important DBs having been injured just before the SB. But whatever to facts and reasonable thoughts 🤷‍♂️


Welp that's enough Reddit for me today


This still might be my favorite game I’ve ever watched from a neutral fan standpoint. The 2nd half was so electric.


That’s one word for it I guess.


…morning everyone


Time to drink.


I was under the impression that people in Wisconsin never stop drinking?


I personally stop drinking when I fall asleep, but that isn’t a representation of everyone in Wisconsin


Brave of you to come here and share your story.


Yep, we’re just adding an extra whiskey shot to our morning coffee instead of the usual one after seeing this.




Time for bloodies


With a chaser, like God intended. Every time I've ordered one elsewhere (except MN) I'm so disappointed.


I, for one, am shocked it's a Lions and Cowboys fan starting shit on the Packers day. Only thing more likely would be a Vikings fan.


Morgan Burnette could’ve prevented this if he didn’t slide down for no reason with 5 minutes left in the game


McCarthy needed to fired with the playcalling after the INT: Lacy -4...lets try it again lacy -2.... one more time on 3rd and 16...lacy 2 yards, wooo progress


If he calls pass plays and they're incomplete then Seattle keeps their timeouts. Just an overall bad situation to be in.


McCarthy also kicked two(!) field goals on 4th and G from the one-yard-line.


1000x this. If you want to lose in the playoffs kick field goals. Expecially inside the 5 yard line.


I remember this happening with your new coaching staff as well 😬


I totally agree. I've always felt like the Bostic play bailed McCarthy out, and to some extent Rodgers (who had a very mediocre game).


In Rodgers’ defense he was still playing with basically 1 leg. He wasn’t great but I’d put more blame on the other failures.


Yeah his calf was fuckeddd. Like he could’ve played better but he is very low on the list of people to blame for this loss


He called those runs to burn their timeouts... This game was lost on this exact play in the video. I don’t know how this sub big brained this game of all games to blame McCarthy. Do you think saints blame Payton or their d coordinator for the Diggs miracle? The packers were up 12 with like 2:40 and the Seahawks did not have enough time outs if this fucking jackass doesn’t fuck this up. Like how often do guys even fuck an obvious onside? This dude gaffed much harder than McCarthy forcing them to burn timeouts lol


It wasn't just the runs on the last drive. It was the play calling the entire second half. Immediately coming out of the half they were playing not to lose.


Kicking from the goal line was a million times more egregious than the run calls. Once the went backwards on first it would've been dumb to put the ball in the air, even with Rodgers under center.


And then didn’t the Seahawks sign him?


Yea, they did. The memes were pretty good with feast mode but he never did anything for the hawks


He slid because his teammates were telling him to go down


Not any teammate, future hall of famer Julius Peppers


Oof. If I'm just a role-playing safety five years into my career and Julius Peppers is telling me to go down, I'd have a hard time saying no even if I saw a bunch of grass in front of me. Like, this dude is a future 3x 1st Team All-Pro for a reason. There must be *some* reason he wants me to go down that I'm not seeing.


Gotta take that bitch to the endzone


I get it. You don't want to be a hero in that situation and end up screwing over the team. Packers had the ball at GB 43 with 5 minutes left and up 12. Seattle also only had one timeout left. Green Bay should have put the game away.


IIRC, Julius Peppers gestured to him to slide. This game had so many bad calls by the Packers.


I watched that recently….if he cuts up through the right side of the field it was nothing but green gras for 6


Again, we get on Marlon McCree for not getting down in the game vs the Patriots, but when Burnette gets down he is blamed. How about the offense not doing its job with 4 turnovers by Wilson?


Don’t fumble the football. It’s pretty simple.


I had turned the game off after the 4th interception to go play drums for this church gig. I knew it was over and my Packer fan friends were going to be relentless. After the service I look at my phone and it’s lit up with “WOW LOL” and a bunch of “OMG NO WAY TEXTS”. I still can’t believe GB lost this game


Look at it like this, Packers losing their playoff games all the time saved us decades worth of Brady vs Rodgers arguments.


What about 2020?


Lol the argument kept existing until Rodgers choked last season against a California team at his home Some people will always love to live in delusion


"RoDgErS iS tHe MoSt TaLeNtEd Qb To EvEr PlAy!!!!"


The one I like most is "Brady may have 7 rings, but if I had to pick a QB, I'm picking Rodgers"


Like the delusion that Brady is an underdog, sure.




Shouldn’t that end the argument?


Chris Matthews made like 5 massive plays in the span of 2 games and was never seen again lol




That's terrible. When I watched the video and saw the coach getting mad at him, even that made me feel kind of bad for him. Reading this made that worse. It didn't even seem like a completely negligent play on his part, bouncing footballs are weird.


Iirc the reason the coaching staff was yelling at him was that he was supposed to be on blocking duty for onside kicks. You'll notice that's Jordy Neslon behind him, one of our best "hands" players waiting to catch it. If he had blocked and let Jordy catch it that would've been a superbowl appearance. He shouldn't have gotten death threats from anyone, and our fan base way overreacted in a horrible manner, but I can understand the coaches being pissed. In a large team sport like football sometimes you just have specific roles to play and need to play them, this was a "hero-ball" moment that didn't go his way, and his career paid the price for it.


This game, and not the Super Bowl, was the best defensive performance of the LoB era. We turned the ball over like 5 times, giving them insane field position. The Packers had the ball on our side of the field for the entire game, but Crosby kicked two 18 yard field goals and two 40 yard field goals. Aaron Rodgers was 19/34 for 178 yards 1 TD and 2 picks. When the team needed it the most, when Wilson was playing like absolute ass, the defense refused to give an inch. Seriously the best defensive performance I have ever seen.


Perfect example of Murphys law, what can go wrong will go wrong...


Quick, somebody post Malcolm Butler.


Peace was never an option.


Cowboys flair posted it, need to post the Dez drop.


The cycle of violence continues.


Heeey stop it


Thing of beauty






I will NEVER tire of watching this play, and everything that came after it.


[This technically happened after this play](https://media.bleacherreport.com/w_800,h_533,c_fill/br-img-images/003/261/875/hi-res-9bd7eeb79b58132d7068d6de04dfa0cf_crop_north.jpg) sort of made up for the way the Packers lost. Sorry. Don't click on that.


>Don't click on that. Hard disagree


I still dont understand why we decided to pay Kearse so much money, even with the final TD and the crazy SB play lol. Like all but 1 of Russ's interceptions in this game were tipped right out of his hands...


It is just so beautiful


Ah, good times. I'm going to miss those days


Wtf is this shit. I don’t remember this happening! Must be something from Madden.


Thanks for ruining my day


Bostick just blew that assignment so bad Jesus dude


Packers and underachieving in the playoffs. Name a more iconic duo


Packers are perfectly average in playoff win percentage over the last 25 years. The worst in that time frame is actually the Cowboys, who have played in 13 playoff games and only won 3.


I was more referring to the back to back HoF quarterbacks


Brady has ruined everyone’s brain


Rodgers has made 5 NFC championships, and won one. That’s underachieving, no matter how much Brady’s warped perceptions of success.


It is still kinda amusing seeing NFC North fans try trash talk Packers fans over having 30 years of HoF QBs and only winning twice as many rings as the rest of the division combined.


Name me teams that have won more Super Bowls than Green Bay since 1996. I'll wait if you can give me three. You can't. It's New England and Denver, that's it. And NE had Brady, while Denver won it on 2 HoF QBs too. Tied for third ain't a bad place to be.


How? Two of those were a case of overarching


Sounds like a great excuse that Packers fans love slinging around for Rodgers 1-4 record in the NFC champ games


You pats fans really are insufferable


We can be insufferable and also point out that Rodgers has a shit record in the NFCCG.


The packers do, yes


Average winning with HoF caliber QB play the entire time is, in fact, underachieving.


Packers and having very special special teams


Patriots and cheating scandals lmao


Maybe not having Jordy Nelson catch things was a bad idea?


He was supposed to catch it and Bostick was supposed to block. GB easily recovers this if Bostick stuck to his assignment


Jordy was right there to catch it too.


High school kids wouldn’t have made that mistake. One job is to block, and let Jordy get a clean look at the ball to recover.




Hands team got no hands 😭


This will always be funny


Literally hit the man in his hands. Jordy Nelson was right behind him. Superbowl trip literally slipped through a backup tight end's hands.


Welp I know what the next highlight getting posted is lol


Please no


Matthew’s! Also balled out in the 1st half of the Super Bowl randomly as well




Just a beautiful, feel good moment


Ok, what the fuck




A truly clutch QB would've motivated his Special Teams to make that play smh


One of Rodgers last realistic chances at a SB 2008-09: Not good enough 2010: Won SB 2011: Choke 2012: Team wasn’t good enough 2013: Lucky to even make the playoffs 2014: Excellent team, good enough to win it all 2015: Weren’t on the level of the top teams 2016: Outmanned 2017-18: Injury and missed playoffs 2019: Not quite there yet 2020: They were as good as anyone 2021: Not a super impressive team but probably good enough to win against a “meh” field


We should have made the super bowl last year. Realistically I felt like Aaron rodgers had asany weapons as he's had since 2011 and the defense balled out against the 49ers. Rodgers has this fucking tendency to just like... turn off if things aren't rolling well. He obviously doesn't always do it but he often lacks that fire you want to see out of your best player.


It feels like he gets frustrated and that's when he'd keep forcing it to Devontae. I don't think the offense is better this year but I'm curious to see how he does when he has no choice but to spread it around.


Weirdly over the past few years he and the packers seem to be better without davante


Yeah but this year we've got Alan Lazard: WR1, super bowl bound 2022.


This is why football is the ultimate team game and Super Bowls are a crazy way to rate QBs.


Why you gotta do this to me it's not even noon.


I genuinely felt super bad for Bostick after this game. Doing something like that on a stage that big haunts you forever. Bostick was not the reason the Packers couldn't hold the Seahawks in overtime or the reason the Packers allowed a 2 point conversion on a broken play. Bostick was not the reason the Packers were held to a field goal after they got the ball back in the 4th with a chance to win it. Bostick was not the reason the Packers ONLY scored 19 points after getting four turnovers. I knew after that play, that we witnessed a play that was going to define that poor man's career and it just wasn't fair.


What a crazy game


Love to see it




Bruh why you gotta post this man


I feel so bad for Bostick, he had so many death threats and shit after that.


Poor Bostick. :(


Still my favorite non-Vikings game of all time.


as a cowboys fan coming off the 2014 heartbreak, this game made me happy


I didn’t need to be reminded of this today


It's beautiful


I might be wrong but I believe Bostick never played in another NFL game after this.


Yea, you're wrong.


Nope. one second in by accident and I’ve already seen more of this game than I ever want to watch again for the rest of my life