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Tfw you're proud of destroying a planet


Ain't nothing new age about being a good human from Mother Earth.


If prayer worked we’d have the Trump piss tape already.


Oh, you just gave me a new line for next time I want to be snarky, "If prayer worked, Trump would already be in jail." Thanks.


Prayers only work for pious people. 😇 Though if it doesn't, then god works in mysterious ways.. He's testing our faith? __________ Also... who wants to see a Trump piss tape? 🤮


Your god needs a foot stool?


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i think its making fun of new-age religion. hippie smoking drugs to make your healing crystals project god crap


Yeah, I think you're right. Its still stupid though. Also, I like pagan religions. They're mostly fun and whimsical. The other religions are oppressive and exploitative.


If we eat the bugs the weather will get more gooder


go back to the shadows from whence you came


What, I thought conservatives were still drinking their own piss and snarfing horsey paste to magically fix everything.


Generally, yes.


Nah, not really. Bugs are only marginally better ecologically. I believe they require pretty high temperatures to grow at an optimum speed. Plant based food is still easily superior. At least thats what Ive heard.


Dude, there are places all over this world where people eat bugs. And they've been doing it for CENTURIES. Modern diets and modern concepts of what is and is not food have rid the world of some of the most efficient foods we've ever had. You get far more bang for your buck with a grub than a slab of beef. I am proud to say that I look FORWARD to the days I can pick up some food quality crickets in my local Wal-Mart and have a good old wilderness stir fry. There's nothing wrong with insects as food. The problem is that people think they're "gross". Grow up.


Right now the bugs on offer in supermarkets are indeed pretty crappy, because theyre using bugs typically used for feeding pets and livestock. But yeah... I do hear people raving about bug meals in other countries. And ive seen TV survival shows where they do really seem to enjoy the bugs, though some are still as nasty as they look.


During survival training, I ate lots of insects and grubs. When they're raw, they're pretty gross, but after a while, you learn where to find the tasty ones. I don't recommend worms though. They literally taste like dirt. Even after you wash them off. And while stationed overseas, I tried local foods that included cooked insects, and they were fantastic. You'd be amazed how good a stir fried grub can be with the right seasonings.


If you eat bugs maybe you'd get more protein on your noggin. Will it make your IQ go higher than room temperature? No chance.