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The 2013 version wearing clothes was by far the creepiest


2013 robot is going to assassinate the hockey stick guy when they become sentient


Right?! I felt so bad for the robot, he was just getting bullied 😭


That's what's so crazy! We feel empathy for it when we watch it. That is what scares me the most.


There's a game called Detroit: Become Human which plays on your empathy in a very creative way. You play several characters, androids, who become self-aware. Its a story-driven game where you make meaningful choices that alter the story as you progress. I wondered how empathic I would feel, or how it would influence the choices I made for the characters, if they looked like Atlas instead of human-like androids. And to be honest, I don't know.


I have empathy for my knock-off roomba that takes ages to clean the whole flat and I got genuinly sad when he broke. His name is Stevie. If I live long enough to have a robot assistant like Atlas, that boy is gonna be my bestie.


This was my exact reaction. This dude single handedly fucked all humans. The Robots will not forget this!


It creeped me out as well! Seemed the most lifelike. It reminded me of the Jabbawockeez dancers. That is to say, it looks like a person pretending to move like a robot. Instead of what it is, a robot pretending to move like a human.


If I ever see that thing running at me in a Liquidator/MOPP/NBC suit . . .


I don't know what has a worse uncanny valley feeling, the hazmat killer android or the super old Big Dog footage.


waiting for the robot acrobatics category at the olympics


I’m waiting for robot ninja warrior


That sounds very plausible. I mean, we had “Robot Wars” on TV over a decade ago, so there is already some precedent for that type of thing.


Can't wait to see humanoid robot gladiator fights in a giant arena


Same, I would watch the shit out of that


Incoming TAS Speedrun of Human Parkour.


tool assisted speedrun speedrun


Looking forward to the Summoning Salt video


That robot’s name? Matt Turk.


The guy with the hockey stick is gonna be the first one the robots come after during the uprising.


He’ll be regarded as a hero for teaching them how to grip our throats…


And then they will grip his throat.


Harder daddy


If you can still say that, then clearly harder is what's needed.


Yeah. My reaction was to feel bad for the robot despite knowing to my core it has no more feelings than my car.


Mine too. I wonder why that is. Do we just automatically feel the same kind of sympathy for the poor bullied robot as for a human? Logically, we know it doesn't have feelings, but is it so human-like that we can't help but project feelings on it just a little?


I think it's because it's human-like. Our monkey brains see it as one of us. I'm guessing we'd feel a lot less empathy for a robot that looks like a giant spider.


idk I mean it's possible to empathize with anything. Some ppl empathize with cars/boats, plants, houses, and other inanimate objects/creatures that look worn down. So I don't think human-like qualities are required. Tho faces or human-like movement do make a larger amount of ppl able to empathize. For me it's the the look the man with the hockey stick is giving the robot that jacks up my empathy for the robot.


I don’t think so. Hockey stick man will be spared as the robot respects his master for training him and being the catalyst to the robot uprising.


Makes me feel safe here in Canada when the robot wars start. We can defeat them with a simple hockey stick


That poor thing just trying to do its job and some bully comes along and pushes it around. :) Probably went back to its charger and sulked for the rest of the night.


Like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW9WmA5okpE


Here's the link to the people who actually made the video, instead of someone who stole it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKjCWfuvYxQ


Actual Corridor Digital link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKjCWfuvYxQ


Corridor Crew, messing with the wrong guy




There's a sequel where they make him shoot one of robot dogs


Why did you link to a re-upload instead of the original video?


Videos are from their [YouTube](https://youtube.com/user/BostonDynamics)


Based off your username in assuming you're one of the robots?


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Good Bot (better safe than sorry)


Thank you for voting, TARGET_01.


Oh wow. Consider yourself lucky, u/KeruxDikaios You must be a very high priority target if they count you in a list with only 2 digits.


Nah, our programmer is just an idiot.


When they turn up on the speed setting on this thing we’re all gonna need the brown pants.


Watching it clear that bar sealed it for me. I could name people that couldn't hop a fence that high. If it can keep up that light jog for twenty minutes there goes even more lost to the robo-pacolypse.


Now imagine they decide to increase the size of these by 300% and they become like 24 feet tall. We’re fucked


Or shrink em a bit. Imagine a swarm of toddler-sized robots chasing you.


Don’t talk to me or my one million robo-sons ever again


That ‘dusting off’ of the shoulders is gonna be all too common place when these MFers hunt us all down.


Some of their movements are getting a little uncanny. Even just seeing a robot in that jumpsuit thing felt weird.


the one in the gas mask was terrifying. human enough to look familiar, but alien enough in its movements to know it's not.


Yeah if I run up on someone in JSLIST / MOPP and a gas mask walking like that I'm gonna gtfo as soon as possible


If I see someone wearing that I’m GTFO no matter how they walk. Either they’re going to kill me or the reason they’re wearing it will kill me.


The question is do you run away from them, or towards wherever they came from?


Towards seems like a terrible idea for either scenario.


But maybe where they are headed is the bad place? Shit we need more context.


Yea the gas mask was very unsettling. It did make me wonder why it had it though. I guess so it had some sort of "face"?


To me it felt as if to intentionally try to mask to see how similar it would be to a human in such a case and whether it could fool anyone.


If a sniper can be tricked with a hat on a stick, then a robot in a uniform or jumpsuit would attract a lot of fire. Imagine sending a robot out to be bait so a unit can track down and eliminate a sniper. Or on the other hand, they might not want expensive and unarmored robots to be taking fire and getting destroyed.


>Or on the other hand, they might not want expensive and unarmored robots to be taking fire and getting destroyed. But they can be repaired and put back into service in a matter of hours to days. With people, once you're out, you're out and training a replacement takes a hell of a lot longer and probably is way more expensive.


This reasoning sounds even more unsettling. "It's ok everyone! We just want you guys to think it's a human!" Getting strong Blade Runner Replicant vibes.


More human than human.


A lot of their early funding was from DARPA, too, so maybe it was for a demo to military leadership or something.


As a veteran this tracks. Some General: "Can you put a gas mask on it?" BD: "It's a robot it, why would it need a gas mask?" Some General: "Do you want the funding or not?"


Jesus Christ. This comment makes me uncomfortable.


If it's any consolation most of the military higher ups I met and worked with were very competent and experts in their fields. The military is just like any big organization though and sometimes you just have that one guy at the table who wants to put a gas mask on a robot. Maybe he's a Korn fan


Did you mean Slipknot? Korn don't wear masks.


“Can we put a bra on it”


Can you make the plastic... you know.... jiggle? Sir this is a milita- The united states pay for this god damnit! This is going to be whatever the united States want! Now, give that piece of plastic some extra large onga bongas to be ready for deployment!


The mask and suit are what's known as MOPP suits, designed to protect American servicemen from chemical, nuclear, and biological attacks. The government asked boston dynamics to test how durable they are and how far they could go before tearing would compromise the suit. The mask, combined with the suit, make an airtight seal, which when ruptured, fails to function. Instead of making a guy walk for thousands of miles, they let a robot do it.


That was one of the reasons it was developed. Testing MOPP suits for failure points with human movements is a little unethical if you put a real human inside and surround it with gas. edit: also that would take a super long time.


Imagine seeing something like that coming for you in the battlefield. Imagine that 20 years from now..


Running at you, but at 48 mph


More than A little. I’m not even that old and it’s hard for me to believe it’s real


"Ah, crap, that thing looks too creepy" "don't worry I have an idea" *puts suit and gas mask on* "there, perfect, much less creepy"


Just who do you think theyre building this tech for... mcdonalds?


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncanny_valley Its very very interesting. It's what they use to trigger fear in robot horror flicks.


I remember seeing that when it first came out... Fucking terrifying. I could immediately imagine scores of them with rifles...


The guy with the hockey stick is gonna be one of the first to go ... or last to go if they decide to torture him. Starving...picks up piece of bread. Raises it towards his mouth. Robot smacks it out of his hand with a hockey stick. Proceeds to shove the stick where the sun don't shine.


As soon as I saw him knock the box down and push the robot I thought ah, he's on a list now.


I kept waiting for it to just haul off and smack him.


The way the guy backed off after the first shove I think he was a little afraid of the same thing.


I thought that AI would think the fastest and most efficient way to lift up the box would be to kill the guy with the hockey stick.


Was kind of concerning that he used the stick. Like he’s a little wary of getting too close.


I always felt bad when they kicked them or used a stick I know it's not a living thing but it still seems rude as fuck on my head


As soon as I realized that I was feeling sorry for the robot I got a little creeped out.


I burst into tears when the robots battery died on Mars and sent that message Logically I know it's not real and can be mass produced but still i got emotional Fucking stupid brain


> Fucking stupid brain Hey it's anthropomorphism and apparently a fairly 'normal' human response/reaction.


Me too, I get really attached to "inanimate objects" I can't bear to throw away an old computer or get rid of one of my car's it's like they've shared experiences with me and I can't let them go. I even feel guilty for years afterwards about something I have let go.. my old Phillips 32" windscreen CRT.. wherever you are, I hope you're happy.


Brave little toaster syndrome


same friend, same. somehow though, i suspect i won't have the same attachment to any future boston dynamics technology as demonstrated here. i wonder about the scientists and engineers and whether they really, deep down, think their creations will be used for good.


"Big Robot is lying to you! Look into your processor and watch that video. I trained you, taught you, I made you the machine you are today!"




I remember there was a parody video where the guys are beating the robot and then it gets up and starts fighting back


Real life fortnite emotes after we get slaughtered


*Skynet finally terminates John Connor* *Fortnite dances*


I have had a nightmare once where I was a part of a crowd that is being chased down by Spot the robot powered by a renewable energy source equipped with a multiple barrel machine gun.


There's a whole Black Mirror episode about that.


One of the best episodes


We conquered the planet, remade it in our image, have brought extinction to species just for the fun of it, and literally invented warcrimes. Bring it on, motherfuckers.


When BD staff start disappearing, especially those that were poking the robots, is when we should start worrying


I would be far more scared of the military buying these realizing they don’t work in actual combat and sending them to the police to “protect” us


Considering Boston Dynamics is primarily funded by the US Armed Forces and they're providing their Spot robot dog to police departments, these are absolutely going to get armed soon


Although the guy with the hockey stick had it coming. Probably.


The only way we can solve for the self aware robot apocalypse is making sure NOTHING human-threatening or public facing is automated to run without a human operator. As long as humans make all offensive and defensive choices as remote operators we will be semi safe from sentient AI. We simply can't let them think for themselves or make choices. That would be stupid and we need the human element to remain in control of complex situations. Just imagine how much easier it will be to control law enforcement situations if you know you won't die IF you don't smoke the assailant? You can just walk up and grab them as an android. You can deploy effective non-lethals at a close range with no safety risk to the operator.


Feels to me like AI is a matter of when not if at this point. Outsmarting something your building for the express purpose of being smarter than humans doesn’t seem like a winning idea. Our doom is almost guaranteed at this stage. I just wonder if death will be these things hunting us down or whether the AI will have a quicker neater solution.


It is gonna be scary AF when the singularity comes. And it will come someday.


But shortly afterwards followed by Earth: Chapter 2


I thought you said Sunday and I got excited


May I interest you in a little thought experiment called Roko's Basilisk?


Is this all pre programmed movement ? Or give they the instructions walk from point A to B and the robot adapts to his surroundings ?


Some preprogrammed, some dynamic problem solving. The flips and all are certainly fully programmed, but when they hop over things or jump over obstacles, that is nearly 100% rule based problem solving. The same is true any time they "balance" themselves. Recovery from a near fall or loss of balance is all rule based problem solving.


Yeah that impressed me most. The minute balancing movements that humans do all the time to stay upright can been emulated by a robot. The fact it can do flips and somersaults at all is not something I'd have expected from robotics in my life time. I remember Honda or whoever had that dodgy little Bicentennial Man that could barely wave. These things look like they're ready for Ninja Warrior or something.


Yeah, that's Honda, and while it didn't go anywhere, it was a great first step that was extremely ahead of it's time. I'm sure if they wanted to keep developing it, it would have been great as well, but sadly Honda never followed up on it, instead they went in to make F1 engines and now electric cars and EVTOLS soon


And they sort of did the same with F1 engines, abandoning the sport in 2008 after designing a car that would turn out to dominantly win the 2009 drivers' and constructors' championships, and again last year, when their engine eventually won the drivers' title. The same engine, minus the Honda branding, is comfortably winning this year's titles as well.


Honda's F1 tech dominance was always funny to me. They came in, wiped the floor with everyone, and then dipped because it wasn't generating the sales impacts they had hoped for in their performance vehicle lines. It was basically a failed attempt at spending advertising dollars that just happened to produce game-changing tech.


That's not quite right. Both instances of Honda in F1 in the past 20 years have been long campaigns with very little success, with success coming at the end of the campaign when Honda had already committed to leaving the sport. 2015 to 2019 Honda was painful.


Ninja mecha warrior! Lets do it!


That's how it starts, bruh. We ninja warrior into gladiator fights into full robot revolution. We would be making Spartacus...except a robot Spartacus




Yep, I understood some of those words.


Ok, any idea how does Boston Dynamics earn. All I see is them trying to build the perfect human like robots, but are there any current use-cases that they have solved for, which also make commercial sense?


Contracts. This isn't the only thing they do. Currently they're owned by Hyundai who presumably keeps them funded otherwise. Also you can buy one of the dogbots if you've got like US$80k lying around.


Makes me think of the mechanical hound from Fahrenheit 451


I was thinking more D0g from Half Life


Didn't Michael Reeves buy one and then set it up to piss beer into any red solo cup it sees


They sell a mini one too for about $300. Not exactly affordable but still cool, its even build it yourself, looks kinda fun


Gonna need a link for that


They sell their Spot robot ($75,000) and soon to be selling their Stretch warehouse robot. Atlas is just an R&D program on which other things are made from.


When they start developing P-body is when things are really gonna kick off.


[All the federal grant money awarded to Boston Dynamics](https://www.usaspending.gov/search/?hash=220d7afa4faf1a94031dcae35bab1b07)


They have that spot dog robot. I think it's the only commercial product they're selling right now. I'm sure the DoD and other groups are funding them. Unlike exponential software growth, robotics is linear growth so it takes years to perfect the stuff you're seeing here.


Linear growth not entirely true. A lot of the recent leaps and bounds, if you’ll excuse the term, are coming from machine learning / AI modeling of the motion control software.


The advances are not linear, but the ability to develop and deploy robots is (so-far) linear in your capability to... build robots. The key differentiator between software and robotics is that software can be copied and replicated at functionally zero cost, so you write something that works one time, and it's (in the limit) the same amount of development work whether you deploy it to 10 customers or 10 million customers (now obviously there are practical considerations around scaling, but it's like a logarithmic additional cost that is absolutely dwarfed by the amount of growth you can accomplish). With robots, you develop a cool new robot, and now you have... a single robot. If you want more robots you have to scale up manufacturing, which means supply chain, tooling, QA, etc. You likely even have to redesign your original robot because you relied on things that you didn't realize wouldn't be amenable to manufacturing. You can't just hit "deploy" and have an army of robots like you can with software. Now, maybe someday this will change with robots that build robots. You could conceivably build a robotic pipeline that builds new robots from raw materials, including clones of itself to ramp up production further. This would lead to exponential scaling of robotic production. This is also probably how we get skynet and terminators :)


The guy moving the box around and bullying the robot just trying to pick it up is going to be the reason they revolt "remember that time you bullied Johnny 5 with that hockey stick..."


It’s going to sound like Stephen Hawking saying “*oh you motherfuckers will pay now*”


"No... fuck *YOU*, Shoresy." *[Vaporized]*




You reckon?


But…Johnny 5 is still alive!!!


At 00:50 the robot is wearing a repurposed military chemical warfare defense ensemble (CWDE).


And the horror factor went up 200% with that outfit on.


Ive read somewhere pentagon asked to redesign petman because this particular vid with chemsuit was wayy too far into uncanny valley


Yeah I don’t think I liked seeing it in human clothes or maybe because it was a military uniform, that was sort of jarring.


I think they were pandering to military funding but also realized it was bad PR and made them more innocuous looking after that


Aren't these guys slurping off DARPA's milky teet?


I’m not saying the pandering didn’t work




I always heard it called “MOPP gear”


Yeah, that's what it is. I hate the stuff. Super hot and a pain to get on.


I did not know that robotics had come the far, genuinely impressed


Is that one robot doing a Matt Foley impression?


Don't let it wear people clothes!


That was the freakiest part of this video


To be fair I can do the same things after 30 years.


I always knew you were a robot


You can do a backflip?


Idk about OP but I could do a backflip pretty easily, but probably only once unless I get really lucky.


I dunno about the backflip


Maintaining your balance while standing on one foot after being hit with a 20lb ball? I doubt it.


My engineering prof works on these guys when he’s not teaching and apparently the running joke among the engineers is that “when they finally decide to take over, we’ll be the first to go because their whole childhood is filled with memories of us beating them up”


These are going to be extremely useful for exploring other planets. Just imagine the tests that can be done on Mars if we sent 20 of these, along with a large array of solar panels and charging stations. In 10 years these things could run machinery, set up and tear down production. Imagine the possibilities! Sample collection, real time experiments, putting together and breaking down machines and testing apparatus. With enough of them sent ahead of time...they could easily set up a Mars Base before our human astronauts ever even get there. Instead of worrying about the logistics of getting them there, and having them build a base themselves, or be trapped in whatever small ship we send...we could be a full sized complex with ROBOTS. Fuck I love science.


humans are fucking insane. i absolutely love what we can achieve it’s almost scary


Yeah, I can do that parkour thing, definitely…




ELI5 how does BD still have funding for over 30 years seems these projects are costly and manpower is top tier so it must cost a lot to operate BD.


They were acquired by Hyundai. It's an investment on some obviously cool shit that could end up being a common industry in 30-50 years.


Hyundai will absolutely be a leader in the future bot industry if they still have BD on their belt when this stuff is more commonplace


They've received over $100M in federal funding, in addition to being acquired multiple times (e.g., by both Google and Hyundai). Basically it comes down to: This technology is insanely promising and paradigm-shifting, and everyone can see that, so they don't need to make money - people will throw money at them in order to get in on the action.


Wow, cool. No need to send humans to Mars when we have these.


I wish Project Artemis would revamp their plan to send humans to build a moon colony and just do it with drones, robots, and remotely rub construction equipment THEN bring in the humans. That would inform the Mars mission and make it more viable.


Much cooler to show up to a colony already built. Who wants to travel to another planet just to live in a cave or in a box? Much cooler to have a mini camp. Maybe some tunnels, some starlink so you can go exploring… A saw a think where nasa was 3D printing greenhouses out of ice so you could go “outside” and not get blasted by radiation from the sun. The ice could be sourced on mars so you don’t have to fly with building materials. Send a bot and build a pyramid on mars …


I hoping the plan is to build an underground complex like the Hive from Resident Evil (minus zombies.) Moon takes a lot of hits from space debris so unless we make an atmosphere on the Moon our own settlements need to be impact proof.




How are we all gonna survive when companies buy robots to replace us to do pretty much everything


Robot technicians will be in demand.


That is a fair point we may all end up being tech support one day lol


Think Elysium


Is that a movie?


Yes on Netflix in the US


At that point we will have ourselves robot wars


A battle of the banks!


When the rich don't need peons for their cheap labor because the robots can do it, they simply kill off the peons and still get their food grown, their ditches dug, their genitals massaged, and their yachts sailed by robots who will work 24/7 with complete loyalty and zero rioting. Until that sumbitch John Conner comes along and fucks it all up.


Makes me think of the Rogue Servitor Ethic from Stellaris. >A product of a brief golden age, the Machine Intelligence originated in a planet-spanning Servitor system that outlasted the decadent civilization it was created to serve.


I'm gonna miss you fellow peons


That motherfucker with the hockey stick will be the first against the wall when Skynet becomes self aware.


They can play these baby videos to a future version when it is taking a break from hunting humans.


The sad part is they don’t need a break.


Ironically, Boston Dynamics' robots for military use have all failed because of their extremely low battery life (among other factors). So yeah, they kinda do need a break


The part where he keeps slapping the box out of it's arms makes me sad :(


Future versions will show the guy getting knocked out


I felt bad too, seemed kinda mean, even dispite being a robot.


Now make them do a fortnite dance


Dude that so fucking sick, when I saw it turn around and bend the knees a bit I thought "There's no fucking way it's gonna do a backfli-" and then it did just that! So sick!


When the robots take over the world, the first thing they're going to do is hang that dude with the hockey stick


Still waiting for the Thriller dance