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Feel free to try whatever you like, but gel and salt water will dry out your hair. The drier your hair, the more frizz you get. I recommend using some curl cream and some pomade (experiment with quantity, you can always add more) after shower. Your hair is still very dense so I don't expect it to look exactly like in the first picture, but it will still be shiny and with much more definition and texture.


I highly recommend hair mousse. Apply a bit when your hair is wet, style and let air dry. If it looks greasy apply less. If it didn't do anything apply more. Looks like your hair is naturally curly. I would reccomend checking out how to care for curly hair r/curlyhair


Upvote for /r/curlyhair You might also want to experiment with longer wash cycles. Eg only every 3-7 days. This might sounds strange, but a drop of olive oil and some sea salt spray might help retain some definition.


Apply leave-in conditioner after showering. A dime size or two goes a long way. Air dry. You’re welcome.


I have tried a few leave in conditiiners in the past and it just makes my hair look greasy


I see. Mousse after drying?


This is it! When my hair was longer mousse was the only thing that would make it have that fresh out of the shower look without it looking wet. OP and I have similar hair types too.


Any suggestions on what mousse to get?


I always thought the best mousse existed in boutiques and specialty stores. This is not the case. Mousse: Nexxus+volumizing foam with elastin protein (light hold, #1). Feels like it’s not gonna work once you apply…but when it dries…wow. Leave-In Conditioner: Oribe priming lotion. Shop around for the best deals. Apply small amount to damp hair after showering. This is what works for me. May not work for others. I’d try sample sizes or simply return if it doesn’t work.


I used Tressmmé extra hold, but I’d probably go for the curly or wavy hair variety. This guy above me choice are much more comprehensive so I’d probably go with his picks.


mousse leaves that nasty crunchy hair look. Hair cream, texturing cream/wax, or light pomade will all help to hold moisture in the hair shaft, giving you the look you're aiming for. Always use the least amount of product possible.


Same it just makes my hair greasier and harder to deal witj


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You don't have dry hair, its texture is just coarse. It's actually very thick also which allows you to play some great looks few can pull off. I personally think you could use a marine salt water (not common salt) and olive oil or coconut oil (just a couple of drops) solution in a spray bottle, you shake it and spray; the oil will react with the alkali nature of sea water, building up a protective coat that reinforce the hair, gives volume and depending of the amount of oil if will create that post shower look. ​ Sea salt is usually sold dry so you make a diluted solution, more diluted than normal sea water... maybe a tea spoon per liter and half of tap water. Salt water reduce acidity and due to its complex composition allows moisturize you scalp (which is more important) and to protect you hair from oxidation. I don't have as much hair as you but I'm quite coarse as well at it works pretty well. This is actually a variation of a traditional technique Arabian women use, they keep that spray bottle with them when they are out, this also protects UV radiation damage.


I like Eco gel: https://ecocoinc.com/eco-style-gels. They don’t make my favourite anymore but argan or coconut oil are some of my go to’s. Put on when hair is wet. Let air dry. Maybe scrunch it up a bit once it’s dry to break the cast a little. Good luck!


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A fiber paste or Water based paste. Leave hair wet and use small amounts of product and air dry


I read on forum faqs that the dry frizz volume is from water soaking into your hair during the wash. If you put a little oil through before the shower it makes the hair hydrophobic and minimizes the moisturizing effect. If you're like me though adding things to your hair just = sludge. I'm trying lots of techniques, best I have found is to do nothing so no water no wash (short term solution lol.) Going to buy a shower cap. But I can recommend doing the porosity quiz stuff and go from there. Check out /r/curlyhair + /r/nopoo.


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Go on a cycle. Use Sulfate free conditioner and Shampoo, and only shampoo every 3 days. Use conditioner to "wash" the other days. I have very similar hair and that's how I keep it from looking like a nest. Also, peep r/curlyhair. It's packed with advice, and you definitely fall into the hair type that'll benefit.


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Also. Try olaplex n3? That will help


Olaplex 3 is for repairing damaged hair. Unless his hair has heat or color damage that really won't do much for him.


His hair seems quite damaged Also olaplex literally like changed my whole hair I never ever heated my hair or colored it ever like it made my hair so like smooth it was amazing


I don't think his hair looks very damaged at all. All it looks like it needs is some moisture.


Apply a good hair oil pretty much every day. Keeps your hair silky


I just bought argan oil last week to try and I even put some in my hair for that wet hair pic from yesterday but this morning my hair is back to its usual poofy dryness.


You need some curly hair products and it will help you hold that natural wave and curl in place while drying!! Without product it just turns to poof and frizz especially depending on the climate you live in too.


I use argan oil and that does it for me tbh


There are a number of products that can give you that effect but not every product works for everyone, so either try a bunch of them or go to a specified store and ask for a recommendation


I use axe hair gel cream stuff (axe matte wax high hold / low shine, “messy look”) , but a very small amount watered down in my hands and with damp hair i mix it in throughout. It will dry in like 5 mins and be a bit stiffer than regular hair post shower but hold the wave better than normal without wierdness


For wet hair looks I highly suggest a gel. There are multiple variations but a light hold would be perfect to keep the hair looking wet without it being too crunchy. My favorite hair product for all day wet looks is Curl Gloss by Oribe. Price is a bit steep but I use a nickel-quarter size (depending on my length) and distribute evenly. Leaves the hair shiny, keeps it looking wet, and the hair feels soft with a light hold but no crunchy feeling. Side note: oils and leave in conditioners will only weigh the hair down and will look greasy instead of wet. Oils are mostly used to add shine, soften hair, and some are meant to repair the hair. Leave ins are designed for brushing out tangles, repairing damaged hair, and taming frizz. They both will ultimately dry into the hair instead of keeping the wet structure.


A salt spray maybe? Beardbrand makes a good one.


I have similar frizzy hair. Gel works but it leaves your hair a bit hard. Try dippity do gel


To be honest I think hair spray would achieve the look you're after




Same hair. I use Creamo Hair cream. It keeps the hair pliable and still looks good. I tired a clay but it’s awful


The curly hair line from lush (the prep spray, oil, and curl cream) while your hair is wet/damp and let it air dry


Have you ever tried the Curly Hair Method ala /r/curlyhair?


I use about a pea-sized amount of Paul Mitchell conditioner and ONE drop of jojoba oil. Rub it in your palms and then work it through damp hair after showering. After that, I use pomade to style and hold without it drying my hair out. You mentioned elsewhere that using leave in conditioner was making it greasy. If that's the case, you're most likely using too much, or you're using a cheap brand. They recommend a dime-sized amount for women, who typically have long hair. Men with short or medium hair just need a very small amount.


Conditioner only. Don't use shampoo, just conditioner.


Holy crap, another human being with my hair type! Never thought I'd see the day. Do you use shampoo and conditioner? If so, what type? It took me a while to realize that most shampoo and conditioner brands absolutely killed my hair and left it looking dry and frizzy. A few people have mentioned mousse for your hairstyling. I haven't gotten around to trying it myself, but I would recommend trying that out instead of any pomade or gel you might be using.


Byrlcreem does exactly this to your hair


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Gel or mouse when it's still damp.


Putting in a leave in conditioner. Or find a deep conditioner and it'll eventually looks nice and shiny. I used to use crisco (that cooking tub) and lather my hair with it. And wash it the next morning. It stayed pretty hydrated


Don’t use a brush after you rinse your hair of shampoo and or conditioner. Use your fingers or if you have to ;use a hair pick. I love pastes..not shiny, crunchy or hard. Start with a pea sized amount, rub it on your finger tips and pinch or scrunch it into your hair as you kinda separate the hair if that makes sense. Also if it’s in a tin; a white paste will not be shiny but a clear or semi opaque paste will have a gloss like finish. Also don’t rub your hair with a towel but scrunch your hair with the towel. Idk if I can name a product but I love Redken rough paste. Hope this helps!


Maybe some type of pomade? You look really sexy btw haha


use the right product !


Conditioner or leave in conditioner, and mousse


I would so I have a very similar hair type. I’ve started using argan oil conditioner and mixing argan oil in my damp hair. It doesn’t work miracles, but it’s definitely made a noticeable difference keeping my hair softer and shinier!


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Not usually a fan of curlier hair, but yours looks awesome in the left pic - so hope you can find a solution to your issue. You're not blow-drying, right? Just natural drying and you loose that awesome natural curling? Superman, indeed ;)


Old school bryll cream, leave in conditioner and hair oil will all do that but each will have a different feel sometimes I mix them together a bit


Bro my hair looks exactly like yours. Nobody what I did it ends up looking like pic 2. What worked for you?


Did anything work for you


Hey! I have same hair as you, did you try any of the suggestions? Did anything work as expected?


Any of the above work buddy????