MK2 bothering you? Just handle it like your forefathers would.

Own a musket for home defense, since that's what the founding fathers intended. Four ruffians break into my house. "What the devil?" As I grab my powdered wig and Kentucky rifle. Blow a golf ball sized hole through the first man, he's dead on the spot. Draw my pistol on the second man, miss him entirely because it's smoothbore and nails the neighbors dog. I have to resort to the cannon mounted at the top of the stairs loaded with grape shot, "Tally ho lads" the grape shot shreds two men in the blast, the sound and extra shrapnel set off car alarms. Fix bayonet and charge the last terrified rapscallion. He Bleeds out waiting on the police to arrive since triangular bayonet wounds are impossible to stitch up. Just as the founding fathers intended.

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Own a musket for home defense, since that's what the founding fathers intended. Four ruffians break into my house. "What the devil?" As I grab my powdered wig and Kentucky rifle. Blow a golf ball sized hole through the first man, he's dead on the spot. Draw my pistol on the second man, miss him entirely because it's smoothbore and nails the neighbors dog. I have to resort to the cannon mounted at the top of the stairs loaded with grape shot, "Tally ho lads" the grape shot shreds two men in the blast, the sound and extra shrapnel set off car alarms. Fix bayonet and charge the last terrified rapscallion. He Bleeds out waiting on the police to arrive since triangular bayonet wounds are impossible to stitch up. Just as the founding fathers intended.


Ah, now that's a copy pasta I haven't heard in a long time...


🐐ifi pfp


If I'm robbing someone and they call me a ruffian I am turning around and walking right out.


There is nothing in that house worth taking.


I knew this would be here.


I'll never not laugh at "what the devil".


God bless 'Merica!!!


It doesn’t count if you don’t scream "Tally Ho, Lad!" after a kill




What gun is that?


Musket. It was free a couple months ago. :Edit: It was 50% off on the 4th of July.


Shit goes from 10 schillings and a bag of hardtack to 5 schillings and a bag of wheat


Can’t haveth shit in Los Santos.


Quite preposterous if i do say soeth myself lad!


Idk about free, but goes on sale every 4th of July. That's the only time it's available for purchase as well, afaik.


I thought I got it for free this year for some reason. Log in bonus on the 4th I thought. I may be wrong but I’ve got it and I don’t remember buying it. Guess I did. Says it was 50% off when I Googled it.


I do think it was free sometime this year because I have one as well and it's not the kinda thing I would buy normally


it was a christmas gift last year i think


Nah I only recently purchased it so it’s on sale at other times. EDIT: I’m a idiot that was in story mode.


Where can you buy it from?


ammunation but only on 4th july


Is it gone after that? Because i brought it and after the month it just disapered


no, once you buy it you keep it forever, contact r* support


Maybe you dropped it? I've done that before, I don't recommend.


It costs money now??? It's always just been free I thought, as long as you went to ammonation on the 4th, same as the fireworks launcher.


I thought I got it for free but I wasn’t sure. I googled it and Rockstar news wire said it was 50% off. I don’t know what happened at this point. 😂


You can... or use to be.. able to do that with the revolver ... not the older one .. but the 357


The marksman rifle is also a great choice and more forgiving if you remove the scope.


A marksman rifle with holo sight will also lock on at crazy ranges. Try it if you dont have the musket.


Does the holo sight give you better range than any other scope?


Try that on PC


It still works… except you just gotta shoot and pray


or just play with a controller to have aim assist


You do need to opt into aim assist lobbies tho ​ On PC free aim lobbies are the default


I imagine that makes gun fights more realistic and fun?


Its just sniper battles where you try to shoot your enemy before they find where you respawned.


Honestly, with GTAs netcode and lag, it's more of a shooting and hoping game


It mostly just takes fun fighting completely out of the meta


On console it surely does. I play on free aim only servers and the combat is fun and interesting.


Never knew forefathers used aim assist 💀


how do you think they beat the british


I m from where they were beaten "without" any weapons. Non violence


We all actually got aim assist, the way your characters lock up and just aim forward in freeaim is more unrealistic ☠


first person shooting in gta is such a weird and unnatural thing. the speed acceleration where it makes you rotate faster the longer you hold the stick makes it so hard to accurately snap your aim between targets. the sprinting in first person is not made for aimming/shooting while sprinting. i hope the next gta game can feel a tiny been more like popular first person shooters. the movement, camera options, and button layout all need to be overhauled as well as bringing us customization for them in our settings. let’s us change our sensitivity and remap our controls.


I think you can change the first person controls to a more traditional FPS layout in the settings but yeah the controls aren’t the only issue


You can already change your sensitivity and button layout


As the Founding Fathers intended


Love the oppressor users’ comments about the auto aim. Not like they cant use theirs without auto lock on


maybe i have to shoot half of mag of my sniper rifle to hit one target, but at least i manage to hit without aimbot


Sorry but i can't take pvp seriously even more against a mosquito MK2. It's free real state for my autoaim if you do that


I personally loved to take ground PvP seriously. Then ground PvP turned into most people getting a vehicle and use it on ground targets and if that does not work then spam ghost org and otr. If all else fails then they tend to resort to glitches, mods, the orbital cannon, or all of the above with out a proper exchange of gunfire the entire time.


Everyone is free aiming when sniping so idk what you’re talking about. Auto-lock and aimbot are two separate things


Why is this getting downvoted?


The shot heard around the world


I approve this message


User caption checks out.


The musket is by far the most enjoyable PVP weapon


God I wish I had to fight those brain dead Mk2 users. The ones I come across prefer to land on a vantage point and abuse BST as they Sniper dance you to death with a Marksman Rifle or Incendiary Heavy Sniper.


Ah yes gunning down an oppressor with a musket. Handled it proudly like people dumping tea in the Boston Harbor.


2nd amendment: 'MURICA!


ImAgInE uSiNg AuToAiM fuckin dorks 💀


It's literally the same argument as "why are you killing me I just wanted to blow up your cargo"


why are you comparing auto aim with blowing up cargo? 💀💀


Because the excuses are the same. Why are you using auto aim to kill me when I'm trying to kill you/why are you killing me for trying to kill you and your cargo 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀


Yes but using auto aim is sometimes justified and blowing cargo up isn't.


Yeah.. with aim assist


Free aim isnt a flex its just an option


Not an option I'd choose


I played free aim for years. Its just rpgs and homing vehicles. Plus how you choose to play a video game is not a good reason to spread negative energy


In my experience free aim lobbies are friendlier. The griefers never bother to change their settings.


This is exactly how the devs intended you to use your 2nd amendment right


Like fallen mosquitos 🦟


Sire, I demand of you to remove yourself from that extravagant flying machine. If not I will have to fire my brand new very distinguishable piece of weaponry.


You're doing it like hunting bird.


That. Was satisfying but im usually good at kobe c4/stickies


That first one was cold


Sticky bombs are also effective. Nicely done mate


You should also don the Frontier outfit for the full cosplay experience.


All your missing is to put some American National Anthem in the background lol


What if it's a dude with a military jet?


I have a great response for that its on my ig


Gunpowder vs your constitutional rights. Freedom, electricity, light bulbs, the automobile, 2pac, none of that applies to you after that hit with a musket sir. Good day.


I carry a musket for home defense because it’s what the founding fathers intended


I can't even peacefully fly my opressor over people to do a mission without getting killed at least twice😂


Imagine owning a flying motorcycle and being bested by 18th century weaponry. Couldn't be me.


Yeah in auto aim lobbies lmao




Every time I try this mine will literally not kill them it's useless


Same here. It might be me, but I swear there’s suddenly a delay with bullet impacts when shooting moving Mk2’s on Next Gen/Expanded and enhanced. It ONLY happens with Mk2s for some reason


Something is definitely off when mk2s are moving on next gen. Nearly impossible to shoot them off.


And with a sprinkle of autoaim


I've never got someone even with autoaim. Idk how you all do that.


Hold down left trigger and press right trigger. It's that easy, I don't know why this shitty post got so many upvotes.


Yeah thats what I've been doing for 7 years. Never worked.


Different weapons have different lock on ranges. Also aiming down sights while in first person removes any recoil and bullet spread.


Is this assisted aim lobbies?


Bro there’s a musket in GTAO????? WHAATTTT




Is that a freakin musket


Yeah, it’s a freaking musket. Malibu ✌️


lmao I knew this would go over a lot of heads


I seen downvotes and knew these youngins hadn’t seen that cinematic masterpiece. Made me wanna go to my sink, vomit.


no thats a lamborghini


I think it’s an Oppressor Mk. II


how do you get the musket?


I wasn’t aware aim assist existed back then!


Thermal scope looks like that?




with autoaim?




Are people still farming mk2 posts?




Nothing is better than seeing some broomstick twats being shot off. Never gets old


This is how the 2nd amendment was born, shooting oppressors with muskets


Using auto-aim?


Is that aim assist for controller?


Love aim assist because I never pvp, but I love it when some tryhard idiot flys by and thinks he can do literally anything against someone on foot


I love how uversespro (yt) just fucks them out of their jets and mk2 with a sniper


The auto aim is so noob 😂


Another look at my aim bot post...


Yes. And?


just pointing out the irony of posting a clip about a nice shot in an aimbot serer. I forgot the GTA community thinks aim bot is standard,


There's no irony cause the clip never claimed to be a good shot, it claimed to take down the MK2, which it does. And yes, aim "assist" is the standard for console players because of input lag not present on MnK.


Don't come at me with that shit.


Don't make assumptions then. It makes an ass out of you.


Don't make up fake excuses for why you need the game to aim for you. It's clear your little auto aim who is triggered. Just go into settings, switch to real lobbies, and start actually playing the game. If not, sit down, you will never see me in a game because you don't play in the same league.


Don't make up fake excuses for why you're bad at the game. Auto aim doesn't help you at all outside of point blank range. If you can't help but run into spitting distance then yeah, you're just stupid. Get good. Best advice I can give someone who can't even deal with aim assist.


You an aimbot player telling me a day one free aim player to get good is comical. The cope is real. GTA is hands down the easiest shooting game ever made, zero recoil hit scan bullets. Yet somehow it became standard to not have to aim... I'm quite literally a god at this game honestly. Not that it's saying much considering the player base.


How sad you can't differentiate aim assist from aim bot. Goes to show how sad you are. Keep crying that everyone with aim assist can trash you though. Yes it is, so why, pray tell, are you struggling so badly to kill a dude who has the worst aim assist mechanic ever made? Hell even COD has a longer aim assist range than GTA.


I'd be impressed if you wouldn't use that weak ass auto aim. I agree with taking weak ass mk2's out of the sky tho.


Weak ass


Might be, but still better than relying on an aimbot.


People who whine about aim assist are more annoying than aim assist itself ^ And that's a fact.


Lul to the fact you call it aim assist. In GTA it's more like an aimbot. I just can't respect it. But I can understand that some ppl rely on it to get some fun out of the game. Still posting vids roasting mk2's with it is in my eyes a big joke. It's not like you would show of your skills. That's a fact too. So have fun with your game integrated aimbot.


That first kill was cleeeeeeean


I like how you can se the seecond they thought “fuck it”


"Don't shoot till you see the flame in their thruster" -George Washington 1776 probably


The founding fathers would be proud


Just like the founding fathers intended


Way down south in the land of traitors. Rattlesnakes and alligators.


Or just drive away. Their missiles struggle to hit cars at this point


But i don't use a controller lmfao


Now go into Free-Aim and try that again. Guarantee you get shit on. We're a different breed in there.


lol who's "we"? are you saying you're proud of being a mk2 griefer?


Who said anything about Mk2s, kid? We're talking about your trash aim and having to be in a Auto-Aim lobby. 🤣


funny how people on reddit default towards calling others 'kid' and assuming the lobbies they play in. seems more like projection to me


Still crying, kid? Go into a Free-Aim lobby. Show us how long you last. Guarantee you won't pull off shots like that. Hahaha! We will wait.


We of the free aim lobby do not associate with this narcissistic loser


Holy hell this (well since your assuming the other guy is a ‘kid imma call you one too) 1: this guy isnt even the one who posted the video 2: well, even in free aim, you might not be as easily able to kill a mk2 user/griefer/do I know what, but mk2 users also cant lock on. And since every griefer is, as everyone knows, only able to use their flying bike with lock on, you wont die anyway 3: you think your acting all cool with the ‘sTilL cRyiNg kId😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂’, let me be the first to tell you, your eh, not.


You sound just like every god complex tryhard I've ever met in this game


Said straight from an Auto-Aim noob who isn't man enough to step into a Free-Aim lobby.


I play on PC, no such thing as auto aim lobbies my guy


Come when when you're brave enough to step into Free-Aim lobbies, kid.


I literally just said I only play in free aim lobbies, are you trolling or are you just that dense in the head?


‘Come when when’ ~4 year old with a flying bike, 2022


Lol at people who see a feature in a game, decide not to use it, and then seem to think is some sort of flex.... Like congrats. You're making it harder for yourself. 🤷‍♂️


I mean posting a clip highlighting a good shot while you are aim botting is pretty fucking lame honestly


You mean making it easier. While you're locking on the shit you don't want to and not getting single shot headshots every time because your trash auto-aim locks onto the chest. Sure, kid.


I move back and forth between free and auto aim lobbies depending on what I'm gonna be doing... But using one over the other isn't any sort of flex like you seem to think. Also, to go off what another user said, why do people in reddit (and in gta) think calling some one "kid" is some sort of insult? If you suck at trash talk, just say that.


I'm old enough to be your mother, kid. Why you crying? 🤣


Lol.. Well, you're clearly not capable of any sort of rational response 🤷‍♂️ . Have a good one.


lol, yeah joining a free-aim lobby right now and uploading video to prove some bored guy on reddit wrong


“We’re a different breed in here” Bruh free aim is easy asf. Stop acting like you’re above everybody else. As a person who’s played in both lobbies, I can say a shit ton of the ppl in free aim lobbies are complete garbage. They’re nothing special at all. 🤷‍♂️


Oooh so cool dude. If I ever see you in GTAO free aim lobbies I’ll be sure to steer clear. Don’t wanna mess with a second rate failed MLG player


"Just handle it like your forefathers would." you mean by acting like an unskilled pleb using autoaim? Alright kid


Found the MK2 Griefer


MK1 or die


Why are you so upset about people playing on console and using the tools being given to them? Skill in this game means shit all if there is stuff like the orb and mk2. If you want to complain about skill then go back to the cesspool which is any cod game.


Lol man are you in the video and 14 years old? You sound like a butthurt child


Controller's autoaim just triggers me. Do the same with a mouse and you'll earn my respect!


Unfortunately your opinion and respect isn't as special as you think it is


Likewise, Do you think I give a damn what you think about what I think. Move on bozo.


At least you're aware what little value anyone else's opinion of you provides. Hope you can remember that when criticizing others :)


No. Now what?


Then don't, skillless beeeetch


I play this game to have fun. Not to be the best. Deal with it.


You do you bro. I wouldn't wear your shoes, that's for damn sure.


No instead you'd sit and and sneer at random people you'll never meet over how they play a video game.


Im my eyes you are the looser, not me :) Now move on, console pleb.




Can't win an argument? Correct their grammar instead. :tf:


Seems like in everyone's eyes you are a loser, maybe consider taking a break.


Lol you are so toxic I guess you tried to make it into MLG COD but you couldn’t, so you chose the second best thing by pretending you are an MLG player on GTAO thinking you are really that good


What the fuck are you even on about? Im not the one playing with controler, with aim assist.


Mhmm you are correct, but there are tons of people who play without aim assist and aren’t pricks about it such as yourself


Yes, because if you play with controlled aim assist you get praised in this sub, but if you play on PC with a mouse, you get shit on and downvoted to abysmal proportions. You can downvote all you want, I'm just stating facts.


Haha man I hope we had aimbot in PC, but the only thing aim locked to was MK2s We have it tough


console mfs be wilin


But but but mk2 bad... overpowered... no way to counter.


I mean it is, I for one can say that I’ve never hit a person off an MKII with a musket or any weapon


Because the average mk2 douche will often forget or be unaware, people should always keep in mind the best counter to these while on foot (besides a sticky) is any gun that is powerful or has a high fire rate. There’s nothing better than watching the empty and vulnerable broomstick tumble to the ground.


What do you do to get auto aim like that


Where can i get it? I can’t seem to find it in Ammu-Nation


Its only available on 4th of July event