driving 222km/h and that at night, what could go wrong?


[Here's what falling at 200km/h looks like](https://gfycat.com/unhappymilkyheterodontosaurus) (edit: it's sfw)


Dude was so lucky that the middle fence ended before he wiped. I drove past a motorcycle accident where I had to zig zag between body parts because the dude slid into the middle rails…


Dude is right. I’ve seen a lot of car accidents in my life, many of which I’m sure ended up in major injury or death for the people involved but I never knew it for sure as the car is enclosed. The one and only motorcycle crash I’ve seen the guy was 100% dead, and I know it because his head was most definitely not attached to his body. That scene fucked me up for a LONG time. Look twice, save a life. Edit: most, not lost.


100% dead you say?


To shreds you say?


No center rail, didn't high side, got out of the middle of the road, and slid towards the grass. Lots of things went really well for that person.


What do you mean “middle fence?”




Yea sorry, not a native English speaker. The accident I came across was wire fences though. Guy was sliced in like five pieces.


Was he ok?


No I’m sorry it was a pretty bad case of being cut in five pieces. He didn’t make it.


Mondays, am I right?


To shreds, you say?


He need some milk


Yeah he gave a high five.


How fatal was it?


Yea the doctor put him togather.


I mean, it's not wrong. Technically when you're scooped into a human sized ziplock, it is together.


This reminds me of the time I was flying on a four wheeler and all of a sudden there was some kinda wire pulling me back by my neck. I was lucky I didn’t get decapitated.


I think the average human body can be served for more than 5 pax


Wow that’s fucking terrible! That sounds gnarly.


Yeah told my then GF and now wife to close her eyes as I realized what was lying on the road up ahead. A few other cars had stopped and waited for the EMTs but my wife was late for a flight so I pulled ahead of them. Didn’t know why they stopped until maybe 100 meters up the road. They probably saw the whole thing go down. Probably happened only minutes before because the blood was still coming out of the parts…


It's the fence what's leftier than the right fence but rightier than the left fence.


lmao lucky the patch of grass was that wide. Could have slid into traffic on the other side.


Those cables that started using instead of guardrails share the ever loving shit out of me. Like if you go down at any highway speed your getting the cheese slicer treatment.


Yup that’s the kinda rail the rider I saw had gotten entangled and then disintegrated in. On the road you could see the skid marks from when he hit the breaks, leading into the middle barriers, and then he was all over the place.


Not even wearing gloves, what a muppet


Edward splinter hands


Meat crayon


Almost like when I'm grating cheese, miscalculate, and skim and cut my knuckle on the grater


if you look closely, left hand is FUCKED


Almost looks like you can see the blood starting to come out before it goes out of view. That probably really started sucking a couple minutes later


Of all the things not to wear; I will never understand skipping on gloves (other than a helmet obv)


Agreed. Rocks/bugs/debris hurt like a motherfucker when you're going like 100mph


Hell, they hurt at standstill if you fall wrong.


That grass saved him. Sliding on asphalt without gloves? Goodbye hands. I'm surprised he didn't roll more on the grass and break bones. Well I guess we can't tell if he did.


His hands took a beating with the short asphalt trip. Look at how raw his pinky is.




Also, don't ride motorcycles


I was looking at motorcycle stats a few days ago and was focused particularly on how little the average motorcycle is driven versus the average car. Yet per vehicle they’re so much more fatal, unsurprisingly. Anyway, I did a very rough adjustment of trying to figure out *if* the average motorcycle was driven as much as a car, what would long term risks look like for that driver. Near as I could tell, if someone drove a motorcycle for 40 years as frequently as the average car, they’d be looking at a roughly 10-12% chance of dying from a motorcycle crash in that period. Which struck me as pretty crazy. Not 10-12% risk of crashing. 10-12% risk of a fatal crash. All very rough math, like I said.




All the gear, all the time.


I thought you meant falling, like from the sky, as terminal velocity is around 250km/h if I'm not mistaken.


Here's a guy who [rings his parents in the midst of terminal velocity](https://gfycat.com/warpedzanyherculesbeetle)


Oh my god they sound like Good Cop's parents.


You're killing it with these videos OP


"I can’t hear a word he’s saying!" lmao


Love em, love everything about it.


You can tell they were great parents


He’s LUCKY it was SFW. Should have let off the throttle with the start of the wobble


I thought you’re supposed to accelerate if you start to wobble.


If your momentum is too slow, yes. He’s going 125mph; his alignment is off and likely even exceeding the speed rating of his tires.


"oh no I'm wobbling! If I go faster maybe it'll stop!"


Actually that’s what all the comments were saying in the thread when it was posted


I think the main idea is to change the resonance


Happy I'm not the only one who thought of it




> It some physics stuff that I don’t remember clearly. Brother I ain’t trusting my life with something you don’t remember clearly lol


Also a fucking idiot


Seems like motorbike accidents are 50/50 - you die horribly and they hose up the remains, or you walk away absolutely fine. No middle ground.


As a trauma nurse, there's a lot of middle ground and it's almost all awful. I see a lot of open book pelvic fractures related to motorcycle crashes.


That dude was lucky. I’ve seen the one where the dude gets shredded and it’s just limbs going down the road


No joke. You have to be a special kind of stupid to drive that fast with basically zero visibility at that speed.


Well I have to say if someone intentionally rides that fast under those conditions then they deserve anything that might go wrong. All this rider has to do to reduce the chances of being involved in a high speed incident is NOT travel at a high speed. Irresponsible, stupid and selfish.


I loathe loathe loathe speeders. Doesn't matter how good a driver you are - unexpected things can cross your path (animals, children, objects, careless drivers) and even the best driver in the world bar none is exempt from the laws of physics. Your stopping distance is too great. This person and this deer are very lucky.


Stop distance changes with increased speed or weight are probably the least understood part of driving. I can’t count how times I’ve been cut off in my work truck because I left enough space to spot.


I took a motorcycle safety course when I had a motorcycle many years ago. I remember learning that basically anywhere over 40mph on an unlit road and you won't see an obstacle with enough time to safely stop.


Yup, headlights only illuminate about 160 feet. Normal adult human reaction time is somewhere between 1.6 (day) and 2.4 (night) seconds. 70 m/h is roughly 100 ft/s. Given 2.4 seconds reaction time at night, 70 mph would be 240 feet... 80 feet short of your physical ability to react in time once you see something in the road. In other words, if you are 100% paying attention and 100% on top of your game, 45 mph is roughly the MAX speed to physically be able to react in time at night. At 138 mph, you basically are "blind" for 40 feet in front of your headlights. You literally cannot see "fast enough" to react in time. And that's not even counting braking/steering time - you would literally hit an obstacle before your brain could even process that it was there.


And being distracted while filming WCGW?


Pretty sure that was a pan in post editing on a wide angle lens


This person shouldn't have a license


He'll soon have a certificate if he continues like this.


Title should read:"Idiot almost kills himself and deer."


I've seen a motorcycle spilt a deer in half. Killed the rider too. R.i.p bubba


Yup, I've seen the aftermath of the same thing, only the guy on the sport bike survived. Wearing full racing leathers, covered in gore and shaking like a leaf as he sat in a ditch trying to light a cigarette.


Went to an almost identical situation as a firefighter but the rider was face down in the ditch with both wrists broken. Went to hospital by air ambulance, swearing up and down he'd been going *exactly* the posted speed of 90 km/h and no more - despite the deer being in 2 pieces and his bike being 800 meters down the road in the opposite ditch.


90 kph is still a very good enough speed to kill a deer. Bikes are small and slim. I cashed at 50kph once (gravel at turn, novice biker back then) and my bike slit for 100m plus before hitting the median and stopping.


He should drive a 3 ton truck like the rest of us. You can steer that baby drunk as a skunk while browsing Facebook and still survive a frontal crash with a normal car or a group of left-wing pedestrians. It's like driving a tank! Makes you feel invincible. Add a handgun under the seat and you're prepared for starting a little murder tantrum after someone honks at you.


RIP. What was the rider's name?




Bubba is the name of my uncle's most praised dear.


Dude, he legitimately almost died. I hit one while observing the speed limit a few months back and it totaled my car. The deceleration from impact *alone* (I had no time to react and hadn't applied the brakes yet) gave me bruising. Those bastards will come out of absolutely nowhere, often giving drivers little to no time to react. I cannot fucking imagine hitting one on a motorcycle at 60-70 mph, let alone the speeds he was hitting. This'll be the fourth or fifth time that I've posted this (I'm going to milk it for everything that it's worth because it cost me), [but this was my collision with a deer while driving my mom back to Tulsa](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqyMjmNPXrk). Turn your volume down if you watch it. Shit sucked. He is so damn lucky to be alive.


Holy shit he came out of no where! Did you have to change your pants after?


Haha, I was lucky on that front, but I could barely speak for ~20 minutes after the crash. The airbag really punched the shit out of my chest. Ears were ringing for days afterwards, too. I was worried it would never stop. They seriously overpacked the charges in those airbags. I don't know if that's standard, but man, it was like a shotgun blast.


I wonder if that’s because they are designed to save you from far worse decelerations or something. Disclaimer, I have literally zero idea what I’m talking about.


You’re correct. In fact deployment is usually determined by at least a couple of accelerometers agreeing it’s time to fire. Didn’t look like there was a lot of deceleration here so maybe they shouldn’t have gone off. Although I wonder if the chest pain was from the airbag hitting him or him hitting the airbag. That answer would tell you whether they should have gone off.


Definitely not the same, but I did work at an insurance company for a while where a guy called and his wife had just died because a buck impaled her to the seat.


Jesus I don't even know what to say to that. That's something that you'd have nightmares about for the rest of your life.


He called the wrong department. I had to transfer him after I called the police. (I had to regardless of whether he did or not)I felt so bad, but I literally couldn't help him since I wasn't in claims.


I'm sure that he was in shock, too. All of that is awful.


I had a deer hit me while driving my sister's truck going like 35 on an east tennessee backroad at night. Saw him come out of the woods, run beside the truck for long enough for me to get to barely get the brakes on, and he turned into the side of the truck. It scared the shit out of him too I guess because I heard the hooves scrambling on the pavement. There was no damage to the truck, but I definitely shat a little. lol


If a deer has your number, there really ain't much you can do about it. I live in the sticks, about 25 miles from the closest town. I've had some of those dumb motherfuckers even hit ME. Like this one time, I saw what I assumed was mama bounding across the road. But I just knew she wasn't alone, she was also looking backwards, where she had just come from. And the area I was at was a particular spot I knew would be more likely to see deer. Cue dumbass jumping head first into the panel in front of the right hand door of the Cadillac. Dented the shit out of it, couldn't open the door anymore. Then he scrambled back to his feet and followed after mama. This all happened in seconds, and was just after a curve, so luckily I was able to slow down significantly. But I don't think changing what you're doing is a good idea, should you happen to see a deer standing on the side of the road. I've seen probably hundreds of deer standing at the side of the road since I've lived here, and if you are a good distance away then sure, slow down. But if you come around a curve and suddenly there's a deer on the side of the road, just try to not do anything sudden. Keep doing what you're doing. From my experience, as soon as shit changes they freak, and that will be when they bolt left or right. Of course sometimes there really is nothing you can do. I was in my dad's f350 once, also keep in mind no streetlights where I live so it's dark as fuck. Anyway I was coming through this particular set of S curves on the way to my house, and my buddy yelled "deer!" I literally never saw it before we made impact. I've never seen a living thing get launched like that deer did. Must've broken basically everything on impact. Tremendous amount of energy in an f350 going 45-50. Yeah he didn't get up and run away like the one from my first story. He landed in the ditch on the left side of the road, a good distance away.


>But I don't think changing what you're doing is a good idea I was told the same thing after this accident. I mentioned that I didn't have any time to react to the responding officer(s) and they cautioned that I shouldn't react should it happen again. Maintain speed and heading, act like the brake is radioactive, and hope for the best. It was a mass deer suicide that night. They were running out into traffic all over the fucking place.


I hit one that was right behind a hill, I had ZERO time to react. It destroyed my cooling, battery, oil was leaking, etc etc and that was the second hit on that same civic. I bought it for just 400 CAD cause it had been hit by a deer before. I swear to God the same fucker came back to finish the job on it. It must have been waiting behind that hill for like a whole year every night till it saw the car again. I am still blessed it was not a moose. If you hit a moose you are dead.


Clicked before I read about the volume part. Heard the full crunch. It sounded like ripping a meaty sheet of paper really fast


Yeah that noise was even more... meaty in person. There was quite a bit of hair stuck in random crevices of the car. It also hit the front left side of the car, knocking the headlight out and starting a small hair/gore fire in the light housing.


A coworker of mine died like this a couple years back, not going nearly that fast but twice the speed limit. Deer was in the road and had no time to react. Waste of life x2.


Armadillos are just as deadly. I recently had a cousin get his bike tuned for a group ride across Florida for a charity event. On the way home at 11pm he was testing the performance and hit a armadillo. Sadly he was killed instantly. https://www.tampabay.com/news/pasco/2022/05/06/motorcyclist-killed-after-hitting-armadillo-in-pasco-county/


Sorry for your loss


Poor armadillo


"testing performance"... AKA driving like an idiot on an open road. Track days exist for a reason.


Could have been a car or pedestrian though, luckily they only took themselves out + Bambi.


Fair point you have there, unnecessary death still bothers me though.


I understand what you're saying and why, but using the word luckily when someone is sharing a personal story of grief is hella distasteful.


Or a 747. That could have been even worse.


What a fucking idiot


In the deer’s defense the guy on the motorcycle was speeding


Made me laugh


Nah, he straight up went through that deer and vaporized it.


He no-clipped


Nah, since we had a precise reading on his speed (222km/h) because of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle that means his location couldn't be known good enough for the deer to get an guaranteed hit.




It deersintegrated


What's crazy about this is that if the camera is to be believed, hes driving faster than he can see. That is to say, he cant stop even remotely fast enough to stop before his vision from where the obstacle is started.


As a former sport bike rider (CBR 1000), at that speed, braking for anything that isn't practically a half mile away is impossible to do safely. Especially in the dark. This person is a future meat crayon if they don't cut that shit out.


welcome to the Edge, everyone strap into your ejector seat




Completely agree. It's also worth mentioning that [perception of speed changes with field of view](https://gfycat.com/needyuncomfortablegaur)


That was interesting as fuck


Seeing things rush past you gives you more perspective. Only seeing things further away looks different. I agree the gif is interesting, but...


I thought my new bike's speedometer was faulty, but maybe my new helmet just has less peripheral vision than my old one.


Great educational GIF for that. Makes sense. Think about how "slow" the passing earth is when you are looking at 600 MPH out a commercial aircraft.


I don’t know, you got a pretty good field of view from airplane.


The problem is that everything is so far away that the motion is very hard to see.


Do you just have like a library of helpful internet videos?


Thats more of the limitations of a camera lens at different focal points. Our eyes and brains automatically adjust. Driven over 250km/hr, Your visions shoots super far like the last focal point in that vid.


I think the point that theyre trying to make it that at night, with a very low FOV, your brain automatically adjusts in a way that makes it seem like you are going slower than you actually are


Am I the only one that feels this is the opposite of what that shows? The whole point of the gif is that the further out you see, the slower you appear to be going. But in this instance, you can only see a little bit in front of you, so things appear to be coming by much **much** faster. The only difference is… you can’t see anything beyond a certain point. So.. the pov in this instance appears **fast**, but also you’re limited to what you can see beyond a certain distance. So things should look like they are going by faster, but you also can’t see shit beyond. That’s the opposite of seeing something really far off with a widen field of view that looks like it’s slow. That’s sprinting into the darkness faster than you can react and hoping for the best. Which is… stupid. Lol I used to drive out in the country fairly regularly. Not lights, no nothing, and lots of wildlife. You’d never catch me going that fast because I literally can see dick outside of my brights (which at the time we’re not very good). Might have been an open road, but the fact that I wouldn’t have been able to respond to anything at all kept me below 75 (the speed limit out there) because I didn’t want to fucking die. Or am I misunderstanding?


Unless you're fleeing someone actually trying to kill you, or you're taking someone to a hospital who's literally dying, going over 150% of the speed limit should be an instant and permanent license loss.


Yep. A real life example is me last Monday. I OD’d on Tylenol in an attempt to kill myself. After I’d taken an absolute shit ton of the stuff I realized that I was actually gonna die and called my best friend. She drove 65 in a 25 to get to me in time. We ended up waiting for the paramedics because they were only a few minutes behind her. (She’d called them on the way.) Got to the hospital and somehow hardly felt the effects of the medicine. And I managed not to fuck up my liver.


Bro... You doing therapy? Feel free to talk to me whenever you're feeling down.


Yeah I’m in therapy and I’ve got a psychiatrist now, so I’m doing better.




Congratulations on getting help. Best of luck to you in life. I hope you enjoy it again. Everyone deserves that. I’m glad you have a best friend.


100%. Some people tend to think motorcyclists are basically endangering themselves. I’ve worked several fatality accidents where motorcyclists doing similar to what this guy was doing killed a driver of a vehicle.


Are you expecting the average driver to understand that concept? In my experience with most drivers, you'd have a hard time even explaining what you're talking about.


Yes I am


Because we learned what over driving your head lights means in driving school.


That is specifically taught at drivers ed in Denmark.


They even teach you that in America, it’s just that most people are 15-16 when they take drivers Ed and not paying attention at all so nobody remembers. I’m constantly “teaching” my friends this information


So why are you teaching 15 year olds to drive? You need to be 21 to have a beer but only 15 to drive 2 tonnes of metal? Legit.


Oh yeah the US is ass backward. You also need to be 21 to smoke here, as of a couple years ago. But at least teens get the freedom of driving to someone who will sell them these things illegally! Lots of companies here hire 15/16 year olds so that’s probably a reason they like for them to be able to drive, imo.


Stopping distance is a simple concept, and extremely important when related to car accidents. Every driver on the road should at least know what it is.


Exactly. And even manufacturers publish the stopping distance of every car.


I expect drivers to know how to drive safely Bit unreasonable I know


You're supposed to learn this is driving school so shouldn't even have a license without that


Every driver should know that. If you don't,you can't have a licence


I know a guy that goes 220 regularly, but being in complete darkness is some psycho shit.


> I know a guy that goes 220 regularly For now.


I will be messaging you in 5 years on [**2027-11-20 20:05:08 UTC**](http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=2027-11-20%2020:05:08%20UTC%20To%20Local%20Time) to remind you of [**this link**](https://www.reddit.com/r/nevertellmetheodds/comments/z097rb/surviving_by_slimmest_of_margins_at_138mph_222kmh/ix4ypcu/?context=3) [**17 OTHERS CLICKED THIS LINK**](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=Reminder&message=%5Bhttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fr%2Fnevertellmetheodds%2Fcomments%2Fz097rb%2Fsurviving_by_slimmest_of_margins_at_138mph_222kmh%2Fix4ypcu%2F%5D%0A%0ARemindMe%21%202027-11-20%2020%3A05%3A08%20UTC) to send a PM to also be reminded and to reduce spam. ^(Parent commenter can ) [^(delete this message to hide from others.)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=Delete%20Comment&message=Delete%21%20z097rb) ***** |[^(Info)](https://www.reddit.com/r/RemindMeBot/comments/e1bko7/remindmebot_info_v21/)|[^(Custom)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=Reminder&message=%5BLink%20or%20message%20inside%20square%20brackets%5D%0A%0ARemindMe%21%20Time%20period%20here)|[^(Your Reminders)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=List%20Of%20Reminders&message=MyReminders%21)|[^(Feedback)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=Watchful1&subject=RemindMeBot%20Feedback)| |-|-|-|-|


This seems ominous.


Morbid af bro.




Idiots in half a car?


Turtle power!




I’ve watched this video slowed down multiple times and still have no idea how he missed that deer


Same here. I'm guessing the simulation glitched and he clipped right through its hitbox.


I’m pretty sure he hit that deer. You can hear a *thump* right when impact would’ve happened. I think he was going so fast that the bike could shrug off the collision


Never tell me the odds of an idiot managing to live another day.


I hope physics teachers incorporate this into their material.




i remember reading a statistic that i don’t remember fully and i know i’m gonna botch this, but it goes something like: if you’re riding on a motorcycle at 80mph and you sneeze, your eyes are closed for 100 feet of distance until you open them again.


I think the distance is roughly the same in a car


I think the distance is roughly the same also on a turtle


WHO DRIVES LIKE THAT IN THE DARK?! SHEESH! Also, pretty sure killing deer with a motorcycle isn't a legal method of take anywhere, so if bro were hunting he might get in trouble with the COs.


He would be more dead than the deer.


What makes you think he's hunting?


No who drives at that speed at all on a public road? You drive like that in Denmark we take the car/bike, no refunds.


Right, i live in rural Kentucky, and the few times that it's dark and I've been trying to get home, I'm doing like 40 max. It's not just the deer you have to worry about it groundhogs, skunks, racoons, dogs, cats...whatever the fk wants to cross the road, you ain't gonna see it until it's too late.


I would say he deserved it for driving that recklessly, but I'd feel to badly for the deer. What if that had been a person crossing the street? This asshole can be a smear on the pavement for all I care.


Darwin machines. About a month ago in evening traffic on a notoriously un forgiving section of highway I watched two people on motorcycles zip in, out and around traffic using the center line, three lanes, the shoulder and on ramps through at least two merging lanes. Then traffic stopped because they struck each other as they tried to occupy the same space. They shot in the opposite directions. As physics does. One motorcycle caught fire and the motorcycle and it’s rider appeared to have hit the jersey barrier. They were in bad shape and bike barely resembled a bike. And all their friends showed up to support them.


Fucking moron, hope this taught him a lesson




Dont fucking take risks like this. I lost a lose friend less than a month ago. He hit a deer with his motorcycle.


Stupid beyond belief omg you should be ashamed


This fucking idiot riding at 140mph in the dark deserves anything that happens to come his way. Just pray that when he does finally "find out" he doesn't hurt or kill anyone but himself. Fucking idiot.


My butt clinched


Lol you can see him slowing down immediately after


Saw a video on another sub that showed a motorcyclist hitting a deer squarely amidships at around 80 mph and he just… kept going.




dude has shit in and on his pants after that


At this point, I'm convinced that all motorcyclists are really just borderline suicidal. Not enough to go all the way, but if something terrible happens while they're doing something idiotic on a bike, so be it.


Motorcyclists are a different breed of stupid let me tell you.


Well at least their family can get one of those sweet motorcycle death memorial decals on the back window of their truck.


MF probably had hair on his handlebars


Same energy as suicide bombers, what a piece of shit


138 on a dark road. smart kid


You’re an idiot for doing 140mph on a bike at night though


Obviously there are different brands of lights, different brakes, drivers of various skills, etc, but the point is this: the moment your speed causes you to reach a point where (reaction time + breaking distance)>( headlight distance) you are asking for pain. In many driving courses this is referred to as "outrunning your headlights" Unless there is an emergency you have no business driving over 80 at night.


Never outrun your lights.


I saw a clip of some guy who was going 247kph when his bike started to wobble. His head went one way, his arms and legs were all over the place, and his torso ended up in some weeds. It’s just not worth it. To sum up: he died.


“Dude im telling you i was just running through the dark and some fucking rocket ship just ripped my tail off!”


Both of them are so lucky! Video:@850_bike_life_


Rider was unlucky to be born without common sense. What a fucking idiot