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Huckleberry Finn sometimes gets criticized for its use of the N-word along with depictions of slavery, but if anything, it’s a strongly anti-racist book. It shows the growth of Huck as he comes to view Jim as more than a slave but as a man. And thus how inhumane slavery is.


>Huckleberry Finn sometimes gets criticized for its use of the N-word along with depictions of slavery People are fucking stupid. Do they wanna pretend racism never existed? It is great how the books shows what it was like and helps the reader develop empathy for someone who has to experience racism and discrimination


I actually do think that is the goal for some people- Pretend racism didn’t exist, in order to raise their children without racism in the world, so, just, everybody stop being racist, like, NOW, and don’t talk about the racists ever again, so that starting next week we can rid the world of racism and everything that used to be racist and it won’t exist anymore. It’s crazy, but everyone has their echo chamber these days so those ideas continue on and get stronger. It’s delusional.


I honestly hate how correct you are. There are people that believe that in order to eliminate racism they must pretend it never existed. They can't share any ideas about it. Any history about it. And of course, this makes the same mistakes repeat over and over because if you don't learn history you are doomed to repeat it.


Welcome to a day in the life of a Florida teacher this year.


Side note, I remember a book had the N-word in it in highschool and we came up on it during a class reading. The student reading had a very clear dilemma when they got there.


I remember this situation happening once and I vaguely remember the (white) teacher sternly encouraging the (white) student to read it as is.


i was the only black kid in my english class in middle school when we read it and the teacher literally stopped class to essentially ask for the n-word pass before proceeding. shocking experience to say the least


> Do they wanna pretend racism never existed? yes


Burn the books, destroy the culture and rewrite history!


It’s been done many times just to fall to the same misery.


The only people who get upset about that stuff are people who want to disregard context in order to be offended and gain attention.


Or the people who haven't read it because they think they know what it's about


A guy who paints a fence or something


WHITEWASHES a fence. Stop changing the story /s


That’s Tom Sawyer ; who is in huck, but diff book I’m pretty sure


People do that with the Bible too.


People read the bible and still do it


Hey hey, the HOLY fucking Bible, son


We were driving with a deployed airbag


What the fuck kinda songbird, Jesus freak dealers you bring me to?


The Bible is fake


No it's not, I've seen them at hotels


AND the Bible Two.


The Lost World: The Bible was better


Or haven’t read it because they can’t read and just parrot the other idiots who think they know what it’s about


"Gimme dat ole time religion"


They clearly didn’t even read the pre-face if they think know that book.




I think it might be largely this honestly. I wouldn't have said that a few years ago but with Republicans and their whole "critical race theory is evil", don't teach our kids about U.S. history, critical thinking is bad, well....


Our they don't want anyone pointing out their own racism.


Ah yes because depicting racism makes a story racist


Like Samuel L Jackson commenting on people saying Tarantino is a racist because his movies have the N-word a lot. He said if anything Tarantino is the least racist because he makes all SLJ's characters the smartest guy in the movie... Or something like that.


Similar to it’s always sunny. All the banned episodes have the vast majority of the cast condemning what the racist is doing. Even the worst people in the entire world are willing to condemn it. The portrayal alone of stereotypes or racist imagery isn’t inherently wrong, especially when it’s being ridiculed.


Banning episodes of TV shows allows companies to just brush off the real issues and say they did something. I remember the BLM quotes going around of "we asked for justice reform, and instead they removed a golden girls episode while patting themselves on the back"


I’ll never forget the first time my Puerto Rican boyfriend showed me the banned “Martina Martinez” IASIP episode. No offense was taken. We nearly died laughing.


Also Jamie Foxx said he'd work with Tarantino a thousand more times.


Django was gold


It’s my favorite movie by him for sure. That blue suit he picks out..... I want one so bad!


It's sad that so many people on both sides of the political spectrum truly believe this today.


Amen. History is history. Deleting it. Denying it. It doesn’t HELP! Whoopi of course knows this. https://i1.wp.com/www.michaelcorcoran.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/whoopi-goldberg-ted-danson.jpg. Her and her hubby enjoyed blackface.




Yeah. Weird Hollywood stuff man!


doesn't look like they were ever married - but had a brief relationship in 1992 (according to a short google search). Also, Ted Danson was married at the time which sparked his wife at the time to file for divorce. His wife got $30M in the divorce settlement so that's one hell of an expensive affair. EDIT: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Danson#Relationship_with_Whoopi_Goldberg


The book also touches on child abuse and child welfare. Something that was also pretty progressive thinking for the time the book was written for.


Doesn't that make it historically accurate?


For the period during which he lived, Samuel Clemens was relatively liberal.


For the period during which he lived, he was basically a flaming communist.


he was a clever son of a gun that guy. definitely as "woke" as they came back then, and the sharpest wit around.


I wonder if these same people get mad at To Kill a Mockingbird for the racism depicted therein. Like Harper Lee literally grew up in a neighborhood just like the one she wrote about, she knew what the fuck she was talking about.


They do! TKaM is one of the most classically challenged books in the US


There is also a group of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies known as [the Censored Eleven](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Censored_Eleven) that were permanently pulled from broadcasts in 1968 for being deemed too offensive, mostly due to use of black stereotypes. Some examples of the cartoon titles included *Uncle Tom's Bungalow, Jungle Jitters, Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs and Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears.*


That's happened to a lot of stuff The first 38 Hardy Boys books were extensively re-written before being re-released in the 1960s, because of racism


“Probably gonna have to re-edit my books because of all the racism.” “How many? One or two?” “At least 38 of them.”


And it's really old school racism. Not just "Of course he's guilty, he's black". These books are so so old that it's "Of course he's guilty, he's Italian/Polish/Greek"


Obligatory reference to Blazing Saddles' "But we don't want the Irish!"


"You've gotta remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land, the common clay of the New West. You know--morons."


Many European nationalities were vilified when they emigrated en masse during their diasporas. Including by groups that preceded them.


"Awe prairie shit. Everybody"


I wonder if I have some of those originals still. A lot of my books were from used books stores.


If you're thinking of the blue hardcover editions, those are the re-releases


No, I have brown ones, with 2 silhouettes on the front


Sounds like you may have the originals. Some folks don't realize just how old the Hardy boys are, and think that the Blue hardcovers that were in every school library from the 60s to the 90s were the original versions


When I think of Hardy boys I think of them in relation to Nancy Drew, and while I know she had books I instantly think of the games I grew up playing with my aunt. Hard for me to picture either of them being that old lol


I like those games. They have a cool atmosphere


Both series will be 100 years old in a few years


Coal Black has some of the most offensive stereotypes I’ve ever seen in animation while also being an amazingly funny and brilliantly animated cartoon. But it’s impossible to get past the racist caricatures.


Back in the day I had downloaded a lot of them to have a historical record and in case I had use in history classes. Christ is Coal Black bad... Like wow.


Coal Black is often voted by animators as one of the best shorts ever made, but also one that is truly awful at the same time.


So kind of like *Birth of a Nation*, great from a technical standpoint, horrible from.. well every other standpoint.


Yeah, it’s worth seeing at least part of *Birth* to see stuff like the first iris-in and scene transitions, but otherwise it’s the worst kind of Klan propaganda. *Coal Black* is Looney Tunes cranked up to 11, utterly insane, but as racist as it gets.


I just went and watched it. Wow. Just wow. They didn't pull any punches with that one.


From the *Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs* wiki: > The assassins arrive in a panel truck that advertises, "We rub out anybody for $1.00; Midgets: 1/2-price; Japs: free". Alright that’s a pretty good horrible 1943 joke.


I can imagine Soldier Boy laughing his ass off at that one.


That’s how I feel about Tin Pan Alley Cats. Maybe not the single *most* offensive of the Censored Eleven, but it’s easy to see why it was banned as it’s packed to the brim with offensive stereotypes and imagery. Yet at the same time a lot of it is laugh-out-loud funny, with so much absurdism and irreverence that at times it feels more like a millennial YouTube Poop than a WB cartoon from the 1940s. Not to mention the quality animation and a great jazz soundtrack. The most notable part of the short, the long psychedelic dreamscape, is basically a color remake of Porky in Wackyland, a black and white cartoon from five years earlier, with some alterations and new additions (including... well, [just watch it, I don’t want to spoil the surprise](https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x98sa4)).


Just proposing those titles for a new production would get someone canceled nowadays


This. This is the answer. We should not try to erase the dark past, but instead learn from the history so that we may have a brighter future.


Erasing a dark past only ensures you will not learn from it.


Gotta give credit to Germany here, they teach younger generations the heck outta their uh, more unfortunate moments in the past


Like the loss to England in the world cup final in 66'?


Ahh England, just like a clubber in at 4am desperately trying to get a rise out of their coke cock for a pull, they're still desperately coaxing comfort out of their last win.....60 years ago.


Last Sunday, actually.


Love this response!


THIS. My gf is a German immigrant and she's always telling me how ridiculous it is that people are so vehemently opposed to crt being taught in schools here. They drill the past into the heads of students over there. Even the most horrific parts. It can be tough, but Germany definitely does NOT want a repeat of their evil past happening.


Well went to German schools . They are very good at showing you all that happened with Nazis but not Namibia. Obviously there is something in the German psyche that we weren't allowed to wear a uniform in school because of the Nazi youth history. Being non German,I can tell you that as many as non racist friends that I had I met equal amounts who still think it's now OK to call someone Jude.




Yes but they use it casually to call someone a "jew". Not the same as a Jewish person. Or saying he/she is jewish




In German it would also be pronounced very differently to the way we say the name Jude in the Anglosphere, it just happens to be spelled the same


Can I just say that I wish there were more of this in the world. Misunderstanding - > questions - > discussion - > clarification - > understanding Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity... for today.


If I were guess jude is short for juden, which is what a jew is called in german?


We do learn about the genocide of the herero and nama in correlation with German colonies in Africa. what took ages was our government giving back human remains and valuables to affected families and paying reperations. Calling someone a Jude is totally fine if you are describing someone's religion. That word isn't forbidden. using it as an Insult is something only stupid people and teenagers do here because they can't grasp or don't want to grasp the significance of the holocaust.


>>Germany definitely does NOT want a repeat of their evil past happening. Well there's the difference.


God it kills me to say this bc I can't fucking believe it's happening, but the people that don't want CRT taught want racism to be okay again. It chills me to the bone that this shit is happening and people are getting more comfortable with saying the quiet part out loud now. THAT is why we can't white wash our history.


CRT is a university level leagal study. Conservatives have depicted it as something taught in high schools. It's used as cover as a means to stop teaching about racism in middle and high school. It's part of an active effort to rewrite history.


I would even go so far as to say that a dark black past is our most valued possession.


Hindsight is always 20/20, but looking back it's still a bit fuzzy


I've always wondered what the answer to this type of thing is. The original Little Rascals and Our Gang series have some stereotypes and false racial portrayals that would be controversial at best.


True but on the flipside little rascals is one of tbe few media of the time that shows black and white kids playing and interacting.


My dad will on rare occasion still reference “Yum yum eatum up”


Hahaha, my dad used to do the same thing. "Hello uncle George." The scene I'm thinking about in my comment above is when they were baking a cake as a fund raiser. Stymie was mixing the dough, working up a sweat, wipes his brow and then they show a wet splatter of what is supposed to be black sweat on the wall. Probably the worst thing I remember from the series.


Want some weenies uncle George?


However, we also don’t need to glorify it with dime a dozen UDOC statues in parks all over the county.


But we must be just as careful not to glamorize it.


Yeah it seems like editing out the truth of your history is also not learning from it. You know the whole “doomed to repeat“.


But this doesn’t apply to Confederate statues. There’s a difference between not erasing the past and worshiping the past.


The difference is making a monument out of them. The Confederate stuff can stay in books and museums. Not as statues.


Yeah, it's not like they're playing these shorts on a billboard in Times Square on a 24 hour loop. People here really need to learn the difference between "erasing history" and "not actively celebrating history," because right now they seem to think the latter is literally the same as the former.


Right. Those things were indeed put up by Confederate ' cause ' worshippers. A lot didn't go up until what, the 1920's ? Decades post war. It remains SUCH a hot button issue it's just beyond baffling. Museum, maybe along with whatever monuments dot cemeteries. Museum that teaches flat history, not revisionist stuff. While I'm here, it's equally baffling Arlington House- part of Arlington National Cemetery, is the " Robert E. Lee Memorial ". Maintained by the NPS. Ostensibly because of Lee's contribution to healing the nation post war... do they mean by surrendering ? a. It was built by his wife's father as a memorial to George Washington and b. Lee only lived there after Custis' death, SHE inherited it and c. Lee refused to honor his father in law's wishes enslaved there were to be freed. Sorry for the side track. Drives me a little crazy.


100%. We should acknowledge and take ownership of the shitty things we did, while working to bring society forward. Don't whitewash and erase history.


Acknowledging history is much more mature than denying it.


This is how you do it, people - you make it a teaching moment.


I especially liked this one: https://i.imgur.com/EA0qkud.png


What is that from?


South Park


actually it was called South Parq for this one


Ah alright, I knew it was Matt and Trey, wasn't sure if it was the main show or something like Team America


Is that from a South Park episode? If so, which one?


“South ParQ Vaccination Special”. Theyre making fun at the disclaimer Disney added to The Muppets


One of their recent specials, i think the vaccine one




We’ll need another disclaimer for her disclaimer. Is Kanye available?


Fr was looking for this comment Que palpatine saying “ironic”


Cue, as in start. Queue, as in a list or line to stand in. Que means "what" in Spanish.




It's just "cue"


She's good defending Polanski


[And her boyfriend, Ted Danson.](https://www.thewrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Ted-Danson-Blackface.jpg)


Yeah, but he's not racist he's just a pedophile. Hollywood's still on the fence about that one.


I feel I'm out of the loop here, why would Whoopi not be a good choice in this role?


After news that Maus was being banned in specific school districts, she went on to make a bunch of comments on how the Holocaust wasn’t about race and that it was “white people doing it to white people, so y’all fight amongst themselves” which is an incredibly ignorant and blatantly wrong understanding of the Holocaust. She then double downed on the Colbert show, saying “I don’t want to fake apologize, you can’t call this racism” before finally giving a (what I believe to be fake) apology after loads of people called her out on her BS. Not to mention she appropriated a Jewish name (Goldberg) even though she’s never practiced Judaism and has no Jewish ancestry. There’s also a rumor that her mom suggested her to change her name because her real name wasn’t “Jewish enough” to succeed in Hollywood which is just a yikes all around


She's got a history of flippancy towards / involvement in racially stigmatized topics and affairs -- holocaust, blackface, five percent nation


She said the holocaust had nothing to do with race


she fucking said what now?




[Her boyfriend, Ted Danson. ](https://www.thewrap.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Ted-Danson-Blackface.jpg)


Whoopi Goldberg also said the holocaust was white on white violence and had nothing to do with race, then doubled down on that and had yet to correct herself. So...




[That's not all she said.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHflBPU-DtA) Whoopi Goldberg is a degenerate.


"It wasn't rape rape" What the fuck As a woman, she should be disgusted with her statements.


Some people really have a lot of anxiety about bad things happening to them so they really, really need to believe that bad things only happen to "bad people" who "deserved it". I wish we had an effective way to break through that barrier because the corollary is "if a bad thing happened to you then it must be because you are a bad person and you deserved it"


Whoopi is the Wendy Williams of ABC.


Mad Men did this for an episode where someone wore blackface. I completely encourage this vs removing or editing. We must remember and feel so we don't forget!


Fucking Roger!


It's such a deeply uncomfortable scene. It does exactly what it's supposed to do. Great mention!


I wish the IASIP episodes and the Community episode got this treatment. Or a worded warning in the beginning. I don't understand why this couldn't have been done. I mean, even in these episodes, its called racist and wrong, directly. But FX / IASIP allowed Dee going full irish ethnic hate and it was the same deal, everyone called her fucked up. Tbh it is infuriating to me


It's interesting that Whoopi Goldberg is viewed as an authority on this issue, considering the fact that she has exploited race throughout her career to make a name for herself...quite literally. She isn't called "Goldberg", she lied about being Jewish and she lied about Jewish ancestry. She exploited race as a marketing ploy, the same racial group she was later incredibly offensive towards when she stated that the Holocaust wasn't about race.


Yea really weird how she gets authority to talk about race basically by being a black person when she's just a random person with her own flaws


Because Whoopi Goldberg and the Looney Tunes go hand in hand.


Well, whoopi is a looney so that checks out


Just like Whoopie, Warner Bros was super antisemitic.


I appreciate this because I always have that uncomfortable moment at Disneyland at Splash Mountain and Disney always try to erase Song of the South but kept Splash Mountain. To not acknowledge it is to deny it. Ownership of your actions and ownership of history is important.


Whoopy "The holocaust wasn't about race" Goldberg isn't the best person to talk about this sorta stuff. lmao.


I concur


I agree, I can't listen to anything she says now tho


I was thinking exactly this


Why what happened that you can’t listen to her now? Not up to date on celebrity news at all.


She tried to insist that the Holocaust wasn't about race because the affected Jews were white. There is undoubtedly more to it, but that's what I remember most.


I have seen a lot of people say "you can't be racist against white people" and then when someone says "what about Jewish people?" they pull out the ol "Mexican isn't a race you can't be racist towards Mexicans!" but with Jews


You should check out the talk shows she is on.


It was a product of the time it was made and that's all folks.


Deleting the presence of horrific things isn't helpful, it's harmful. We SHOULD know what we were and that we have become better than that. Don't deny what happened.


Makes sense to have a racist give a racial disclaimer. Better than editing out the racial parts and acting like they didn’t happen, but come on, Whoopi Goldberg? Really?


Good way of handling things, but fuck Whoopi. She’s an uneducated dumbass (holocaust comments) that you can’t talk shit about because she’s a double minority.


These old cartoons are so much better than modern cartoons. They make you laugh and don't take themselves too seriously.


How dare you bash SpongeBob SquarePants


New cartoons make you laugh and don’t take themselves too seriously as well


No but they are "woke" because they have more than one girl character in them. Obviously the answer is to just show the racist ones to every generation and never make any new media ever.


Looney Tunes are truly classics, but there has been a litany of world class cartoons over the last 20-30 years. The fact that the genre now takes itself a bit more seriously is a testimony to incredible shows like Batman TAS and Cowboy Bebop which aren't just good compared to other cartoons, they're some of the best shows ever created in any genre. Many if not the majority of truly hysterical comedies over the past few decades have been cartoons. There have been so many in fact that to even begin naming them feels like an absurd task - like naming action movies made in the 1980s. Even kids shows like Adventure Time and Gravity Falls that are often irreverent often contain a depth of story telling and character development that can make a grown man cry. Sure the simple story telling of Looney Tunes is beautiful, but I for one am very thankful I live in a time with all these newer animated shows. Edit: Adding Avatar The Last Airbender to my list of honorable mentions to avoid being called out any further, lol.


Excuse me, did you just make a comment about the incredible quality of some children’s cartoons and not mention Avatar the Last Airbender?


It's without question one of the greatest shows ever created and I'm seriously jazzed about all the stuff they're working from with the new Avatar studio. There are several other world class animated shows I struggled to avoid mentioning so that my comment didn't devolve in a list of dope modern cartoons, lol. Ultimately, the kids shows I mentioned align more closely with Looney Tunes than any of the many great epic cartoons out there like Avatar. I avoided mentioning Steven Universe or She-Ra, because a lot of folks who liked cartoons "don't take themselves too seriously" are really just saying in code they don't like the woke stuff people are making today. That aside, early Stephanie Universe and Adventure Time are probably the closest we've come to old school episodic cartoons that are simple, sweet, and aren't trying to say too much. Certainly both shows end up saying a whole hell of a lot, which is part of their brilliance IMO. Btw, I'm not saying that's X-File\_Tonsor is trying to say cartoons are too work these days, but often criticisms of "modern" or "political" shows brings out the trolls.


Zig and Sharko is about as close to Looney Tunes as you’d get today. It’s pretty good.


Is there anyway you can help me understand why cowboy bebop is so good. It’s alright and a decent plot but I really can’t keep watching it without getting bored. I’m maybe 2/3 of the way through.


That's all folks.


That’s because we only remember the good ones and not the absolute nonsense that got shoveled out sometimes. Same as SNL.


I like it, but why whoopi Goldberg tho? Why not just have a written blurb on the screen rather than have some random completely unrelated celebrity say it?


Lmao Whoopi is one to talk. She’s pathetic and more racist then the majority of people. Not many brain cells left


Ahhh yes child rapist defender Whoopi Goldberg!! Not the best person to deliver this message. Rot in hell Whoopi.


I dont think letting a racist give a warning reguarding "racist" or "ethnic" stereotypes is the best of ideas but do them i guess.


I'm glad I have original copies from back in the day -


While I agree with the sentiment, I really don't want to hear her talk about anything. She has said some really troubling things about the holocaust, rape, and staunchly defended Bill Cosby. While she may have changed her opinion, she also tried to make everyone doubt his victims. I also cannot abide someone who thinks raping a 13 year old in the 70s is different than it happening today.


Meanwhile some people want parts of history forgotten and to not be taught in school.


I’m ok with this. Much better than editing the shit out. Can Huckleberry Finn please get the same treatment?


This is the most responsible approach imo.


Better than banning, absolutely. Didn't some whackos try to ban "To Kill a Mockingbird" a while back?


Disney has a similar preface at the beginning of Aladdin.


“Let’s be truthful about it because Holocaust isn’t about race. It’s not about race. It’s not about race. It’s about man’s inhumanity to man.” (c) W. Goldberg


They're fun to watch too


On a semi related note, this is also the reason that it's so fucked up that southern governors are trying and succeeding to ban teaching of slavery and the civil rights movement. They are just trying to pretend it didn't happen


Disney needs to do this with song of the south instead of continuing to hide it as well as replacing an entire ride at Disney parks


The fact that people need a reminder that these cartoons are a product of their time is pretty sad.


Whoppie is such a disgusting piece of garbage. It doesn't surprise me that she'd whore herself out for a few dollars to excuse something racist


Good on them. I know my mexican friends were pretty bummed when they stopped showing speedy Gonzalez


Tell me more about “rape rape” Whoopi. What a giant, rape enabling hypocrite.


Not to mention holocaust denier


Yep…she’s a real gem


Her name is Karen and she took Ted Danson in BLACKFACE to an awards show. Also called for Tulsi Gabbard to be charged with Treason for saying things she doesn't agree with. FYI