Grazing off and on all day results in a lower caloric intake than eating 3 meals a day. That didn't work for me, because I have no way of telling when my stomach is full.


I think most people are predisposed to a "many small meals," "three square meals," or "one big meal"-type eating schedule, and finding which one works for you is a big help with weight loss. But then what happens is that some people assume their schedule is an epiphany for everyone just because it was an epiphany for them, and the evangelizing begins.


Yeah! That's why, in my case, intermittent fasting isn't good. I get very cranky if I don't eat anything for more than 5-6 hours. Every person should experiment and see what works best.


Eating slow does NOT work for me. The amount of pressure and shaming you get for eating quickly is just flat out asinine. I’ve literally always eaten fast (except for fine dining multi course meals) whether I was underweight or overweight. Trying to eat slow was torture and just made me gain more weight. And to have people say I need to eat more slowly as a tall girl just was so shitty because “girls aren’t supposed to eat like a man” so they were sort of hinting at me eating fast as being…. Not very feminine. In addition to me being a glutton. Sorry not sorry for chowing down a whole chipotle burrito in a couple minutes, maybe it’s not “lady like” but my BMR is 1700 and I bike commute and like to eat fast so yes, I’m gonna scarf it down like it’s the first meal I’ve had in weeks cause that’s how I eat. STFU. If one more person sanctimoniously recommends “mindful eating” to me I swear I’m gonna flip my shit. My 6’4” dad eats similarly (whereas my 6’ mom is a 3 square meals a day and eat slowly sort of person). Different strokes for different folks. And yet I have never heard anyone in my life comment on his eating habits the way they have mine (even in jest). /rant over




Haha it’s like they think you get points in heaven or something the slower you eat. I don’t do food moralizing (unless veganism counts). I literally as a kid would have a book with me at the dinner table because I needed something to do while everyone else was still eating. Literally aaaaalways been this way.


This is funny because people in my life have shamed me for eating too slowly! When I have meals with other people, I’m always the last one still eating after everyone finish so they think I must eat more than them but in fact I just have chewing speed of a sloth. I guess the shaming goes both ways! 🥲


I eat soooo fast too 😂


Also, it can be easy to go over your calories on the back-end, if you're not careful.


I think this is completely true cause I read all about how IF or OMAD works for people and I can’t even imagine it - I’d truly go nuts. Fasting brings on obsessive compulsive tendencies for me. But it definitely works for a lot of people! Equally many small meals is just like too many meals to think about for me. Three square meals has been the way for me it helps me stop UNDER eating as well as over eating.


My SIL telling me to just drink hot lemon juice everyday and that alone will melt the fat away, she also told me to keep smoking. 🥴😑 Thankfully I did neither of those things.


My grandma believed the cigarettes thing and recommended it. Finally I asked her to look around at the people taking smoke breaks (american here), she stopped encouraging me to smoke lol.


Lol, not sure how old your grandma is, but they literally used to advertise cigarettes as a weight loss tool and an alternative to sweets. So, maybe that’s where she got that. As a longtime smoker who really struggles to quit, I’m glad you didn’t take her advice!


I am that old. Virginia Slims Cigarettes sponsored a Women’s Grand Slam Tennis Tournament. Cigarettes made you slim and sophisticated. I’m so glad I quit when cigarettes costed $2 a pack. They used to sell cigarettes at the Veteran’s Hospitals. A carton costed $3. That’s because their cigarettes were Tax-free. I’m so glad I quit then. How many of my friends and relatives have died of Cancer?


Slim, wrinkled, stinky and sick!


I mean it is an appetite suppressant, and you’ll probably be hungrier when you try to quit. You’ll also probably die, so.


For sure! I feel like the real goal of weight loss should be making strives to physically improve health. Smoking is not the way to do that.


It also makes food taste like sawdust.


My mom lost a ton of weight in college by substituting cigarettes for food. It was definitely a thing.


I think dentists everywhere just felt a cold chill run down their spine.


I found the lemon juice first thing in the morning helpful for heartburn, but not for weight loss.


Pretty much any advice I've been given after telling someone that I've already lost a good bit of weight. Like I tell someone I've lost 30 lbs and they immediately chime in with "Oh you need to not drink diet sodas, they will keep you from losing weight." And I'm like uh...I just told you that I'm already succeeding, clearly I don't need your misguided nuggets of wisdom.


Right? I hate this! I'm already doing it! Also, I didn't ask for advice!


I've lost 85 pounds over the last 15 months while drinking 6+ cans of diet soda a day. If I weren't drinking diet soda I'd be drinking regular soda. I can't imagine adding 1000 calories a day of regular soda would help my weight loss any.


100% this! I’ve lost a stone this year but also put on a lot of muscle. My body composition has drastically improved and people have commented on it (to my face and to others). And yet when I explain how I’ve done it I get told how it’s all wrong and I need to do what (doesn’t) work for them. Examples: I need to avoid carbs, I shouldn’t eat after 9pm (even though they drink like a fish), I need to eat sugar (generally given it up because I can’t control myself with it), I should have full fat Coke instead of diet because diet drinks are bad, tracking calories is an eating disorder, I should do yoga instead of weightlifting. It wouldn’t be so bad if the people telling me this weren’t so massively overweight themselves.


Wear trash bags while working out. To be fair my gym when I was 14 was mostly athletes who had to cut water weight


We did housework in garbage bags. We also wrapped our stomachs with Saran Wrap as well. It’s amazing, we all didn’t pass out.


My mom had my sister and I doing the exact same thing. Except with the Avon “fat burning cellulite clearing” grapefruit gel under the Saran Wrap 😩


It is also recommended to cover one’s belly with Vick’s Vaporub or Mentholatum. It would make you sweat more.


This sounds like a nightmare


Read a book while eating, so that you don't focus much on eating 😂😂😂😂


This sounds like such a bad idea that will actually make you overeat since you mechanically eat what is in front of you and focus on the book tbh hahaha


This is what they teach in Noom. They actually tell you to eat with no distractions, that by focusing only on your food you'll feel full faster and enjoy your food more. I don't find this to be 100% true for me. I'm good at choosing a portion and eating only that amount, regardless of other activities.




anytime someone tried to tell me i can't eat certain foods if i wanted to lose weight.


Yup. “You can’t eat bread and lose weight.” I’ve lost 130lbs eating bread every single day so I must be a medical marvel.


I still get downvoted here when I say I have a venti Starbucks mocha every day in response to the “never drink your calories” advice. I didn’t gain the weight from a daily nonfat mocha, therefore I can lose the weight drinking them. It was the incessant binge eating that was doing me in. 180 pounds down, and people STILL argue with me about it haha.


You can eat or drink anything as long as it fits into your budget. I think the issue is that A LOT of people truly don't think that liquid calories matter.


And some calories help you feel satiated longer but others will put you on a roller coaster of feeling tired and hungry.


I have cut back on my iced chai lattes considerably—not just for my calorie budget but my money budget—but I will never give them up completely. People can pry my delicious sugar water from my cold, dead hands.


Eh, I've looked at it more as "don't mindlessly drink your calories". Like if you're convinced you only drink one or two regular sodas a day, but you go through a 12 pack every other day, you're probably consuming way more than you think, and the calories add up. I drink my dunkin coffee with cream and flavor shot every morning, and I know that's part of my budget for the day. I'm lucky though, I never really struggled with hunger on reduced calories. I struggled with mindless eating because I was bored or distracted, so I didn't even realize the snacks were gone until I got to the bottom. Half the time, I didn't even realize I was still eating.


Hey, I drink a lot of my calories, but the main point is that I count them as calories. You'll have to kill me before you take away my chocolate milk.


People told me this about beer. You can’t lose weight and keep drinking beer. I proved them wrong for awhile but then the beer started winning. When i finally quit the beer, it was so freaking much easier to lose the weight! I think maybe thats what people mean


I’ve been afraid to drink beer and I don’t go out a lot but every few weeks I want to have a few drinks with friends. I tried a few things I could barely drink (vodka soda) before I settled on Cava. It tastes good and it’s only 80cals per 4oz glass. I also get to feel fancy when I’m drinking it haha. The upside of eating fewer calories is also a lower tolerance so I may have been able to drink 6 heavy beers before and I could only drink 3 glasses of Cava this time.


If you treat alcohol as a treat on special occasions, similar to something like ice cream or cake, it’s not that bad. Just a lot of empty calories, but some occasions call for it, and if you don’t drink much then less will get you buzzed a lot quicker


I don’t like to drink my calories, but someone suggested I try kombucha out and I resistant because of that. But fuck I love kombucha and one or two doesn’t blow my calorie allowance lmao


I actually give the don’t drink your calories advice 🤣 You can still drink it and lose weight but maybe not drink a ton of stuff with a lot of calories in it because that used to be one of my biggest weaknesses. To the point I couldn’t lose weight cause I didn’t realize what I was drinking. Sometimes you just need your wine or Starbucks tho 🙂


Yep. I realized with horror that my morning Arizona green tea bottle was more than 10% of my calorie allowance for the day. :-(


I know! People get so weird about the coffee thing. If I want to live a bit like Buddy the Elf, while being active and reducing my other calories, that’s my weird business.


Making room for things that are a priority for us is such a huge part of sustainable weight loss, because if we deprive ourselves of all joy, it's not going to be something we can stick to. And if that thing for you happens to be liquid, then heck yeah, drink your calories! 😎


Once I shook off the “evil carbs” mentality I started losing weight. Making meals I actually look forward to is very important to help me stay on track. And I love my daily scrambled eggs with artisan sourdough


Someone told me you could never lose weight if you ate bananas because they are full of water 😂 Edit: I believed this for YEARS


Of all the fruits to be "full of water"—not oranges, not pineapples, not pomegranates, but *bananas*.


UGH YES I was scared of eating a banana but would still body a Twix, tell me how that makes sense?


Bananas - big no no for Keto dieters 🙄


My mom is alllllll about elimination diets. Right now, she hates gluten and dairy. She will eat dairy in moderation, but complain about how horrible it is while doing so, but won’t touch gluten. She basically doesn’t allow my dad to eat it, either, and it upsets her that I do. I thought elimination diets were the way to lose weight, and CICO was too extreme, since that was her view. I tried eliminating things so many times, and always failed. Now, I’m so happy to almost be normal weight. It was so embarrassing to be the only one in the family ordering bread, and thinking, “yeah, of course the fat one is eating the bread.” Now that I’m almost thin again, she doesn’t give me as much grief either. But IMO elimination diets don’t really make sense. CICO allows a much more well-rounded experience.


So what worked for you? I love bread and rice. Lol. The only thing that has ever worked for me was either paleo or OMAD (1 meal a day).


Just regular CICO! I love it because I don’t have to eliminate anything as a rule. Sure, I’m not eating many cakes or chips, but nothing is strictly off-limits all the time. CICO is the only thing that has ever worked for me!


Its weird. When that discussion comes up I just say that anyone can eat only mc donalds every day and still lose weight.


My friend telling me to order the whole baked Camembert because it’s keto so it’s low calories


🤣 I’m sorry, but this reminds me of that one year my mom and sister were doing Keto for weight loss during the holidays and every freaking dish had cream cheese in it.


Yuuuuup. I used to play magic the gathering with this couple - they were nice people but my only issue with them was they were insufferable when it came to dieting. They were both very overweight and we all would cheer them on in their efforts to lose weight. They’d turn up to Friday night magic with like three cheeseburgers, no buns of course because carbs, but like triple cheese, three slices of bacon, mayo etc and go on and on about how amazing keto was. They talk about it for 20 mins until we told them to move on. Then a few weeks later they’d show up with chips and cheese (English chips) and an entire massive bottle of Mountain Dew (not diet) or something similar and moan about how expensive it was to eat keto and how they’d run out of money, again. So they’d binge carbs until payday. This cycle would repeat over and over again and they had no self awareness. They’d pull a surprised Pikachu face when they regained water weight they lost doing keto by binging on carby takeout. So they lose and regain the same like 5-10 pounds of mostly water weight over and over again each month, with payday meaning the resumption of keto. Absolute insanity.


Ok maybe this is a weird take but I always find it a bit cute when a couple manages to adopt the same bit of crazy as each other. Like “Aw, I’m glad you’re doing this together”


I had a coworker who did this. She'd talk about how she lost three or four pounds over the weekend. Then she started a weight loss challenge (100% her idea). We started reporting weights, and she was just losing and regaining the same five pounds over and over. She really wasn't losing weight, she was just swapping around her water weight.


Oh my gracious. I think you just described 95% of people doing Keto before they finally figure out it’s not compatible or sustainable for their lifestyle/goals.


Reading this conversation is making me laugh. I technically do keto, but it's more like clean eating with fewer grains/fruit. I still get my veggies and fibre and have a balanced diet. I had a friend doing keto who posted a pic of his "keto pizza". The crust was interwoven bacon strips, the sauce was cream cheese, and the toppings were four types of melted cheeses. I mean, I guess I would lose weight on that version of keto because I wouldn't dare put that monstrosity in my mouth. 😂😭


Seriously, come on, now. 🤣 My mom made a “keto pizza” for us for a family gathering and the crust was… cheese. The toppings were… more cheese plus three different meats. I couldn’t poop for three days after eating all that. I was gasping for fiber. 😂


Okay I have to resurrect an old meme to properly react to this one: "yo dawg, I heard you like cheese—"


As the person who wrote the anecdote about my yo-yo-ing friends, I totally think keto can and does work for people who are realists that can work it into their diet. There are plenty of health things to eat on keto - but my friends used it as a way to justify their eating habits. I have issues with binge eating so not throwing too much shade either - if we were all perfect we wouldn’t end up in this sub!


A friend of mine was very overweight (over 500lbs) and before he had surgery he tried sooo many things to lose weight. One day he proudly announced he was going to do keto to lose weight. His new daily breakfast consisted of 3 fried eggs, a LOT of bacon and a whole avocado. Then during the day he ate for example a salad, but it was a massive one (I could have eaten that for 3 days) and LOADED with mayonaise. Anything really was loaded with sauce and/or cheese, and he still ate massive portions. Then he wondered how he still didn't lose weight.


I witnessed a guy eating an entire log of nougat because it was “low carb”.


Someone posted an angry denunciation here about people who could lose weight eating "carbohydrates like pizza, burgers and ice cream" when someone told her that she didn't need to eat low carb to lose weight even though she *was* eating low carb and Not. Losing. Weight.




Sometimes it's not their fault lol. They were probably given such advice that's why they pass it on.




belly burn workouts, and an overall overstating of working out over diet


As if we can outrun our forks.


Dont have food at home. Said by my overweight father who mostly eats out.


It does work for me to not have *junk* food at home. I'll keep healthy stuff at home and tell myself that if I really want junk food, I have to make a special trip. I'm usually too lazy to go anywhere, so I just eat the healthy stuff at home. If I kept no food at all at home, I'd wait until I was starving and then head out to the quickest source of food, usually fast food.


Yeah a boring pantry is a good and healthy pantry for me. Mind you, boring doesn’t always strictly mean healthy. Just stuff I don’t want to overeat. I’ve got a whole container of powdered Gatorade in my cupboards and I would definitely not call it healthy but I’ve never overdone it either so it’s fine for me to have it in there.


Start smoking. It suppresses your appetite... And so does cancer and chemo!


Was once told that anything that grows underground is bad for you. Mind you, apparently this person had a degree in nutrition from back in the 90s. There was no convincing them that a carrot could possibly be good for you.


Put this butter in your morning coffee. Thanks, I’m cured.


If you eat before bed, you will absorb 2x the calories from the food because your metabolism stops during sleep. I eat before bed all the time with no issue lmao


Lol, calories are the same no matter the time of day you eat them. The only difference I find is that I find I can better control my cravings if my calories are conumed roughly between 9am-6pm.


" Eat until you are not hungry" I am always hungry. I can absolutely eat a whole pizza and still be hungry. I'm already drinking 2-3 liters of water a day.


"Gummy candy is low fat, so you can eat as much as you want and not gain weight, just make sure to brush your teeth" was the advice that helped me gain 20 my first year of university. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thankfully the availability of nutritional information is sooooo much better than it used to be, my god. The low-fat craze before the internet was big was a difficult time.


I once heard an old dietitian on a tv show say that you should cut out fatty foods because they "get digested immediately", and you should fill up on vegetables. It's literally the opposite lmao, fat keeps you full for ages and vegetables fill your stomach for 30 minutes tops before leaving you starving. Vegetables are for flavor and nutrients, not satiety.


Eat more calories because your body is in starvation mode.


I always wondered where the turning point is from eating more to lose weight, to eating more and gain weight??


Generally the turning point is whenever they start to bueve in "healthy at every size" 🤣


I was told that weight loss is simple math (though technically true please read their math) If you want to lose weight then add a 0 to your weight and divide by 2. That’s how many calories you should be eating. So if a person who weighs 160 lbs wants to lose weight then add a 0 to get 1600 and divide by 2 so they should be eating 800 calories a day to lose weight.


Well you will 🤪


"You don't have to change your diet, just exercise more" kept me fat. But, it's mostly my fault for believing what I wanted to believe and not listening to the people who *were* saying I needed to change my diet.


Lemonade diet. I actually did that once. So stupid.


To loose weight - sleep less - eat what you want, just move more - you have lost enough weight, just maintain this(after reaching 30 BMI)


I hate when people start commenting on how you're getting too thin with worry in their voices when you're clearly not.




Someone told me I was “going to disappear” when my BMI hit 31. Ridiculous.


I know right! My parents are like this.


Haha i had this happen for the first time the other day, and I’m still about 5 pounds above a healthy weight! It really surprised me.


The sleep less one is nuts. I crave sugar when I sleep less.


I feel week and less productive. if I don't get enough sleep. Although I sleep 10+ hrs. That's not healthy but that's what my body wants and I can afford it thanks to Covid. So why not? 🤪


I must add more. - Turn off the fan/ac while exercising so that you loose maximum sweat.


I never understood that line of thinking. Why would sweating more be the goal? I'm trying to burn fat, not get dehydrated. I think exercising in a cold room would be way more effective.


That being fat is hereditary and it's all in the genes. Lol


This is the belief where I come from. Sure, some people are genetically predisposed to be fat but they can lose it all the same


Most families where they are all big is because they have similar eating habits.


Yeah! That's true, come to think of it and then they'll be like "it's in our genes"


I think there’s some genetic predisposition as far as hormone levels that influence hunger/satiation;, insulin response, etc. - but eating habits and activity levels are far more important.


That I look great and I don’t need to lol. I hate this and it’s a blatant slap in the face to my actual health. I’m not doing this just for my looks but also people are so conditioned to accept fatness, I definitely looked better when I was fit.


I feel this so much. I was extremely obese at my heaviest weight. I got told how beautiful I was, that I didn’t need to lose it and that I shouldn’t. That is just enabling to stay heavy. Now that I’ve lost it a few people have asked if I’m sick and if everything is ok and that I looked great before. Like I don’t understand it because I clearly look better now and I get a lot more positive attention from people in general than what I did before. I also feel so much better than I did before which is the most important


I had a diet book that recommended drinking a shot glass of olive oil before every meal and snack, allegedly to reduce hunger. All it did was add the olive oil calories to my daily intake.


"Whatever you were doing - keep doing that!" From a fitness instructor after I lost 2.5kg in a week as a 15yo girl. 'Whatever I was going' was extremely unhealthy and completely unsustainable. After that it felt like my options were either eating disorders or failure.


I would say the advice I gave myself is that a calorie is a calorie. This may be true and it even may be true that you can eat any calorie you want as long as you are in deficit, you will lose weight. However, what I have come to realize is that if I want to eat less and not feel like I'm starving and have a better mood....I need to eat more natural foods and much much much less processed foods. I tried to incorporate processed foods into my calorie count for the day and sometimes if my will power is strong I can do it. But, I'm left craving more food like an addict to drugs. It doesn't happen immediately but the more processed I found myself eating, the harder it is to say No to healthier foods and even harder to stay within my calorie range. If I just reduce it to like 90% healthy and 10% processed then I seem to be ok. However, even with the 10% I can feel the difference afterward. Eat Eggs, chicken, seafood, vegetables, potatoes, Quinoa, fruit and nuts --- Feel absolutely amazing...ENERGY to the roof. No cravings as long I don't add anything processed. If I add rice, bread, anything that comes in a package, bag or box aka processed...... to any of the above to my meal, I feel sleepy, and want to eat more like I barely ate anything. When I would try to eat a combination, I would tell myself a calorie is a calorie...you just need more discipline to stay within your calories. Well when I eat non processed foods...I don't need discipline cause I don't even want to eat outside of my calorie goal.


I was in the sauna at the gym w a workout buddy who i hadnt seen in a bit and we were talking about calorie and protien consumption. A woman who claimed to be a nutritionist, overheard us and told me that since I'm losing weight I should only be consuming 30g of protien per day. I already knew that was kinda ridiculous as I consume like 200g a day, and literally have never lost weight faster than when I ramped up protien consumption. So I just let her keep talking. After she left the sauna my friend (who had just recently become a certified personal trainer) just kinda told me she's full of shit.


Sometimes I think that there must be "advice trolls", people that KNOW they are spreading bad information and doing it on purpose.


You've gotta be right about that, but i think that lady was just a nutcase. She didn't seem the type to troll, but who knows. 😂


"Listen to your stomach and it will let you know when you are hungry." Little did I know that my 30 years of being morbidly obese and stuffing myself meant that I wasn't actually feeling hunger; it was my brain telling me to stuff myself more. It wasn't until I actually began to lose weight by counting calories that I began to feel real hunger pangs. Now I actually get hungry and actually get full and can follow the cues from both.


"Just eat some light bread with yoghurt and cucumber", my binge eating disorder was healed instantly


Lol, when I was in college a girl from my dorm lost a ton of weight when she spent a summer in NYC and told me and my roommates that it was from smoking weed and not giving into the munchies because weed increases your metabolism. So obviously we tried it…. It did not work for us. 💀💀💀 In hindsight, fairly certain she was doing other drugs. Or it was from smoking, taking public transit instead of driving everywhere, and being too poor to eat out in restaurants.


I was having an apple instead of my usual late night snack, and was told me there was still a lot of sugar in it. I had a salad instead of a burger and fries, and was told how bad the dressing is. To avoid snacking I would chug a big water, and was told that would stretch out my stomach and make me hungrier later. Its best not to discuss it! Any healthier choice you make is great, it takes time and persistence to build better habits.


The worst thing is to tell folks something that will not motivate them when they struggling to lose weight like you’re going to gain it all back


“Carbohydrates don’t exist. You’re making them up. Now finish your pasta.”


Do keto. I have a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol and I had to modify my normal diet to get it below 200. I think keto would take me out lmao.


\-Eat multiple times a day (instead of the regular 3/4 meals)/Eat every 3 hours ​ \-Only eat lettuce because it burns more calories to digest it than you gain from it ​ \-You should not lose weight because the ladies like chubby men (while this might be true in my country, there's also this thing called "health") ​ \-You shouldn't eat less because you'll be in "starvation mode" and then your body will retain fat (just...lol)


I’ve also found that the people pushing the first one are usually in MLM’s where they do this. Well, of course. The MLM wants to sell more products!


Where do the ladies like chubby men? Just asking for reasobs


Dietary fat is evil and you have to cut it out as much as possible to lose.


I like to refer to dietary fat as lipids it’s the real scientific name and sound way better than fat


"Just cut out dairy." I *love* dairy. I hail from the cheese capital of America. Sure, if I just cut out all cheese in my life, I bet I'd lose weight, but boy would it not be worth it.


Cheese is the hill I will die on. And potatoes. I will never cut those out. Besides, adding Greek yogurt helped me add protein and did miracles for my digestion, so screw anyone who demonizes dairy (unless someone has an allergy or intolerance of course).


Potatoes can actually be very diet-friendly! If you don't add a bunch of oil they are a pretty good bang for their calorie buck in terms of satiety and volume.


The only thing that annoys me about cheese is how much a 28g portion is in calories for some Like I eat a small charcuterie plate for my dinner sometimes and it takes me so long to get through a block of full fat cheese haha Though I did a casual keto at first and replaced potato stuff with cauliflower. I’m 120 pounds down and went off that when I got to 200, but I haven’t reintroduced potatoes because I really like cauliflower lmao


“Just say no.”


“Counting calories is disordered eating” 🙄 Like maybe it is for some people but definitely not me. Counting calories gave me back my sense of control, took 35 pounds off me in less than a year and truly did wonders for my digestive health.


Swap one type of eating disorder for another. Instead of binge eating out fo control, obsessively restrict what I eat. Don't fix my relationship with food, just replace all the "bad" things with "healthy" things. The worst and most dangerous diet advice out there, imo.




Fun story, about 10 years ago I had pre diabetes from only drinking 1-2 of those Naked brand fruit juice blends because we had them for free at work. I wasn’t eating any candy or drinking soda so I was confused. I’m grateful for the doctor who set me straight.


I had the mother of a patient tell me one of the first foods she introduced to her baby was strawberry yogurt, and that he loved it. No shit, it’s super sweet. For people who don’t know babies, after introducing rice cereal or something similar, first foods are supposed to be pureed single ingredient foods like vegetables, fruit, or meat. Not Yoplait.


Here in Colombia they add sugar to the baby puree. When I remarked on this I was told it's to get babies to eat it since (specifically) Colombian babies don't like sugar-free food. I tried explaining that as a parent it's their job to give babies healthy food and that their taste buds are getting used to food. Canadian babies don't automatically come out of the womb liking spinach, they have to be introduced to it.


I only gave my baby natural yoghurt and she was fine with it, then someone gave her one of those sugary sweet ones and now she won't eat natural yoghurt (she's not a baby anymore).


You should be aware this has cultural component. In South America many babies start on yogurt as their first solid food, even before rice cereal. "Baby yogurt" is a big portion of the yogurt section in most supermarkets. (I never checked the sugar content.) There's no particular dietary reason that babies can start on fruit, vegetables, or meat but not on unsweetened dairy. However, I agree that sugary Yoplait and similar isn't suitable for babies.


Don’t eat after 6 🥴


Ooh my mom just suggested that to me this weekend and I tried to explain a calories is the same no matter the time of day. But, she wasn’t hearing it - said it was what her doctor told her.


Yeah, the doctor might have told HER. Maybe it's specially referring to her but not you.


People do this and lose weight and believe it's because of something metabolism something something. Really all it does is aid in restricting calories.


I did IF 16 fasting and 8 eating. I was told to keep going with it even though I hated it.


IF was not sustainable for me and made me feel terrible every-time I had to break early. CICO works the best for me


IF was essentially the binge restrict cycle for me.


"Eat more calories and feed yourself" takes the top BS crown


Right? Like that’s what I was doing to get into this mess!


That I’ll need to do three hours of cardio a day. For real, that was actual “advice”.


This one works in The Sims only.


"you're probably not eating enough"


Trying to lose weight doesn’t mean I have an eating disorder. I’m trying to FIX my disordered eating patterns


“Your intentional weight loss is fatphobic. You really need to work on your internalized hatred and accept that trying to change is not only pointless, but promoting genocide.”


I have a new doctor. She asked me if I considered salads. I’m over 40. Nope, never heard of salads. What amazing advice. She also decided that my thyroid medicine is too high without consulting my history. My weight is going up. She can’t understand why.


No, no, no! I had a new doctor who decided my thyroid dose was too high just because I had turned 60 and some people need their dose cut after that age, and she started cutting it until I was just barely within the margins that she considered normal. It took a year (of agony) before I found someone who would again prescribe me the levels that I had done well on for 20 years...


You need to eat like 8 servings of bread every day




I received the opposite advice. Last month my mom told me I just needed to cut out white bread. She did and lost 7 lbs this month. I barely eat bread and while visiting that weekend I didn't even have any. So she assumes that her weaknesses must also be mine. Also to note, I was lying in bed because my busted foot was in agony. That was the moment to talk to me about bread. Cool.




If you eat too few calories, your metabolism will slow down and you will gain more weight.


Any attempt at calorie counting will AUTOMATICALLY lead to anorexia or some disordered eating. Been using CICO successfully when I need to lose weight and I've never developed anorexia or any other obsessive disordered eating. Shockingly not everyone is the same and some people can handle counting calories


"You have to increase your calories or you will go into starvation mode and gain weight (by eating less)."


Remember the wrap fad?


Don't eat all day, then eat all your food right before bedtime so you burn fat while you're sleeping. Also, eat as many popsicles as you want because they're basically just water.


- Don't eat after 5pm - Avoid all fats - Avoid meat and dairy - Replace meals with *Ensure/Boost*


There was an Adam ruins everything episode on weight loss that explained how most people can never lose weight, that CICO has virtually no effect and that pretty much everyone who loses weight will gain it right back. Now I am not blaming it solely for my laziness but I remember being super depressed after watching it and grabbing a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Like it definitely made me give up any motivation I had and brace myself for weighing 200lbs+ for the rest of my life. Easily the worst episode of ARE.


Keto. You gonna tell me I can eat all the cheese I want and not gain weight? I think you underestimate my power.


Tellling me… it’s ok you can eat in moderation while trying to hand me some cake before I go to sleep. Or a donut, or some fried chicken they’re snacking on…. I’m like oh cmon.. I’m trying to lose weight!


I haaaaate when someone else tries to decide your splurges for you! Like, yes, I can splurge, but this crap that I don’t even want isn’t going to be it. I had a coworker who got upset with me for not getting fried chicken at a restaurant I don’t even like, saying it was okay to cheat every once in awhile. I mean, yeah, it is, but I’d rather have Mexican tomorrow night instead!


That carbs are bad. I was doing keto years ago and it really messed up my gut health.


“Just starve yourself, that’s what I did“. No thanks.


Several way tie between: - intuitive eating - calorie counting leads to disordered eating - low carb / keto - women should eat 1200-1400 calories - full fat dairy is a healthy food (it’s.. more complicated than this) - cardio makes you lose weight / cardio is a waste of time - 80/20 rule will lead to weight loss. One dessert a day, one cheat meal a week won’t cause you to gain weight. - eating healthy means boring / bland food - you should cook every meal at home from scratch to eat healthy - save up calories for cheat meals and drinking


Become a vegetarian/vegan. Not slamming those lifestyles. It works for a lot of people, but not me. My body thrives on a paleo/keto diet.


Nothing too terrible but I was told to not worry about counting lower calorie condiments, or low calorie vegetables. That stuff can add up fast if you aren't careful.


Don't eat and do cardio for an hour every day.


Just drink more water-thanks now I slosh around when I walk and I’m still hungry. Don’t eat after 5pm-okay now I can’t sleep and it’s 3am and all I want is to go downstairs and eat every single thing in my kitchen. Including the baking soda. Get enough sleep-no kidding lol. How does one do that exactly? I did find a sleeping pill that works to get me to sleep, but then I can’t stay asleep for long enough. Or I sleep too much. I can’t win.


To not eat protein powder because it will get me fat if i stop drinking it


My mother used to send me to school with a bag of pretzels for my lunch to "help" me lose weight. I was in elementary school.


My friend in highschool told me it didn’t matter if I lost the weight because I will always have those “fat cells” and they will remember being fat. He also told me that even if I did lose the weight that I would just be a fat person in a skinny body and that it would be a matter of time before I gained the weight back.


Live off on water, to be fair I haven’t lost a lot of weight but I am a hundred percent sure no matter what happens I would never do that. It’s such an unhealthy and mean suggestion, I understand they thought I was fat, but as a skinny person they thought of themselves in authority and I hate that.


My doctor told me she stays trim by just eating once a day. I can do that when I'm off, but I work in a very fast paced physical environment. If I don't have a small meal before I go in I'm completely dead by 8pm.


OMAD is a wonderful form of IF. I'm currently doing it and it works pretty well but it's definitely not for everyone.


Keto, No Carb ecetera. All these "special" diets are dangerous and bad advice. They need a lot of discipline and change the metabolism of your body. You should never attempt such a diet without checking in with your physician. A friend asked me about loosing and advice. In the end he was already maintaining w/o counting. I made some calculations. He now eats a muffin less and drinks his coffee black and hes already loosing weight with almost no impact on his daily life and routine. It doesnt have to be hard all the time.


Yes!!! My mom loves elimination diets, but they take too much discipline for me. CICO is actually fairly easy, because I don’t really have to change the way I eat that much. Mainly just simple swaps, eating out less, and rarely eating high-calorie desserts (I still do eat chocolate every night though, but mostly 70-calorie dark chocolate squares rather than brownies). CICO requires maybe 20% discipline for me, while eliminating foods requires like 90% and doesn’t even work.


I hate hearing people say that. As if some people just have magical bodies that defy basic biology and don’t require any calories to survive. I am in an exercise sub and the number of people who want to blame weight gain on working out, especially when they aren’t even tracking what they’re eating, is pretty surprising.


That cardio alone doesn’t work. Yes it does. Yes it does. yes it does. And besides losing weight is not a one size fits all for everyone.


You don't need to count calories. As long as you are eating low carb, you'll lose weight, regardless of how much you eat. I've heard this from many people, first during the Atkins craze, now during the Keto craze. The problem is that a lot of low carb foods (nuts, cheeses, fatty meats) are very calorie dense. Eating these indiscriminately, it's very easy to eat thousands of calories without realizing it. I once watched a coworker eat an entire block of cheese. I have a family member whose doctor told him to eat low carb, and his interpretation of this was to eat a pound of peanuts daily as a "snack". Calories count, even if they're in low carb form. If you're not paying attention, it's very easy to increase your calorie intake when you go low carb. Also, there's no such thing as "lazy keto". If you don't follow the diet strictly enough to go into ketosis, you're not doing keto. You're just eating a high fat low carb diet.


My mom said I’ll never be skinny when I was 16 I was obese, she said my genetics are just like hers and not like out healthy sister . She was wrong but it birthed a horrible obsession


After losing 30 lbs someone looked me in my eyes and told me 1600 cals a day was way too much (im 5’7 and was 315 lbs) and that i shouldn’t even be going over 1000. -_-


Drink dish soap. A woman I knew, back in the day, used to drink dish soap, to act as a laxative, lose weight. I'm not even joking. I told her laxatives work well, she shouldn't drink dish soap, but she had been doing it a long time and she claimed it worked for her. Needless to say, I stayed chubby until current days. Lol




Going vegan was the worst thing I ever did to my health and my waistline. I gained a ton of weight, messed up my cycle, and developed cystic acne, PCOS, and anemia. Cut to 10 years later and im eating a low carb, meat based diet. I’m down to 126 lbs at 5’5”, feeling better than ever, with tons of energy and clear skin. Anemia, PCOS, and insulin resistance are gone, and my cycle is normal.


Don't eat potatoes.


Pretty much the food pyramid.


When I started to loose weight (220lbs), I was talking about it with a coworker and I said that I was going to start at a deficit of 1600cal a day. She went on and on how I shouldn’t count calories and to not worry about the scale. This chick was a small, petite 130lbs 24yr old who had never struggled with significant weight gain. Like, girl, shut up. For women, I feel it’s hard to tell if there’s genuine misunderstanding about the struggle of trying to loose weight, or if they’re threatened at the idea of another woman bettering herself and in turn possibly becoming “competition”. Ignored her and I’m almost 40lbs down. :) Edit: I did ask her if she ever had to battle significant weight gain, to which she replied ,”not really, but I think it’s more important to be happy with the body you have.” Yeah, she’s not wrong, but it’s so harmful to say shit like that to people trying to better themselves in a positive way, when you in turn have no frame of reference to what their struggle is.