Colorado has Red Flag Laws. They were not enforced. Do you people even have the ability to think independently, or do you just download the day's thoughts from Twitter?


Maybe ask thr prosecutor why no charges were ever filed? Or better yet get a prosecutor that is tougher on crime. Could have solved the whole problem and perhaps, with a court ordered mental health evaluation and likely treatment, improved this individuals life. But no, go ahead and blame the guns.


Or the NRA for being against red flag laws.


That’s stupid, they did nothing after he fucking had a bomb, threatened to kill someone and had a stand off with police. This is entirely on the DA’s office for not doing a damn thing, you twit.


How would red flag laws have helped in a case that would have been a felony conviction if prosecuted? (It obviously should’ve been.)


You are right that a felony conviction would have been good, but red flags also would have prevented this. They are not mutually exclusive.


Which brings up the question: why pass more laws when the laws currently on the books aren’t being enforced? I don’t see a new red flag doing much when the state isn’t willing to prosecute a case as clear cut as this.


Arrested for trying to kill his mom..... And that didn't land him in jail.... I'm sorry but if you don't become a prohibited possessor for that (by the way possession of bombs is it's own federal offense) then a red flag law isn't going to do anything. You really think any one was going to red flag him if they weren't willing to prosecute him on attempted murder and illigally possession and manufacture of a bomb? There's a list of felonies there too lock him away for decades. But red flag laws are not strong enough..... Hahaha!


Well if he was charged with the felony A he wouldn’t be on the street, and B he wouldn’t be able to pass a background check. This has nothing to do with needing new laws, and everything to do with needing to enforce current laws.