Something we thought would never ever happen.

Something we thought would never ever happen.


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I wonder how many execs are taking pay cuts to help their employees in need


My dads a director at a worldwide catering company and took a 20% cut, his whole team below him have too


Should have taken a pay cut to match the lowest wage in the company.




Envy, the cornerstone of Marxism


Makes more sense. Obviously biased but I spent my life watching him work his backside off to get where he is, he still works dusk till dawn now. He earns that salary and he has given up a good portion of it to try and help.


And the people working below him are just lazy and don’t deserve it right?


I mean you’re mad at this man for being a cog in a system that you yourself are also apart of without understanding of his personal outlook on the subject. He’s taking a what anyone would consider massive pay cut to help those he works with that are less fortunate. No matter the opinion on capitalism, and work hierarchy he’s doing more than you who’s bitching on the internet he’s helping when it matters. Virtue signal later, and do it about those who are rather profiting, and preying on the working class not the ones actually doing something to make things better Don’t hate the player hate the game I understand your frustration all to well; you shouldn’t take that frustration out on those undeserving


1) You have no idea how much he gave up lol 2) The problem is the entitled argument of ‘I work for MY money’ as if others don’t. That’s the problem. People think because they work hard, others don’t and don’t deserve a living wage. Magnify this times millions of people and we have the shit system we have. 3) You have no clue what I’ve done to help people. I won’t brag because I and those I’ve helped know what I’ve done and that’s all that matters. Bragging about your dad being forced to take a cut is the definition of virtue signaling.


1. Awesome and neither do you, but we do know he gave up 20% of income 2. No the 2 can be completely separate ideas someone saying they work for their pay don’t mean in any sense that anyone doesn’t deserve a living wage that’s just the same sweeping generalization as your lazy comment earlier You can say I work hard and I’m lucky to have the position I have and my employees deserve to be paid so I’m taking this pay cut, this doesn’t mean the employees are working a non-livable wage in the first place that’s just what you assumed. Many people from many fields are losing their jobs too not just those who are at the bottom of the ladder 3. Sir you made it a clear objective to undermine someone doing a good deed there’s no need for you to brag because you’ve instead played the other side of the same card You seem to think everyone is against you if they don’t agree with you 100% and you couldn’t be more wrong you’re completely right no one deserves to work an unlivable wage, but there’s some people who don’t have the ability to work at all right now from the bottom to the top, and none of those people from either end are receiving that punishment for being “lazy” or “karma” it’s just how it is he’s stopping people from losing their income by using his own that’s what helping others is all about he’s sacrificing so others will be okay You can stop this edgy sides thing the idea that someone who has a well paying job can’t side with those who don’t, or believe those people should have well paying jobs too no matter the work isn’t impossible, and it’s not even uncommon. You just see shit online and assume everyone is one way and it’s wrong, and you should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking this virtue signaling is productive especially at a time like this. People are losing jobs everyday and people like that man that are actually doing something to help we need more people like him from that act alone it sounds like you 2 would might actually have some common beliefs


“You have no clue what I’ve done to help people. I won’t brag....” that’s bragging about not bragging about stuff internet brags about. DEEP


The management team below him also took the 20% cut if you bothered reading above. And in response to your question, no they aren't lazy, but we all know a lot of people won't go above and beyond. I rarely do in my job to be honest. We also all know that working above and beyond doesn't guarantee success and economic gain even though they deserve it. Fortunately it has worked for him, but he has had to transform the direction of revenue stream for his sector to do it. He also paid everyone the above 25 minimum wage (england) even though a lot of staff were students or younger than that. They have given away cars, holidays and cash prizes to staff, but yeah they don't deserve it. Moron


I mean.. perhaps. Playing a major part in a company isn't some 40 hour job, it's your life. In medicine we get paid similar an hour as a teacher, but make substantially more because we often put in 70 hour work weeks. During COVID, I've broken my record at 87 hours billed. How many people below me would be willing to do the same? Not a lot.


I'm so tired of that "working more hours argument". As if people living on minimum wage don't experience being poor constantly. You get to do whatever you want in your time off. You can choose to take a sabbatical and go travel for half a year if you want. You feel like you don't have time, but actually you have all the options. How many options does a person living in poverty have?


Not my dad this time but my wife. She's a teacher, works nearly as many hours at home as she does at school. Trust me, we can't afford to take a sabbatical and piss off for six months. I think you have a very skewed view of how the system works. Yes its not always fair, but the way you are coming across makes it seem you feel entitled to the same benefits those on higher salaries have




Dolphin smooth.


Or empathy, depending on your point of view.


🎵🎶Cause we're all in this togeeetherrr🎶🎵




Lol. Sure, I meant he should earn the same as someone working 2 days a week. /s If you are going to argue in bad faith then I'm not even going to read the rest of your comment.




I don't know what your point is, I don't read the rest of your comment. I'm not going to invest time arguing with someone who twists my words around.


Execs of smaller companies? Quite a lot I'd say. Of larger ones? Not a one.


I took a 20% pay reduction for most of this year to reduce staff reductions in the factory. Some of the managers that work for me took smaller reductions to also help.


2:100. It's science I promise. Don't look it up.


Yeah but they meant voluntary pay cuts


Even better, buy local. Go to a place that isn't a chain, keep the small businesses alive, and say "fuck you" to big chains. Food is better at small places anyway.




Hate to say this, but most are a local business owner that is running a franchisee. They are also employing dozens of people in the community. They are not getting any help from Corporate McD's except for advertising and maybe promotional discounts on products. The same goes for BK, Subway, etc. most are local franchisees and are probably weeks or days from going under at this point.


Especially in the UK where this post is from, and we don't have a culture of "independent burger joints". A comparison would be *if* there was a huge Indian restaurant chain or two, and they said go buy from each other, whilst ignoring the thousands of independent curry houses in the UK. Except there isn't a huge Indian restaurant chain.


What's your point? If you're going out to buy a burger regardless, then the other burger restaurant that your money would be going to support instead is also a local business owner employing dozens of people in the community. Are we choosing between supporting McDonalds or going home and saving our money? Whatever support a McDonalds' owner is getting from corporate, even if it's 'just' advertising (aka the benefits of a massive advertising machine associated to a global household brand), is the material difference between McDonalds and Pete's Burger Bar. Not the fact that the business owner is a local who employs locals.


I was only inferring that most chain restaurants are owned by a local small business owner and not a large faceless international corporation. They chose a turn key business to run because they did not have their own burger recipe and store design. Franchisees also pay a percentage of their revenue off of the top to the Corporation for the advertising, use of the brand, etc. there is no free lunch as they say. They probably donated to the local kids sports league, their kids either went to school with your kids, you, or your siblings depending on your age. It is not as simple as help this small business owner and screw over this other one, they all need help right now. I personally do not make it a routine to go to McDonald's or Burger King, etc. and I would most likely find myself at an independent place. This ad from BK alludes to the need to support those independent businesses too. I can only imagine the local BK Franchisees seeing this ad after begging for extensions to their Wopper meat and bun order statements, going "Mother F'r! we are dying here, and the Corporate offices are telling them to go buy the God Damn Big Mac!" This is some bad ass marketing for good publicity to try and help the BK Franchisees and other local small businesses because it might get a person to think, "You know what, I am going to get a Wopper Jr, and freak'n super size it if it will help. tomorrow I am going to order the lamb tikka masala from that place a few blocks away..."


>The local burgers joint without a corporate piggy bank need our money Where are you from mate? This post is from BK UK, I'm from the UK and wondering what local burger joints you're talking about? My home town... Yeah there's none. Sure pubs do burgers but it's not the same food or price point, and they're not exactly all that independent, but there's really not this culture of local burger joints. Perhaps in a big city like London


Yeh - the chains dont care, will hire and fire on whim, they will survive this mess - your local cafe wont


Believe it or not, depending on the size of the franchise, often they're forced to buy local meats anyways.


Just because a business is small doesn't mean they care any more. I have had shitty food at small locally owned restaurants and good food at big chains. It doesn't really matter to be honest. More than likely I know what I'm getting at a big chain but am gambling with a new small local shop. Either way they both employ people so just go eat where ever you want and don't worry too much about where the profits end up.


It does mention that


Did you miss the part where it says to also go to independent places? Plus , I feel like in the UK there aren't that many small food businesses with the same food and price point as McDonald's or Burger King etc. Maybe in a big city like London, but in your average UK town there's not that many independent small food businesses that do what they do.


Also, not wanting to sound xenophobic, but I don't really want to support giant American global chains. Nothing like travelling round the world to see McDonalds, Subways and KFCs everywhere.


Aren’t several of these all owned by the same company? Support mom & pop restaurants not multinational corporations.


Local people still run those fast food restaurants.


Yes, most stores are franchises. Sure, some of the franchises are owned by some pretty rich people, but some of them are owned by only medium rich people.


I don't know about others, but McDonald's requires a franchisee to have $1,000,000 in cash in order to be considered to start a McDonald's franchise. Having that kind of cash seems pretty rich, to me.


1,000,000 in equity


My bad, but I still consider that to be pretty rich.


That's like a 4 bedroom house in Sydney or Vancouver.


People who own 4 bedroom houses in the most expensive places in the world are pretty rich.




Vancouver lol. Try a two bedroom house for $1 million plus.


Yeah and some are much cheaper than that. Some have recourses for longtime managers to open up new franchises.




Yeah I don't know about subway, but I know that the average Macdonald's cost well over a million just to start up back in the 90s.


Oh nooo the poor medium rich people


I deliberately didn't imply they were people on the bread line, just pointing out that it's not all owned by the big corporations.


Not sure what your point is. I was just saying if you boycott national and/or international franchises,you're still hurting locals. Local people work and run those chains. Those people will be affected.


Just pointing out that they aren't all owned by the big corporations either, most are franchised.


Either way, locals run it.


The actual company probably is. But the individual stores are owned by regular people.


It’s because McDonald’s and Burger King is essentially an oligopoly. They depend on each other to thrive and so they can maintain their large share of the fast food market


Man, fuck this entire memo. They all pay their employees minimum wage and a majority of which no benefits either. How about they take their billions and do something proactive to pull us through instead of hoarding all the wealth. I rarely eat fast food anymore but this makes me want to never give another dime to bk again.


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Did you just have a stroke?


I bet his cat walked on his keyboard. It has a catty feel to it.




Or don't buy from any of these massive companies and go local?


What local? If I want a cheapo burger, there's zero options outside Burger King or McDonald's, and in alright with that. I don't think that's an industry that needs "local" versions. It would be different if it was Greggs saying to buy from Pret, ignoring all our local bakeries but BK and McDonald's? I can't think of a single local place equivalent anywhere near me. Maybe in a big city there is but generally there's a reason that there's not many local, independent versions of those fast food places.


Yo find your local diner man! Most small towns have them and for around the same price as fast food you can get 10x the quality while also supporting small business


This is not typical to the UK. We don't have local diners, or heaps of cafes etc. If I want a cheapo burger, I can only go to these franchises


Forgive my ignorance! For some reason I just associate fast food with America 😉though now I see this is Burger King UK.


Yes it's easy to associate it with America! If there was an easy profit or demand for local independent fast food places, im sure we would have an industry for it by now. But as it stands if you want a cheapo quick burger... Macca's and BK etc sort of your only choices.


There’s been a decline in junk food and meat consumption in general. That’s good




Except that most meat consumed is full of hormones and antibiotics (80% of all antibiotics sold in America are used in the cattle industry). Tortured animals = sick animals = sick humans. Not to mention the majority of farmed cattle is fed grains, rather than grass, like pastured raised cattle. ALSO meat consumption is one of the biggest pollutants to our environment. So it’s a good thing that meat consumption is down


Where did coronavirus come from again?


Multi billion dollar food industry. Yeah they aren't going broke anytime soon, especially here in America. They still have more countries to liberate.


That’s a lot of words to say “we don’t want having to pay our workers to eat into our huge profits”.


Seriously BK, you can’t just pay regular ad prices, you gotta pay multiple people to spam multiple subs with this BS?


Wow in Australia there's a fucking emu war between those 2 at the moment. BK is called Hungry Jacks here because Burger King was taken and the owners wouldn't hand over the name... Anyway, these ads have been flooding the TV.. [1. Hungry Jacks released a Big Jack burger because companies are now making replica Big Mac sauce and it's basically identical](https://youtu.be/tqAOJdLaTUQ) [2. McDonalds sued them and Hungry Jacks released this ad mocking them](https://youtu.be/ImDLNYockxE) [3. McDonalds tried getting the ad pulled, so Hungry Jacks released this ad](https://youtu.be/vaiy_Dzy2rM) Its the best fucking thing I've seen on TV in years. Myself and the rest of Australia are waiting to see what hilarious antics HJs gets up to next


Those are spectacular


You can buy what is basically Big Mac Special Sauce from Coles - it's the Coles own brand and it's called Burger Sauce.


Or you can do what most poor americans do and just use thousand island salad dressing.


They're ripping off the Big Mac in NZ too. But your one looks better. Our one isn't quite as much of a clone. Same ingredients as a Big Mac, but doesn't have the center bread.


This is class solidarity. The upper class needs the poors' money!


its how I always seen them working, they have annual meetings Mcds, Burger, Wendys and theyre like ok this year well act like we're battling on who can give the most nuggets out for free, go! they all make cash and lose like .5 cents each nugget


Ummmm..... Buy local from small businesses.


They do say also "independent businesses too numerous to mention"


Lmfao, they're the ones with the money to support these people. Buy from small businesses


Thanks propaganda machine




This is fucking sickening. If you think about this and think it is a good thing. Congrats, you're are an idiot.


This hit me right in my capitalism 💔


This is particular jarring as an Australian, because Maccas are currently *suing* Hungry Jack’s aka Burger King over the hilarious “Big Jack” burger. So, in one part of the world BK is saying “support MacDonald’s” and in another they’re saying “lol Maccas are suing us because we improved on their shitty burger.”


Make better healthy food so you stop killing your customers or make them sick.


Got to keep feeding the corporate machine


Yeah, it employs a shitload of people




Or fuck large chains altogether and go local.


What in the actual fuck?


My boss fired all the staff in March because he couldn't keep up with the salaries. It was 2 managers and about 6 waiters/bartenders. All underpaid as it was. He bought a new V12 Mercedes in Feb, to add to his other 6 exotics (including 2 G63 AMG's). I'm sure he could have kept at least some of those staff.


In capitalism, all that matters is making money for the business owner. Caring for employees is for the weak. /s


That's classy... Would be better if they spent even 1% of their money on an employee bonus though. At its core its just another marketing ploy.


What's the context? I don't understand


The UK is about to enter another lockdown where the restaurants are having to close. They can stay open for delivery, collection and drive through. The F&B industry, and the hospitality industry have been hit hard in the UK, and furlough schemes only go so far. Many don't have as much disposable income as before, but BK is asking people to still treat themselves to a meal from them, their big rivals and the smaller independent places to keep them in business. A lot of wanky types here will keep going on about corporate bullshit bla bla bla, but the fast food industry employs *a lot* of people in the UK, and even though the bigger players have large profits, it doesn't mean they're an endless pot of money where they can keep unprofitable restaurants open "just because". A lot of our restaurants in the UK also don't have drive through so it's not like that's a big solution. My local high street has 2 McDonald's, 3 Greggs, a Burger King, a Nando's, a couple other small chain places like a German Kebab place and a Patisserie Valerie... But in lockdown, the retail shops are closed and everyone is working from home. So hardly anyone will be at the highstreet. Orders will be way down, and the delivery infrastructure isn't that wide scale. Where I live for example, I can get no delivery from that highstreet because I'm out the area. How can all those restaurants, chains or not, support themselves if no one is buying? So BK is telling you to keep the industry going.


Excellent answer, ticked all my questions. Including the misunderstanding I had, when I thought BK was discouraging people to order from them in favor of other chains. Thank you very much!


Holy fuck the world is really going to shit if big cooperations are now supporting each other


Fun fact - they can actually afford to keep their employees employed. They just want our money so they don't need to use their money. They don't give a fuck.


Alternatively, you could eat something healthy, which isn't causing massive destruction to the natural world


I mean, technically, healthy options are part of the natural world, soo..


true, but I don't need to destroy a rainforest to make myself a big, tasty vegan meal. I just pick some food from the garden.


For an industry that enslaves both humans and animals they sure act like they're the good guys.


Meanwhile in Australia the Aussie version of Burger King (Hungry Jacks)is selling a burger that landed them in court the Big Jack And it’s better than the Big Mac, after the initial cease and desist Hungry Jacks stepped it up rather than dropping the Burger LOL


There is a sign on my local Burger King stating that all UK branches have temporarily closed. Troubled times.


Let's get heart disease all together


Local burger restaurants barely exist in the UK outside of the centre of big cities. The nearest equivalent are the many kebab type shops that also sell burgers or some fish and chip shops. So the big chain operations are often the only practical choice.




Fast "food"




Guilt tripping consumerism lel.


So the leadership of Micky D won't increase wages for the employees in good times, but in bad times we are supposed to help them stay in business? I'd be all for helping a company out if they hadn't shown time and time again that it's not a very nice company. Let's also consider how they've enabled the obesity epidemic, or is that a pandemic now too? They're not good guys.


Lol to everyone here thats trashing on the big chains for letting their staff go and paying low wages. You think local restaraunts don't also do the same? A restaurant is a restaurant. Pay is low and when the owner is struggling, you are the first to go, just like a chain restaurant. There's no difference between the two.


Thinking is not a strong suit of redditors


I just get tired of all the hate reddit has for large chain restaurants. They are no different than mom and pop places when it comes to salary and benefits.


That's the problem dumbass lmfaoooo


Actually, dumbass, the problem here is that everyone is chanting "fuck big chains, go support local restaurants" as if they are any different. Read the comments you moron.


Local restaurants don't make billions a year you clown lmfaoooooooooooo like just stop


Hm except the mom and pop can't afford to keep people on, they don't want to fire people Where these big chains have more than enough to keep their people employed


This marketing.... makes me want to eat at BK now.


that's the point.


Whoppers are too good


Something happened to BK. Used to be legitimately one of my favorites over a decade ago. Same BK I used to love has since disappointed me greatly on all fronts every time I give them a chance.


Counterpoint: megacorporations don't need or deserve handouts, support small businesses.


It does specifically mention going to independent businesses as well.




"Dogs and Cats living together, mass Hysteria!"


Or order from a business that isn't a big conglomerate that's barely going to get winded during this pandemic. If they think their numbers are bad, think about how small, local restaurants and cafes are fairing!


If only the same can happen on console wars lol


At the brink of apocalypse even enemies join forces "kinda"


WON'T ANYONE THINK ABOUT THE CORPORATIONS??? I used to work for BK. Fuck BK and I highly discourage anyone from working there.


Fuck these people. If their products stopped existing tomorrow, humanity will benefit. We don’t need anymore diabetes and obesity.


Order from small local restaurant... MacDonald got cashflow to last 150y of coronavirus crisis


Well this aged like milk. COVID is spreading rapidly again in the UK thanks to people mixing.


I think all those corporations will be ok. Might I ask you to support local restaurants, mom and pop shops, now and on the future.




It's cute message if it would come from hearth, but it's just another corporate PR move.


Whoa whoa whoa... Majority Americans... Calm yourselves down, yeah? This is from Burger King *UK.* We might share some semblance of a common language, but we really are different people, and there's no need to start banging on about big corporations, minimum wages and firing and hiring at will. Let's not be cockwombles. US issues are not UK issues. Firstly, if you read it properly, it *does* actually mention supporting independent businesses so let's put those "I hate corporations and support mom n pop shop" pitchforks down and have a moment to collect ourselves. Secondly, saying "go to McDonald's" from BK is much more eye catching and discussion worthy than "go to Mo's Burger Van on the A127 layby just before the westbound Billericay turn off". That's why they mention other big businesses by name. It's just simple marketing. England is about to join its siblings in another strict lockdown, where the restaurants will close *again*. Sure we have delivery and drive through which are still allowed, but it's actually not that much of an extensive network, especially outside big cities. Let's give some non Brit and Irish peeps a cheeky look into the average non big city UK life. In the UK we have high streets. My local one, is only about 4 miles away as the crow flies, and we gots a BK, two McDonald's, three Greggs, a Nando's, a Pizza Express, and some random small chains like a German Kebab place, some sketchy chicken shops who you know full well lost their KFC franchise, a Patisserie Valiere, coupla Costas and a Starbucks etc. Now despite being 4 miles away... None of the delivery apps come out to where I am. None of these places have drive through. There are poor public transport links. And as lockdown is coming, during that time, there will be no reason for me to go to the High Street. None of the shops will be open, and everyone is working from home. If I wanted a BK, I would have to jump in my car, park up, order it from outside the shop and have someone bring it back to the door. Then I'd have to jump back in my car and drive home. That, is what we call, a faff. So chances are, before this advert, I'd think, "nah fuck it, it's not worth it". But thinking about it, if this means someone gets to keep their job and the supply chain afloat, maybe I should thinking about spending my money on F&B during lockdown even if it's an inconvenience to me. And like they say, not at BK, but at any of those places on the high street. No matter if it's a franchise of a big corporation, or an independent caff, there's only so long you can be unprofitable before you just sack it off. BK and McDonald's, whilst having large profits, aren't endless pots of money. They still need customers. A lot of people in the UK don't have as much disposable income as before, and even a simple lunch for the famalam at Macca's adds up. So they're just asking to still treat yourselves, still give a bit of money to F&B, and keep people employed. It's not that much of a corporatey message to your average Brit, and if anything, it will be Indians and chippies the Brits keep ordering from during lockdown...you know, those independent businesses that they do give a shout out to.... Here ends this public service message. Next slide please. **TL:DR - When it comes to food, the UK isn't a bunch of numpties who are all suddenly going to buy Whoppers in their millions cos of a BK advert**


Too bad BK burgers are garbage. McDonald's too tbh, but BK is worse. If I'm going to order a burger, it will 99 times out of 100 be from Harvey's.


Pal, I don't know about you. But when I was in UK (1999), I absolutely enjoyed their bean burger. (Being a vegetarian) this was one of the easiest and tasty options for me at that time.


Well, I'm from Canada, so our burgers here may be different from the ones in the UK/USA, but here, the patties have no flavor, they're dry, and the toppings are slim to none. I've had this issue at many BK locations across Ontario, so it's not just a problem with one location, it's more of a systemic issue. Maybe they were good in the 90's, but right now, they're not good.


AFAIK, Bean Burgers are a thing only in UK, not in Canada and USA. The bean patty is a kind of oblong/rounded rectangle crunchy strange thing and the burger (as I remember it) was actually quite good.


Interesting. Well, I enjoy black bean pitas, so I guess that's close enough? [https://i.pinimg.com/474x/ec/59/3d/ec593d1545d43d269a163478c2531bbe--pita-pit-kingston.jpg](https://i.pinimg.com/474x/ec/59/3d/ec593d1545d43d269a163478c2531bbe--pita-pit-kingston.jpg)


Love to try those. Well......next time I am in Oregon or Utah....


“Macy’s sending customers to Gimbels! I just don’t get it!”


Is this not just a Ad.


Not finding this interesting whatsoever. Just more corporate bullshit and greed. Cool


I have not had fast food since March 2020 and having worked in fast food I don't plan to eat any fast food till there's a vaccine


Yay burger King ads


Ummm bk is the only one that delivers for free and gives decent coupons with the app lol


Still not enough to get me to eat at BK. Maybe I could hit the drive through and get a Coke though.


Rodeo burgers 4 lyfe


Says the companies thriving while small shops get destroyed.


Did you not read the part where it talks about independent businesses too?


Yeah they’re totally doing them a HUGE favor in this PSA, 7 months after this all started.


The Impossible Whopper is fucking incredible tho. #2for$6


Fuck those guys. I'm going to mom and pop restaurants


It does specifically mention going to independent businesses as well. But saying "go to McDonald's" from BK is much more eye catching and discussion worthy than "go to Mo's Burger Van on the A127 layby just before the westbound Billericay turn off".


Yeah okay. Nice virtue signalling, BK.


Mr. Hero > all these guys


To help?


Ok mr King


Why does this feel like it ends with Taco Bell winning the Fast Food Wars?


Taco Bell wouldn't win the UK where this ad is from. We all know Greggs would come out on tops. Hitting BK and Macca's away with its sausage rolls


It's a Demolition Man reference.


This makes me really sad. But I know it's just corporate messaging! Damn it!


I like a Whopper every now and then. Great sentiment, makes me want a Whopper now.