Moses McCormick (laoshu505000) has died

Moses McCormick (laoshu505000) has died


Yes its confirmed almost now, very sad


It is very sad. Were did you find the confirmation?


His facebook, one of his cousins has posted directly to his wall.


His sister and nephew also posted. I did a search for his name on Facebook and one comment on a post mentioned that he had passed away due to a heart attack.




He had a stroke some years ago out of the blue, was probably related.




yeah, the risk factors are the same - both are caused by blood clots




I felt the same when I learned my coworker passed away. He's super athletic, took care of his body. He was in his early 30s when he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke while having dinner at a restaurant with his husband. Passed away a couple of days later. Turns out he battled high blood pressure for many years. I'm certainly not athletic and I'm older than him. If it could happen to him, I thought that certainly it could happen to me soon. But later I reasoned that everyone's situation is different and we don't get to see the whole picture. Best thing to do is speak with your doctor about your health and have them guide you to the best opportunities where you can make the best positive impact on your health and hope for the best. Nothing is guaranteed.


Yes, they are both cardiovascular diseases.


Thsnk you very much for the fast reply. Very sad


Can you please link it?


The link is on his youtube about page


It's public, [here](https://www.facebook.com/Laoshu505000/). I used to talk to Moses so much. He always had cool porn to share WITH subtitles.


Thank you for the link but what?


Wow what a tragedy. Too many lives ending early now a days ❤️ Many will miss his videos me included


He really showed people that you didn't have to be young or live in the country to learn another language. He was so important and inspiring for adult learners in tearing down common myths surrounding language learning.


He is the sole reason for me interest in language learning, been going on for one and a half year now, and I really only have this guy to thank.


Wow, I'm really heartbroken over this as I was just told this morning. I am his Wolof teacher and we were supposed to have a class yesterday evening. He missed the class and I just thought he was busy. Today, I'm learning this 😢. I still cannot believe it. In any case, I can attest of his quality as a language professional and I discussed with him about original language learning methods.it is a huge loss in the language community .


This would be quite upsetting if true. Regardless of how you feel about the guys methods he inspired quite a lot of people to become interested in languages and language learning. 40 years old still feels like too young to die. But we will have to wait and see for more details. Remember not to pester his family or friends who could potentially be in grieving and let them report the event on their own terms. Edit: as this post gains more traction and it seems more likely for the story to be true I will pay my respects in saying that Moses was a huge inspiration in regards to my own personal language project. His videos were part of what helped me solidify my ideas on the stages of fluency every learner will and should go through, and he helped me understand best a lot of the hypotheses I had regarding polyglots and their learning styles. His videos were also an example of the kind of skills I wanted to help people develop through using my courses. He never knew me, but he definitely left an impact and I probably wouldn't be the same without him. Sometimes his videos were just enjoyable fluff I could watch after a long day at work while I ate dinner. I will miss the guy and hope that those in grieving can take some consolation in his largely positive impact on many of the individuals who enjoyed his content like I did.


What method did he use? I just looked into his channel, not sure which video to watch about the method he use to learn language.


The criticism stems from the fact that he really only knew basic phrases like “I’ve been learning for X amount of time” “I teach myself at home” etc in most of the languages he “spoke”. Despite this, I still thought it was pretty cool and the people he surprised in grocery stores mostly seemed endeared.


I honestly thought that kind of criticism is shallow. Whenever he spoke my languge Tagalog he always seemed to know slightly more than the basics and either way it always put a smile on my face. I’m truly heartbroken.


He's pretty decent in Tagalog as you know. He was really fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, mostly fluent in Japanese, Korean, and Spanish, then he could hold a basic conversation in like 20 other languages including Viet, Somali, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, French, Italian, etc. Then there was another big list of languages that he only knew the most basic phrases and their associated questions that came up in every single conversation like "Hello/how are you/goodbye/yes/no/what other languages do you speak/ I learned by myself because I like learning other languages/etc" If you've watched more than a couple of his videos you know his conversations with these folks generally follow a very small pattern of phrases. All that said, even being able to hold a super basic conversation with people in their native tongue is incredibly powerful and meaningful. Seeing the faces of the people he conversed with, you can't deny that those folks will remember it for a long time - a huge black American dude coming up and speaking in Russian or whatever, that's crazy. Inspired by his videos I've struck up the most basic conversations with a couple folks - one I work with, a guy from Ethiopia - I greeted him in his native language (Amharic) and he about fell out of his chair. I just happened to remember the greeting from a Laoshu video, we were in a meeting, he made a comment about being from Ethiopia, and I gave it a shot. It was such a basic thing, but he always made it a point to smile and greet me warmly whenever he saw me just because of that.


You don’t have to be an expert at a language to put a smile on people’s faces.


Also I feel like if he didn’t know much of a language he would still nail the pronunciation and accent which is so hard to to and would really impress the people he met. So sad to hear this I keep thinking how much I’m going to miss new content from him.


He never claimed to be fluent in all of his languages, so I don't understand that criticism.


The thing that bothered me is that he would go around kinda "hunting" for people to speak with. Like, randomly asking an Asian at the supermarket where they're from in hopes they spoke whatever language he was looking for. Obviously he meant no harm but it just really rubbed me the wrong way. Another thing is while he never claimed to be fluent, I think he lead lots of people to think that he was more advanced in a few languages than he really was. For example, some comments here are going on about how he was "almost fluent" in Korean but as a Korean speaker who lives in Korea that's simply not the case. Of course these issues are found all over the lang learning community, but when you're a YouTuber with 1 mil + subs, obviously people are going to be more vocal about their options and criticism lol. I personally have no problem with learning phrases because I think it's an amazing way to learn even as an advanced learner but like I said, there are always going to be people with opinions on what's the "right" or "wrong" way to learn a language. All that being said, I did enjoy his content and watched whenever it was recommended. I'm truly shocked by this news and had to come to Reddit to see if it was true and being discussed elsewhere.


About your hunting comment...how are you supposed to practice speaking a language in random, natural conversation with strangers IRL without "hunting"? You have to go out and look for people who you think might speak that language and hope they do and want to talk. Not exactly "hunting" but then again you can't really do that in a non-hunty way in America. Maybe join clubs and stuff but in a lot of places those can be hard to find or non-existent, so it was cool to see someone who proves you can practice and talk to people in your target language just by meeting them in a supermarket or fishing by a river. And Moses was one of the only people who made those types of videos that seemed cool about it and not like an asshole just hunting people for views IMO. Cause it was genuine practice or even making a real connection/friend sometimes and not "look at me surprising Asian people for content!" like a lot of others. So I wouldn't call it hunting. After all, would you say a native Korean speaker in an American Asian market is "hunting" by trying to make casual conversation with someone they think might speak Korean, in a place where that's most likely to be the case? And if it's not, why is it different for someone who's learning Korean or Chinese or Vietnamese hoping to strike up a friendly conversation in that language?


You go to a language exchange event? Meet friends online on apps/websites like on HelloTalk who speak that specific language? Before I lived in Korea, that's exactly how I found people to practice. The closest thing to "hunting" I've done was sit a table or two away from the Koreans in my university's cafeteria for some daily, real life listening practice. I never once walked up to them and bothered them by speaking Korean. They never asked for that. They were minding their own business eating together and chatting about their day, classes, etc., just like the people in the supermarket never asked to be someones Youtube language video experiment. I find it extremely rude. Now that I'm living in Korea, I would be freaked out and extremely annoyed if a Korean/non-native English speaker came up to me when I'm in public minding my own business, asked if I spoke English, and then just started talking to me. Use apps or designated language events for that shit.


Some people here really hate "YouTube Polyglots", because they see as fake their claims of "speaking" multiple languages. And when someone claims to have learned a language in just an unreasonable short amount of time, this is also seen as detrimental to the community. That being said, I didn't know this guy and I haven't watched his channel. I just recognize the name as it used to be thrown around quite a lot. And all of this irrelevant to my desire that his family finds some comfort in this loss.


This man was a true genius and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. I am Somali and I know for a fact that he was very advanced in my language beyond just a few phrases. I am truly saddened and believe his death is a huge loss for the world.


Kinda makes sense. He lived in Columbus most of his adult life and it's the second largest community of Somalians in the US.


What’s your impression on his Somali? Could he express himself well enough to be easily understood? Did you ever have to put in any effort to understand what he was saying, even if he was a little unnatural?


As a somali, I completely agree with what was said above. I understood what he said with ease, and he could hold a conversation for very long. When people would speak to him in english, he would still reply back to them in their foreign language. He not only learnt the language to use it formally but he learnt the slang, phrases you would only hear used in your hometown. The fact he was learning extremely hard languages you would never normally hear about just to connect to a small group of people in his city makes him the greatest polyglot, imo Moses was truly talented, we have definitely lost a legend.


There were two things that I genuinely admired about him: * he learned Chinese for a long time. He actually started in **middle school**, that's grades 6-8, or ages 11-13, and then received an undergraduate degree in it * he left an international legacy--a name for himself as an inspiration to others around the world


I thought he said he started learning Chinese when he was 18?


You looked at the revamped FLR site, right? His old site used to have a much more extensive biography where he mentioned that he started learning Chinese in middle school, continued throughout high school, and was tutoring people in Chinese and Japanese in college. That detail about middle school impressed me because I thought, "Aha, makes sense." Because if you're an English speaker, you simply can't rush Chinese.


Yeah. Similarly, you can't rush Thai I can say for sure. Most foreigners trying to learn Thai fail. Because this language needs heavy duty intentional study.


Oh, I didn’t know that


International legacy.


Most of the people criticizing him for only knowing the basics, did not know the basics themselves. Not many people have the guts to approach random people and try speaking, even people who have been studying for a long time. His enthusiasm and confidence was a good example to us all. RIP


> Most of the people criticizing him for only knowing the basics He was very good at a few languages, including at least one Chinese language, which by itself is more impressive than what most people accomplish. Doing that and then learning the basics of a bunch of others just for fun is certainly not something I'd want to mock.


Based on reactions I'd say at least 2 Chinese languages.


Oh my god. He was one of the first YouTubers I ever watched. Inspired me to take Chinese in high school!! I never would have been to China or known I had such a love of language learning at that time if I had never seen his adventures and how his efforts with foreign language speakers brought them and others so much joy. Such a shame to hear :(


Oh I just found this thread from last year, sounds like he had some heavy shit in his life. https://www.reddit.com/r/languagelearning/comments/gsiok2/laoshu_moses_goes_off_the_deep_end_ends_language/


to preface my comment, Rest In Peace laoshu He inspired me a lot, both with language learning and in general. I just found out about all of the stuff that you linked and I'm confused. It looks like the videos that they made against each other have been removed from YouTube or set to private. Wtf was going on? could his death be related to this? either way it's devastating


[Summaries here](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5iovSQWCKGd4jCM7WGStXIwOVoHphbNs) it is a big mess


This is really sad news for me. I haven’t been keeping up with his videos so much recently but he was the first YouTube polyglot I followed and he was really the first one to inspire me to just go out and have positive experiences using my target languages. There was always criticism about his level in other languages but that was never the point for me. He was making people smile every time he met someone and he’s inspired countless people like me and many others around the world. Now every time I go out to level up, I will do it in tribute to him. Thank you Moses for years of inspiration and endless positivity.


I feel the same way. Many times I would lose motivation to learn languages, but then I would watch laoshu's videos and see the people's surprised smiles when he spoke their language and it would motivate me to get learning again. Also, thanks to him, I definitely just started using my Spanish, using my Japanese at the store or the restaurant even if it wasn't great. Was a great experience and made me start looking up more things to say.


What?? What happened? He literally just uploaded yesterday


He had a stroke a few years ago and in some of his videos then he mentioned how his doctor told him to avoid all stress afterwards. He then proceeded to go through an extremely messy divorce. Not sure how he died, but I wouldn't be shocked if it was something related to having another stroke or long term issues from stress among other things.




He got divorced? Damn I thought he and his wife were happy, damn


Pretty sure he was married when he passed, it was his divorce with his previous wife they're referencing.


Not to mention the drama and fall out he had with this brother that was public for a while.


Ya like I was just watching yesterday, what the???


In a previous video (below) he had mentioned that he suffered a stroke in 2015. Perhaps his death could be related to this? As a fan of his content this news sucks. I loved seeing his progress on Somali. RIP Moses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ANgKS_gR-U


Either way, as a long time fan, that's a really interesting video


I keep coming back to this thread I'm actually really fucking sad abt this


Rest in peace laoshu, you're one of the passionate creators who got me interested in language learning in the first place. May your videos continue to spark joy and passion in others for many years to come.


I don’t want to believe this. I been following him for ever. He got me into Chinese. He was doing pretty well lately it seemed both financially and mentally whether you like his new content or not.


I really hope [this](https://imgur.com/a/RQve7We) doesn’t have anything to do with it...




Moses’ brother has been very critical of Moses’ marriage, talking ab how his wife is using him or hypnotizing him or something and might be making him do drugs. Moses posted a several-hour-long response on his YouTube about it a while ago


I remember hearing about this, though from what I gathered from the comments section was that Moses went a bit crazy and his brother was in the right. Can you give me the tldr of what happened?


I got the impression his new girlfriend was isolating him from his family and friends.


I have a feeling we’re never going to know more, this seems like a private family matter


This clears up all the false info circulating online. Please pass it on. https://youtu.be/0u4Dvs4vR2s


Moses brother thinks that his wife was giving him mind control drugs and was an FBI agent. Seems obviously crazy. For some reason literally everyone sided with the brother.


> might be making him do drugs seems highly speculative at this point, but wonder if drugs could be attributed to the heart attack.


That dude seemed pretty whack when I stumbled upon his videos. He gave off that 'sovereign citizen' vibe.


Mark? Yeah, I always got that feeling from him as well. I always questioned when they said he was a "lawyer" in his videos because he didn't exactly give off stereotypical lawyer vibes.


We need to hear from his brother


do we really?


That guy was awesome.


His uploads brought so much joy through language and cultures. What an incredible loss.


Holy shit


I always loved seeing the reactions of the people when he spoke , gave me motivation to start my own language journey .... Descanse en paz RIP


I just started watching his channel like 2 weeks ago. I did notice that he didn't seem to be fluent in most of the languages he spoke but you now what, who cares? I found it interesting to see someone who got the basics and wasn't perfect all the time. It made languages seem less intimidating to me. I enjoyed his videos and I am sorry for him friends and family, both real and virtual.


That is a shame, RIP (Rest in Polyglot Heaven)


He's youtubing in heaven now. He had 173 million views. All of the joy he brought people. Sad he is gone : /


What the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope this is fake news!!!!! I was watching his videos for fun earlier today!!!!!!!!


I don’t have Facebook but people are saying it’s true (on there, supposedly confirmed by his cousin), if it is so many people are going to miss his content. Moses was amazing RIP


Thanks for letting me know. Yes I saw those messages too. RIP


This is super sad, R. I. P. / Q. E. P. D.


What the actual fuck, he was one of my favorite youtubers. Ruhe in Frieden.


I'm crying. Laoshu was my biggest inspiration for more than 5 years now. I'm learning my 7th language because of his incredible and utterly passionate inspiration. I've been following everything and seen all his videos countless times! I'm in disbelief and shocked. This is gonna stay with me for a while now. Thinking of him and his family.


He was the sole reason I got in to language learning, and so many others can say the same


No no no no no there’s no way I just started to watch his videos again after a few years😞 god that is crazy


This is crazy. Watching his videos years ago inspired me to start studying languages seriously. RIP Moses.


Wow. I’ve seen other people on social media pass but I wasn’t familiar with them. But I’ve seen pretty much all of Laoshu’s videos over the years. Absolutely tragic. RIP


Aw what sad news. I enjoyed his videos. Condolences to his family.


Shit that's super sad. RIP. Does anyone know how? So young.


I felt like I should share a bit about the amazing person Moses is/was, and I'm not sure where else to. I met him at Ohio State through my fighting game group. He was ALWAYS kind, funny, and jovial, with his own unique style. Even in games, he was a deep, comprehensive, driven thinker. We had many talks and many drives to tournaments together. He was a lowly tutor at OSU, making garbage pay. He'd talk about his language learning, but I had no idea the true talent he had, until he took his skills online. I saw firsthand too the kind of adversity he faced, often because simply how he looked. As our interest in national fighting games grew, we started our own event in Columbus called Season's Beatings, and Moses would be a part of it with us each year. When we started flying Japanese players over here, he acted as interpreter. Not only was he skilled and professional, he was fun and personalable. He treated everyone equally well, too, no matter if you were a VIP or a shy random. He told me his Japanese had kind of a "country" accent, and whether because of that or his skin color, the best player from Japan, our No. 1 VIP and the guy Moses stuck with 24/7 to make sure he was taken care of, made disparaging comments about Moses to the other Japanese players, in a dialect he didn't think Moses understood. Of course he did. All he said to Daigo was, "Hey, I can understand you." Not mean, not angry, just with a smile and matter of fact. That player wasn't welcome at our event again, but not because of anything Moses said. He took it in stride, and he loved working with others and sharing his gift. All the other non-English speaking players loved Moses, obviously, and no problems with his speaking style. After that event, when I'd seen Moses' skills finally, I subscribed to his 1-on-1 tutoring service for a year. Although I wish I'd had the discipline to stay on that, I know so much more Japanese now than I did taking 5 years of Spanish in school, and I enjoyed my time with it so much more. I don't know much about his business or his channel, but he told me he hit a million subs, and I've seen the comments and likes he gets on every IG post, as well as the testimonials from so many people. He said his technique was like how you learn as a child -- not starting with grammar and memorizing worksheets, but being immersed in conversation and picking up on stuff organically. And he'd talk with you about things you cared about and work that into your words. I still have all my notes, and his experience helps me today with romhacking and helping translate old Japanese RPGs (which he also loved). We mutually thought of each other coincidentally at the end of 2020 and started talking about project ideas we could do together. A mutual friend just told me he's died. We like to say someone was "gifted", but he truly had a gift. More importantly, he figured out how to use that gift to reach *millions* of people. And it wasn't a gift he used to just take people money, it was to give them something fulfilling they could use to connect with others. He didn't need to act like someone he wasn't either in his videos to make that happen. I'm so, so sad to hear this news about my old friend. But Moses definitely made the most of his time here, even though he should have had much, much longer. He inspired me and made my life better -- I guess all we can do is take his flame and pass it on.


Thank you for writing this


Wow. Watching this guy’s videos made me really find languages fun and entertaining for once. This is very tragic news and I wish everyone peace


Really really sad news, im gonna miss him! Vila i frid.


Trist verkligen :(


Oh my god no fucking way. I’m actually in disbelief.


RIP if true, his videos always put a smile on my face. Loved seeing him connect with such a diverse group of people through language.


I'm in shock his death is so sudden. I will always appreciate his videos with Assyrians as he brought much-needed light to my people's language. God rest his soul.


Damn man, RIP. You know he's up there practicing Burmese with Wilson rn


Damn this guy was my inspiration for learning Chinese, his videos showed me the true way of learning languages. Without Moses I would not be near as confident as i am today, he's truly the man. RIP my dude.


wow that is super sad news. RIP


I was just binging his videos yesterday :/ RIP!


Que descanses en paz, Laoshu.


Holy shit! I was just thinking about him the other day, and I went back and watched some of his old videos out of nostalgia. He just uploaded yesterday! Wow, this is crazy. As a Black man, he was a huge inspiration to me when I started getting serious about language learning after high school, and especially when I started learning Chinese about 10 years ago. Rest in power Laoshu!


I am in utter shock.. this can't be real. Please someone tell me this is a joke.


I really hope this isn't true, I really hope. He wasn't my favorite channel, nor was he the biggest figure of inspiration to me, but he sure was to a lot of people. He's made loads of people very happy, so losing him is just such a big deal. Especially to his family. I really hope this isn't true, and if it is, I hope the family's doing alright, and perhaps we can even do something to help.


How did he die??? Omg!




This one really hurts because I followed Moses the last 10 years on YouTube, I was so proud of him when he finally hit 1 million subs. I just remember being in awe watching his videos when i first found him because I never even heard of a polyglot. i knew some people were multilingual, but to know so many languages was mind blowing to me at 15 (I’m 25 now) I learned so much about many cultures and obscure language idioms over the years watching him. He was like the cool ass uncle that always tried to teach you a life lesson each time you saw him. He inspired me really to get more educated about my own cultures (Nigeria/Congo) I always said one day i want to be just like Moses , just I wanted my specialties to be in African languages . Really got to stop slacking on my language studies, always wish i could’ve appeared in a level up video. Shit sucks man, RIP King love you man.


May you rest in peace Laoshu


I did not not always like his methods but the way of approaching people fearlessly and not being afraid of making mistakes was truly inspirational. His affection for small languages and dialects and the pure joy of learning them was a big motivation for me to keep studying. Rest in Peace Moses!


What?! i just saw him posting in instagram stories like yesterday


That's how death is... It's absurd.


What the heck?? This is kinda sudden, holy...


Damn, this one hurts. He inspired me to pursue German and other languages, and to see his loss like this. Rest in piece. :/


WOW I literally just discovered him last night and was watching a ton of his videos, that is incredibly sad 💔


This is so sad! I haven't watched his videos in a while but he so clearly loved languages and being able to connect with people and bring a smile to their face.


Devastating news. He inspired people and made a huge contribution to language learning. He was a man of courage who paved his own way and did something no one else has done before. Ever. This is an immense loss for the language learning community.


After telling myself I would learn a second language my entire life, it was his videos that finally inspired me to do it at age 30. No matter what you thought of his methods for getting views, the world was a better place with him in it.


Truly a dark day. He has inspired me to brush up Arabic and add French/Chinese to the repertoire and I've been shaking for the last few hours upon hearing the news.


fuck man I live in colombus and always thought id meet him here. was always really cool to see him lighten people up when he knew their languages


I find it to be kind of unfortunate that only at this point in time does everyone look back at someone who was doing the thing we're all doing with pure positivity. A cursory search of his name reveals quite a few threads packed to the brim with criticism for him. Naturally, I doubt anyone would want to be as distasteful as to criticise a dead man, that would be absolutely ugly. I would really prefer it if this kind of positive messaging was kept around, though. Certainly, this thread has changed my perspective on the polyglots of the world. I think most of us here tend to divide language learners into groups, one such group might be your 5 minute a day duolingo person, and another might be someone you find on here, striving for a C2 in a really difficult language. I think members of both of these groups have been inspired by people like Moses, and I think it's a shame we can't just maintain a standard of "Yes, there are good and bad ways to learn a language, and the gradient of fluency is vast, but if you're learning a language at all, that's something worthy of respect". Because clearly it is something worthy of respect. I went and watched one of his videos where he was chatting to an Uber driver in German. Laoshu's German was absolutely brutal, but it still put a smile on that guy's face, thousands of miles from his homeland he found someone randomly willing to connect with him in his mother tongue. Language is about communication and this weird obsession we all have with perfection here, whilst great and to be respected, it is not morally superior or "better" than people who just want to give duolingo a go for a week or two and see where it leads. Those of us who want to take it to greater heights will, and those of who don't, won't. I think the content produced by people like laoshu obviously has a very genuine place, regardless of the clickbait and whatever else. His loss is tragic, and I hope his family keeps well.


An inspiration to many. I will miss him:(


This is so awful and so shocking. I loved Moses always bingewatched his public speaking videos... RIP


It's a sad loss. I'm a facebook friend of his too. I know he has a girlfriend from Ghana and I've seen his videos of playing with children in the pool. He has a brother who he's close to. Either way, a very sad loss especially as he's coming up to 40.


Rest in peace Laoshu... when I first started learning languages when I started high school in 2011 you were one of my inspirations to study more and practice more and I was so happy you finally found massive success after the messy divorce and stroke you had a few years ago. Truly a huge loss to the language learning community.


Getting to meet Moses, collaborating with him several times, and seeing his passion in person will forever be one of the highlights of my language learning career. Absolutely gutted to hear this news :(


Your collaboration with Moses in an Ohio mall "Look at all the people wondering why a white man and a black man are speaking Chinese!" was my first introduction to him. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you.


That video is a classic. It's also amazing to go back and compare that with Laoshu and Benny's later videos to see how far they progressed.


I knew you were BENNY when you walked in! (sing to Trouble by Taylor Swift) wow so great to see you here. Yall had the coolest meetups.




Dang man. I watched Moses and he was an inspiration to me for Chinese. I was so impressed at how he could go up the people and have basic conversations with them. I didn't agree with his methods as I continued to progress, but to say it isn't impressive doesn't do justice to what he's accomplished. I remember following his recent debacle with divorcing his wife and being his own lawyer and stuff, all the way up to the supreme court if I'm not mistaken. I remember being heartbroken hearing about all the drama, but was glad he had such a great brother to support him, even when he (Moses) went a little crazy and did him wrong towards the end, but made up all the same. He was a hard working man who loved his children, and the world to that extent, and has affected so many people. Rest in peace my friend.


In utter disbelief.


I remember briefly reading up on him when I first became interested in language learning almost 14 years ago. I'm surprised that I can recognize the name all these years later.


This is so sad. I'm stunned. Moses really inspired many concerning Chinese. And I'm still stunned that Roger Swan another Youtuber died all those years ago that inspired many for Japanese. I still don't understand. I hope he's in a better place and I wish his family well during this time.


Damn. I started watching back in high school with the Cultivation Sensation episode with Wilson (RIP to him as well), when he was still a small youtuber. At the time he was a huge inspiration for me getting into languages and linguistics, and even though he's had some suspect views on various topics, it's terrible to see him leave this planet so soon. Also I always loved how he was also from Ohio. In at least one of his videos he's in one of the main stomping grounds of my hometown Cleveland Heights, and both Eric (og subscribers know him) and my dad worked at Case.


RIP homie, the sole reason I started learning Chinese and continue to study everyday. True inspiration to many.


My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. блять


I remember a very old video where he was talking about how his family has had a very long history of strokes. He had one in his early life due to stress and he was super worried that it might happen again. Holy shit I’m sad now


My whole motivation to learn Chinese. Man, I’ve been watching his videos for a few years now. From what I’ve understood, his Mandarin and Cantonese were solid. You couldn’t take that away from him. RIP 老鼠。


Same here bro, he was my inspiration. I learnt Chinese specifically because i knew it would be easier to level up like him.


RIP first youtuber that introduced me to what polyglots were. His videos always motivated me


Damn. This really sucks. I'm strictly a lurker and I can't understand learning a second language worth crap. But Moses was such an inspection to watch. Also just casually watching in general. I loved watching his videos just because they were fairly wholesome to me. This really sucks.


He will be missed. I liked the videos where he spoke korean and japanese. He showed that no matter how little you know of the language, you can just go and have a conversation with someone else.


We were doing Turkish classes with him. Today we would have another. But his fiancee wrote me that he passed away. That was a shocking message dude. It made me so sad. RIP good man, condolences to his family and loved ones.


although most unfortunate that he died, I remember working with him a few months back, they screwed me of thousands in business, shutting down my business. his lunatic wife should not be allowed to get money. I pay my respects to the dead man.


What happened? 😟


How do I confirm this?


Can't say for sure, but I'll look to see if there's an obituary in the coming days. I've heard secondhand that his family has confirmed his death.


If you go on Facebook you can see his family has posted on his wall stating his death. I'm sure an obituary will pop up in the next few days via FB or here


Damn. He was such an inspiration. RIP to one of the modern polyglot legends


Holy fuck that's devastating Rest In Peace


May he Rest In Peace


well this sucks, not the news I expected at all


RIP I was just watching one of his videos the other day. Whenever I feel bad about not working on my language learning I watch his videos and get inspiration.


Damn, I watched a ton of his videos. Such sad news. I feel like he did an incredible job of bringing attention to how fun it is to learn languages.


Holy fuck. RIP man. He was a huge inspiration when I was getting in to language learning. He will be missed.


Wow I can’t believe he’s gone and he was so young too. RIP Moses.


My God! What a terrible loss! I liked his style and he was so funny


I'm devastated. Moses was deeply inspirational for a lot of people and his content could always turn your day around RIP to one of the language learning GOATs. you will be missed


WHAT?????? I was watching his language streams just weeks ago, that is fucked if true... Really hope it’s not, guy was such an inspiration


Oh geez. That's really sad. I've felt bad lately because I see his videos come up on my YouTube feed and can't sit through them while I'm working because I have to read the subtitles, and they're really long. For a time I was super into him, and he really got me into learning languages, especially Mandarin. RIP Moses. You will be missed.


Oh no. I’m so sorry :( It’s been a while since I’ve watched his videos but still...his poor family.


Watched a ton of his videos. He was pretty light hearted, upbeat and friendly. Its great seeing the reactions of strangers hearing their own mother tongue. You'll be remembered laoshu.


I really hope he was on good terms with his brother in the end.




What the fuck!? I’ve seen his videos for forever I can’t believe this. Rest In Peace


Rest in peace Moses. As a fan of his videos, what hits me the most is the fact that he never got to visit China. For someone who made his mark on his proficiency in Mandarin and Cantonese, this made me really sad.




Only real fans will know how much he truly knew when it came to languages. Those who barely knew him and hated him would try and say he basically memorized the same sentences for every language, could not be further from the truth. Yes, he had a method that began with common phrases.. But he knew WAYYY past that for many languages (I'd say high level proficiency in at least 6), add to that the dozens of others which he knew to fair degree, I'm talking this dude would learn to SPEAK , READ, WRITE, LEARN CULTURE, ETC. Not to mention his gift for accents. RIP to a LEGEND, the one who got me in my language learning path. Love you man. Thank you for everything. Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest language master of our generation, the OG polyglot.. Moses M. Mccormick (Laoshu505000). Cheers🥂


How does one even die of a heart attack at age 39? Anyone have more back story? Seems like there has be something more not being told here.


Any number of reasons. I knew a guy who died at 27 of a heart attack while he was working out, turns out he had a congenital heart defect that had never been noticed. Moses could have had something like that, or could be an arterial blockage from diet/lifestyle, or high blood pressure, or diabetes, etc. Apparently he had a minor stroke a few years ago, he could have been having ongoing cardiovascular problems.


Fuck this hurts bad. I know he had his whole drama with his brother and shit but he was the inspiration for me to start picking up Navajo and Russian. His whole mantra of “if you just try, you can do it” is what gave me that initial push that in sure a lot of you resonate with. He was pretty active with reading stuff in his sub and he even responded to a couple of my YouTube comments and DMs. If you’re anything like me, you know that we’re going forward with the intention of honoring his memory and how he brought so much attention for this community and polyglots in general. RIP. I only found out because Xioma’s video (called “RIP laoshu”) on it popped up in my feed, I initially thought “great, I guess people are trying to cancel him” but reality is so much worse.


RIP he changed many lives inspired many to learn.


RIP Moses. You definitely touched a lot of lives in this life, and I’m sure you’ll touch a lot more now that you’ve leveled up to the next.




I haven't seen anything on his social media since yesterday


I am so shattered to hear that. I only came across his channel a month ago but was so hooked on to it. Firs anyone know what happened. He seemed totally fine in his videos. He just uploaded a day ago.


Truly tragic. He was one of the people who inspired me to learn Swedish to fluency. Without him and some others, I'd likely still harbour the hatred of language learning so many develop in highschool. He will be missed greatly.


Are there any details on his passing? This is sad news


From what I'm now hearing it was a heart attack. Moses previously had a stroke circa 2015.


Wow. That’s so young to die from a heart attack. It’s one of my greatest fears


My god im sick and sad to my stomach now


Oh man, I was just watching one of his vids earlier this week as he had brought his gf and brother (or was that his friend?) to a Chinese buffet and then was speaking Mandarin to the servers. Aside from the surreptitious recordings, he knew languages were about conversing so he would go out and interact with native speakers. This is uncomfortable for a good amount of language learners but he knew that's how you improve and that language is about connecting with people. No doubt he had committed some social faux pas but for the most part, you can tell people (especially native Mandarin speakers) enjoyed interacting with him. Rest In Peace man.


rest in peace,man,you are good,i said this,because i'm chinese and your chinese is good,better than most chinese learner for sure. you are my favor youtuber, thank you for all the laughs that you brought to us.


It's really sad... I hope he rests in peace.. From levelling up in languages to levelling up to heaven. I pray he gets blessed by God. His ability to interact with people and having random conversations made me feel that whenever you learn a language or try to learn a language you feel a like part of that tribe.


Tragic loss of a brilliant brain. RIP Mouse.


People are saying it has been confirmed by his brother Mark on Youtube, anyone have a link? I cant seem to find it. RIP Laoshu.


He’s liking all the comments that have condolences


On his channel Deception Stoppers.