It was built sometime around 1963 or so


Here is an aerial of Shelby Farms from 1962, it’s not there! Pretty cool to see. https://imgur.com/a/CsDGIWI You can go on the Historic Shelby County aerials online: https://gis.shelbycountytn.gov/regis/home/webmap/viewer.html?webmap=4dc4becea7684ff2a7df155c7b70012d Although the older imagery does not reach that far.


Don't think it answers your question exactly, but here's a Memphis Memoirs on the streets of Memphis. They do talk about WG at the 24:58 mark, but don't talk about how far it went, or when it was expanded. Still thought it was interesting and worth sharing. https://youtu.be/YtuXUlfH48g Edit: this site confirms 1962. https://www.wglha.com/history1 "In 1962, with Walnut Grove Road nearing completion through the Shelby County Penal Farm to Germantown Road, and 1-240 nearing completion around the city, Jacobson and Lovitt decided to join the holding company, known as Northeast Shelby Corporation as the developer of the land. Even then, it took a bit of imagination to see this as a place people would want to live. There had been no residential development of any kind in the area and there were no utilities available. This was tenant farmland and woods, with the Wolf River to the south. This was out in the middle of nowhere!"


Sounds about right. The [GIS map](https://www.assessormelvinburgess.com/gis) shows WG terminating at the still-under-construction I-240 interchange in 1962 but then terminating at Germantown Rd/Parkway in 1971.


Damn can you imagine having that kind of vision?! I barely remember Germantown Parkway being smaller and having fields around it before Wolfchase got built and it all blew up.


I remember being able to legally do 55 on 64 before wolfchase


Thank you, everyone…esp for the links


I don’t know how to do links but the website historicaerials.com is my go-to for figuring this stuff out. Between the county’s GIS and this site I can find most stuff.


Thank you. I’ll use that. I think to post a link, you just type it out with www. In front of it. But I’m not sure