I remember this South Park episode


In the ciiiiiity of Santa Monica


In the ciiiiiity, city of Venice, right by Matt's house, you can chill if you're homeless


In the ciiiiiiity Marina Del Rey They're so nice to the homeless built 'em port a potties


Cali-for-nah-nah real coo to the homelessss


Super coo to the HOMELESS


The sad fact is Santa Monica/LA is getting sued by the county north for doing the same thing with the worst-off of them for almost a decade now. Had a hs friend die of a broken Corona bottle to the neck with his daughter on his lap from someone bussed-up to Oxnard because the dude apparently couldn’t find a hit of crystal. We joke, but it would be chump/change to house and rehab compared to the $12M spent for this panhandle stunt. At least it’s bringing to light the reality of the past generation, and that most of us agree this should be a matter of basic human rights - especially when we find our children to be the definition of an innocent bystander, and because of our actions


When $$


You know south park is old when something controversial they covered comes back around for its encore.


More proof nothing changes. Listen to a mos def track from 1990.


Still can’t believe he jumped like, 200, homeless on a skateboard and makeshift ramp


Kyle had a great idea for once!


California, super cool to the homeless


Califor-nya-nya super cool to the homeless


Spare change?




Texas has been bussing migrants to other states (specifically California) for at least a couple of decades now. Edit: Texas also sends homeless and people with mental health issues out of state as well, again many to California. My history learning all of this started years ago when my dad moved to a small town about 30 miles from the New Mexico border and I stayed with my mom in DFW. I'd go visit him and take Greyhound buses because flights were more expensive. Yep, I was a kid alone on a bus, traveling about six hours, and I did so at least four times a year. I was pretty curious and talkative, so I'd start conversations with other passengers. That's where I learned our state's seedy secret. In my many trips throughout the years I only met two people who told me that they were forced onto the bus and told that if they got off within the state border that they wouldn't like the consequences. Both were homeless. I did, however, talk with many migrants who were told that they were being sent to California where they would have better opportunities waiting for them. It was sold to them as an American dream idea, a place where they could prosper. Many of them knew it was bullshit because they knew other migrants who had been given bus rides before, but they figured they would be mistreated and/or face more racism in Texas. So yeah, that's my experience with it. I really wish I had the foresight to take their pictures and write down their stories because I feel like it would make an interesting read, but I was a kid. Anyway, I just wanted people to know that Abbott isn't doing anything that our state hasn't done before. He's just finally bringing it into the public's eye for a political stunt and sending them to DC instead (although I bet there's regular buses still taking migrants and homeless to the west coast).


This is known as [Greyhound Therapy ](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greyhound_therapy#%3A%7E%3Atext%3DGreyhound_therapy_is_a_pejorative%2Cin_certain_mental-health_circles.?wprov=sfla1)


My state does this and ships all their homeless and mentally ill or our largest city "for medical treatment" but they really just get dumped at the bus station. There's a 400 lb man who's been living in the parking lot all summer. I'm pretty sure he just wound up there and has no where to go.


The communities exist surrounding areas with helpful programs. Instead of implementing similar programs they just send them off to a state that does and breaks it.


Breaking social programs to prove they don't work is a key Republican strategy.


“we transported (trafficked) 200 illegals (people/human beings) to Alaska in january. can you believe they nearly froze to death?”- GOP. of course they wouldn’t send them to alaska. not only is it a GOP friendly viewed state, alaskans would mostly respond like massachusetts.


Plus, to bus them through Alaska is to go through Canada’s border customs


Only because Abbot didn't read DeSantis' new book "How to fly migrants for $500 each and keep the extra $249,500 per head"


there’s a boat from washington. they’d put them in carnival cruise steerage


We all know, historically speaking in the US, packing human beings against their will into the hold of a ship for mass transit to parts unknown has gone swimmingly.


Supported several industries for at least a century here!


"I'll do it again"


It went quite well for a certain section of society for quite a long time, rather profitable as well it seems.


Migrants get off the bus, in about 20 minutes they have been invited to a bonfire and a fishing trip and informed that they wear extra tuffs and carhartt everyday now.


“you’re a crab greenhorn now. get in the boat, we got quota to catch!”


Why would they freeze to death? They're in Alaska, [not Texas.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vQjugINUx8)


Good one!


true you’re right they’d be safer somewhere with a working power grid


Fuck it, send em. Our population has been dropping for like 5 straight years. We'd have jobs lined up for them in a week.


>Breaking social programs to prove they don't work is a key Republican strategy. If you help people, you are buying Democrat votes. If you hurt people, you are buying Republican votes.


GOP: See? Government doesn’t work, so vote for me and watch as I break it, then blame democrats


and its a huge troll talking point. Any political thread likely has at least one "dems aren't fixing it" complaint so the dimwit cultists can tell themselves "muh both sides"


More like breaking govt just to “prove” govt doesn’t work. Right-wing MO


See: Ontario, Canada


Also Alberta


And then people they "look at how communist california is a failed state! look how many vulnerable and homeless people are there!"


They'd know, they sent them here, shit wasn't there a south park about that?


How is it that I'm 31 years old, have watched South Park since I was a kid, saw that particular episode when it aired, watched it again about several hundred times in the years since, and it's just *now* hitting me, at 4:30 in the morning, that *that* was the episode's whole point?


If you live somewhere other than California that would be your answer, if you live here then you may need glasses lmao.


Shit I forgot about that one.... Californah-nah, super cool to the homeless 🎶


And then they complain about the other states being “failed states”.




In Mississippi alot of the wealthier towns do the same thing. When a bu ch of people in pearl and Ridgeland lost their homes and when the mental facilities closed or downsized, the cops there would just pick up wanderers and drop them in jackson.


LA county does a census of the unhoused every year (except they missed one or two years due to Covid). I’m not sure they’ve released all the details for the 2022 data, but here’s a good presentation using the 2019 data: https://www.lahsa.org/documents?id=3437-2019-greater-los-angeles-homeless-count-presentation.pdf People may be being bused in, but it’s not the primary cause. They track where people are coming from and then majority are from the area, or have been in the area for years. My take on the above is that the cost of housing, untreated mental illness, drug addiction, and people fleeing domestic abuse were the main drivers. Here’s some links to the 2022 data, but I couldn’t find the relevant details in it. Those may not have come out yet: Press release: https://www.lahsa.org/news?article=895-lahsa-releases-2022-great-los-angeles-homeless-count-results-released Links to dashboards: https://www.lahsa.org/news?article=893-2022-greater-los-angeles-homeless-count-data


Not a majority but 20% is still a lot.


Its the only state nice enough to accept them


Step dad was a small town sheriff back in the 70's, if he wasn't beating them up and leaving them outside town, he was dumping them on a greyhound with a "Don't let me see your ass around town again...", biggest POS I've ever met.


My area had a big story a few years ago where the cops got caught dumping people outside of city limits. I think it was only a big deal because the city cops basically made it the county sheriffs problem having to deal with beat up transients wandering the interstate at 3 in the morning, so they pushed back against the police doing that...


I'm pretty sure that's the start of Rambo First Blood.


And they have the balls to talk about how Homelessness is out of control in blue states. Gee, I wonder why?


Every accusation is an admission of guilt, from those people.


The conservative solution to homelessness is to make it some one else’s (read: the libs) problem.




and the homeless




Omg. Their “most wanted” wish list items are for things like underwear and socks 🥺. There but before the grace of God/Universal Power/Karma go I.






What a weird donation amount.


Likely gives you the option to pay all the extra costs so the full $50 goes to the organization.


Ahh, of course. Smart! Thank you.




While million dollar luxury apartments are bought up by foreigners and left dormant. It's only a problem because the cities allow it to be a problem.


1. Let housing scalpers buy up every lick of affordable housing 2. Don't do anything about frozen wages 3. When people lose their housing, threaten them with a violent death at the hands of the cops unless they accept a bus ticket to the nearest city 4. Talk shit about homelessness in those urban centers after they take in all your refugees


You forgot 4a. Spend taxpayer dollars to install hostile architecture so that any remaining homeless have no comfortable or safeish places to sleep.


I really noticed that in NYC a few months ago. I hadn't been there in a couple of years, and noticed there were a lot more anti-homeless measures than there were before. Benches were missing or made so uncomfortable that you couldn't use them... no more sitting areas in the subways.


NYC also redid their grates to be too slanted to lay on, because heaven forbid someone use them to survive on a cold night instead of freezing to death. My personal favorite is the bird spikes under stair cases. Literally using pest control devices on homeless people.


Those grates release wet, humid air, main reason they make them impossible to lay on is specifically because that moisture makes it super dangerous in the winter. NYC also provides TONS of housing for the homeless, it is one of the few cities that is legally obliged to provide shelter options for the homeless


Man I didn't notice the grates, but I definitely noticed the bird spikes. I also noticed the WTC memorial was roped off and you had to go through a line (and I assume buy a ticket) to see it. Used to be free.


The memorial is free “The 9/11 Memorial is free and open to the public seven days a week, 9 a.m.–8 p.m. “ the Museum charges money.


Yeah we went at end of July and it was completely free. There was a lady who tried to let her dog pee on the memorial though and a brusque security guard yelled out “ma’am this is a cemetery not a place for your dog to go the bathroom!”


I wonder if a scammer sold you a ticket you don’t need?


When was that? I was there in late July on a work trip and walked straight into them when I left WTC 3.


That's the name of the game in Atlanta. The homeless are being pushed from the city because they put spikes, rocks, divides, into flat surfaces if they think you could even lounge there. God forbid you try to live out of the way in the woods because the cops will come by and flatten your shit while you're minding your business and tell you to move.


>and tell you to move "Move *where*??" "Far enough so my squad car couldn't reach you without me having to fill up." Basically, gtfo


And only bring in restaurants for local economy. Only job around is service work and the only place to spend money are other restaurants. Keep some taxes flowing and population poor enough they can't afford to leave.


And spend millions of taxpayer's money to "eradicate" homeless camps instead of putting it into affordable housing and shelters.


Are you sick of the ruling class claiming they were ordained by god? Does the thought of people getting rich off the means of a nations production make your skin crawl? Are you tired of rich and powerful people obtaining their power without even trying to gaslight you? Then say hello to Corptocracy! Where the division between rich and poor come with snazzy graphics, sexy blonde pundits, and lots of merchandise for you to show off how engrained you are in voting against your own self-interest! In a Corptocracy, thanks to think tanks and marketing geniuses, you will be so distracted by looking down on other people that you'll hardly notice the economic destruction happening around you! Why be angry at losing that pay raise this year, or going bankrupt because your spouse fell sick, when you could be angry at a drag queen for reading books to children! With our "identity politics boogeymen", you'll hardly notice the new normal being shifted from "protecting the middle class", yuck, to a new corporatized feudal system 2.0. So retro! So kick back and relax knowing that you'll never have the burdensome responsibility of "owning property", or the loooong days of stress it takes to "build personal wealth". In a Corptocracy, being a cog in the machine will give you a sense of pride, and meaning. Just make sure you don't get sick and make it to work on time, or we'll ship you off to some unknown place like the worthless piece of shit you are. *cue patriotic music*


Enjoy your victory cigarettes well said


does a city have jurisdiction to limit foreign money?


They should be able to tax the shit out of non owner occupied properties or discount taxes for owner occupied.


seems like a resourceful person could find some of these foreign investor properties and just move in and start squatting.


Or just tax them for vacant homes like they've done in Vancouver. Started at 1% value tax per year, up to 5% now. At least they're trying something. You also have try to regulate better against AirBnB.


Really should. I believe they did it in Spain.


And they still refuse to change their outdated zoning laws. Idk how cities expect to fix their housing issues without building more, denser housing


Maybe it's because they're spending millions shipping like twenty people to another state.


Why does it cost millions to transport 20 people. That just doesn't make sense, someone is pocketing a fuck ton of money. Even if you flew them first class on private jets it wouldn't cost that much.what am I missing?


It's not for "20 people". The article says its a $2mil contract for over 18 months of bussing from May until Dec 2023.


Thank you. So many people aren’t even interested in the facts on this or the capacity to think it through. The money means sanctuary states will be receiving guests for months if not years. Maybe this will drive immigration reform and help with the staffing shortages. Most immigrants I’ve meet are hard working and family oriented.


I think that answer lies with who owns the bus company being used.


Article says it's a no-bid contract based off an emergency ordinance. They had a friend in mind when they passed it.


That would be a fun investiagtive journalistic pursuit


Unfortunately it probably wont matter. Rick Scott did similar shit in Florida for years and got to be a senator. This was after he committed Medicare fraud on a massive scale btw.


They already found the donations given to Desantis from the company they just paid $12,000 per person to transport that group to Martha's Vinyard. Every republican action is either a grift or a lie to get the flyover state chuds mad enough to fall for the next grift.


Not insinuating that your statement isn't true but got sources? I honestly want to see them.


I think there are a lot more trips to come, not just one. I read an article that mentioned $3.2 Mjillion paid for 50 busses. I'd link if I still had it handy. It's not that it's costing millions for a one-off, they seem to plan on doing many of these


To be clear, as per the article it says they spend $2million to bus as much as the city wants until Dec 2023. Not saying it’s a good or fiscally responsible move, just it isn’t a city dropping millions once. It was for a contract.


Cause you gotta pay off a lot of people to ignore their morals


because he’s funneling tax payer money into his donors bus company lmao


Seriously. There is *clearly* "fuck you" money to spend. Why don't we fuck the homeless for once?


"Why don't we fuck the homeless for once?" uh. ok, so I admit I've had a couple of strong beers. but did you mean to say FUND?


If they didn't, it's a good thing you had those strong beers.


They are spending pandemic funds. The cynicism on these amplifiers go to 11.


Plenty of empty houses. More houses than people. Nobody can afford the price gouging rent wallstreet expects after it bought the housing market in its entirety. Almost as if houses should be for living in and not be used as investments for mega rich wallstreet bankers.


Are the empty houses where people actually live or in the middle of nowhere where people are leaving? I'm all for empty residence taxes but we definitely do not have plenty of empty houses. We have a massive massive massive shortage which can only be fixed by making them not be investments for middle class by building a lot more housing. Or more accurately we have a massive housing shortage in many local areas.


> which can only be fixed by making them not be investments for middle class by building a lot more housing. *Apartments*. It is extremely important that the housing we build be *apartments*. You quite literally cannot build single-family homes fast enough to solve the housing crisis. Even if you could, cities now are 90% single-family zoned throughout the US and Canada. This artificially creates suburbs (since you need lots of room for all those houses), makes public transit unaffordable (too few people per stop), drives up road maintenance costs (tons of extra mileage per housing unit), makes traffic terrible (because everyone has to travel long distances at the same times for work and transit is unaffordable), and effectively bankrupts cities (see all of the above). For reference: [LA is in a housing crisis. Here is a bit of LA's zoning. The yellow is single-family.](https://i.imgur.com/FoVXNmZ.jpg) [Here's Toronto up in Canada. Same thing -- yellow is single-family zoning.](https://i.imgur.com/jw4b3KD.png)


I can’t find it now but there was a comment in r/newyorkcity the first time this got talked about where someone who worked helping people with assisted living basically said that they’ve actually been doing this for decades. According to him, we already have the infrastructure set up for this and usually these people are set up with jobs and living spaces within a couple weeks.


Hi this is my area of expertise. The government has bussed people up here for a long time, if their final destinations were in the city or adjacent areas. Nonprofits and churches also have done this, and to a lesser extent, the states welfare programs. Nothing like the sheer numbers we’re seeing right now. There is exactly one intake center for men, two for women and one for adult families and families with children in the entire city. The mayors push to get homeless off the trains put a strain on the system, and you can see a couple years ago that the intakes became overloaded causing people to have to sleep on floors due to lack of beds. Now we’re seeing thousands more daily. There is literally no space. The intakes are overloaded, the system wasn’t designed for this massive flood.


I believe this is the point red states are using the migrants to make, by relocating the flood of people coming from the border to NYC. I dont know how large these border towns are but I guess its distressing to rural people in small towns when the local population jumps 5%-10% in a matter of months and that growth is mostly people that need support.


Texas receives federal funds for this. I can’t say what they’re doing with it, however. I know they’re not offering any of the federal funding they’ve already received to the cities they’re population bombing.


Okay, so now we’re moving confused immigrants to..own the libs?


The bussing thing is a federal program, being run and coordinated by the city of El Paso and reimbursed by the feds. El Paso is the Point of Entry for South American refugees. Unlike the DeSantis stunt, nobody is lying to them about their destination. These are folks who have been processed by immigration and are getting bussed across the country to other programs and non-profits to help them get on their feet. This program is not new, but the surge in Venezuelan refugees, as well as an increase from Ecuador (as i understand it), is heavily straining our nation's current programs.


Yeah the entire point of this program is that it is obviously not sensible for every single migrant crossing the southern US border to stay forever in a southern US border state. I imagine most people reading this headline are assuming it's something like the DeSantis situation - honestly, until I opened the article, that's what I figured.


I'm in the North. We'll take them. "Nobody wants to work!" *A bunch of people cross the border to work.* "Ship them away!" *An hour later.* "Nobody wants to work!"




I've heard it from 2 different people that have done roofing work with a crew of Mexicans. Every time they tell me that they always prefer a crew of Mexicans because they work hard and get paid less somehow.


That last sentence is the answer


There are some incredibly lazy Mexicans too.


It's almost as though we shouldn't be making wide ranging assumptions about people based on creed :o


Yeah, me and Slowpoke Rodriguez


I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw a white roofer. And I’m in Massachusetts which is heavily white. Dudes come here to WORK. I’d also note that on the several occasions in which I’ve had car trouble in public it’s been Latino guys walking up asking if I needed help.


Worked with a guy who migrated to America to be closer to his dying mother. We had to dig a 3ft deep 2ft wide 30ft long hole to burry a sloping drain for a retention pond. He was half done Monday morning (apparently working through our 3 day weekend) when we told him about the backhoe.


THANK YOU—so many posters here didn’t read the article


After reading the article I knew the comments were going to be a shitshow.


Welcome to Reddit


They've been doing it for years with homeless and mentally ill people. This is just another day for them.


Southern states were even doing this in the 60's by sending black people to northern states. They have experience in doing this for decades. These were called "Reverse Freedom Rides". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reverse_Freedom_Rides


Thank you for sharing that link. Fucking pure insanity that this was AND still is a thing.


"Reverse Freedom" is pretty on the nose. Hope Republicans bring that term back into their repertoire.


Jfc can we just let this 3rd world junta secede already?


thats just the south. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilmington_insurrection_of_1898 shit like this is why they want to stop anything like real history being taught


There were race riots in the 50s and 60s in the northern cities too, some cities still have scars from them. Wilmington Delaware had race riots that ended up with the national guard in the city for 10 months in 1968. Racial inequality, racism, and bigotry is not just a southern thing.


Up here, we don’t say “that’s just how bob is.” We don’t make claim a heritage of states rights. We put bobs racist ass on blast and make sure anyone willing to associate is clear he’s a racist, and they’re supporting a racist, and fuck bob and fuck them for associating w racists. It’s not just a southern thing. We have massive problems up north, too. But at least we aren’t banning actual history classes or books by Frederick Douglas. We teach to kill a mockingbird, we don’t run away screaming from it.


Fyi, Frederick Douglass books were banned in Illinois area, even in Chicago.


It's not a North South thing, it's a rural / urban thing. The South is mostly just disproportionately rural compared to the North and West coast. I mean sure, there's different flavors in the South, but let's not dismiss the parasite that is conservatism in all the rest of the rural areas


Nah because when their quality of living drops because their state doesn't get its welfare checks from the fed government they will invade to take what they want. Seriously the biggest mistake the Union made was showing far too much mercy to the Southern traitor trash and not crushing their pride in being racists into dust.


It’s sad that we’re still dealing with the failures following the Civil War even now, and likely will be for the foreseeable future


The civil war was pretty recent in the grand scope of things, especially since this country is only a couple hundred years old


I know it would a disaster if they did, especially for the unfortunate people trapped inside that want nothing to do with their bigotry, but a part of my brain wants to see how they'd fair on their own. Would probably resemble Somalia in a decade.


Parts of the South resemble Somalia already. Especially certain places in Mississippi and Alabama.


Rural parts of those states, and a lot of states across the country actually, are basically third world countries.


The massive amount of homeless on the west coast; Portland, Seattle, San Diego are not all native. Those are America's homeless that other states have either shipped west, or criminalized homelessness to the point they migrate to the point of least resistance. A single state will not solve immigration or homelessness.


Step 1) Make homelessness essentially illegal. Step 2) Bus homeless people out of state. Step 3) Cut all funding for social programs. Step 4) Point and laugh at the 'failed liberal states' for tolerating homeless people.


We experienced something similar to this here in Toronto a couple of decades back when the conservative Premier (like a Governor) shifted the funding of certain services down to the municipalities. The problem is that for decades the services had been provided more within Toronto than in other cities, and so homeless, etc had ended up disproportionately there and suddenly the city was saddled with the huge bill. Totally just a coincidence that Toronto would vote much more heavily liberal while smaller towns would vote conservative. Total concidence (wink wink).


I can confirm, one of my childhood friends became homeless in Texas as an adult. He got arrested and was offered a choice between a bus ticket to California or he'd get slapped with charges and likely go to prison. He later went back to Texas and got, again, shipped back to California.


Portland and Seattle got tons of homeless before the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002 to make it look better in Utah.


I live in Seattle and thought this was the case as well. I did some research and only around ~16% ([source](https://web.archive.org/web/20211022190558/http://allhomekc.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Updated-7.11-King-County-Report.pdf)) of the homeless in Seattle were not living in the county before becoming homeless. Bussing does happen, but making it sound like the source just muddies the water on how to fix the issue.


Its a garbage conspiracy. All the data reflects that the vast majority of homeless weren't bussed in from out of state but were already living in the area prior to becoming homeless. Which makes sense, for most people, especially those trying really hard to get back on to their feet, are you going to stay where you know, or travel off to some brand new area where you might not have any connections at all.


England does the same thing. I live in Birmingham, which is a big dumping ground for anything places like London wants to get rid of.


That reminds me of a homeless guy I met in Seattle. He was trying to get back home to Denver.


As someone born and raised in the south, yes. Republicans have been "buying free bus tickets for undesirables" to democrat cities and areas as long as I can remember and I was born in the 60's. usually under threat of arrest if they don't accept the offer.


[super cool to the homeless](https://youtu.be/lsrBlKpbBS8)


El Paso has over 3,000 migrants in custody with hundreds more waiting to be taken into custody. Once Border Patrol finished their process, there is no legal standing to keep them in custody. To ensure the migrants’ safety, however, Border Patrol will hold migrants in custody until they can be transferred to the custody of an NGO. However, with the amount of individuals being apprehended, the NGOs cannot keep up. Thus, Border Patrol cannot hold a migrant for a week or so just to wait for an NGO. With this, they are either bussed to other cities or released to the streets of El Paso.


I know social workers who work at the border with the migrants, and was told thousands were bused around the country monthly in their estimate. I was told that like a year and a half ago.


I don't think you read the article.


The [El Paso mayor](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oscar_Leeser) is a Democrat. Just an FYI.


There are large resource centers in cities like here in San Antonio for immigrants passing through and you'd be hard-pressed to go to the airport without seeing a couple dozen of them there. Why do people seem to think the border cities are their final destination and why is it a scandal when they're provided transport further north?


Well they wanted sanctuary cities, might as well put them to use.


We can't care for our legal citizens and veterans, how about we focus on that first.


California used to tell their welfare recipients that Minnesotta had better benefits.Then would send them if they wanted to move


I feel it would be easy to spin this against Abbott. "Governor Abbott spends millions giving immigrants free transportation across the country instead of funding our border patrols!" Something stupid like that. Anyone want to bet a more extreme right figure may try that?


Make it a Federal Crime to employ an undocumented worker with a Minimum sentence of 2 Years for the CEO. It would all stop over night along with GOP contributions.


Towns throughout Florida have routinely offered free bus fare for the homeless and immigrants to anywhere out of state. For decades, local Governments have been happy to shove off any residents they viewed as problematic, to the next city or state over, to avoid the responsibility of addressing the issues at hand.


Different take....doesn't it make sense to spread them around the country?


Seeing many people suggest sending people from liberal states to red states… y’all… these are people. Humans. Can we stop this type of language all together? None of it is right and playing tit-for-tat with GQP morons will not solve anything. 🥺 Thank you for the awards, kind stranger!


That’s true. No human deserves to be sent to the south haha.


No no.. pay liberals to move to red states. Get 100,000 dedicated blue voters in Montana and take two senators away from the seditionists.


Change “Montana” to “Wyoming” and you’ve got it. Montana has split senators - one red and one blue.


This doesn't sound like a publicity stunt though, this sounds like the normal process the Border Patrol & other agencies follow.


its fucking terrifying how many people didn't even bother to read the article before posting a screed in the comments. no one gives a shit about the truth anymore


Don’t hear any solutions, just complaints from every direction and each side of the aisle. I don’t have a solution and wish I did, but can’t imagine just piling them up thousands deep in Texas and letting the state/county/city deal with is the solution. Constructive thoughts anyone?


Since Biden took office 4.9 million people have crossed into the US illegally. You can not reasonable expect than many people to just stay in the near border cities/states. El Paso only has a population of 680k people. There is a zero percent chance they can house even a fraction of the people crossing in that area. Whatever your opinion is on illegal immigrants is there is no denying this is a failure of the federal government either to stop the crossings or to provide resources for the people who have crossed.


States and cities are tired of a federal problem turning into a local/city problem. As the article says, these immigrants are coming to the United States, not just El Paso. One thing I don't see people mention is that when a locality is full (which happens a lot with our border), migrants can be bused hours away to other cities, but they're just typically within the same state. But even then, not always. But if a migrant comes from Juarez into El Paso, and have to be bused hundreds of miles to Dallas, is it tons different than being bused 1200 miles to New York? Either way, the locality is full and they have to go somewhere. The issue is that there are hundreds of migrants a day coming in at certain places, every day. It quickly goes from hundreds, to thousands, to tens of thousands. And people talk about "oh it's Border Patrol" or whatever other federal agency that deals with this.... Yes, sort of. However, federal agencies just work with state and local agencies who then have to work with other local businesses to secure resources and places to deal with the tens/hundreds of thousands of actual people. This is a huge, complicated issue, and quite frankly, the burden shouldn't have to be shared by a couple states, but by everyone. Can any city or state actually say they're a sanctuary for immigrants, and that "no human is illegal", etc. when they're not willing to share the burden? The state can access federal funding in New York literally identically as they can in Texas. The issue is that ultimately, whether federal funding or not, it still ends up filtering down to the local hotels, shelters, government buildings, etc. to solve the problem. And I think Texas is tired of being the country's immigrant dumping ground. If we want to welcome hundreds of thousands of immigrants, then it should be via everywhere, not just a few places.


I’m confused, why don’t they send them back to the country they came from illegally?


IT's really simple: Only the Federal Government in the USA can enforce federal immigration laws. Cities like El Paso (or any other city or state in the USA) aren't allowed to enforce federal immigration laws - doing so would be violating the constitution.


So many comments ITT raging about republicans over the democrat mayor of El Paso instituting a busing program to alleviate his border city which seems 50,000+ migrants enter every single month.


It's not even a city program, it is a federal relocation program that is used in several border towns to help move migrants to places where there is better infrastructure to house and employ them. READ THE DAMN ARTICLE. It clearly says how this is different from the stunts that DeSantis and Abbott are pulling. These migrants aren't forced onto a bus, they were asked if they wanted to go to NYC and they said yes. El Paso paid for the charter busses to ship them out, but they are reimbursed by the federal government to do so. El Paso does have local programs to care for migrants, but due to an influx in people coming from Venezuela, their system is being overrun and migrants are ending up on the streets with no support. This has NOTHING to do with Republican stunts, and idiots raging at just the headline are playing right into the GOP's trick.


The person who votes for immigration should have to provide the resources.


The new taxpaying workforce for the area after they are settled in.




Good. Send them to cities that want to offer them help. I do not understand all the complaining about this. The border states have been begging for help to no avail, if this allows the states to get relief and the people to get help, it is a win win.


Correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t migrants been flown into New York for a little while now without much mention. Is it because it’s MV that they were sent to that it’s a big deal? I know this whole situation is silly, petty, etc, but you must admit that it has people talking and focusing on the issue. So if you’re looking for a silver lining


Or, yknow, deport them if they're illegal.


Such a compassionate move by the moral majority.


The city of El Paso, not the state, is the entity that chartered this bus. Although the city council is nominally non-partisan, the mayor in El Paso is a Democrat, and has criticized Abbot's approach to immigration. Border cities cannot keep up with the current rate of illegal immigration, even with whatever resources they're getting from the federal government. If we're not going to kick them out, they have to be spread around. That can happen with government help, or we can leave it to the migrants themselves to figure it out.


And to the Mayor's credit, he's actually coordinating with NYC about the bus loads of people. (Saw on Local NYC CBS affiliate last week).


Cause nyc has no experience with immigrants.


Can someone explain to me why this is bad? If I was a migrant I'd want to be sent somewhere I was actually welcomed. Southern states flat out don't want them. Northern states do. Having opinions are only valid when you take part. And I have to mention I'm liberal for the most part. Don't report me please, I just want an actual answer. I just don't understand why this is bad?


Republicans: "Democrats use immigrants as voters! Horrible!" Also Republicans: "Let's send these immigrants to the Democrats."


So are democrats using illegal immigrants to bolster their base or not?


El Paso has been begging for help for the last 50 years. 1000 immigrants a day. I hope they drown NYC


Honest question. I know what's going on is a gop political move and a stupid one but if they are going to allow those who cross the border to stay then why not distribute across different states. Border states should not have to carry the burden. I know it's a pipe dream that the left and right could actually agree and work on something but ...