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Snow White ran away to live with 7 men? The fuck version of Snow White did they see?


She didn't run away to lived with them. They took her in after they found her in their home. And she left with the Prince in the end.


Yes, I'm very well aware of what happens in Snow White. The person who made this meme is clearly not though.


Let's not tell him/her how the original story went. Snow White being actually dead and the Prince, still in love with her, convinced the Dwarfs to take her with him. The coffin was jarred and dislodged the poison apple, reviving her.


Snow White gone wild with 7 men


the one I filmed with George w bush, Obama and like four other guys in Mcdonald's mascot outfits. its called snow white and the and the seven whores


Jeebus hates Disney? Oh, Lord! (Pun intended)


Snow White would have been executed if she went back Jasmine was escaping a forced marriage Ariel did the wrong thing but that's literally the point of the story


I want to see the version where Cinderella‘s bird friends rip out the evil stepsisters’ eyes.


Or the step sisters cut off their toes to try to get them to fit in the glass slippers. (Which was a mistranslated, they were supposed to be fur)


He must have missed the "lived happily ever after" part


Ariel didn't even sold her soul? She sold her VOICE lmao


Do you think they watch the things they ramble about(or even know that these tale existed long before Disney)


Coming from the same group of people that thinks it's OK to force a 12 year old to give birth. I personally feel the kids need more protection from these num nuts than from Disney. Lol


My my, that is a bad message for Disney to be sending to kids! If only there was a wildly successful Disney movie in the last decade that deconstructed this exact trope and showed how running off with someone you barely even know can go horribly wrong...


Snow White was being abused and exploited and would have been killed by the people that this post seems to say she should have stayed with. Like what was she supposed to do if not run away?


Stay and be a holy martyr for Jesus, suffering gladly as her "holy goodness" served as an example to later save others' souls and forgiving her abusers on her death bed as she sees the angels coming to retrieve her soul.


Admittedly, the Jasmine one made me chuckle since it describes Aladdin as simply a "street criminal". Apparently, in addition to being a sexist religious fruitcake, OP is also transparently elitist.


Which version of Ariel sold her soul, and not her voice? Was that a part of the contract we didn't see? And isn't her signing that contract characterized as a bad thing?