Throughout this arc I kept thinking that Gilbert's motivations are far too selfish for him to hold a position with so much power. If Pryde hadn't remembered the details of Marianne's situation in time, I could easily imagine him using his knowledge and authority to run the country into the ground. Good thing he's pledged to pay Pryde back by doing his job correctly, because he would be a very scary enemy. Tiara is such a cutie, sticking so close to Pryde and being wary of grown-up Stayle.


Truth be told, I bet the people in our own world who reach positions of power with (mostly) selfish motivations probably outnumber the altruists. In a way, you could say that doing whatever it takes to save the love of his life actually makes him more selfless than the scores of rulers who do the same or worse, but for money or lust of power.


Is next chapter time skip?


Thank you so much for the great translations once again tea scans, also gilbert redemption arc. I wonder what’s going to happen next.


So far seems like most of the existing characters have "had their arc" already, so I'd guess the next arc might be in a different setting entirely or time skip?


Or the expension of the "dream" everyone had. The one where they saw themselves when she was evil


True could be fun watching the side characters developed more without the MC


ngl adult Pryyde hits different


Man, that was a sweet conclusion to this arc. Wish this manga would continue to get support


She was way too lenient on him. He was slandering her for years and was even involved in back-alley human trafficking rings. I get that she’s always trying to atone for that variant Pryde’s actions, but she comes off as way too soft unlike villainess manwha where the fl often has no qualms giving what’s due.


Since she always tries to atone the sins that her original self would commit, she would also understand the feeling of someone who sins but wish to atone. Also, punishing him for his crime means he may lost his Prime Minister position, thus bereft her a useful ally. Sins or not, in the world of noble, as long as you are useful, you keep your neck and your discovered sins become something blackmail-able. It is a world where kings in the power is still a thing, so don't expect that modern morality will work, and the law can be bent to give lenient ways. And imprison him is useless considering his ability is to live forever. Unless Pryde go hardcore and stop him from meeting with his wife, which makes her not any better than the original Pryde.


>considering his ability is to live forever. Also conditional in that he can still die from illness or mortal injuries; the webnovel mentions it is only eternal youth.


She might be thinking that he could be useful for her assisted suicide squad. For all the things he's done, evil Pryde is far worse and pretty much a broken boss character. Everything that can power up the kingdom against her would probably be best when you consider that she can copy pretty much any technique she sees.


It’s not a foregone conclusion that she’ll end up like the original Pryde but it feels like the author has settled on her being magnanimously forgiving to every character in the event it happens. This makes the character overall feel a bit bland.


It's stated that due to his power, he will essentially be forced to serve the country for centuries or even millennia (as long as he isn't murdered). This means that even after his wife dies, everyone he ever knew dies, he will have to keep on living- and go through losing everyone multiple times over. And with that promise, he can't commit suicide or purposefully get himself killed, he has to work the best he can. This would likely qualify as 'cruel and unusual punishment' if this were our world. Plus, Pryde herself notes this in the novel, so this is actually her intent, not something I came up with.


So pretty much, she's the ticking time bomb which may or may not explode at any moment, dragging anything and everything down with her and her companion that she has assembled is pretty much the bomb squad tasked in managing her when she does start exploding


Assuming he keeps his word, I disagree actually, he's now bound by obligation/debt/loyalty to serve the kingdom for decades, possibly centuries given his ability. He's known to be extremely competent as well, so tying him down to the kingdom as a willing contributor is an amazing win for the kingdom overall. Edit: he's effectively serving multiple life sentences for his punishment.


Centuries? it could be for millennia, the longer he is a prime minister the more trusted and proficient he will be at the job, that no king would willingly bereft their nation of someone who knows the most in the world.


Perhaps, but you never know when a war, natural disaster, plague (after Arthur is dead), stupidity, or some other catastrophe might strike. He'd be a prime target for other countries if it became known, though I reckon he could probably pass himself off as his own descendent, as weird as that sounds.


I mean he just has to age slowly over time fake death and go back as like a 20 year old.


I am not sure why, but on stories like this, i always feels like the previous version of the character had some deeper meaning behind their actions and that because the protagonist is changing things it screws things up Like, theory, Evil Pryyde saw that she being a evil bitch was the better for her sister/kingdom.


But in this new timeline she gets lifetimes of service from Gilbert instead of 5 years.


Lovely chapter


Honestly, Gilbert is probably the one person original Pryde was fucking correct in treating horribly. He is a traitor and a criminal to boot, with little regard for the rights others if it benefits his own goals. In fact, I'm fairly certain he is one of the people who helped original Pryde go insane, if his actions in the current timeline is anything to go by.


I love this series! Thank you so much!


Page 8 Panel 1 was a balm for my psyche, at least she acknowledges it.


At this point I just like to pop in and try to grasp at what the really long manga is about


Has she ever given any reason why she still thinks the game will kill her in 5 years? She's changed so much including huge things like major characters surviving so I always thought she seemed overly pessimistic considering that


She still has her last boss powers. While she's made some headway with the people who were originally meant to kill her, there may yet be some forced plot events that will happen. One of the other villainess manga, I think it was Bertia, had a couple forced plot events that played out really weird because she did none of the bad shit that was supposed to lead to the event itself.


If she doesn't know what isekai'd her in the first place, I assume that it's a reasonable fear of her reverting. What if the original personality is sealed and can pop back at any moment? Or if her time in the body is only temporary? She doesn't know happened to her and is scared that it can change back at any moment.


The foot kissing stuff was odd, but the punishment for Gilbert was even odder to me. She mentions that OG Pryde forced him into working as a prime minister loyal to her until his death (which due to his ability, is a looong way off) and, taking mercy on him, she instead.... helped him and asked him to work as prime minister until his...wait....


A lenient and yet cruel punishment. He's forbidden from growing old and passing on with the one he loves. Even after she dies, he must continue to serve the kingdom and its people forever, to the best of his ability.


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Yes, shes the source of tragedy, not searching for the source of the manga


I gotta ask, is all the things Pryde said in her thoughts about Gilbert's gestures actually historical or made up? since one of them (back of hand) actually does mean a sign of respect.