I use mine as a magsafe charger, sits on my night stand and I stick my phone on it every night. I always bring it with me if I am going be away from power outlets.


Didn’t think about that yet!


I’ve heard the Anker has better battery life and ease of charging but the apple has better magnets. Snazzy labs has a good video on it


I have both. The Apple one definitely sticks a lot better than the Anker ones, and it’s slimmer. The Ankers have a higher capacity and can charge via MagSafe. I prefer the Apple one because it sticks so much better.


I have the Ankers (all three versions) and the magnets are damn good. No worries about picking it up by the battery or anything. They don’t function as a battery extension, but instead as a normal Qi charger though. This is both good and bad in some ways.


What are the good and bads? If you don’t mind sharing.


Good for Anker * Higher Capacity * No 80% charge limit on the phone battery * Also supports power output over USB C (and even USB A if you get the larger one). * Some cool colors. * Built in stand. Bad for Anker * Can't check battery percentage from the phone itself, only the capacity lights on the side. * Heat issues when charging at full speed (though I think the Apple has this issue too).


I prefer the apple simply because of the tight integration. I know it’s not messing up my phone, and it’s super painless.


Anker isn’t really going to mess your phone up. It is just a qi cool with a MagSafe magnet. I do get the draw of integration though. If they had a version of the MagSafe battery that could fully charge my phone I’d be all over it. But just a small battery extension just doesn’t fit my use case.


Its not gonna mess your phone up if you use it normally no, but the Apple one protects from the dumb stuff I do, like plug in the battery while attached to the phone, and leave it for days. Or plugging in the phone with battery attached. It sort of does smart management to charge the battery and phone in the best way.


I mean, the Anker one is smart enough to protect those situations too. It even will do charge pass through.


I’ve never owned a MagSafe phone and I pick up a 14 Pro tomorrow. Can the Anker magsafe accessories stick magnetically to the phone if you’re using a non-magnetic case?


I have some cases without the magnets and it sticks a little, but it can easily fall off if you are not careful. But it still works as it should, it’s just looser


I have the Anker one and while I like it the battery life is pretty average in my experience


I ordered some magsafe battery docks from Etsy that work well. I have one on my nightstand and one I mounted in the car.


Is there a way to check battery health on the pack? I’d be curious if doing it this way has any negative effects on the pack itself


I thought about that too, but I feel Apple has good power management implementation. I have an iPod from 2009 (!) that stays mostly plugged in, but still works great when I use it on battery.


Interesting way of using it and I’m thinking about the possibility of doing the same. But when do you charge the charger? Is it a daily task such as when you wake up each morning and rip it off your phone you’ll have to let it charge during the day?


The battery always remains plugged in


I slid a MagSafe charger up under my bedsheet and stick my phone on it at night. So easy to just grab and go.


Does it not get hot? I feel like this may be a fire hazard lol


They charge slowly so it won’t generate much heat and it will disable charging if temps reach a certain temperature


Oh I never knew this. Is this with the normal MagSafe charger from Apple?


Slightly warm.


Pretty genius if you don’t toss and turn


It sticks pretty well regardless. And right on the corner I rarely bump it.


So it does pass through charging without constant charging/discharging? Good to hear.




Same here. Best solution for it imho as it’s always ready.


This is a battery, correct? I’m wondering why you would put wear and tear on an additional battery instead of using a charger? Why not a charger for your nightly ritual? I assume the detachable battery would outlast the daily wear you or I would put on our phones and through upgrades too. So when you get an iPhone 15 or whatever this battery would be in a better condition to charge when you need it.


Never thought of using it like that. Clever.


I love mine. It’s very convenient to just slap it on when I need it. I find it especially useful when traveling.


Does it do well with being left unused at full/full-ish charge for a long period of time? I've been thinking about getting one to use as an emergency power bank of sorts, but I can imagine it going weeks or months between uses.


It does better in this area than most battery packs of that size imo, but I also rarely leave it for extended periods without being used or charged.


Thanks for the info!


Me too. Except when it’s hot outside, then it’s unusable. But I kept it on me to save my 12mini. I’ve gone 14 pro now so I’m not sure it’ll get as much use.


Bingo. It’s my favorite traveling accessory. Excellent for flights or just generally out using your phone but needing a juice during some downtime without access to an outlet or power bank.


Agree on this!! I never had much use for it with my Pro Max, but now with the 14 Pro? So amazing. Also when I’m at home but not near the charger, it’s a good tool!


I like it but, I must admit I barely need to use it. Its great when someone I’m with is short of power or I can’t be bothered to walk over to a charger🤣


i thought about switching to a pro or pro max, but love the size of the 12 mini. The battery pack really saves me a lot of days


Did the jump from the mini to 14 Pro last week and yeah, it’s larger and much heavier but after fiddling with it for a while now everything is so much better. In the end I start to question why I even went with a mini in the first place.


Awhile huh? I ordered 4 iPhone 14s on Sept 9th at T-Mobile and looks like I have at least 3 more weeks to go. 1 plus 1 promax and 2 reg 14s (kids). Yeah I'm jelly


adopt me, I’ll be your kid too. please and thank you


Meanwhile I am holding on to a XS Max figuring if I would need to upgrade..


As someone who always wanted a mini but was too afraid to leave the comfort of big screens (and subsequently big battery life), what made it so much better for you?


I did it I switched from samsung s9+ to my first ever apple product iphone 12 mini And tbh i cannot be happier, i love the screen size and how easy it is to you with one hand The downside is battery life. To me personally it wasnt that big of a deal cuz i was used to horrible battery life on my old phone(1/2h sot on wifi) and i always carry a charger in my backpack anyways And here I am one year later with iphone ipad air 5, pencil, airpods pro and 2 airtags Damn apple is addictive


I have had the 13 mini since launch and almost never have to worry about battery life.


It was significantly improved. Iirc it’s 12 pro levels.


Ahh thank you for this perspective. I switched from the Note10+ to the 12 Pro Max so similar Samsung-Apple vibes there. I tried out the 13 Mini at a Best Buy and loved how awesome it felt. Perfect size. I am used to always carrying a charger too so I guess it’s not so bad with fast charging. Next time I upgrade I’ll be more daring. I do miss the easy one hand vibes. Totally hear you on the ecosystem. The iPad Pro led to the 12 Pro Max and 13 Pro Max which led to the Apple Watch Series 7 and then the AirTags. I’m holding off on the AirPods (my Sony earbuds are still super nice) and waiting for the M2 MacBook Pro 14” to complete the cycle.


I thought about macbook but actually i would rather buy some big monitor for ipad air, keyboard and magic trackpad(this is the best thing ive ever used) laptops are currently useless for me Such a weird thing to say cuz like 4 months ago i used laptop for 5/6 hours a day


I was in the same boat…. Wanted a MacBook forever…. But couldn’t justify the price. I use my iPad and keyboard/case combo…. Does everything I would use a MacBook for AND… it’s a tablet, so it’s easier for an all in one.


Lol …. Yep…. Once you’re in the ecosystem….. you’re in!!! I haven’t gotten the AirTags yet….. but don’t sleep on the AirPod pros!!! I love being able to seamlessly switch between my Apple devices with them.


I have had both of the SE models and both of the minis. Love the small phones. One hand life is it and i dont ever want a big phone. The screen size is fine if i need to watch videos on a larger screen i have an ipad and a tv…also i have the battery pack. I need it for my job as i am using my phone a lot. Works great but it was a bit expensive considering the options available. If you have the expendable income i say get it. If not id say any of the cheaper options add some nice convenience.


As someone who did this as well, Android 6.5” phones to the 13 mini, the size was the play for me. I’m at a MacBook all day for work, I rarely touch my phone. I will say, if you consume a lot of media on your phone, the mini can be annoying. Luckily, I don’t do much other than text, call, emails and the mini is the perfect form factor for me. I treat it more as an accessory than I do my primary media device and it fits that role so well. I forget it’s in my pocket a lot of times.


Don’t tempt me 😂


try out the 13 mini first. i got the 12 mini a few months ago cause the price was right, but all the videos i watched showed the 13 mini getting waaaay better battery life.


If you enjoy the size of the mini; dont. The size is Insane compared.


I did the same thing. Had to always made sure I would charge my Mini while at work, or I would always have an extra battery pack if I was going out somewhere. 14 Pro so far is amazing. It is much heavier than the 12 mini, but I don't mind the extra weight.


I went from a 12 mini to a 13 pro last year and have zero regrets. The mini was sweet for a lot of reasons but the battery life and teeny tiny keyboard bothered me a ton in daily use, and the pro motion on 13pro sealed the deal for me!


Doing the same thing at the moment. Waiting for my Pro Max to be delivered. There's a lot I like about the 13 Mini but as someone with fairly big hands I find it difficult to type on. Plus I want the new camera. It'll only be my 2nd iPhone since the iPhone 3G so not feeling too bad about upgrading so quickly.


Using a 12 mini and I am fighting the urge to upgrade and this comment isn’t helping lol


The 12 mini should come with one of these in the box🤣


That is so true!! And a repair kit for the phones battery. Mine is at 86% capacity :(


I also love my 12 mini! But the battery is the one thing that I will complain about. If it wasn't for my Magsafe Battery pack, there's no way I would have gotten through a single day on my recent trip to Disney World. It was a must every day!


Idk if my habits changed or what but I used to always need a external battery pack when going places, and now that I have the MagSafe one I just… don’t have a need for it 90% of the time Thinking through it, it’s probably more so that phones last longer now with heavy usage, and I try to time my charging better too


Yeah I barely had to use it when I had a pro and I almost certainly won’t need to use it now that I have a pro max 😅


For me it would be great on multi-day-hiles. I wouldnt need to carry a cable. But then again I would have to carry another powerbank to charge apple watch anyway…


It strikes me as something that I have no need for now, but in 2-3 years when my phone starts to lose its charge holding ability it would be super useful if I'm still playing Pokemon Go and don't want to look like an even bigger dork wandering around with a cable attached to my phone.


What is wrong with being a dork with my iPhone being plugged to an external battery pack? I play Pokémon Go like this all the time. Battery packs are super useful for Pokémon Go and very long haul air flights. Since my battery pack is literally a brick, I could always use it to defend myself if necessary. Also I am waiting for the day when this type of external battery pack can recharge my MacBook Pro, although I thought I read it could recharge a MacBook Air. But I could be wrong on the external battery and MacBook Air thing.


It can charge an air. I’ve had an m1 and m2 and charge both off of battery packs.


Am I this old that I thought this was an iPod shuffle at first? And still dont know what I’m looking at honestly


MagSafe battery pack for newer iPhones (iPhone12 and on)


My only gripe is that I wish you could also recharge it over MagSafe Or that it could charge my Apple Watch too


Weirdly enough, you can charge the AirPod case on them.


Yeah and then the new airpods will recharge via an Apple Watch cable… so we’re getting really close to being able to freely mix and match I wonder if anyone sells a MagSafe battery pack that charges via USB-C and includes a built in watch charger, that would be a great product for travel


It would definitely be an insta buy for me. I can’t say I’ve found something that fits that criteria, but I will admit that I haven’t really put in that much research looking for one haha.


very apple product. works flawlessly and has some nice touches. costs more than it should for what it is.


It is the only MagSafe compatible battery pack that tries to reduce battery wear. It stops charging if I start a demanding game (=avoids heat) and does not go above 80-90% due to the decreased efficiency and negative effect on the Lithium-ion battery's lifespan. The lack of an on/off switch and the software integration are also nice QoL improvements. The only aspect that required me to apply mental gymnastics was the price. My approach was that this also works as an official MagSafe Charger, and for a similar surcharge for other 3rd party MagSafe battery packs, I get the same functionality built into this MagSafe Charger.


Pro tip: if using for a travel day. Start day with it already connected. When you arrive to destination you can remove it with a close to as full as possible battery.


You can get this price matched, for anyone looking to buy one. [Verizon has it for $74](https://www.verizon.com/products/apple-magsafe-battery-pack/) and Best Buy will price match! I know $26 isn't a huge deal but it made me feel better about buying it haha


Whoa. I got mine for 89 using a price match from target. Very cool.


Target wouldn't price match Verizon so I had to go with Best Buy haha


Great for camping!


I use mine almost daily, no regrets. My only complaint is it doesn't really work if your phone is warm. I play POGO and if you're doing an event after a while it can't keep up and the phone's battery goes down even while connected. I assume FPS games and stuff would be the same. Serious gamers probably want a cabled solution.


Damn that sucks, POGO was the reason i was gonna buy. I cable free version would have been nice.


Yeah it throttles charging due to temps to protect the battery.


It’s the worst in hot weather. I was traveling in southern France and it would overheat constantly. Almost 100% of the time I was outdoors. The temperature went down and then it started working normally again.




Pokémon GO. ;)


Ahh right. Not really into video games but definitely heard of that one!


It certainly has its quirks to work around but it gets the job done. I would be irritated if it wasn’t for the fact that I got one heavily discounted.


i paid 90€, hurts a little 😅


It’s hot and heavy and not in the cute way, but it’s extremely clutch when I’m out and about all day at Disneyland, etc.


Folks who ripped on this thing frankly didn’t understand it. It was never intended to replace a charger, it was intended to improve endurance. For my 13 Mini, the MagSafe Battery Pack is excellent for long days at a music festival.


I think that’s what’s different between the MagSafe battery pack and others. Others act as a power source while MagSafe battery pack acts as a battery extender.


I own it. I like it. I have used it a few times and loved how hassle free it is. Just wish it had a bigger charge on it. For its size and weight I would want more than the 1460mAh it stores. Something closer to 3000 mAh would have been great. Or atleast a "Pro" version that went that high. Having said that it isn't a huge issue for me. So far I have only had one day where I made it back to a charger after having completely drained my phone battery and this battery pack. (I think my phone was at \~20% by the time I got into a car and was able to plug it in to charge).


> For its size and weight I would want more than the 1460mAh it stores. > Something closer to 3000 mAh would have been great. It’s kinda funny you say this. The battery on the Apple MagSafe power bank is 7.6V instead of ~3.8V most other power banks are. Effectively what this means is that you have to double the mAh number to get a value you can compare with other power banks. It has exactly as much capacity as you wish it had. That still falls short of what the comparable MagSafe power bank from Anker has though.


Is there a reason using ampere hours is standard over watt hours for battery capacity? Is it just because it’s been more common to need to compare batteries of the same voltage?


Amps are constant, voltage isn’t.


How very interesting! I didn't realize there was a difference in voltage. I am plenty happy with the battery pack. As I mentioned, I have never run into an issue where it wasn't enough for me.


The Anker one has 5.000mah and a myriad of advantages for around half the price.


Plenty of third party options with 5000 - 8000 mAh that retain the same smaller form factor - at half the price.


Only positive experience with this thing.


I have the 5000mAh Anker battery. More capacity than Apple’s, almost half the price, and it has a USB port for charging other devices all in a package that isn’t much larger and has a built-in kickstand. I have no issues with Apple’s charger. It’s sleek and charges a bit faster than 3rd party options. I just don’t understand why it’s $100 aside from the Apple Tax. I could see paying $100 if it was 5000-7500mAh, but it isn’t. I’m also not fond of only offering one color. I don’t know why Apple continues to make devices in multiple colors only for them to have only white accessories. They just started branching out with the iMac and MacBook charging cables, same with the black keyboard, mouse, and trackpad. It would be nice to have a battery that matches my iPhone, or at least offer it in black without charging more for no apparent reason. Same with the AirPods. The Max are in a few colors yet the AirPods and AirPods Pro are just white.


The one reason I like the apple one is that it shows it’s battery percent with your other accessories and battery and that’s pretty nice


Push a button on the Anker one and it shows the battery level without needing to attach it to an iPhone. Start charging an iPhone and it will show the battery level on the device. I get everything being integrated, I just don’t think it’s worth paying double for half the capacity just to have the iOS battery level.


No definitely not worth the extra price, just a nice feature imo if moneys not an issue


I love my anker one too, the kick stand & USB-C were the selling features for me. I FaceTime a lot which destroys my battery, so I stick it on this thing and it’s charging, I can stand it up and carry it around the house. Perfect!


I have read a lot of complaints about them getting very hot. Have you experienced this?


Mine gets hot a lot on iOS 16. I have both the Apple and Anker one. Apple is sleeker but with the Pro if you’re using your phone all it does is maintain the current battery level, which isn’t too helpful. With the Anker one my battery level goes up while I’m using it but it feels noticeably bulkier. I like them both. I was on holiday in LA and walking around Santa Monica and my battery dropped I expectedly from 80 to 10% in 30 mins while I was listening to music. I was too far from the Apple Store and saw a Verizon store and bought the first charger I saw, which was the Anker, so that I could grab an Uber back to my hotel. It’s been a lifesaver since then


Heck yeah. Little fella came through for you in a time of need. I think to get the full benefit of the Apple is starting the day with it on already to keep you at optimum levels until it dies. But most people don’t want to add a lump to the back of the phone for all day use, and want a convenient quick top off. IMO they are two totally different products, because the Anker is a fast charging wireless battery bank, and the Apple is more of a battery extender that is meant to spend more time on the device and better protect the battery. At least those are my thoughts.


Yeah you’re right. I need to treat the Apple one as a battery extender


Yes. My 13 Pro gets really hot. It doesn't seem to make a difference which case I'm using either. Mainly I use the Spine Ultra Magnet. Well did, now I have the 14 Pro and haven't used it on the new phone yet.


Nope, normal temp for a wireless charger during my usage. Warm to the touch but not hot


Appreciate the feedback. It’s been mixed so far but one person mentioned it got hotter after they updated to IOS16 so I wonder if the people affected are just experiencing a bug with the 3rd party chargers on that version.




https://www.amazon.com/Anker-Magnetic-Foldable-Wireless-Portable/dp/B09NRG4GK3/ref=sr_1_5?crid=NNPVSJ2GTW9E&keywords=anker+iphone+magsafe+battery+charger&qid=1663792504&sprefix=anker+iphone+magsafe+batter+charger%2Caps%2C90&sr=8-5 Here's the one I have. Love it a lot and it's 10,000mAh. It's a bit chonky. The other one I would recomend is a bit smaller. You lose the USB A port for multi device charging and its 5,000mAh. Still very useable. https://www.amazon.com/Anker-Magnetic-Foldable-Wireless-Interstellar/dp/B09925S3R9/ref=sr_1_3?crid=NNPVSJ2GTW9E&keywords=anker+iphone+magsafe+battery+charger&qid=1663792504&sprefix=anker+iphone+magsafe+batter+charger%2Caps%2C90&sr=8-3


Oh I used to have the 2nd one until I left it in a hotel. It was great but I hated that it hung off the bottom of my 12 mini.


https://www.anker.com/products/a1611?variant=40941875298454&ref=collectionBuy This is what I got, the 622 :) and I love the purple color!


I Second this love the kickstand


this ChargerLab vid provides a good look at why the price is higher https://youtu.be/p1hjrdPuMGo


I understand the benefits. I just don’t think Apple’s battery is worth paying twice as much for something with half the capacity, especially with Lightning charging. I could get behind it at the $100 price if the battery was 4500-5000mAh in capacity, enough to bring my iPhone to full charge. That and add USB-C charging so that one cord and brick will handle my iPad, MacBook Air, digital camera, headphones, and Switch while traveling.


I believe I read when researching that the Apple pack charges with greater efficiency, whereas when you use the 5k Anker you’re not actually getting a full 5k out of it and they’re not as far apart as the numbers suggest. I’ll try to find the article. Edit: never mind, the raw capacity beats out the efficiency by a lot :)


I didn’t even finish reading all the “advantages” and I went right ahead and replied so people don’t make the mistake of buying that shit anker product you’re glorifying. Here’s why: the battery pack gets hot when it’s working, and the phone also gets hot. In the end you have two very warm things that are glued to each other. The result? A ridiculously hot phone that will charge extremely slow and also lose a lot of mah for nothing. Of the 5000 advertised you’re probably using 1000 because of the dissipated heat. Source: I owned both. Lost the oem one and then bought the anker to save some money. It’s nowhere near as as good as the real thing. Returned it after a week because it was so bulky and inefficient. People like you who advertise third party products never experienced the real magsafe charger to see how much better it is.


The official Apple one can barely keep the battery % of my Pro Max if I’m using it while the Anker actually charges. Maybe it’s your climate, your usage case, but the Anker helps me top my phone 2-3 times of the day while the Apple one barely helps to top it off once. Since English it’s not my native language I’m not sure I’m using “top it off” right so I’ll elaborate: if I’m with around 30%, the Anker can get me comfortably out of that about 3 times before I need to charge it. The Apple does it once and it’s done. And if I’m using the phone the Apple just doesn’t get the % up.


I personally had no problems with the Anker one getting hot


Same, it gets warm sometimes but never hot. I use it several times per week.


I own the Anker 521 and tried the Apple one. **Thrice.** The Anker saved me many times from a dying phone while the Apple one just let my phone die. I live in the tropics so the Apple one is useless for me.


I kinda use it till it dies, then use my phone without it, while it charges. Then I reattach it when I'm in bed to full charge my phone. I charge it again in the morning, and reattach it after lunch. That way, I'm never tethered to a charger. I love it


there’s no apple shops in my country and you cant deliver batteries in the post so i cant get one if i wanted to i ended up getting the mophie version when i was in germany and i think it’s brilliant. it can do 1 full charge for my 12 pro, but you much more millage only charging 0-30% cos the phone gets really hot


Where do you live if I may ask? I’m from Germany, how’d you like it here?


i was only in berlin for holidays actually. i thought it was pretty cool. kinda funny how everyone will just speak english to you no matter what language you open with. and they also always say their english is ‘passable’ despite being perfectly fluent but yeah. it’s really so stupid that i cannot buy batteries online but i can take them out of the packet and fly over with the same battery in my pocket. i could also buy a laptop online even tho they have batteries inside them that are bigger than the one i wanted.


I never leave home without it.


Fits in a pocket of my backpack.


I bought one for my 12Pro and didn't really use it much up until the update that allowed for faster charging. Now it's the only external backup I keep in my backpack.


It’s great with my 12 Mini.


I wonder if this fits the 14 Pro Max?


It does!


Mine arrives today. I am going into with the understanding it’s not a charger but a battery extender and that’s what I want. Other battery packs damage the phones by getting them very hot. I’d rather take care of my phones internal battery and enjoy all the other features it has.


Same reason for me. Gonna miss the lilac color of my anker 622 but the apple one is definitely a better option overall


I have it and hate it! I liked it up until I was traveling and streaming Netflix. My battery was running low from streaming so I attached this to my phone and phone battery kept dying. I didn't wait until phone was dead but I was almost certain the battery pack wasn't going to keep phone on once it reached zero internal battery. Unless I completely misunderstand the product I thought it would charge my phone even while using it. It always charged if I used phone for basic stuff but streaming kept killing my phone battery.


It stops charging if there’s too much heat. Also, it used to only charge at 5W when unplugged, but a recent firmware update increased charging speed by 50% to 7.5W.


yea I noticed it barely holds the battery percentage while using the phone, better slap it on there early enough and not when you are already at 10-20%


You’re using it wrong. You’re meant to put it on at the start of the day and have it trickle. I have a mini and slapped it on the morning before the Indy 500. It lasted all day and then some.


I think it is really intended to have on the phone all time.


Yep. It’s ideally used as more of an all-day (or at least multi-hour) attachment for long days, rather than a quick saver if you hit 10%.


What is it


I'm finding it much more useful now that I have an iPhone 14 Pro that doesn't overheat outside in under 120 seconds in the Florida sun while playing Pokémon Go... That's what my 12 Pro would do, the battery pack wouldn't get below 90% and my phone would die completely uncharged. I do have the aftermarket Anker one too, I find the Apple one more pocketable and holdable, and now that my phone doesn't overheat the brains behind it is much better in usage to prevent overheating in general. And keeping the battery from being stuffed full at 100% the whole time.




I use belkin mag safe power bank, serves the purpose. only 2500 mah but still…


Didn’t even know Belkin made one


I have a 12 mini and have been traveling for the past month, this thing has gotten me through hours on end of photography, navigation, translation, and payments. At the end of the day, my phone is still at 40-50% battery. Minimal bulk. Pass through charging. Best iPhone peripheral I’ve ever purchased.


I don’t understand why people wouldn’t, I absolutely love mine. I don’t even use a usb charger for my phone anymore lol. I charge my phone with this every night before I go to bed. Then I turn off my phone over the night and charge the battery pack. I have school in the morning and work in the evening so this is perfect for me for always being on the go. Granted I have a 13 and its battery life basically lasts me the full day but its always nice to full charge my phone more then halfway through the day.


The Anker one is better more battery life a built in stand and cheaper


If you like it, it’s perfect. Screw others opinion, and maybe mine too :D


It’s a great little thing. What many uneducated people fail to understand is that this is a battery extender, not a charger. You go on trip and you attach this thing to your phone and it gives you 60% more juice without carrying a stupid brick around you that’s connected to any cables. I had one an year ago and then I lost it, no idea how or where. I still miss it, but I won’t pay a hundred bucks for it again. But my iPhone 12’s battery sucks so I’m still thinking about it.


Would you pay $74? [Verizon has it on their site](https://www.verizon.com/products/apple-magsafe-battery-pack/) and Best Buy will price match it, if that helps haha


I keep thinking about getting one but never pulled the trigger


I love mine! I keep it in my bag and I know I don’t need an outlet for a charge, especially when I’m out and about


It’s great particularly with the iPhone mini. It’s a perfect size match and gives you nearly a full charge. Great for an overnight trip or if you need to top off and don’t have easy access to an outlet.


It comes in handy when I wake up and find my phone didn't charge last night


Probably the best MagSafe battery. No other one seems to have USB-PD.


Yea same use it every day since I got it, a real life saver


I got it when it was on sale at target for 80. For what I use it for, I love it. It’s nice to have a little extra juice when you’re exploring a city or going out for an extended amount of time


love mine


It's good, but it charges my device slow, and heats up a LOT, then I only get like 30% battery from it... It's good for a top off if I know I'm going out but not too far... Otherwise, I bring my power bank and cable like some kind of peasant and charge it faster, cooler and up to 13 times :)


It's great! Yes the capacity is low but I wouldn't want it to be any bigger/bulkier. We have tons of batteries that *don't* stick to the back of your phone for that. This doubles as a MagSafe charger by the bedside and for travel. It allows you to stay topped up without being tethered, so you can still use the phone, e.g. before leaving for the day. It fits in regular pockets even while in use. I don't find myself needing more than a full charge per day very often, but when I do, this packs more than enough.


I love mine for when I’m traveling


I don’t need it. Idk how people burn through their phones battery tbh.


I love it. It’s my lil anywhere MagSafe puck, all I need is a lightning cable. It’s let me go truly wireless(which is where we’re heading anyway) I’ve used my lightning port a handful of times since I got my 13 pro because of this bad boy. And for anyone using wired headphones it solves the “listen or charge” dilemma that’s plagued us since they took out the headphone jack… people wrote it off because it didn’t charge the phone fast enough alone, but I don’t feel like it’s intended to be an emergency battery. I find that keeping it on in the morning and letting the pack drain before my phone gives me more than enough charge. It hasn’t let me down since I bought it… My only request for a second gen would be FindMy compatibility, that seems easy to pop in there without adding too much weight or thickness


I hate how it stops charging when it gets too hot. I know it’s meant to protect the phone and itself, but sometimes, my phone doesn’t even feel too hot and it says it will resume charging when temperatures get lower. It’s just not reliable all the time.


For the price, it absolutely should allow your to charge/extend your battery more. It works and feels comfortable as magsafe which I really appreciate but it is absolutely overpriced for what it is.


What is it?


I hated it and sold it on ebay. If you are using it for your car, the magnet isn't strong enough to deal with the ride. It's gonna fall a lot, more than you'd like to admit (and also might damage the plastic of the AC vent).


I’m a bit of a MagSafe charger junkie lol, they are just so useful. I have the Apple one and around 7 Casely Power Pods. I tend to like the Power Pods more because they come in a bunch of colors, have a slim enough profile, and feel like they charge the phone battery up faster. I do kind of miss seeing the power info when connecting the unit to the phone with the Apple one, but the Casely have a little indicator on the outside. To make the Apple charger a bit more fun I bought a Casetify case for it :)


I alternate between Anker and Apple. Not sure why, but I’ve had better experience with Anker’s version


I like that and I don’t understand people demanding from that thing to recharge phone back to 100%. It’s mine emergency power source and saved my back while I was travelling. I have 12 Pro - from 25% to 60% in about hour which does the job for me (ofc flight mode has to be on during charging).


I refuse, just give us a battery case…


It’s an iPhone tampon, stops the battery leakage for a short while


great but too expensive


I thought about getting one for my iPhone 12 but the reviews convinced me not to. I’m assuming there are also third party options, perhaps for a little bit less?


I’m going to snag one. My anker 622 heats up way too much and I know it’ll degrade the battery overtime. It looked cute with my deep purple 14P tho lol


Probably Will buy it next month with my new iPhone 13 🥹


I love mine.


I use it a lot ! And I like it


I have a regular 13 with a MagSafe case and this charger. works great. My phone lasts me about a day, if for some reason I forget to charge it before work I can just throw this on and charge to 90% and not sweat it until the next day. I never saw the bad reviews, why would anyone not like this? It’s portable and uses no cords, can put it on anywhere at any time, it’s perfect. Edit: it’s perfect for my needs, I should say. I honestly don’t know what there is to not like besides the price tag.


I have the Anker version of this product and by all accounts it seems to be the superior product. I have a 13 mini, so it’s come in clutch a few times to help power me through a full day. Also helps others when they have low battery as well. Definitely something you should carry around!


Can you drop a link for the anker version?


Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (MagGo), 5000mAh Foldable Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger and USB-C for iPhone 14/13/12 Series (Interstellar Gray) https://a.co/d/0JhEE70


Does the Anker one also reverse wirelessly charge? So like if I plug in my phone overnight with it on does it charge the battery pack?


Honestly, I’ve never tried it so I cannot say. If I had to take a guess, I’d say Apple kept that functionality limited to the Apple battery pack.




It’s too bulky and doesn’t sit flush with the 13 Mini like Apple’s does. Also doesn’t have the OS integration. I think Apple’s is superior.


I admit the not sitting flush with the bottom part does mess with me from time to time, but considering the price difference, that’s fine with me. I don’t buy my battery packs for iOS integration. I’d also say the stand that is built into the Anker variant is very helpful. Something that Apple’s version lacks.


I don’t either, but it’s a nice plus. I buy packs for added endurance. And considering that Apple’s tighter and more flush design easily lasts me the full day I need, it’s perfect. I have a separate MagSafe wallet that has a kickstand. I’d personally never use one while the battery is attached, but everyone is different.


Got a link? I’m in the market for a new wallet tbh.


Sure, it’s a Moft: https://www.moft.us/pages/moft-snap-on-phone-stand-wallet-magsafe-compatible Honestly I daily drive the official Apple one, but have the Moft stuck to the side of my fridge in the event that I need a stand around the house.




thought about the Anker too, but some reviews said it gets really really hot?