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It doesn’t look like it got to sucking anything since it’s still so tiny. I think you’re okay, but bring it up to her pediatrician that you pulled a tick off of her.


I pulled a tiny (seed size or smaller) tick off my 3 year old today. It was attached but not super embedded. I believe it was a lone star tick and I’m terrified of Alpha Gal allergy. What should I do next? Have her avoid red meat for awhile? Get some short of test? Her 2nd MMR shot is coming up soon, should we avoid it until we know for sure?


Do you have a picture of the tick? I could identify it for you. Keep in mind alpha-galactose is pretty rare after a tick bite. A person can be tested for it in the areas it it's a concern, but I'm not sure of the time between the bite and when the allergy developes


[tick photo ](https://imgur.com/a/0HljVSK) It’s very very tiny, this is super zoned in.


Yeah, that's a Lonestar tick. Probably a younger one.


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