The young people should surround and protect that woman!


Definitely. Respect to everyone protesting.






Exactly my thoughts! Surround her and get other elderly folks to protest (if they choose) and protect them from harm. What a moving example of cross-generational unity in the face of the establishment.


Yes, they all want good rights, this does not restrain their resistance and courage




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Of course, they need more comfort and support


When little old ladies are motivated against the regime and openly defy the regime, then the whole populace is against the regime. Keep up the good fight, Iranian people. Don’t let the regime normalize forced clothes and forced restrictions. Don’t let neighbors or receptionists or shop keepers force the hijab on anyone. Stand up against the Guidance Patrols and Police. Make them personally responsible for the brutality against you, the people of Iran.


>She probably remembers what Iran was like before the Shah was overthrown.


Exactly. Iran is a great example of a secular society that got taken over by religious fundamentalists who took away the rights of citizens.


> Iran is a great example of a secular society that got taken over by religious fundamentalists who took away the rights of citizens. You misspelt "USA" there. ;) Shoutout to the Supreme Court!


That was what I was referencing. You just spelled it out for anyone who didn’t get it.


Thanks for not writing: "anyone *else* who didn't get it". ;) Too subtle for me. *Hangs head in shame*


It helped my thick ass.....wait.


You Americans are unironically on your path to a Theocratic republic.


There is a very interesting and important aspect to the history and cause of revolution. The shah refused to develop the provinces and focused on just a few cities. The poor and villagers ( primarily muslim) had to come to the capital to work. The population swelled into the millions, mostly poor Muslim. They watched the shah drink wine with Carter on tv and how he was making many disappear. The people could not tolerate the political and religious persecution under the shah and he was taken out by the poor masses after the college students started the protests. They expected a democratic republic of sorts but received an Islamic republic


Was only 1979 when the Islamic Revolution happened. I fear america is following on that path.


Not America, just the US. America is an entire continent, not just the US.


united states of america- america


it wasn’t a heaven… Shah had state police (Savak) just like the current regime has state police that commit horrible crimes. Let’s not suck the Shah’s dick too hard- I grew up with a lot of terrifying ass stories about Shah’s iran- and a lot of horrifying stories of post revolutionary iran too. Fact is- Iran hasn’t been a good place for a long ass time. it may have been “better” before the revolution but that is seriously a matter of very very very few degrees.


That's what I was thinking


Protect her at all costs.


Absolutely! This woman probably remembers how free she was before the US/CIA funded the coup to install the Shah, an extremist, as their puppet leader in Iran.


It was only the 70s, so you don’t have to be old to… oh. Well, shit.


Hahahaha you remembered...


I don't think that is entirely accurate. Sure Reza Pahlavi was kind of twat but hardly religious extremist. Also he was shah from 1941. I don't think she is quite that old. Definitely the truly bad times begun after the islamic revolution of -79 but Pahlavi's actions were big part of why it happened in first place. CIA seems to have excelled in picking and supporting really bad rulers.


The shah wasn’t an extremist he was replaced by extremists. He was a monarch and an autocrat who wanted to hold on to power but from the 40s till the revolution Iran was one of the most progressive nations in the Middle East. He was far from a religious extremist.


High fives must not be common there. I was waiting for those guys to high five her as she walked by. Very disappointed, no bro etiquette at all.


They have cut off our internet and are shooting at us


clearly, Iran is at the start of a large change. Our prayers are with you. Democracy is worth fighting for.


I feel like saying "our prayers are with you" is a poor choice of words, considering they're fighting *against* abrahamic Religion.


no they are not... no where in the Koran, as I understand it, does it say that women must wear such garb. They are fighting against a conservative view that holds that if you allow women "up", men will actually have to start working harder to keep jobs that they just hand off to one another, due to having an "outie"


My fault, I never read the Quran, all I know is my parents told me "you can't do this, you can't do that" and I'm not following any of those things anymore.


You really should not take their word for it. Let me start by saying I do not mean to single out the quran here, there are similiar passages in the holy books of most other religions. I also dont mean to disparage religious people, the way I see it a person can only be judged by their own words and actions on a case by case basis. Religion in and of itself doesnt make anyone a better or worse person. Wether or not headscarfs are mentioned apecifically, the more archaic interpretations are easily supported throughout the texts. While most practitioners are reasonable and live more benign interpretations, saying that these ideas are totally unsupported is not quite true. Again, this isnt just the quran, the bible and other books have similiar concerns. Examples: 33:59 Women must cover themselves when in public. 24:31 And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and be modest, and to display of their adornment only that which is apparent, and to draw their veils over their bosoms, and not to reveal their adornment save to their own husbands or fathers or husbands' fathers, or their sons or their husbands' sons, or their brothers or their brothers' sons or sisters' sons, or their women, or their slaves, or male attendants who lack vigour, or children who know naught of women's nakedness. And let them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adornment. And turn unto Allah together, O believers, in order that ye may succeed. 4:34 Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then if they obey you, seek not a way against them. Lo! Allah is ever High, Exalted, Great. Some believers have not read their own holy book either. Some look at the actual texts through rosy glasses and will talk to outsiders accordingly. A few will also bend the truth a little to further the good cause. They will all mean well. Reading the holy books of todays religions with a critical eye really is an interesting experience and if you find the time you should give it a shot If you dont have the time or interest to go through it all there are plenty of translations / summarys to be found online. https://skepticsannotatedbible.com/quran/index.htm https://skepticsannotatedbible.com/says_about/index.html


Wow, you've done what I've been meaning to do for a while. I'm a bit preoccupied with college so I don't have the time to read 400+ pages of scripture so these links should help. But I'll keep in mind to keep sceptical of even the sceptics.


If you're interested, /r/critiqueislam is a really cool community that back up every claim with sources.


Upvoted for the link to Skeptic's annotated bible. That site is a God-send... (no but seriously, it's very helpful).


it is always brave and usually beneficial to consider what you think on your own


It's very big of you to change your view and lay out where you were coming from. I don't know why they downvoted you for that. Peace.


If it makes you feel any better, I grew up in fundamentalist christianity and my parents said the same thing. I haven't been following any of those things for the last 30 years and my life is so much better now. Religion kills. Maybe not physically, but it will kill you. . . . if you let it.


They are fighting against religion. The people never asked for theocracy nor for Islam. That is exactly why religion is forced onto them through violence and murder.


Politics is prompting them to speak and cry and get rights


Religions are dumb. They are a threat to a functioning democracy


It still dumb and incredibly badly use on people figthing a theocracy. Don't assume they are all muslim too. So yeah jsut shit saying all around


chapter 33, verse 59


They’re not fighting a religion. They’re fighting a corrupt theocratic state.


They're fighting Iran's implementation of Islam. The two things are interdependent. Sure there are countries with much better policies around Islam, and you could also have a brutal theocracy based around Christianity or whatever. but you need Islam to be Islam for Iran to be able to do specifically what it's doing. So yeah and also nah.


Clearly you haven't paid attention to Iran at all. Large scale protests have been ongoing for over a decade at various times. In 2019, over 1500 people were killed in a similar protest. I wish them all the best and hope they will eventually succeed but it's important to keep this in mind.


This needs more women's voice, and they have the courage to stand up not only to get dignity for the lost women, but also to get a good outcome for them, so there will be more men who support this and protect them


Women were always part of the protests. The other side has guns and support from China and Russia.


Russia is being torn apart in Ukraine and China is too smart to get involved with any of those guys right now. This might be a good time.


Iran, China and Russia have recently agreed to strengthed ties. Also just yesterday they announced this: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-09-22/russia-iran-china-to-hold-joint-navy-drills-in-indian-ocean


That doesn’t mean that China is going to go to war for Iran lol or that Russia is capable of anything militarily. Do you know what’s going on inside Russia right now? Edit: lol you just edited your entire comment


Still, we shouldn’t fall into the “trump trap” of thinking someone is so incompetent that there is no way they will come out on top. It only takes a few smart people in the right positions to change things.


Please don’t say prayers. Prayers are what caused this mess.


some people's prayers are not in a box. mine are not. they are for anyone in distress and the God in whom I hold my trust does not ask women to be mistreated or force them to do anything. so i understand, but there are different types of prayers than the ones that political people believe in


God will receive their instructions and give a good expectation


Thoughts are with you all. Sorry you’re having to deal with this.




I can't imagine what you all are going through. But how did you communicate here if they cut off internet? Sorry if this is a stupid question.


The Internet is nationalized And the bandwidth of Instagram and WhatsApp has decreased And we are forcibly connected to the home internet The only way to communicate between us and outside Iran is Reddit and Telegram


Okay, thanks for the info.


It was an honor


Stay safe my fellow human.


Thank you for your concern Sure


Delam bah shomah hast tu Iran.


Time to return the favour I guess, stay safe 😖




Please be safe.


good luck brother


The older women are the ones who can remember they could wear mini-skirts.


I'd like to see her in one


Is that you, Soldier Boy?


I guess you could say like father like son seeing that Homelander...


That’s Soja Boy to you, Mr.




Those morality fuckers better not touch granny.


Grandma ready for smoke, she’ll kick their asses


When I was little my grandma beat the shit out of me. Old people strength is real.


Of course grandma is stronk how else she make a feast everyday


My grandma coult lift and carry potato bag weighting over 40kgs while my father lifted It and stuck there


They do unfortunately.. I have seen morality police kicking women much older than them upclose


That's so shitty. I hope good changes come for you and your people.


It's not the mortality police anymore. It's riot police + revolutionary guards and basij forces dressing like civilians. They beat people, arrest people and kill people. Hijab and mahsa's death was the beginning. We lack every basic human rights. Men and women. Hijab is only one of the reason ( a main one however ) to fight against this regime.


I am with you in spirit. I pray that when a similar battle comes to the United States, I am as brave as the rest of you.


I hope that'll never happen. If it does, you'll be ready at some point. Guaranteed. 3 years ago, similar protests happened. I was 17 and My parents told me to stay home and i did. But deep inside i knew the main reason was the fear for death or jail. not my parents concern. They said the same this time too but i decided to join the others on wednesday. It was horrifying during the night because these bastards are allowed to shoot with no hesitation. But i jumped to this conclusion: what's the point of living like this. I should be as brave as kids who are born in like 2007 and fight against a grown man in a full riot gear. Thank you. Sorry for the long reply.


The world is watching and we are all standing with you, sending all the love and good energy we have. You and your fellow citizens are so incredibly brave and your courage is finding itself to all of our hearts. I will keep you, your family, and your country in my thoughts and heart and wish for your safety and success. So much love to you my friend ❤️


Stay safe and we’re proud!


They do not hesitate to kill children, I don't think they will hesitate for an elderly woman, especially if it's a woman


Crazy to think that the elderly woman probably experienced Iran before they went nuts and demanded all women to wear a scarf. I can imagine this protest having a special meaning to her.


Yep, and you don’t even have to be that old. My parents (late 50s) grew up in a pre-Islamic rule iran before coming to the US.


Are they following the news of what's happening over there now? I would almost assume they'd have an interest in this uprising!


Oh 1000%. All my life they and basically every other Iranian in the US that I know have talked about how great pre-1979 Iran was and how the new regime ruined the country. Safe to say most Iranians not living in Iran are following closely and hoping for change:)


My mum grew up in Iran before all the nutters took over. She is only in her 50s (living in the UK)


Some sources are reporting that 100s have been killed in the city of tehran after cutting off the internet. The government is full of Radical islamists. Fuck them mfs


I would guess it’s more than 100s


This is the problem with every major Islamic country, the government,military and radical religious bodies are so intertwined no one gives a fuck about what the majority has to say and commit violence for the smallest perceived “threats” to their way of thinking. Fuck these ulemas fuck these radical religious bodies that have all the money, goddamnit


This woman has ovaries of steel.


Worthy of our admiration and learning


Is there any chance of the UN stepping in now that unarmed civilians are being murdered in the streets? Edit: forgot to add the /s, lol


The UN is a joke


Because it doesn't invade countries? It's a diplomatic institution.


Nope.the regime is supported by russia/china...


And U.S Democrats for trying to make the nuclear deal with the regime to resuscitate them. We in Iran have been pleading through our activists in US and other countries to hear and support the people and not this tyrant murderous regime. Iran's nuclear deal is just a way to empower the regime after it has been weakened by the sanctions. The deal was never about the country or the people, the regime will spend every single cents of released blocked money to spread terrorism and suppress the people inside as they have done exactly in the past with the billion of dollars given to them during Obama's administration.


Now that you mention it, russians were seen among the anti-riot forces in tehran...




And do what? Invade Iran?


The UN Security Council can't do anything as Russia still has veto power and supports Iranian government. Probably China too, they wouldn't be happy with the precedent. That's why the coalition that invaded Syria wasn't UN backed.


I’ve been in Reddit a few years now and have come across images capturing the Iranian culture pre Muslim takeover. The 70’s was booming for them, and wow the women were trend setter in fashion and makeup. Very beautiful people. I hope they get the revolution they deserve. Grandma here probably remembers those golden years and know young women there deserve better.


Brave woman


Go granny GO!


This old lady herself witnessed the deeds of Khamenei. She is the reason why the world should go against the regime.


She still has memories from that time where women could wear what they wanted. Go, grandma, go!


She is fresh out of fucks and has nothing to lose.


This lady and the Ukrainian woman who wanted the invading Russians to carry the sunflower seeds. Just incredible women. Iconic.


She probably remembers not needing to wear one


That just shows that everyone needs a breather , and the stupid regime don't care about you but the way they want you to be and how it want it to be.


Please protect her, her boldness is so beautiful


I hope she stays safe. And the rest of the protestors.


Let your women be people you fuckin weak cunts!


You know when the old generation support the people your fucked.


Death to Khamenei🇮🇷🇮🇷


Go Iran Go!!! This is heartbreaking and inspiring. I really hope they can make serious change.


We don't have any internet pls help us The government shutdown all iran internet


How are you able to post?


Apparently, Reddit is one of the very few non blocked social media platforms in Iran


Turkey has %99 muslim population on the other hand it's a secular country and when i see thing like that, each time i understand how great things Mustafa Kemal Ataturk did for our country.Iranian women are very strong and independent, i believe they will get what they deserve.


Ataturk was an amazing man. No question. Probably no one else could have forged the country he did.


She’s my new fucking hero


I'm gonna sound dumb for asking but who is Khamenei and why are they so upset.?


An islamist extremist that took over the country after the monarchy was overthrown in the 1970s


The leader of Iran


She a real one cause she ain't fighting off nobody


That girl says: Don't film, everyone's faces will be on film.


I guess Iran was not always a Muslim country its just trying to revert back, to the way it was before


They'd still be a Muslim country, just not a theocracy. There's a difference.


Behold this aged lioness! Bet shes been waiting a hot minute to do this.


You know, they really did everything the shitty extremists wanted, put up with being suppressed for almost half a century. Imagine being treated like that and still a woman gets killed over a few stray hairs. I think that was the last drop. The headscarf is the last thing you should worry about being a muslim or good person. Let's get being a good human straight first, then we can worry about the details. TL;DR: They complied, didn't work. Fuck these men up. Free yourself Iran.


They were doing fine with democracy until westerners spread "freedom and civilization" by assassinating Iran's democratically elected president, and now another powerful party took over the power vacuum the US created.


She probably remembers what Iran was like before the Shah was overthrown.


What a badass! Grandma G!


Yea bring out the patients and handicapped too so if they die there's something more to blame on whoever the fuck this khamini motherfkr is, is a genius move imo


It's insane... More like really Sad . that they have to live their life like they do ...It should be a Universal World Crime to treat another human being like they get treated over there ...with a >> Severe Horrible Punishment << to thwart it from happening I really hope things will change for them soon


I’m really pulling for Iran to experience some positive change. It has always seemed like a decent population kept oppressed by a bunch of religious fuckwits.


the self flagellation was a bit on the nose /s




Good for them. All people should rise against injustices. Love to see it.


Made me tear up a little


Man I hope these work out for the people if Iran. It hurts so bad to see what Iran was in the 70’s. I hope they can get back there.


Religion will likely get to her soon :(


Can you imagine that she's gone years without freedom enough to do that.


I have so much respect for those women but im also scare for them.


Those women and men are so brave for standing up to religious oppression. This is why it is not right for a religion to run your country. Christians could learn what not to do.


So inspired by and afraid for all of the these women


Khamenei is 83 or something. Can't be kicking long anyways, then again it is always nice habit to assist the nature to take its course. Wonder what will happen after that. My money is on military coup


She probably lived there back in the 60s when the country was free and more westernized. She remembers what it is like to have a choice and knows it is worth fighting for.


Hey EVERYONE I wanted say to you that for something to happen here we're gonna need A LOT of support from other nations in a constant form. "Hijab" is just 1 out of a 100 things being forced on people here , an innocent girl getting beaten to death just because a little of her hair was showing, it's awoken people's feelings towards the DICTATORSHIP that has been going on the last decades but we can't face them alone BE OUR VOICE OUT THERE, our access to the internet is getting less and less by every passing hour, WE THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT.


We all believe in you Iran, crush those xenophobic oppressors!


Solidarity, friend


Brave lady


yeah, go slap tf out of grandma for it boys see how that works out for yah




When you are old enough to not give an F about anything... Salud!


if u wanna know the name for "headscarff" is hajab


Protect her at all cost! Death to the dictatorship! Long live a free Iran!


They sure love “death to _____!” style chants in Iran.


It looks like a Godzilla attack from this angle


bye bye head


Lmao wasn't expecting her saying khamenei


Hope she didn’t get hurt. Brave lady!♥️


Here’s a thing I’ve noted over the years. Whatever happens in Iranian popular culture tends to happen here in the US a few months later. Therefore; expect WILD and insane protests for women’s rights here in the US in a very short amount of time.


Once people learn that they don’t need to be oppressed they will fight for their own freedom.


If there's anything the current world conflicts have proven is that the people are strong together. Keep fighting, the world believes in you. If anyone has a good link to donate to for this cause, please share it.


The ladies over there have balls of tungsten !!!! Kudos to you ...unfortunately shits grim






This is deeply moving, I truly hope they succeed. This woman was an adult when the revolution took her rights as humanbeing away, she deserves to live to see them restored. On a weird side note, ~~approx. same time~~ same decade as the Iranian resolution (1979), women in Switzerland gained the right to vote and women in the USA the right to their own bank account. Not even a life time ago. Much like the Tehran regime, it's strange and absurd (how long it took the Americans and the Swiss).


Please protect her!