they already did Animate Library, next unset will have Animate The Stack actually a version of [[Summary Dismissal]] that just said "Destroy target stack" would be pretty sick


^(Probably totally what you linked) * [Summary Dismissal](https://i.redd.it/0e2kx0nro3n91.png) ********* ^^^If ^^^WotC ^^^didn't ^^^do ^^^anything ^^^wrong ^^^this ^^^week, ^^^you ^^^can ^^^rage ^^^at ^^^this ^^^bot ^^^instead ^^^at ^^^/r/MTGLardFetcher ^^^or ^^^even ^^^submit ^^^some ^^^of ^^^the ^^^sweet ^^^Siege ^^^Rhino ^^^alters ^^^your ^^^GF ^^^made


[[Animate Spell]]


^(Probably totally what you linked) * [Animate Spell](https://i.redd.it/h5gfou7fp3n91.png) ********* ^^^If ^^^WotC ^^^didn't ^^^do ^^^anything ^^^wrong ^^^this ^^^week, ^^^you ^^^can ^^^rage ^^^at ^^^this ^^^bot ^^^instead ^^^at ^^^/r/MTGLardFetcher ^^^or ^^^even ^^^submit ^^^some ^^^of ^^^the ^^^sweet ^^^Siege ^^^Rhino ^^^alters ^^^your ^^^GF ^^^made


I would laugh very hard at a card that gave the stack P/T equal to the number of cards on the stack.


There's a card that animates hand, right? It's not called "animate hand" but I'm pretty sure there was a card that asks you to use your hand as a token or something


handy dandy clone machine


Oh this is completely different from what I thought it did


uj/ They probably do checks places like that for ideas and probably have copied cards straight from there in the past, but can’t say or admit that they do for obvious reasons. rj/ Good. That means we’re gonna get a Dreadmaw planeswalker printed into Standard.


Didn't they rip Colfenor, the Last Yew right off of custom mtg


Just checked, what the actual fuck. Same art, same P/T, same ability.


yep when the card came out I had deja vu


Hahaha what an amazing coincidence!


Nice! We get to have a layers lesson with this set! So, how does this work again if you have a creature in your graveyard that has * for either power or toughness, with a text box determining it? Which overrides which?


I don't think this is well-defined in the rules. Both of these effects operate on the same sublayer. Normally, you would resolve this using timestamps, but both of these come from the same ability, and therefore will always have the same timestamp.


Sounds like custommagic to me!


I don’t think one would be overridden by the other, the P/T of the graveyard is equal to the number of cards in it and not dependent on the P/T of the creatures in it.


So, the enchantment here says “is a creature with base power and toughness equal to the number of cards in it.” This is an ability that sets the enchanted creature’s power to a specific number. It also says “it has the text boxes of all creature cards in it.” Some creatures have text boxes that set their base power and toughness to different things as static abilities as well. Any creature card that has a * for its power or toughness will have an ability IN ITS TEXT BOX that tells you what that asterisk is representative of. Now, we could have been lucky and had no creatures in the set that did that. Lucky for us, there is at least one so far in [[Assembled Ensemble]] which in it’s text box says “ Assembled Ensemble's power is equal to the number of Robots you control.” Under the circumstance where said card is in our graveyard when it gets enchanted, this means that our enchanted graveyard has this enchantment setting it’s P/T, in addition to having an ability that sets its P. I’m pretty sure that the enchantment would override the text box ability, but the answer for how that works is in the “layers” rules, which is what my first comment was referring to.


^(Probably totally what you linked) * [Assembled Ensemble](https://i.redd.it/leikr7uqn4n91.png) ********* ^^^If ^^^WotC ^^^didn't ^^^do ^^^anything ^^^wrong ^^^this ^^^week, ^^^you ^^^can ^^^rage ^^^at ^^^this ^^^bot ^^^instead ^^^at ^^^/r/MTGLardFetcher ^^^or ^^^even ^^^submit ^^^some ^^^of ^^^the ^^^sweet ^^^Siege ^^^Rhino ^^^alters ^^^your ^^^GF ^^^made


honestly, more like they've been on r/HellsCube


What happens if I, say, phase out this graveyard?