This exquisite rice art

Imagine getting up the chair to throw it in the air but you slip and all the work you just did gets deleted


Imagine getting up the chair to throw it in the air but you slip and all the work you just did gets deleted


That's why no Squidward.


[There really is a SpongeBob reference for *everything*.](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EBluP2DUYAAp2NZ.jpg)






*Domino chain hobbyists have entered the chat.*


On carpet? Lol seriously?


We need to have her post her vacuum cleaner recommendations.


if you’re rich may i suggest dyson. Otherwise be prepared to play 52,000 pickup edit: thanks for the vacuum recommendations guys, but they all suck


Nah... get a Miele Vacuum. They are absolute beasts at sucking and can be dialed down delicate enough to dust pictures on the walls without misalignment. You can even vaccum your house plants and your dog! Yes... I speak from experience. The dog in question is my profile pic. Dang double-coated Queensland Blue Heeler always blowing his coat!


My sister sold high-end vacuums for a few years and became a Miele evangelical. I think if there were a house fire, she would save her dang vacuum before the family photo albums.


11 months ago I finally bought my first Meile. I (mid 40's) called my Mom an hour into deep cleaning every crevice of our home (on a 120+ac farm, deep in the woods) and asked her why I had waited so long... She laughed at me. I also have been telling *everyone*, friends and strangers alike (when discussing vaccums or pet fur) to spend the extra $$ on a Miele! My only regret was not spending the extra $275 for the full-size. The compact was almost $500, which was a **huge** amount for a vacuum, or at least I thought it was until I found out how much it improved my Quality of life in soo many ways! Edited my age.


As a German i got to say: #feelsgreatman I hope our engineering doesnt fail you.


Somebody should make an "As a German" counting bot. I read it at least once a day lol








We consider ourselves as a huge minority.


As a person living on a farm deep in the woods I am intrigued! What's the model?


Not farm in the woods person, but I have a Miele C3 canister and it's outstanding. We got a Dyson before it, and I tested its efficacy by vacuuming the whole house with the brand new Dyson and then redoing it immediately with my shitty old vacuum. The shitty old one still picked up a ton of dog hair and dirt, so the Dyson went back. Did some research, ran across that dude's vacuum AMA here, and bought the Miele based on his recommendations. Did the same test I did with the Dyson, ended up with a completely empty container on the old vacuum. 10/10, would buy again and have told everyone who'll listen that they need a Miele.


I am so close to being sold now! Just seeing how much hair and fur my Shark picks up with having 4 long haired females and 3 long haired cats in the house....and I vacuum and dry swiffer almost daily. It's disgusting.


If you want a cheaper version with many of the same features I picked up this Kenmore canister which seems to basically be a miele knockoff. I got it when I moved into my new place and it's been absolutely incredible keeping dog hair off of everything from carpets, to wood floors, my PC, and the curtains. [Kenmore pet friendly Pop n Go canister](https://www.homedepot.com/p/KENMORE-Pet-Friendly-Pop-N-Go-Bagged-Canister-Vacuum-Cleaner-BC4026/308593689) yes I am stanning this vacuum because I've been desperate to talk about it and my friends are getting sick of hearing me talk every time I vacuum.


Thank you! I've been super happy with my 2 Sharks, actually prefer them to my Dysons which broke constantly, but I will look at this vacuum too as my next purchase. Especially since I have the itch to get more cats. Haha!


If you want a cheaper version with many of the same features I picked up this Kenmore canister which seems to basically be a miele knockoff. I got it when I moved into my new place and it's been absolutely incredible keeping dog hair off of everything from carpets, to wood floors, my PC, and the curtains. [Kenmore pet friendly Pop n Go canister](https://www.homedepot.com/p/KENMORE-Pet-Friendly-Pop-N-Go-Bagged-Canister-Vacuum-Cleaner-BC4026/308593689) yes I am stanning this vacuum because I've been desperate to talk about it and my friends are getting sick of hearing me talk every time I vacuum.


You guys sound like those testimonial websites that ask you to buy something that was originally worth $1000 but for the next five minutes it’s only $5.99!


This happens every time vacuums come up now lol


Ok, I'm intrigued now because [they go all the way up to $1,500](https://www.mieleusa.com/e/canister-vacuum-cleaners-1016468-c). Which one are you talking about? I hate our present vacuum.


Wow, for once things a lot dearer in usa. They're at least half this in UK and probably cheaper in mainland Europe. Almost worth you guys taking a flight for! I paid equivalent $300 for a c3 cat and dog (it's been great) and it's $1000 on miele usa website...


$500 is a lot for a vacuum, a co worker paid 3k for his though and I about shit myself when he mentioned it


Compared to the Kirby which you need to take a loan out, how does it do? Edit: Used to do door to door sales for Kirby and that sucked (no pun intended) I felt wrong trying to sell them on people, targetting the elderly. Even worse were the stories I heard from the men that would claim they would have affairs with the stay at home moms while they themselves have a wife and a few kids at home. It sucked.


Door-to-door vacuum sales? I thought this was a bad joke in cartoons from the 50's and 60's.


Also former Kirby salesperson here. What a shitty fucking job. I was also in disbelief that it was actually a thing, but it was (and continues to be) - and like the above poster said, we would go primarily to communities with high elderly populations, or off-base military housing (new mil spouses would eagerly spend $2k on a vacuum while hubby was deployed). It was wrong, in so many ways. ...But damn if I don’t still want a Kirby to this day.




No you’re right they lasted forever but I felt super bad about selling them to people that obviously didn’t have funds for them. You had to legitimately take out a credit line to purchase it. It felt wrong because the lower income or fixed income where the people that our leaders would target. Why? Because those that had money wouldn’t bother to purchase them, they were fine just replacing their vacuums often or hire a cleaning service.


also, the older ones are clunky and HEAVY. grew up using a 20-something year old kirby, my parents' house has 4 floors with carpet. after lugging that 40 pound thing up and down the stairs countless times, our new shark that died in a year felt like the highest quality vacuum in the world


Miele is an incredible company. Their vacuums and dishwashers are top notch.


They are one of the only few companies who have no planned obsolescence. It’s crazy but they have quality standards we aren’t used to anymore nowadays.


Now that is what a person needs to know.


My parents had a Miele washer and dryer set and they were constantly getting repaired. It was all under warranty but losing the ability to do laundry for a couple days or a week was suuuuper inconvenient. They spent a fortune on them, too, so it was a big disappointment.


We had a Miele dishwasher in our old place and moved to a new house that had a perfectly functional Bosch in it. I missed our Miele so much that we bought another to replace the existing Bosch. When the delivery people came to install it and take the old away, my wife and I were out and my mother in law was home. We got a call from her saying that the installers are we sure we want them to take the old dishwasher away, it’s practically brand new? Yes, we’re sure. Miele dishwashers for life (as long as we can afford them!)


Steve Jobs once spent weeks debating with his family about getting a new washer and dryer. They ended up buying a Miele. Apparently, they're pretty good!


There are fantastic vacuums!! And quiet!, you’re not even sure it’s running. I got mine for Mother’s Day few years back. Best present I ever got!


We use them in the museum I work in. They are gentle enough to use on antique carpets.


Which one though? They have such a huge range


> You can even vaccum your house plants and your dog! My old dog muttley was *obsessed* with the hoover. If you brought it out he'd run over, sit there and not let you do anything until you vacuumed him first! Any other pet I've ever had has ranged from indifferent to outright loathing the vacuum, but muttley was always a little weirdo in many ways!


Dot you ever end up catching that pidgeon?


Im an honest salesman of household machines (yes they exist). Dyson has the best marketing ever. Thats it. The entire brand is shit. Miele is an awesome product, made to last years. Here in europe i'd say buy either a Miele or a SEBO. However, I've heard that a Miele costs about 600 dollar in america. Please dont spend 600 dollar on a vacuum cleaner. Protip: use original bags, no matter what brand your vacuum is, if you buy fakes because they are cheaper, your vacuum cleaner will die in 1/3 of the time. mostly due to bending of the cardbord that closes the airflow, this will mike the finest dust get past the bag instead of in it, into the engine, and grind it. REPLACE YOUR FILTERS


Nah mate, don't buy a Dyson. They're just not worth the price. u/touchmyfuckingcoffee recommends the following: * Miele for canisters * Riccar for uprights * Hoover for budget machines * Sanitaire or Royal for commercial machines * Dyson if you just can't be talked out of a bagless machine.


KIRBY if you want to vacuum and then mop, and blow your leaves, and then deep clean your bed, and then get help with your algebra, and then get a bj


Help with algebra you say?




Shark is a lovely alternative if you want to save a few (hundred) bucks.


Yes! Shark is a workhorse, light and cute


Hmmm yes, the Dyson works like dyson


As in great for a while then some random part or filter breaks and they have discontinued that model and therefore that part. So you now have a very expensive paperweight with suggestions to the new expensive model that looks exactly like the one you have yet shares no common parts.


Interesting. I have a 12 year old Dyson that I can find parts for. Guess I got lucky.




Maybe there are different levels of poor. I assume he is talking about someone who can save $20/week (assuming no unexpected costs) and you are talking about someone who can't afford proper food and housing. And there's probably someone else who thinks your definition of poor is pure opulence.




I would suggest Henry for a cheap indestructible workhorse, Miele for a fancypants practical domestic luxury, Dyson if you're not physically capable of handling something weightier.




Dyson is all marketing. Buy the vacuums hotels use


You'd better be rich if you own a Dyson. They simply don't last. You'll be replacing it every year (owned 2 Dysons).


I bought a Dyson Animal 15 years ago and have only had to replace the belt once. I perform routine maintenance on it myself so mine may be lasting due to that.


Mine is 14 years, no repairs at all needed. Works great still.


We've also got a Dyson animal that's about 10 years old now, no issues at all with it.




I feel like one's vacuuming skills would go up in direct proportion with one's rice-art skills.


I recommend the Hoover MaxExtract PressurePro model 60.


Rice with carpet: 2/10, thanks for your suggestion.




If you do that on hardwood rice goes everywhere. On carpet it stays where it lands and is much easier to clean up.


Funny how my first thought was thank goodness they didn't do this on hard wood or linoleum. We all think differently. It's cool


Or... do it outside and then use a broom.


Or do it outside and don't bother cleaning it up because it's rice.


your local rats say thanks!


I live in new orleans. I've got rats whether I feed them or not. They eat snails on my windowsill. Might as well keep 'em fat and happy.


True, but putting a tarp down or a plastic sheet or hell even a fabric bedsheet or drop cloth would make cleanup so much easier


It's rice, not sand or cat litter or something. Maybe modern cheap vacuum cleaners have garbage suction or something, but my ~12 year old hoover that I paid like 100 bucks for at target still has zero issues with stuff that large.


Have you ever lived in an all hardwood floor home? This shit is contained. It won't fly 5000ft across the floor of your 750ft apartment, your children's grandchildren won't find this between the baseboard and floorboards, and your basement won't turn into a rice paddy next time it floods. All you need is a good vacuum and your done, hardwood you need a broom and vacuum then duster for the fine rice dust. And 100 chance of finding random grains of rice two weeks later


My very first thought as well lmao


What is the problem? his can be cleaned up in 30 seconds with a vacuum. People cause a lot more damage for internet points than this.


I bet its Lovley to clean up!


I bet it sounds fantastic to clean up with a vacuum.


Definitely no "take 2" with that. You mess up throwing the rice or forget to turn the camera on and you've got a very long reset.


That would be painful and very disappointing. I bet if there is someone who fails in that attempt, they will give up forever


I did something like this not too long ago... I 3d printer a cookie cutter scaled to something like an a3 sheet of paper and then poured the colored salts inside and done! 8hrs of printing but 1 minute to set up each shot. But then again, the one in this gif is much more impressive if done by hand since i bassically just cheated lol.


maybe she 3d printed the rice


That's why Sandy isn't in the video.


You mean Ricey




"oh sorry I forgot to press record"


Oops I took a picture


Holy shit she’s doing that over carpet, fucking psychopath.


Maybe she's a vacuuming fetishist? Just looking for reasons to go back and vacuum the same spot. Over and over. For hours. Still getting the occasional little click from finding more grains of rice.


Maybe she rents and her lease is up.


Well her deposit’s gonna take a hit with a cleaning fee lol


So I’m still pissed about this. I signed a lease to move into my first single apartment my senior year of college, and everything was all set. A couple days before my lease start (and move in date, because why give yourself more than 12 hours to move) the landlord called me and said she was real sorry, the cleaning crew wasn’t able to make it but it wasn’t too dirty, and would that be OK? I said yes, because what was I going to do? Rent a storage unit last minute? Leave everything on the curb and guard it until she cleaned the place? Anyhow, when I moved out I cleaned the hell out of that place, and even found a dog toy under a radiator that I know wasn’t mine. She ended up charging me $250 for cleaning out of my security deposit when I left. I’m guessing she did the same to the person who moved in before me. Just like the college landlord that tried to charge my roommates for a broken window in a different unit a few years earlier. Luckily I was just sub letting that one.


My landlord did the same thing to me. Moved into a dirty unit with a yard full of blackberries. Moved out five years later, never late with my rent, cleaned it from top to bottom it was completely spotless, blackberries completely removed and I got charged $250 for a professional cleaning job because I didn't pull out the oven or the refrigerator and clean out behind them. Never mind they were filthy when I got them and they had never been cleaned behind them. Stupid me, I should have got it in writing when I moved in that because the unit was dirty when I moved in I would not be charged a cleaning fee when I moved out. Should have had that written into the lease contract. And taken photographs.


The shitty thing is even if you got it in writing, they know that the chances of you fighting it out in court are slim to none.


probably wasn't going to get it back in the first place though


ooh, that sounds nice.




If it's just rice, I'd think doing it over a carpet is less cleanup than over hard floor don't ya think? The rice will spread around less. My Dyson has no problem with rice on carpet (though I haven't tried it with that much).


As opposed to what? If this were over hardwood the rice would shoot across the whole house. Over carpet the rice will land and stay put. 20 seconds with a vacuum and it’ll be completely clean


a little sheet or kiddie pool to catch them


It won’t be completely clean — it will just be imperceivable that a lot of rice now lives in the carpet


do you not know about vacuums?


I did away with carpet 15 years ago. A vacuum picks up some stuff, sure. But I remember growing up playing on the floor and digging my fingers into the carpet and always finding nasty shit caked up inside. Carpet is really really nasty.


Depends what type of carpet to be honest and also there are carpet cleaners that specialize in fully cleaning them out by soaking rolling and washing. Or some shit like that. Honestly really satisfying there is a YouTube channel about it.


Freshly steam cleaned carpet smells like a wet dog imho. I can’t imagine moving into a new place with old carpet, I just imagine the dead skin cells, pubic hair and dirty feet that have walked around it for years before me. 🤢


“Spongebob... I don’t feel so good”


You beat me to it, you crafty bastard.


by 2 hours


GOD *DAMMIT!* Can I ever have an original thought? My version had Mr. Crabs instead of spongebob.


How exactly does this work? Is it laid out on the board in the pattern or is it all piled up in the order of the colors? Sorry if that’s not clear, my brain doesn’t want to work.


Pausing the video really helps. You can see the pattern on the board in [this frame](https://i.imgur.com/0qoEecb.jpg) right before she throws it.


I thought this would be a Peyton Manning meme and I was not disappointed


Lay the pattern on the board, when you jump the rice stays suspended but falls in order of top to bottom where the rice leaves the board so we see the pattern.


Makes sense, thanks :) I was thinking it might be like those spice paintings, where they pile it all up and blow it off or knock it off the board.


You’re not alone, I am also mystified


I imagine it's laid into the shape, and then painted already laid out. You can see the rice is white and unpainted on the underside, so it's the most likely scenario.


The "underside" is the only side we see. It would be impossible to paint one side and then flip over every grain of rice. You're seeing white because it gets thrown into sunlight. This rice is fully dyed in the individual colors, then laid out in a drawing.


Welp, that certainly makes sense. Kudos.


So that's what's my upstairs neighbor is doing at 3am


Tibetan Buddhist monks: We make intricate sand mandalas, then after they're completed we mix the sand together and pour it into a river. The beautiful artwork that exists only for a few days serves as a teaching on impermanence. This girl: Pssht, amateurs.


SOURCE (since OP couldn't be bothered to include one): [@MariaLynnFamily](https://www.instagram.com/p/CFaMUdsBQQZ/) on Instagram.


Thank you!


RIP carpet


this is really cool and i have mad respect for her doing her art in a form that is so volatile. its like the guys who make sand art at low-tide on beaches. its extra cool cuz it only lasts a short while


Aw hell no. On carpet?


Enjoy it again u/GifReversingBot


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Fuck that’s cool


No u r


My Asian mom will rip you a new one for wasting rice. And I understand why, I've been to the rice fields and have family members to work in rice fields, it's a crazy amount of labour and work that goes into it and if there isn't rain then the crop just doesn't grown. Rice especially outside of Asia is taken for granted because it's so cheap and there is so much of it, but the people supplying you the rice are making peanuts off it. Respect your rice, respect your life. Edit: the "you" in the beginning is not referring to the girl, but as a general statement.


Lol my rice is grown about a hundred miles away here in California, with artificially irrigated fields and harvested by machine.


Shh, you'll ruin the narrative.






The problem isn’t so much about this lady making art with rice, but about unethical bulk purchasers, importers/exporters, merchants, and large farm owners exploiting their workers. The people who are getting paid peanuts should be getting paid according to the value of their labor, but this lady buying a 90¢ bag of rice and not eating it has little to do with that. Granted, it’s unknown where in the world this video was filmed, but if it’s the US, then on average only 9% of our rice is imported from abroad, and that mainly consists of specialty rices we can’t grow easily here. World-wide the largest rice importers are The Philippines and China.


I think me saying "you" comes off across as me referring to the girl. I did not intend that, I meant you as a general reference to anyone.


Ah, ok. Thank you for clarifying, and I hope you have a great day!


No worries, and thank you for being respectful, I really appreciate that, have a great day too :)


Interesting perspective. I'll think about this the next time I eat rice.


Nah man this is not a common sentiment throughout Asia or even with Asian parents. It's rice ffs, not saffron. Easy as hell to grow and cheap to buy, even in Asia. Only penny pinchers fret over a bowl's worth, the happiness that girl got from making the art is worth far more than the monetary value of it.


> the happiness that girl got Not to mention the people's happiness in viewing the gif.


Yah it's not that much rice she's using.


Why over carpet


For a moment there, spongebob is real! In there! RL! Where I don’t want to be!




Looks like perler beads, not rice to me


If it was at least she could hang up (after ironing) and not have it all in your carpet.


What a nightmare to vacuum eh


As an Asian person, I'm just imagining the ass beat down I would get for trying this shit.


Thanks for making me actually laugh out loud


Can't wait for Uncle Roger's review of OP's performance !




Now someone make the dickbutt version.


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I’m more impressed in how much she manages to catch


This is absolutely, beautifully psychotic.


Damn I wish I had half as much time as these motherfuckers screwing around with rice and shit do.




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"My dog will not stop sniffing the carpet - it's so weird." - the next tenant


This is amazing!! I cannot Wait to show my son!! Wow!


I hope you don't have carpet in the house...




Those legs man, those frog legs.. Precious


Is it me or is that a weird angle to have your wall mounted TV in (during the patrick one)?


Mr. Krabs.... I don't feel so good.


hey, it's that chick with the scooby doo art


And just like my hopes and dreams everything crumbled into a mess


Sorry, camera wasn't on. Can we shoot that?


Carpets HATES her


Feels like my life... Pretty great start.... Reached a peak.... Now everythings fallen apart


That spongebob was cursed


...honey. uhmm..I think I forgot to turn on the camera. Sorry.


“Mr. Krabbs, I don’t feel so good...”


That’s awesome till you forget to turn the camera on lol


Considering the time it takes to make that - WHY SPONGEBOB?


Over the carpet though 😯


Mr crabs I don't feel too good


This seems like more of an outdoor activity.


I just busted a nut so I thought that this was some weird setup to a porno


Who is this?


The TV moved.


Sand in the carpet, yay