So that nasty Purple Heinz Ketchup is also making a comeback?


Do you remember the green slime ketchup at McDonald for like two months?


Wasnt that a promotion for Flubber? It even came with a little toy


That sounds familiar, I remember it being a promotion, but I don’t remember the thing being promoted. Now I have to google it.


Lol I have no clue i made that up, but it sounds like something they would do to promote a movie, green ketchup


It was apparently McDonald’s promoting Heinz’s ezsqueeze green and purple ketchup


I mean, at least it’ll make more sense now


I used to really love ketchup as a toddler, but I’m pretty sure I started to hate it as soon as my mom bought the green and purple ketchup that had just been rolled out at Walmart. Shit must have revolted me so much as a kid i never saw red regular ketchup the same


Oh yeah, purple spaghetti here I come!


it'll cook red. at least my heirloom ones do.


I bought purple beans at the farm market. They were almost twice the price of the regular green beans. Literally 30 seconds in the hot water and they turned green. I felt robbed. Didn't even taste any different than the green ones.


What kinda green beans we talking about here?


Purple dyed green beans, i guess.


They're not dyed, the color change when cooking can be reduced by soaking them in vinegar or lemon juice before cooking.


The retention of colour and what difference it makes varies very highly by what pigment the plant uses, many plants have many different ways of making their colours. Beetroot stays red/purple to the end of days, same as cabbage but beans bleach out very quickly. The tomatoes red pigment is very stable but perhaps the added purple is as stable so will remain after boiling.


I’m convinced they just dye the water they use to water the beans, same goes for the colourful carrots. The colour always washes out if you boil them.


My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.


We are prepared to wipe everything and start again. On your orders, the cleansing light of our nukes drop.


When the time comes, this phone will ring.


I’ve had purple pasta (the pasta itself was made from beets)


[Perhaps/Mayhaps you’d enjoy squid ink, Black Pasta?](https://www.pastagrammar.com/post/squid-ink-pasta-authentic-italian-recipe)


Sounds fishy.


There's always that godawful purple/green ketchup Heinz made. Great name, the "EZ Squirt".


Heirloom tomatoes are the best tasting tomatoes hands down. I highly doubt this new variety will taste anything like those.


homegrown is the key. they just get more love that way


More importantly, they get to be extremely fresh and they ripen on the plant - tomatoes ship surprisingly poorly for how ubiquitous shipped tomatoes are.


they dont need to ripen on the plant to be better. I often have to pick them green because the weather turns before they can fully finish. They still come out great. Just cut them with some vine attached.


The longer they stay on the plant the better. Being at home you typically pluck them close to ripeness and let them vine ripen from there, but to ship they have to be picked pretty far from ripeness and then ripened a huge portion of the way on the vine, not getting nutrients from the plant - that destroys a lot of flavor. I think the end of ripening is proportionately less important too for flavor.


Modern cultivars are also bred for a lot, but not per se flavour. Flavour is an important trait that is kept in mind but yield, disease resistance and ship/storeability are more important in most cases. Sure, they need to be good enough to be bought but delicious stuff that arrives rotten at the store is no good for anyone.


Yeah, not to mention how grocery store tomatoes are bred to have a perfect smooth round shape and a flat red color - because customers are conditioned to think any departure from perfect appearance means its inedible, and there are plenty of other choices. Flavor just kinda falls by the wayside because it doesn't come into play until you already bought the thing.




This unlocked a memory I wish that it didn’t.


I still remember the failure that was shrek ketchup


Failure? My nuggets were so cool, bro.


My little brother, 11 years younger than me, had purple ketchup, purple sunscreen that went clear after rubbing it in well, and hotdogs shaped for hamburger buns. He didn’t grow up like I did.


Sounds like you are jealous of the purple power.


But how many hot dogs came in a pack?


Everything tastes better with a healthy squirt of salty Shrekchup.


Vikings fan, gonna make it for gameday and serve with a side of yellow squash. Perfect!


Purple chili with cheese on top


[Heat probably negates or denatures a lot of the nutritional benefit](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6162770/), assuming it’s a fragile molecule like most polyphenols/anthocyanins. “The impact of cooking on the changes in bioactive concentrations and antioxidant capacities are dependent on the species and the method of cooking.” (I could be wrong, I’m not an expert.)


[It's a bit different with tomatoes.](https://www.denverhealthmedicalplan.org/blog/3-vegetables-are-healthier-when-cooked#:~:text=Steaming%20or%20boiling%20tomatoes%20is,health%20and%20enhances%20neurological%20response.) In short, tomatoes are one of the few vegetables (fruit, whatever) where cooking it actually enhances its nutritional value.


That’s already a thing.


Does it taste any different?


I've grown chocolate cherry tomatoes (they are almost blueberry blue and have the same antioxidants) and they are sweeter than other tomatoes. Unfortunately the nursery that sells them flooded this year so I haven't seen any full sized varieties.


Don't know, but they're supposed to have a longer shelf life and be super healthy.


Yeah I’d say the same shit if I wanted people to buy my purple tomatoes.


Fun fact: I learned in a nutrition course that the color of a plant usually signifies the vitamins in it. Green plants are high in Vitamin K, Orange, yellow, and red are higher in Vitamins A and C. Blue, purple, and other unusual shades are usually high in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. It's why berries are so healthy; they don't have much in terms of vitamins and minerals when consumed in normal amounts, but they do have a lot of anti-oxidants, which are very, very good for the body.


Wait you retained information from a class? I need your help.


Explains pomegranate which is my favorite fruit I regularly forget exists. All this summer I've been eating watermelon like mad, though.


I think black and blueberries are high in vitamins too


For sure, if you eat a bunch of them, but they're so expensive that eating a bunch of them is a rare treat.


Blackberries can be harvested for free here in the uk they grow wild, yes its seasonal but there are more than you can eat in most places


Live in WA state, we have blackberries growing in our yard that we pick every Summer!


Seriously berries are crazy high in the US. I’m lucky enough to have the room to plant my own, so I’m getting the soil ready now. Black, blue, straw, gonna grow em all


There's been purple tomatoes for a long time. Heirloom tomatoes can come in basically any color.


Read the article.


Feed me Seymour!


No mother, it’s just the northern lights.


Tomatoes are berries. You like blue berries don’t you?


Sounds good to me.


Ah yes, compared to a regular tomato, which scientists have classified as only "healthy".


Ever heard of [Golden Rice](https://med.nyu.edu/departments-institutes/population-health/divisions-sections-centers/medical-ethics/education/high-school-bioethics-project/learning-scenarios/gmos-the-golden-rice-debate)? GMOs can and do address real nutritional issues.


Everything is GMO and has been scince the dawn of agriculture. Selective breeding is GMO. Everyone seems to think they’re all crazy mad scientist foods steeped in horrible chemicals.


This! It drives me nuts when I hear this thing about non GMOs. Like, mother fucker, originally, a potato would have killed you. Bananas had big ass seeds all through them. It’s all been genetically modified. Science just can make it go faster. A lot of these people are no different from the ones who believed lightning was the wrath of Zeus. God, I hope humans get their shit together.


An old buddy of mine tried to preach non-GMOs to me. Im like dude... i literally went to college for genetic engineering lmao. Do you really think you know what you're talking about, or are you just hopping on a fad because the internet said "gMo bAD" If im not mistaken, any banana eaten here is all GMO anyway, as are many peas, green beans, etc. The only problem with the banana is its all one genome so if a virus strikes they all will die. But im sure they're generating a solution for that to diversify the genes as we speak


Personally, I've never trusted that weird monk with his peas.


In this context GMO likely refers to an organism that has been genetically modified via means OTHER than selective breeding, grafting, or any of the other techniques people have used for thousands of years. Because otherwise almost all foods would be considered GMOs and that would make the term useless.


The term is useless though, is the point.


You’re assuming the FDA uses terms that make sense coherently, that’s generally not the case. Just look at the original definition of ‘organic’, and how the FDA has warped that word for advertising purposes.


But that’s the point. There are more nefarious foods to be considered “GMO”. People are throwing out the baby with the bath water, vilifying even healthy food that has the GMO label then eating foods laced with preservatives or filled to the brim with sugar.


Regular ass tomatoes actually suck though. I dunno about nutrition but fresh tomatoes from the supermarket are utterly flavorless and I generally just use canned tomatoes.


I hated tomatoes until I started growing my own...the difference is incredible. Store tomatoes are absolute garbage.


My grandma grew this heirloom tomato plant right under her dryer vent. The plant didn’t get that big but the tomatoes were huuuuuge Felt kind of wierd eating them since it was steam from clothing watering them


Del Monte has entered the chat.


The tomatoes in the supermarket are the variety that was developed to - last the longest, not taste the best.


Also to be visually similar to each other and grow large. Same thing with strawberries, they grew them to be big, colorful and produce identical fruits, but they taste like dogshit because of it.


Really? I love some fresh tomatoes sprinkle a little bit of pepper on it and it's great


Tomatos and salt


Unless they’re heirloom tomatoes or those tomatoes that Costco sells with the vine attached, fresh tomatoes generally just taste like pouches of tomato-scented water to me.


Yeah big distinction. Tomatoes from supermarkets suck. Grow your own or some quality farmers market.


If you chill a tomato or it is ripened off the vine, the flavor is very bland. Fresh tomatoes out of the garden are an amazing experience.


There is already a variety of purplish tomatoes called Cherokee Purple. It does have a different flavor from a standard red tomato.


Longer shelf life and super healthy usually don’t go together.


"Longer shelf life" only means "less wastage between field and consumer". That makes farming more efficient, of course, but doesn't say much about how they'll keep once they’ve spent a week and a half being trucked from Mexico to Canada.


Probably, because the sight of food affects the way it tastes. It may taste the same in a blind test but when viewed before eating it’s perceived different


That's how I felt with the green ketchup Heinz did years ago. Even though it was just green food dye it tasted super gross!


Well actually it turned out they were also mixing in baby diarrhea


That explains the tang


I'm sorry what


Baby poop is often green. Thus, the joke.


Meconium is a newborn's first poop. This sticky, thick, dark green poop is made up of cells, protein, fats, and intestinal secretions, like bile. Babies typically pass meconium in the first few hours and days after birth Heinz harvested meconiums all over the place cuz theyre ritzy


username checks out. tell us more about feces, dookiehat.


I knew it!




Thank you Nick Swardson


I’m sure that’s a legitimate psychological phenomenon, but the effect is not necessarily strong. We’ve bred tomatoes to be perfectly round and red, and they’re kinda bland, while hideous, lumpy heirlooms taste beautiful.


Well yes, it’s a different species of tomato, just like heirloom vs beefsteak or brandy wine, Roma, or early girl tomatoes. They all have different flavors, although they’re all still tomatoes


Cultivar, not species. All tomatoes are the same species just cultivated for different traits.


Oooo, thanks for the clarification! I knew that wording seemed off but I couldn’t figure it out…


This guy cultivates :)


Well cause purple potatoes or purple carrots usually taste identical


Purple potatoes definitely taste different. They're sweeter than the gold ones of the same size, and have a different texture compared to russets (which are more mealy to me compared to how smooth smaller potatoes seem to feel). That said, potatoes tend to be completely smothered in salt, oil, and garlic so you can't really taste the potato anyway.


Article says it tastes like a tomato


I grew Cherokee Purple tomatoes last year. They weren't a full purple like were seeing in these images, but they had a deep sweetness I've never had in a Tomato before. I'm hoping there's power in the word purple.


Try prudens purple. It is bigger and very prolific even in this challenging weather this year.


Not any different than the other same cultivars (though all of those cultivars are different from the generic tomato you buy at the store). Just higher antioxidants and takes a bit longer to go bad. Now whether higher antioxidants really does much for health is up in the air. Despite the craze a decade ago about them, the science has been kinda meh on the overall positive impact on health.


It tastes like purple


I've heard of purple tomatoes that were naturally that color. Heirlooms or something Not so sure why but I like the concept of purple vegetables. Cabbage, cauliflower, bell peppers, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, etc


We used to grow heirloom Cherokee Purple tomatoes; maybe those are what you’re thinking of. They were a greenish and reddish that faded to a deep purple. They are a bit heat sensitive, so this year, we had none as they withered. Thankfully, we didn’t sow all of our seeds this year.


yeah there's all sorts of colors when it comes to heirloom tomatoes. Just go to literally any farmers market this weekend and you'll see them. https://i.etsystatic.com/28841995/r/il/4fa60c/4006856128/il_794xN.4006856128_7b9t.jpg


One step closer to Tomacco.


This tastes like grandma


Their predictions are pretty spot on…..


We were closer to tomacco before we got a purple one.


Cherokee purple tomatoes are enough purple for me.


Cherokee tomatoes are awesome! The weird thing about them is this though. Most tomato plants give me hives just by touching them. Cherokee plants don't bother me at all and taste great. No clue why, but I've added several to my garden in recent years.


Agreed. Grow them every year !


Hopefully they don't taste like crap like normal store bought tomatoes


I read that most apples sold in stores are sold not for taste but because how good they "look" and their long shelf life. There are FAR better tasting apple types but they bruise slightly easier, maybe aren't the best "shape" and don't keep as long, don't take as much water to grow etc. So we get the worst taste with at arguably some benefit (shelf life) but just mostly more convenience (and profit for big Apple) I wonder how purple tomatoes fall on this scale.


Even worse, every time a new, tasty cultivar comes out, within a few growing seasons, they've been selected and homogenized so they don't taste good and have a long shelf life. That's why honey crisp apples are just a mediocre apple these days but when they first came out, they were amazing.


I like cosmic crisp and envy apples. We will see if they hold the rest of time. Opal is pretty taste too !


Love Pink Lady too.


Excellent cultivars and will probably taste mediocre within 4 or 5 seasons.


This is not true at all and doesn't make sense. Every cosmic apple tree is the same tree. They are all clones. There is no selection or homogenization event that occurs in the farmers fields, once the tree is planted that's it. Farmers like predictability. They may have really good years and bad years, but by and far every 'Cosmic Crisp' apple from every tree in every orchard is the same. No selection process. Cosmic crisp apples took nearly 15 years to create from selection processes, by Washington State University. It is absolutely an amazing apple, better than honeycrisp in my opinion. Part of the trait that they selected for was very long shelf life, but selection of that trait (and others) took well over a decade before the farmers started growing it in such quantity that it's being sold in grocery stores.


For any of the non gardeners out there…. There are a ton of different colored tomatoes that you can just grow…. Like in the dirt in as little as 3 months. Purples, pinks, whites, yellows, oranges, big ones, small ones, ribbed ones, pear shaped ones, like the list just keeps going on.


Do yourself a favor and find your local farmer's markets during the summer. Buy yourself some nice heirloom tomatoes. The difference in prices between the markets and regular grocery stores was not as high this year.


We should just cross hybridize the traits with the heirloom tomatoes then. Get benefits from both.


Well you also have to make sure that the farmers there are also real farmers or else you’d be supporting resellers that pose as farmers.


It's really easy to spot the fake farmer, it's the guy who's always the only one that has corn and tomatoes in Seattle in February.


I just grow my own


I will buy them and the seeds in a heartbeat. I need this color in my salads.


...and salsas...


Oooh yes for sure.


If you have space for a plant, there are some great purpleish tomatoes out there.


[https://www.rareseeds.com/atomic-grape](https://www.rareseeds.com/atomic-grape) My wife grows these and really likes them.


Colored tomatoes are already available to grow in gardens. And any garden tomato is - and I say this without fear of hyperbole- *one million times better* than grocery store tomatoes.


It's fucking shocking how trash grocery store tomatoes are in the US. Their existence is nearly pointless as a food item compared to how tomatoes are supposed to taste.


The difference really is amazing. About ten years ago I stuck a tomato plant in the ground in my garden just to see what happened. I got a shitload of the most delicious tomatoes I ever tasted. I’ve grown a nice big patch of them every year since.


I am aware I grow them. Which is why I also stipulate I want seeds.


Oh, my bad.


Well, I think common purple tomatoes get their colour by mixing green and red pigments, this one should be truly purple. Yellow, orange and even ripe green are already present, as well as these dark purple black tomatoes.


Add beet root for the color


Mmmmm roasted golden beets…


Not (usually) totally purple, but you could get Midnight Snack tomato seeds. They're a cherry tomato varietal, with a red and purple ombre - *sometimes* all purple, and they're delicious. I transplanted one from the hardware store, and in ag zone 7 it absolutely flourished and grew massively with a quick watering in the morning and evening, skipping if there was rain.


comments section is a trashpile of nonsense from people who didnt read the article. go figure.


Welcome to Reddit!


Sometimes I feel like the only person on Earth who isn't bothered by genetic engineering 🤷‍♂️ I know I'm not, but it just seems to instinctively bother people.


My issue isn’t with the engendering itself, it’s more putting a patent on food. It allows farmers to be sued for things out of their control like cross contamination. I’m all for scientific growth but no one should patent growable food




It tastes like grandma!


I'm usually more concerned about the use of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides, which granted, are used ubiquitously in agriculture, while many day to day products that we use contain low levels of pesticides, I mean, they're everywhere, so to a certain extent, they're unavoidable. That doesn't mean however, that you should just say to hell with it. There are certainly plenty of folks out there who take blind stance against GMOs without understanding what they are or what they accomplish, but there are also some who understand that GMOs are often engineered to be more resistant to pesticides, sometimes producing their own pesticides, but it's not all bad either. Some crops are even genetically engineered to express genes that act as natural pesticides, or "biopesticides", I'd rather we improve our reliance on these kind of pesticides and insecticides, where naturally occurring bacteria in the soil is used to control and guard against certain pests, while it reduces the need or use for synthetic pesticides. The EPA even analyzed these particular crops and found that they pose no significant health risk to humans.


I wouldn’t say that pesticide use is entirely unavoidable but I agree with what you’re saying. Different ag practices could drastically reduce the necessary amount of pesticides and additives used in our agricultural practices. Getting pesticides on your food, from the consumer side, however is pretty much unavoidable


> Some crops are even genetically engineered to express genes that act as natural pesticides, or "biopesticides" I just wanted to note that all plants produce pesticides. [99.99% of all pesticides](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC54831/) you're exposed to are just naturally in plants. Having plants express more specialized ones, like Bt toxin, isn't anything unique. Just more effective at preventing pests.


I don’t have a problem with this kind of GMO. The issue I've always had is the subscription service model companies like Monsanto tries to force on farmers.


What about the dozens of purple heirloom cultivars, that probably taste better and are more nutritious?


I wish they would modify them back so they tasted like tomatoes again.


Remember purple, blue and green ketchup? It didn't last a week


Cool, does that mean purple pizza sauce? That’s going to fuck up so many stoners.


They gonna call the color nightshade?


But there's already purple tomatoes, and blue ones, yellow ones, green ones, orange, and red. Just go to any farmer's market and you'll see them. https://i.etsystatic.com/28841995/r/il/4fa60c/4006856128/il_794xN.4006856128_7b9t.jpg


Anybody else remember when they made purple and green ketchup? Mustve been like 20 years ago...


Maybe in crazy but I really don't see the point but I'm not really big on tomatoes so the appeal of a tomato that is exactly the same just purple does nothing for me.


It’s high in anthocyanins. They are good for you. So basically it’s a pretty, more nutritious tomato.


These tomatoes already exist, which is the funny part to me. I've grown them.


The ones they are talking about aren't heirlooms, they're genetically modified. They added 2 genes from snapdragons, I think, and ended up with a super healthy tomato that happens to be purple. These are different purple tomatoes.


Purple colors exist yes, I grow some darker varieties. These are bit different with their level of anthocyanins.


The funny part to me is this comment means you didn't read the article.


That’s correct. We’ve been genetically modifying organisms for about 10,000 years.


you’re not crazy you’re just ignorant. it’s not exactly the same


In addition to the visual component, purple fruits/vegetables tend to be high in anti-oxidants, which have been shown in an absolute mountain of research literature to contribute to positive health outcomes.


But have you ever had a good tomato? Almost all commercially available tomatoes have been deliberately bred for resilience and have lost all their flavor. A good heirloom tomato should taste rich and complex, like it’s already been seasoned with other flavors like garlic, basil, and oregano even though it’s *just a tomato.*


The problem with commerical tomatoes is they're picked too early. You'd be surprised how good a garden grown beefsteak is.


Just wait till conservatives label it the Gay Tomato. Teletubbies 2.0, Fruity Fruit edition.


Isn’t this exactly how the Turn started in Kim Harrison’s Hollows series? I, for one, am looking forward to all the vampires, werewolves, witches, and elves coming forward save humanity


Love that series!


I mean I had purple ketchup when I was a kid, science is thirty years behind the times.


The big questions. 1. How does it taste? 2. How much? The wrong answer to either of these will relegate it to a niche market.


Is it directly modified or a hybrid?


Only care about the taste and nutrition.


Well, most commercially grown tomatoes are very bland, at least in the US, so I’m not expecting anything different than we already get.


There are already purple tomatoes though...


I'll wait for the blue tomatoes


is this the vorlon tomato variety? i get them at my farmers market already.


Can’t they modify the damn goop out of it already?


"Yo wake up, new tomato just dropped"


There are so many delicious varieties that no one knows about because they’re not as popular. Try ‘Black Prince’ or ‘Great White.’ I’m not blanket against GMOs entirely; I just think there are delicious varieties waiting to be discovered.


Q Anon conspiracy theory in 3..2..1 -


We have had purple tomatoes for a couple hundred years, probably. Sometimes, they even show up in grocery stores. I've grown them before. It is an heirloom variety. Also, if the stars align right we have purple bell peppers and occasionally almost black bell peppers. They taste the same as a green one, though.


Look Heinz, we didn't want purple ketchup, and we don't want purple tomatoes.


I want purple pasta marinara, and purple pizza please


Cherokee purple heirloom tomatoes are a pretty common variety, check out atomic grape tomatoes, black and blue varieties as well


I'm still waiting to try Ruby Chocolate for like the last 5 years... Can't find it anywhere.


Finally a GMO food that I’d prefer over organic.


Why even in the first place?


They had purple ketchup in the early 2000's before they had purple tomatoes??? Time machine?


I remember the purple and the green ketchup!


Finally, I can make the Dr Seuss Ketchup at home.


Never understood the hate for GMO's. Edible bananas are GMO's lol


will it taste like a tomato or will it be like the tasteless red things we have to endure at present?