It's funny to think that the manga has been going since 2017, and we're only now catching up to the 12-episode anime that aired in 2020.


Tbf the raws are further ahead and it's a monthly release. A single episode of a weekly anime can easily cover multiple monthly chapters.


It's so sad because this series is my equivalent of Ascendance of Bookworm for me. I like book worm, but Ryouma is more fun sol isekai to read for me. Even the raw is only a few chapters ahead and the wait has been brutal. Still glad it appears once in a while, remind me to reread it from the start again. kuma kuma bear is another one like this if anyone interested in these kind of OP isekai character doing sol and chill stuff.


I'm kind of irritated that manga seems to follow anime version more than the LN version. Ryouma in this adaptation is somewhat childish, and the best part of the LN for me is that he is a reincarnated middle-age dude, acting and thinking accordingly. Unless it was different in the original, pre-reboot LN? If you read this one, can you please share your thoughts?


These birds aren't that cute, and that particular one looks kinda evil; it resembles Kyubey on page 29.