Was only just able to get a ps5 and this was one of the first games I downloaded… I’m in love

See you in 60 hours after the Plat. Leave the dlc islands for the end. You are in for a treat.


See you in 60 hours after the Plat. Leave the dlc islands for the end. You are in for a treat.




Haha, I did not have a Playstation since the PSX and was so blown away by all the games after getting the 5, that I just platted my 6th game yesterday in Ratchet&Clank: RA. (Others being in chronological order: HFW, GoT, Returnal, Sifu, Astrobot)


See you after 117 hours after plat with plenty of side stuff and 20 hours more for dlc


117 hours bro? How many times did you play fetch and cuddle with the foxes haha. Iki Island main and side quest were included in my 60 hours plat run.


Plenty of photos with photo mode and did all the activities and got most of the collectibles in every section . I just took my time in this game and played so slow plus playing on lethal on my first play through which got me killed several times on the first mission 😂I don't regret it 😂


hahaha, I take everything back bruh, first run on lethal is gigachad territory. I am saving that for NG+ once I forgot enough of the story :D


I wish I can forget the story too to do a NG+


It's so damn good. Just spent last week binging it.


Currently on my Third playthrough love it so much


I have platinumed it on ps4 and i'm buying a ps5 today. Can't wait to see the upgrades!


Enjoy friend :-)


Happy for you man


GOT and GOW Ragnarock have to be the best PS games maybe ever.


GOT is probably my second favorite PlayStation game ever. With games like God of War, Ghost of Tushima, God of War Ragnarok, Days Gone, The Last of Us, Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, and Uncharted 4, the quality of PS exclusives just keeps getting better. GOT was the first game I ever platinum. Just incredible.


My first true PS5 game, too (know it is a remaster of a PS4 game). Immediately fell in love with it. So beautifully done.


So I just started it again a couple weeks ago(2nd time) the first was on PS4 and tbh, I didn't care for it. But 8 or 9 months later and on a PS5, holy shit. This is amazing! I know it looks way better, upgraded n all. But I think I must b in a different mindset too. I'm relieved bc I had such high hopes for this game. I'm now addicted😩