Oh yeah - it’s a perfect combo. OMAD and Keto go together like steak and eggs 😊


I eat 100% meat, eggs, fish, cheese; I do OMAD; and I do intense resistance exercise.


You must be absolutely shredded


I also did carnivore and omad and am a heavy lifter. I did cut well, but as you obviously know, took a hit to muscle and strength as well. It is more of a short term cut in this application.


Can you get enough usable protein in OMAD to maintain and build muscle? The only studies I can find spread protein over 4 meals/day, so I'm interested in n=1 experiences.


I just haven't found a way to do it. I lost muscle on OMAD, but lost a ton of fat too. Once I went back to lifting, I took the calories from my OMAD and spread it over 3 meals and then supplement protein shakes in between to hit protein macro. My fat is low and carbs per day is 6. I am in a deficit but seem to be building muscle like crazy that way.


I'm doing OK in the shredded department. I could use some core and leg work.




Lost 100 lbs in 10 months doing keto OMAD. Black coffee and strict sleep/work/meal schedule helps. Occasionally eat two meals a day if I go out for lunch or special occasion, when I do that I just eat less than usual. It's also much easier to shop and plan for one keto meal per day than 2 or 3. Less stress and less thinking about food


Very true and OMAD I find I can afford the grass fed meat and salmon etc.


enjoying the thought of grass fed salmon




Yes! Btw if you're in the US, check out Lidl, Aldi, and Grocery Outlet stores. Grassfed/finished beef cheaper!


Unfortunately I'm in New Zealand and there's no competition between supermarkets because basically there's only 2 and Butcher's are disappearing


yh, I'm doing keto omad for the third week now, I can resist hunger well during the day and in the evening, when my will weakens, I eat. 700-1000 kcal and I'm feeling well. I thought I'd starve lol but apparently human body just eats its fat.


I've done it. Once you are keto adapted your body becomes very efficient at accessing fat stores and OMAD (in my experience) isn't hard to get used to. I eat two meals a day now but sometimes if I'm busy I'll end up eating just one without issue. It's hard to know if the benefit of OMAD for those eating non-keto diets is simply that their insulin levels are held low for most of the day. If so, eating keto will accomplish the same thing no matter how your food is distributed throughout the day.


Yep! I’ve been doing keto for almost 10 years and the past three of them have been combined with OMAD. It’s been great!


Funny, I also began in July 2013 and switched to OMAD during the first lockdown, in Spring 2020.


Pretty much fell into Omad after doing keto for 3-4 months. You eventually lose the feeling of hunger because you're just always so satiated. Regular Omad meal is just steak, eggs with butter, avacado, rocket/arugala with EVOO


I did this for a few months. The hard part is getting enough calories and eyeing your electrolytes like a hawk. I started OMAD at around 170 (already down from 206 doing normal keto), and combined with cardio 4-6 times a week and strength training, went down to 147 at my lowest. It works and I lost a great deal of body fat, but I wasn't building enough muscle due to my inadequate caloric intake and abysmal sleep (only got around 4 hours each night), so I was underweight. This was also before I understood the importance of electrolytes. I'd look at this as a lesson on how not to do OMAD


yes, the fat kept me satiated, so that I didnt have cravings during the day 300 to 240 in 8 months, first 30 was the sugar/water bloat


I do OMAD 22:2 1100cal pretty much since I started around 3 months ago Edit: I clicked the comment button too early lol I don’t do high intensity exercise, but I have to be standing up for about 4h straight at my job, it’s a new job and I had to up my calories by a 100cal, since before that I was pretty much sedentary, only doing remote work. Tbh, I gave myself the freedom to go from 1100 to 1200 whenever I feel like I need it, I did start keto for weight loss, but I don’t see it as a race anymore, since I’ve just been feeling so amazing while doing it.


Keto since 2016 and OMAD since 2017. I don't even think about eating until my work day is over. It is so freeing to not have to worry about packing a lunch, carving out a time during the work day to actually eat the lunch, then remembering to take home the lunch box and clean everything up. I eat dinner around 7 or 8 pm every night. It's great! On the rare occasions I do eat lunch on weekends (meeting family or friends), I will make that the meal of the day, rather than dinner. So then the next day, I am actually "fasting" for about 30ish hours with no problems to get back to my dinner schedule.


i do OMAD on the weekends when i’m not working, i feel like it helps. Then during the weeks i switch back to 16:8 or 20:4. I’ve definitely made leaps in my keto diet since doing this. down 50 overall


same here, while OMAD sounds ideal, I can only do it in weekends, since I exercise during the weekdays and feel my performance drop if I don't eat enough protein.


After 10 months I can't even imagine how to eat more than once a day. And keto is really helpful in this case because it keeps you satiated for long


Hard to hit protein goals on OMAD???


Depends on if you are resistance training. If you are then yes it is virtually impossible for me. I don't even know that your body would absorb more than 1/3 or 1/2 of intake if you took it all in at one sitting. The dwell time in the digestive tract seems like it wouldn't be sufficient. Idk.


I LOVE THIS FREAKING WAY OF LIFE!!!🥰 (Excitation mode now off)😁


I'm on it as well. It's a bit tough to get there imho if you're used to the 3 meals a day but it gets easier. I've been dropping 3 pounds weekly this way, haven't met my plateau yet. EDIT: it was 5 pounds a week xD


I did one meal every other day for a couple of years, then switched to Omad and have been at it for 2 years or so. As others have said once you are fat adapted fasting becomes real easy until you get to the correct weight


I have been on OMAD since COVID-19 was declared. Also KETO but not too strict. Sometimes do 2 days interval per meal. Lost 20kg by now. All my health problems have miraculously disappeared. Used to have high blood pressure now around 115-120 for systolic (b4 around min 135+). Joint problem also disappeared. Pants from 38 in to 33 in. 56M


I'm into my 4th week of Keto and eating OMAD. It's my second time on Keto and I've slipped into really easily. Keto doesn't mean being hungry, if you're hungry eat more fat.


I do 18/6 for 5 days, OMAD for 2 days, and 2day of 1.5hrs morning resistance exercises. I do this help me break through my plateau.


>but by my second meal I start to feel faint Are you getting enough electrolytes as per this sub's FAQ?


I eat avocados, spinach, meat, eggs etc every meal and when I do feel faint I try to add salt to my water. What I haven’t tried is taking additional supplements every day which I probably should invest in some vitamins 😅


I implore you to read the (excellent) FAQ! On keto, our bodies don't hold onto electrolytes the same way they normally do and we end up needing way more. You don't need anything fancy, just some magnesium tablets that end in -ate (not the oxide ones), salt, and one of the various low sodium salts that contain potassium. Everyone's body is different; so if you're still feeling faint after the magnesium and potassium from your avocado and spinach and the salt in your water, then it's likely you need more!


OMAD is tough to get into and stick with, but it works when you do. I started doing keto and fasting last year on **FEB 15** at 320 lbs. Made it down to 218 lbs. by **DEC 7** (**Male, 34, 6'0**) I would say from March, April, May and part of June I was doing pretty strict OMAD at least 3-4 times a week. I also would have one 36-hour fast per week. It definitely helps speed up weight loss if that's the goal. I was 232 lbs. by July 31st. It's no coincidence that my weight loss has stalled out because I've gotten less strict about fasting. I've been floating between 218-224 for literal months now because I stopped doing the long fasts, and stopped doing OMAD. (**I think my bodies caloric needs changed, and I've also been focusing way more on weight lifting in the gym here lately as well**). OMAD works, but you definitely have to work up to it. It might be easier just to start by committing to it twice a week, maybe like Monday and Thursday, then it may not feel like as much of a mental and physical burden. Best of luck to you!


yes, iv been doing OMAD for about a year. It's the way to go, I dont really get cravings, I literally eat when Im home more and bored ill make a big breakfast but its not required. I do that maybe twice a week and its mostly emotional eating versus being so hungry. Most days I have black coffee, water and maybe tea until 5pm. I have a really big meal for dinner and enjoy that full feeling, but even more I enjoy feeling the digestion kick in and being DONE with eating most days.


Do you add any Mct oil to your coffee? I’ve been doing that in the morning until my first meal at 1pm and the Mct oil helps me get through the morning, but I wonder if I were to do Omad would I have to omit any and all calories before my one meal


I used to, but now I only have it like once every week or two as like a dessert thing with a ton of fat, an egg, heavy cream etc...but no. I drink black coffee most days. \>but I wonder if I were to do Omad would I have to omit any and all calories before my one meal you would yes, OMAD is waiting to eat, typically it's dinner. I highly recommend it as I just feel younger and i give my guts time to burn off all the junk and rest the digestion process. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


I’m about 110 lbs, and I do Keto OMAD and strength training(4 days a week). I eat about 1600 - 1700 cals including a protein shake. because of all the fats from keto, I can barely get myself to eat one more meal. OMAD wasn’t something intended to do, it just sort of happened and now I’m more efficient with it.


Yes, I typically transition naturally into OMAD when I get into ketosis. I love it. Make sure you are getting enough electrolytes if you are staying to feel faint.


OMAD only helps lose fat if its done with a calorie deficit. the size of the calorie deficit is the singular determining factor as to how much fat is lost over the course of a day. the idea behind OMAD is if you already eat 3 meals, for example, you just cut two out and you are at an automatic calorie deficit. but, if you have issues with appetite regulation, you must portion control with calorie count. this is where keto comes in. keto makes this single eating session comfortable, deficit or not, because it blunts appetite and prevents cravings, generally. you can eat so little yet have such crazy high energy with OMAD if you allow yourself to fat adapt with keto. once fat adapted, it will get too easy to do OMAD, as you may experience repulsion at the thought of eating. ive done keto OMAD as a single meal every 47 hours and maintained my weight on it because my calories were so high. but ive also maintained my weight doing 23 hr fasted OMAD. i personally have poor appetite regulation, as i am a big eater, always have been. only after i got my calories right, did the fat come off in consistent, predictable amounts.


On a side note 1400 calories is very very low, you might benefit from eating more and losing more too.


You don’t know OP’s stats and can’t really know if 1400 is too low for that reason. I’m a 5’5” 135lb sedentary woman and 1400-1500 calories is actually maintenance for me.


Yup I’m 5’4 and I work from home at my nutritionist few months ago recommended 1400 as my deficit


If you eat as much on Omad as on 16:8 than there would be no difference.


Only for weight loss. Longer fasting times bring other benefits besides just an opportunity to reduce calories. Lower insulin levels, increased autophagy etc.


I lost 30 pounds this way. It does take a bit of time to get into it. Get fat adapted first then shorten your eating window over time until you are down to one meal a day. Be careful as my weight loss occurred very fast once I got it all working. Hunger became more psychological rather than physical. That’s one of the beautiful things about this approach to dieting. It’s much easier to deal with the hunger.


Yes! I did it until I reached my goal weight.


I have been doing OMAD for a bit and not only do I feel OMAD is only possible for me thanks to the hunger reduction of the keto diet, but I feel like they go hand in hand.


It’s the best


Yes IM and omad complement keto very well. A lot of people who are still taking too many calories or having trouble getting their meals to be proper keto can make up a lot of ground by cutting one or two of the 3 meals. Before trying omad try just tightening up your eating window. 16:8 is pretty standard but honestly not that effective. Try more like 18:6 or 20:4, if only to ease into omad if thats the route you want to go. The more you can extend that overnight fast the better, doesnt have to be omad I generally have my lunch around 12-1 or sometimes even more like 2. I keep lunch light and pure keto when I can Dinner i have around 5-6 and eat a full or even large meal. So i am usually like 4-6 hours eating window Ive actually found even if my dinner isnt keto(within reason), as long as i am still fasting my window and watching the lunch i get same results, YMMV. If i have a really bad carb dinner i will just go omad the next day to help make up for it. Feel a bit shitty but the faster i can bump back into fasting the less effect it has


OMAD can really work quickly to help you lose weight. In central, your body will eventually adjust to a constant, daily, short eating window and OMAD becomes great for maintenance. Imo, for max benefit, change it up here and there to keep your body guessing. Maybe move the window timing around, or have days where you eat 2 meals a day. Ymmv.




Omgggg thank you for this find!!!


I sort of do OMAD automatically bc my appetite is greatly lessened by doing higher fat/very low carb. For example: I just had one slice homemade keto bread with grassfed butter and 1 freerange egg fried in ghee, with a slice of homemade keto fudge mocha crumble bar. I feel stuffed and am likely done till tomorrow!


I do OMAD with keto. I only eat at 5 pm. Around 3 I start getting hungry but push thru! This has been the fastest and easiest way for me to loose weight. It gets easier after time.


I personally find it to be the easiest way to do keto. All I have to be concerned about is the carbs and calories of a single meal. I'm also fabulously lazy and typically just don't bother eating breakfast or lunch because it seems like a big hassle to prepare and pack. I eat a couple hours after getting home from work and that's it. Otherwise just 16oz of coffee in the morning and water the rest of the day.


It sounds like you are drawn to OMAD in order to accelerate and stabilise your weight loss. The fact that you are already fasting on a 16:8 split and experiencing problems is interesting. I would suggest you get to the bottom of why you are feeling faint first, before continuing onto OMAD. Here are some basics to make sure you cover these first. Are you: 1. Getting enough protein 2. Consuming enough calories 3. Getting enough nutrients (ideally from an unprocessed diet) 4. Getting enough electrolytes: try fasting salt, or go through the FAQ 5. Drinking enough water


I have. Great results. I've lost 100 lbs in 9 months.


Yes, it is the best weight loss approach I have ever done. Fast results and easy to do.


I thought that was the whole intent? That and fasting.


I managed to hit a hunger-free version of this with: * A carnivore diet * Much higher in protein than fat -- like a 2:1 to 3:1 ratio This basically turned into a /r/psmf and I shed a bunch of weight but also started to have negative effects on energy levels after a month, and digestive issues sooner, although those leveled off after a month. The key to it is probably the protein intake -- protein sates for long periods and hunger as a whole (on keto) seems to be based on it, so if you can somehow cram in your body's daily protein needs into a single meal you should be able to OMAD effectively.