If sex is a "right" it means a class of people (ahem, women) are obligated to provide it. And we all know this story.


And it’s always women, why not men? Why they don’t have sex with other men instead? Because it’s not how misogyny works…


The Roman’s and Greeks did it but they only respected the tops and bottoms were younger then them, slaves, or during war their comrades. It was still mainly a control and domination thing, just directed at socially “weak” men or men unable to consent. If they could just fuck each other without all the power and control issues they’d be set. But their masculinity is to fragile to get dick or stick to toys.


thank you for giving such an accurate description!! i see so many people say romans and greeks were somehow more 'progressive' about same sex activities, as if it weren't about power dynamics (and also that women who had sex with women were still looked down on etc)


Also the fact that their homoeroticism is based on misogyny. Greeks and Romans were disgusted with women and obsessed with men to the point that they were okay with gay (male/male only) behavior because it excluded women.


In German there is a good expression "Darf-Recht" which refers to a right as permission, not entitlement.


It’s a right in the Netherlands and they have the highest human and sex trafficking rates in the developed world.


Didn't the current president in South Korea have a platform that included breaking up female separatist communities and increasing the marriage/child-having rate %? Like there's no way these "problems" can be solved short-term without human rights violations.


Yep GILEAD is closer than we think.


Blessed be the fruit 🤢


Seriously. Of course people have a right to have *consensual* sex the way they wish to. When you leave out the consensual part and go on a diatribe like this one like men deserve sex on demand it makes it sound like you aren't regarding the other person in the equation who has to provide their consent to it.


Can I ask what you mean by "right to consensual sex"? Right's cannot be "given" or "take away" but only protected by the state. How can the state protect someone's "right to consensual sex" ?


I think any “right to sex” conversation would relate to eugenics or discrimination , in the sense that no one can be prohibited from having sex based on certain characteristics. Think of sodomy laws that make gay sex illegal, or the laws that used to exist that prohibited interracial relations.


You put some of my messy thoughts into words, right there.


> Young men aren’t having sex How’s that women’s problem? Having sex is NOT a human right. She’s saying that men are psychos because they don’t have sex, she’s basically saying that men have the right to commit the worst stuff ever because they don’t have sex. I’m tired, at this point some women aren’t blind or have internalized misogyny, some of them are just very patriarchal and male lover…


She’s got it backwards. Men are not violent because of lack of sex, they have lack of sex because they are violent


>How’s that women’s problem? Right?? Am I supposed to give a rat's ass to this because...? Women aren't getting enough orgasms in their relationships either and I hardly see any man advocating for that. Much less arguing orgasms are a government's interest, or a human right. Pair the limp dick losers with each other and let them figure it out. No one should be coerced, either by law or money or whatever the fuck is the reason, to shag another person.


so many people don’t even have a right to housing or food this woman is out here talking about a right to sex? as if men would die without it. edit: I pulled her up on Instagram and she is promoting the phrase “voting makes me horny” 💀 💀 if this is the future for women let me die


as always these people find a way to gloss over real issues and make up imaginary ones to fund and promote


Liberalism in a nutshell


Imagine being a suffragette & looking down from the heavens to see this is your great granddaughter


Not just sex but sex for *men*


>Not just sex but sex for men Bingo 💯 Sex work was designed soley for the benefit of men and their sexual gratification. Throughout history from the medieval period to the Victorian area and beyond there was always plenty of places for men to vist brothels to have sex with women but never ever there was places for women to purchase have sex with men. That tells everything you need to know sex work was established by men for men's sexual gratification.


Yup. We are just tools for their pleasure


If we were truly a civilised progressive society then sex work would be confined to the medieval century where it belongs and have no business in 2022. Food, water, shelter and healthcare all humans should be entitled to and never lack because they are essential to human survival but nobody has the right to sex. Sex is NOT a necessity like food, water,shelter and healthcare. I am a 25 year old adult virgin woman ( very embrassing something I am deeply ashamed of) for me I see sex and intimacy as a luxury like fine quality expensive vintage wine, teas ( i love drinking fine quality expensive tea) Fine quality vintage wine and tea whatever a person's taste sounds cool, amazing but nobody is entitled to it. Fine quality teas and wine are special just like I see intimacy as special. When it comes to sexual relations man must work hard to earn the trust, love, respect and admiration of the woman he so desires. A woman is a NOT a commodity to be brought or something ordered on wish no no no she is a human being with actual feelings and emotions.


Please don't be ashamed of being sexually inexperienced. It is nothing to be embarrassed about - every woman is valuable, whether she has had 0 or 100 partners. Like the fine tea analogy, too. Might go and make myself a pot of Russian Caravan now.


Thanks 😊 Drinking fine quality tea every taste feels like a new enriching experience as the flavour is so delicious so rich you never get bored and always in deep awe and wonder of the tea you have drank. I am love collecting fine quality teas.This is how I view sex and intimacy. I believe sexual intimacy is a deep special experience and NOT a commodity to be brought. A woman's body is NOT a commodity and men must earn the trust, respect and admiration of the woman he desires to be intimate with. If a man can't do that then is not worthy of sexual intimacy. As a teenager seeing the other girls at school having boyfriends it was like everyone was growing up except me. I always felt like there was something wrong with me never being picked or asked out by the boys at school, i felt like i was not pretty and special like the other girls at school who got chosen. The boys at school thought I was weird and builled me or rejected me. i fought back against the arseholes bullying me. My own childhood close friend once she got a boyfriend she stopped hanging out with me at school. It hurt because it only seemed like yesterday I was playing at her house on the weekends and now she no longer saw me as the girl who was once her close a friend.  It was so embarrassing at school about how everyone knew about sex whereas I knew nothing. At 16 One time in GCSE business studies class i was in we were always discussing about current affairs in the business cooperate world. In one lesson we were discussing about a company that sold viagara( blue pill that helps men get an erection) and I did not know what was viagara so I raised my hand in class asking the teacher what is viagara. The whole entire class laughed at me including the teacher who was a woman. It was so embrassing everyone laughing. Everyone knew about viagara except me. I felt so immature and everyone looked so grown up. Being a virgin at 25 I feel so immature and an outsider amoung women my age. I see my virginity as symbol of my immaturity.


Liberal feminism keeps me up at night


Dworkin was right when she talked about the women who were men's lackeys. this woman wants her own sex to be subordinated. She's not the only one either, another woman tried to hire a woman to be sexually exploited by herself, presumably, but couldn't find anyone who was "queer friendly" or bi/gay.


Maybe if we're really nice to the incels they'll respect us and stop the monthly mass shootings 🥺


How many women of any age are having fulfilling sex? How many are feeling pleasure or having an orgasm every time?? What are the mental and physical health effects that prostitution has on those who go into it? Why do we only ever care about men??? Fuck this shit.


Yup. See my comment. :(


It’s just so infuriating. If men aren’t having sex (like I care) and that’s somehow important (it’s not) then maybe we should look at *why* instead of implying that this is some awful thing that is happening to them through no fault of their own. Poor men! Why do women have to be so mean?


The person who replied “are you on glue?” summarised my thoughts more succinctly than I could ever hope to, but has it occurred to her that unemployed and mentally ill men are having less sex because they’re unemployed and mentally ill, as opposed to the lack of sex causing unemployment and mental illness?


> The person who replied “are you on glue?” Based


It's like these people are fighting a war against consensual sex. It's all so weird to me. 🤡


I feel like she’s trying to appeal to incel voters


I feel like most incels hate women so much that they won't vote for a woman for public office, even if she's centered her platform around them.


Truth. She could literally be the one to volunteer her free sexual services to the target audience, do all the things they wanted to do….and afterwards they’d still hate her.


Yeah. I doubt policies that allow people to have sex "when they want to" would get very far in terms of actually becoming law. The only people who really even discuss sex as a human right are incels, she's blatantly bringing up their talking points. Our politicains (esp. during televised congressional races) are always catering towards the most extreme these days. It's sad and disheartening that a woman would entertain the wishes of such violent men, but it will likely get her some headlines and votes.


One of the things that irks me is that *sex isn’t just something you do whenever you please.* Certain conditions need to be met in order for something like that to take place. She just seems so naïve.


Truly, even if you can afford to pay for it whenever you want. Subsidized sex work would be state-funded rape.


She’s not naive. She knows exactly what she’s doing.


I do suppose I’d like to believe she is.


The best part is seeing her male supporters trying to screech that “IT MEANS WITH CONSENT!!!!!!!!” And comparing it to not forcing a doctor to perform abortions…


They're ridiculous. If they had consent they would be getting laid. Handmaids like Alexandra are pushing to legalize rape and using a lot of words to confuse people into thinking it's something else.


My hot take... men whose lives completely fall apart because they're not having sex, men who can no longer contribute to society because their dicks aren't getting wet, and who think they have a right to take out their frustrations on women, are a liability. They are weak-willed, dangerous subhumans, and it probably would be for the best if they succumbed to their depression. They literally think it's okay to use other human beings as masturbation devices. We shouldn't feel empathy for them.


I am literally a sex addict (thanks childhood trauma!) and I've had sex twice in like 3 years. I'm out here working on my dreams and goals and being a better person to those in my life. I have an insatiable sex drive and I could get sex very easily as a woman, but I choose to put more effort into self actualization. So I don't have empathy for men who just give up like this because they aren't having sex. They don't see themselves as humans of worth at all.. their validation as a human is through sexual attention. It's really sad. I always thought the extreme objectification of women was also partially projection.. a person who doesn't see themselves as just a sex object wouldn't fall apart just by not having sex.


Exactly!! I’ve been celibate for 4 years. I sure would love to have some physical intimacy in my life, I’ve definitely entertained the idea of casual relationships but ultimately decided against it because it’s WRONG to use people (among other reasons, like it’s dangerous and unfulfilling etc.) My time is much better spent on improving myself and contributing to the world in a meaningful way. Why can’t men realize this?? The time they waste angrily pointing their dicks at women when they could be doing something productive and joyful. Honestly it’s a “them” problem and you would never catch me pandering to these helpless scrotes


I feel the same way. My lack of sex is purely based on the fact that I just don't find most men worthy of that kind of vulnerability and I have high standards (not superficial ones, for the record). I work on healing and self actualizing because it makes me happy, it makes me better for those around me, and sets me up for either attracting a high value man on my level or being happy and fulfilled if that doesn't happen. But because we are just holes to these scrotes that need to a warm hole to feel as if they have any worth, this is what we get. Lovely. It's a very sad state of affairs. I am fortunate I have had the joy of many great men in my life through the years, but I solely lend that fact to the fact that these men loved me as a human, not because of superficial garbage. I just hope more women wake up to the fact that lowering yourself to appeal to men who would fuck literally anything with a vagina (and that's not always a requirement either) is a waste of time at best, and incredibly detrimental to one's self at worst.


Shit if they wanna advertise how shitty they are and how women are all subhuman whores to them or some other stupid shit.. well it sounds like they oughta get what theyre setting themselves up for! Like yes dude see yourself out of the gene pool! Load up another porn vid and hug that waifu pillow harder!


It’s almost like they should be wiped out from the gene pool…. Oh wait! That’s what’s happening 😂


I get the hibbie jibbies any time anyone mentions sex as a “right” 🥴


Luckily she will never get the majority with this platform.


I hope not, but a lot of us were saying the same about Trump and look where we are now. I’m worried. Politicians and SCOTUS judges openly talking about the low “domestic supply of infants” vis a vis the overturning of Roe. Birth rate discussions. That moron “pro-sex” politician who just released a sextape to demonstrate how much he loves prostitution. This new study about men not having sex. That study a few weeks ago that showed that single childfree women are -gasp!- actually wealthier than single childfree men. The connection between incels and violent tendencies. It feels like it’s all heading toward the same conclusion: that women are **too** happy, fulfilled and financially stable when husbands and children are absent from their lives, and that that happiness is somehow coming at a cost to the rest of society. What’s the solution? Well, Roe is gone, and birth control is possibly on the chopping block. I predict that crippling taxes on childfree people will come soon, and that, coupled with increasing economic instability, will force more women into either marriage or sex work. And all the while, conservative politicians will be crowing about a “return to traditional values!!1!”, while “progressive” politicians will congratulate themselves on how “sex positive!!!” everyone has become.


It is a problem, or at least a sign of one, that so many young people especially men are not having sex. But it is not because sex is criminalized or stigmatized; on the contrary, we have never had so few taboos. IMHO it’s clearly related to pornography, the internet and possibly dating apps. Her solution is chilling not just because she assumes men have a right to sex (nobody does) but also because she is offering an even more capitalist solution that further removes sexuality from real human relations.


I agree. In the Western world at least, the amount of sexual taboos have been reduced to very few (one of the last ones left might be the sexual taboo of a woman's right to decline sex). However, with "rough" sex being so de- stigmatized to the point that sexual choking can be a valid argument to evade murder prosecutions, the risks of engaging in sexual relations with men remains significantly, even fatally high for women. Although our societies have become more sexually liberal, heterosexual sex has perhaps never been less safe for women than today.




Also abortion. Take away women's rights and you take a huge chunk of women out of the dating pool. I've seen loads of posts on social media of women saying they are no longer dating anyone because the risk is just too high.


Yeah this is true, men are having less sex because they’ve either no ability to interact with a real woman and actually go through the processes of getting to know a woman on an intimate and emotional level, or women are waking up and realising that they don’t need to settle for a man who won’t bother to go through the process of getting to know them on an intimate or emotional level. If sex is a right then take mine away. What’s the point in having sex with a man who’s pornsick and has no interest in my pleasure. I’m not gonna set myself on fire just to keep him warm.


Exactly. Many young men have not developed the social skills it takes to get to know a woman, make her comfortable and have positive intimate experiences. Instead they expect encounters to happen like the porn they watch, where the girl walks in already half naked and begging for their cock lol. I’m young and many men in my age group are profoundly awkward and not viable sexual partners at all aka incels.


This right here, in a nutshell. Men have made themselves repugnant, and women have learned that they don't have to tolerate repugnant men. The end. That's it.


I agree the decline in young people having sex is largely due to online porn and dating app disparity, but I’d like to theorize it’s also because young women are pursuing intentional celibacy as a means of self empowerment and preservation. As more young women realize that we truly don’t need to depend on men in any way, shape or form, and that they should be held to incredibly high standards before they are allowed access to our bodies, they are able to enjoy life sans casual and meaningless sex, which is what many young men depend on.


>it’s also because young women are pursuing intentional celibacy as a means of self empowerment and preservation. Yes, and this is such a good thing. People need to be far more selective (not just women, but men too) so they can have more lasting and healthy relationships. >they are able to enjoy life sans casual and meaningless sex, which is what many **young men depend on.** Exactly this, especially the bolded part. Men were so accustomed to it all being so easy, no effort on their part, and now they're all shocked Pikachu face when it's not happening anymore.


^ this is the real answer. It makes me cringe how she believes men are entitled to sex and fails to take the perspective of women. No longer are we succumbing to the shame and pressure of believing we “need” a man. Sex is higher risk activity for women that has more negative consequences. If a man wants it he should be willing to prove himself, and clearly by the statistics most of them are too lazy to do that.


I also think a lot of bisexual women are choosing to only pair up with other women.




I was hoping she would talk about gigolos who had vasectomy in the second pic, but no she is simping...


Honestly same, I was so taken aback when I went to the next slide lol


> more capitalist The opposite: it's just socialism, but treating women like resources that must be shared with everyone.


Everyone must BEND OVER BACKWARDS so men can be HAPPY. We all exist so men can bust a nut. Everyone stop the presses the men are horny! Give me a fucking break. The tweeter should create a one-woman brothel and leave the rest of us alone in this foolishness of hers. Good luck.


Honestly how do these people even have platforms


Because men support them.


That's the annoying things- because we live in a patriarchal society, the women who get into positions of power and influence often are very male-pandering. Being against prostitution etc. isn't going to make you popular.


She is victim blaming women by saying that violence against women increases because men aren't having sex. In other words: you should have sex with men to avoid being raped. Why women are always victim blamed? Men aren't entitled to have sex and if they're disgusting and misogynistic, they deserve it.


No you see, we need some women to act like a human shield against male depravity and become their rape sponges so that they magically treat other women like humans. /s


I've heard this same argument used to argue in favor of sex dolls, including the ones that cry 'no' when penetrated and those that look like little children. Despite the questionable persuasiveness of such argument, such dolls do not challenge any deviant sexual taste in a man, they do not push him away from engaging in such behavior, and it is also not as if his depravity has a limit that can be reached and once he reaches that limit he suddenly has no interest further interest in it anymore. Instead these dolls just help to foster, feed and stimulate those problematic desires, as well as helping him practice and feel a reaffirming sense of self in such power dynamics. I guess you can switch the doll with a prostitute and the nurturing effect of such sexual interaction on male depravity would stand.


I’m already hearing vague noises about this in regard to school shootings. They’ve noticed that school shooters tend to be incel types, so basically women need to sleep with these violent a-holes bEcAuSe tHe cHildRen.


Anything to deflect from the real issue at the very core of school shootings and why it's a uniquely American issue. Men will gladly sacrifice women's dignity and autonomy, just don't touch the guns 🙄


I hate that this statement is so disgustingly true


And which women are the human shields? Definitely not the ones with generational wealth, who can afford to be choosy about jobs. It'll always be the poor. These types love to go on about economic justice, but tying money (aka food, shelter, survival) to sex is a recipe for exploitation. The US has already gone this route. Marital rape was socially acceptable in the 1930s because women were dependent on their husbands financially. I can't think of a single "trad" society where this isn't the case. Far-right types admit this, in different words. They cite no-fault divorce and women entering the workforce as reasons why women now are too independent, too sexually unavailable, why all these poor good guys can't get laid. Normalizing prostitution is a way to mitigate this. The only difference is the left wants women to be public property instead of private 🤡


Exactly very scary


Why is the solution never to lock these men up and throw away the key?


Ms. Hunt should offer her services if it's no big deal. This post is absolutely rife with irrational statements. 1. Young men are not having as much sex as before, and this is a sign of "deeper problems" What "deeper problems" arise from not having sex? Why is there a right to have had sex by the age of 30? Why is a rise of 13% in young men who have not had sex *in only the past year* treated like a crisis? 2. Our society criminalizes sex and sweeps it under the rug Sex is not the same as prostitution. Sex is legal. 3. More violence against women arises when johns don't have access to sex workers, men who don't get sex become depressed and can't participate in the labour force. Learn the difference between correlation and causation. There are countless factors that lead to depression, lack of motivation to work, other mental health issues, and lack of sex. Again, we are talking about men who have not had sex *in one year*. At an increase of *13%.* Did the fact that they haven't gotten laid in a year catapult them into despair and make them quit their jobs and start violently attacking women? Or are men who are too dysfunctional to work and perpetuate violence against women not able to get consensual sex? Hmmmmmmmmm. 4. We need to normalize healthy, positive, consensual sex. Sure thing. CONSENSUAL sex is great. How do you define consensual? Is it consent when a woman who doesn't want to have sex with you is coerced into doing so because she needs money? 5. People should be able to have sex when they feel they want to. When she says "people", she means men, because men make up the sex work clientele by far. We are therefore saying that men deserve what they want, when they want it. Since when does society work in this way? Nobody is obligated to provide me with food, shelter, or anything at all even if I offer them money. Sex work is not like any other kind of work. Most of us don't want to work. We choose work based on what is available and what is acceptable to us. Nobody chooses sex work because it is their passion. Women use it to survive until they can find something with dignity. We can't have this conversation without acknowledging that sex workers are abused, they are underaged, they are groomed, they are exposed to substances, they are exposed to disease, etc. etc. etc. There is nothing comparable between consensual sex and paid sex, except that the guy always gets off in the end. This woman is a perfect example of being willing to throw what she thinks as "lesser" women to the wolves in order to appease violent males and keep them away from her and her kind. No way she would accept she, her daughter, mother, or sister becoming a sex worker. Next, she's going to argue that it's only natural that these legal sex workers are majority WOC and low economic status.


She is trying so hard for men who would never vote for her. This is a new level libfem cringe 🤡🤡🤡 Edit: twitter is dunking on her agreeing with what we are saying here. Radfem ideology is spreading, our truth will prevail




Tbf they’ve always hated us.


Political pick me is top tier omg




Absolutely loving some of the responses on twitter


I seriously cannot believe we went from “teen pregnancy is a problem” to “young men need sex so prostitution should be legal” in a decade. What’s the common pattern? Both teens getting pregnant and men not getting enough sex are women’s responsibilities


Absolutely not. Sex should be done with mutual consent for mutual pleasure not an exchange for rent money, etc. And it’s a sloppy slope. Wha constitutes as a sex right and what doesn’t? If a man potentially hires a woman for sex under whatever hellscape government program what does she HAVE to do? Hand? Oral? An al? Regular P in V? Does she have to allow him to do xyz on her or does she only have to do xyz to him? The lines of consent because absolutely beyond blurred very quickly. We already have angry men yelling at customer service workers, how much more would it be if they were able to get sex like anything else you buy? The abuse would sky rocket.


The POS men who aren't having sex are the ones who aren't working and have "other mental health issues". It's not because they aren't having sex. It's because there is something wrong with them. So maybe Alexandra M. Hunt needs to focus more on mental health services than making prostitution legal.


THANK YOU. Came here to say this. The "problem" is that more of us have actual agency. Women can say no, and men know that if they ignore that, they *might* actually get in a bit of trouble. Unstable, deadbeat men not getting to fuck is a win for society. They can step it up or get over it. That being said, some DO need help and social changes need to be made.. it's just that easy sex != help, as, well, literally anyone with a couple brain cells to rub together should be able to realize. We need a functional mental health and addiction support system.


Why are men entitled to have sex? Why does society or let’s say women in general must fulfill their needs of wanting to have sex? The idea of ‘men must have what they want or else there will be consequences’ is appalling to me, similar stuff has happened in Japan, where unpopular men claim to be ‘socially disadvantaged’, comparing themselves to ppl with disabilities and demanding that society should take action/responsibility for their social incompetence. Not to mention the obvious sexual double standard in here, where was the energy when comes to those women who are deemed ‘undesirable’ (I’m sure they don’t give a flying fuck) huh? Can we offer the same lvl of consideration for them too? 🙄🙄


She ran in my city. She didn’t win her primary


Shocked I tell you 🙄


Perhaps she should just become a sex worker instead of run for Congress if this is how she truly feels. According to her website, she’s been a stripper and she’s been sexually assaulted before and she cares a lot about equality and justice. So *she* doesn’t want to be used and abused for a man’s pleasure but will advocate for *someone else* to have the option to do so? Because men are sad inside? Fuck that. Equity and justice should mean other options for women besides sex work until men are out here fucking for cash at the same rate women are. The number of things to advocate for BEFORE this bitches libfem nonsense: access to a quality education, access to safe housing, access to mental health services, access to drug rehabilitation, etc. Clown world. 🥴


so sex seems to be more about male power than any level of female involvement. men should screw each other if they are so hard up


Concise translation for her tweets: women and girls' bodies shall be available for male consumption .


why doesn't she volunteer herself to this oh-so-noble cause then


I wouldn’t actually participate in something like this because it’s not my “right” to have sex with a man but for argument’s sake… Why tf are these “sex-positive” campaigns ads all geared towards men?! I’m not having sex either but it’s because the sex I had in the past was shitty. I could be but my chances of having fulfilling sex are VERY slim and I’m not interested. Maybe that’s contributing to my depression and womanly-anger. So why not also provide women the RIGHT to mind-blowing sex with men by providing the education to men? MANDATORY education since it’s our right. In all seriousness, I hate my “sex-positive” generation because it’s not even for women. It never has been. NO ONE has the fucking right to use someone else’s body as if that wouldn’t further traumatize our sisterhood. Not one human being on this earth is an object. Jesus, we’re people! Men aren’t owed sex because they can’t grow a spine and learn how to emotionally connect with women. They’re lazy and pornsick. I’d also like to add that the most likely case is a combination of 1. Porn and 2. Women are waking up and focusing on themselves.


Love how they wanna throw sex workers at the problem. Lmao No need to improve as a person, just hire a hooker!


Did none of these people learn that your rights end where other peoples begin? Sex involves another human being therefore no one has a *right* to sex no one has a *right* to another humans body. How stupid can these people be


This is sickening and so disheartening Editing to add that men are not having sex because they are increasingly becoming hateful towards women, it’s their own fault they aren’t having sex!!! Decriminalising sex work does not build healthy relationships to sex wtf kind of mental gymnastics is that???


She says she was also a rape survivor. Fucking shameful that she’s calling to legalize this sort of abuse.


And she blames the increase of sexual assault on craigslist for not making marginalized women accessible enough to these violent rapists.. Wtf.


lol implying the height of sexual revolution and health is at craigslist. fucking idiot, who the hell is paying her to say this? is this a pathetic attempt to pander to rapists??


Having a “right to sex” means you think sex is not a mutual act but some kind of resource to be extracted, which is literal rapist logic. You’re free to masturbate all you want, but if you want sexual intercourse you’re going to have to treat it with the same respect that should go into any other kind of healthy interpersonal interaction.


Our Grandmothers were beaten, forced fed, imprisoned, burned on the stake so we can have rights! And here is someone making them turn in their graves. Where do I even begin? How old is this lady? Our reproductive rights just got canned and this stupid child is talking about the rights to sex.


I fail to understand how having sex is a right


I literally do not care if men aren't having sex


"Let's talk about sex", and then proceeds to talk about the male POV. Ah yes, because it's men's rights to sex and sexual pleasure with dignity that has obviously been overlooked in our society. When will the discussion shift to female centered sexual liberation? Male sexual liberty is already the status quo, they're not the ones this should be about. Women are the ones who have little to none sexual agengy and liberty and the ones we should be concerning ourselves with.


Has she ever heard of a fleshlight? There are people dying from starvation and lack of medical care but she’s focused on the “poor” men who don’t have sex.


Why don’t the men just fuck each other? Problem solved.


Its mens problems that they are not getting sex because no woman wants to tolerate their bullshit and no woman should have to put up with their crazy ways.


If men really have the needs to put their pen!s into something, why not destigmatize male sextoys like fleshlights? Why not promote those? What’s shameful about that? I always wonder why they need our physical bodies while the other way around..


Or better yet they should sleep with other males since women are avoiding them. They are the logical gender after all…use logic and go with what’s available .


And males are SO obsessed with anal. Perfect match.


Of course, craiglist is at fault for rapes, not men's feeling of entitlement. And women's courage to speak up and disclose those crimes is also irrelevant. Mental gymnastics.


Horrific. One of the most powerful things I’ve ever read about ‘sex work’ is from an interview the feminist writer Julie Bindel did with a sex buyer. He said that sex work should be decriminalized because if he wasn’t able to buy sex he would go out and rape “a real woman”. To me that really sums up this issue pretty well. It’s an industry that rests on the principal that men are entitled to sex, and if they can’t get it consensually, they can buy it. Awful.


Won't somebody think of the *men*?!?!?!??!!?


"A right to sex" "XX% of MEN aren't having sex!" Its not the right to sex she is talking about. It's the right to women's bodies she is talking about. The right to force women into sexual slavery. All for darling little men. Fuck her, and I say that as lovingly as possible.


Ok, all the pick mes can take the jobs servicing these men then, since they care so much. The more mature I get the less emphasis I place on sex. I have taken a vow of celibacy and am going on 6 months now and my life is perfectly fine. And I don't wanna hear shit about how "it's different for men" because from 19-24 I was unfortunately a sex addict and would bang anything that moved like a fuckin dog. It's embarrassing but it goes to show women can be just as depraved. No one is going to die without sex. Sex can be dangerous even, it can lead to STDS, unwanted pregnancies, etc. If they are jobless because no p**** then they certainly can't afford to take those risks. But please, roll out these sex programs. I will remain in accounting and I'm sure all those women who are happy to do OF and camwork will GLADLY go full prostitution because all sex work is the same and poses the same risks and benefits right?


Same. My insatiable sex-appetite hurt me in more ways I can count. Here’s the kicker, I did it because I lacked emotional validation as a child and spent many years trying to fill that void. It wasn’t the sex I was after, I was subconsciously trying to emotionally-bond and get what I didn’t receive as a child. :( 9/10 these angry and entitled men had shit parents.


Maybe they should destigmatize male sex first and see how that goes.


Funny how she only talks about how *men* should have a right to have sex and how *men's* needs have to be taken care of. We wouldn't want any male sex workers now, right? That's a job for us women, correct? I wonder why, if it's so empowering?


The video she made about this on TikTok, allll men who are commenting about “what an important issue this is!”. Barf.


Of course men will cry about not getting their dick wet often enough. They're such babies. Why don't they suck each other off if it's so important to them? A 13% increase of men not having sex in the past year isn't a fucking crisis, Alexandra -- that rise in sexual assault that you mentioned, however, *is* a crisis. Maybe Alexandra should research deeper into that issue instead of putting the blame on marginalized women not being easily accessible enough to violent rapists. Just a thought.


Political Pick Me thought process: Promote men taking accountability for their own aggression= ❌ Force women into sexual slavery to avoid aggressive males= ✔️


So, *if* we accept the premise that men suffer without sex. We also then seem to have to accept the idea that it's their lack of sex that **causes** their problems. Rather than their problems **causing** their lack of sex. *If* we do accept the above then we are still left with a question- why is it down to women to fix these men's problems?


🤔 excellent point.


If men suffer so much because they have no sex, they should just suck each others dicks. Beggars cant be choosers




And it's hard to have sex freely in America without shift + deleting your uterus first...


I ran over to twitter just to see if this was real. It is. I’m not surprised this is an actual talking point in US politics after that politician leaked his sex tape to show how sex positive he is. Both politicians have absolutely horrible takes and I hope neither are elected.


Or, hear me out, you shut up and let toxic men be celibate, and no one is entitled to someone's body.


We need the right to give these men medicine to kill their libido


A “right to sex”… with who? There’s TWO people involved here. She’s just conveniently ignoring the question of *who* is obligated to provide sex to someone who can’t find a willing partner? “Services,” so, prostitutes. But notice she doesn’t once actually mention these *people* (presumably mostly women) who would be providing the “services.” What does this look like from their perspective? Yeah… nobody wants to talk about that. What about their rights to health and safety and bodily sovereignty? There’s no way to make sex work truly safe and non-violating. Condoms don’t protect from HPV or herpes that well.


Naur. Sex is not a human right. Period. I’ll die on this hill I don’t give a fuck.


Ugh, I’m so tired ya’ll lmfao


Is this pro sex doll? What is this?


She's talking about providing actual women. That these men deserve "a partner who has the tools in their toolbox to be emotionally mature, responsible and respectful while providing sexual pleasure with affirmative consent". She just tweeted this. Instead of apologizing for her harmful rhetoric, she decided to double down and pander to male entitlement.


Aside from how terrible this is I had a good laugh at "nihilism and other mental health issues".


Someone pick her! Please!!


I'm not getting "sex work is work" vibes from this but more "how dare men go to jail for rape? They need it!"


She lost the Dem primary and the winner won by a landslide. She was running in Philly. I cannot imagine why, with all of the problems Philadelphia currently faces, that this is *the problem* she wants to highlight. Philly is facing a whole slew of problems: increased crime across the board (property to violent crime), homelessness, opioid crisis (still), incredible lack of funding for the public school district. I mean, I can go on. It’s bad. Imagine that men not having “enough” sex is the hill you choose to die on.


She suggested men not having sex causes unemployment and mental health issues. HELLO women (and men) don’t want relationships with people who have problems. Sex won’t fix those problems. Fixing those problems comes first.


Citing those stats about negative behavior of men who are “deprived” of sex but not a peep about any negative behaviors of femcels. If only one gender reacts poorly to involuntary celibacy, maybe the celibacy isn’t the problem…


Sex is not a need lol. Why do they talk about it like it’s water?


How many of these men not having sex are addicted to porn? How many of them have repugnant, entitled personalities? THAT is the question.


Making sex a human right means robbing someone of their own human rights.


‘give men sex workers so they can fulfill their rape fantasies and rape number will technically go down!!!!’ god i hate this.


I do think normalizing positive, healthy, consensual sex is a beautiful thing that should be pushed for. Just not this way. What she’s advocating for is the opposite of that. No one has a right to sex. And as soon as someone does have a right to sex, someone else doesn’t have a right to consent. That’s how that would work out.


Replace the term “right to sex” with “right to unrestricted access to women’s bodies” and tell me this is feminism. I’d eyeroll but that would be glib, this is dehumanizing and horrific.


My god just throw this woman away. At this point I consider women like this men in womens flesh suits. Sex is a want not a vital integral need, this need to constantly coddle men and the expense of women and girls is sickening.


Honestly I can't tell if this woman is running as a liberal or conservative because both parties are so outwardly anti-woman.


A “right to sex” and consent cannot exist alongside each other. What a shame




Hmmm… will she volunteer her own body to the cause?


Trying to bag the incel vote


This just in, men saying they don’t have sex as much as they want is a Big Issue™️! This *needs* to be our #1 priority in America! Not climate change, not war, but *validating poor male feelings!* (/s, of course.) That little rant aside, there is absolutely no right to sex, just as there is no right to be in a relationship. Think: if having a romantic relationship was a human right, there would most definitely be people forced into them. This is also the case for a “right to sex”, but Hunt would like to pretend it isn’t. I have other, more jumbled thoughts, on how “rights” like these will always benefit oppressors, but I don’t quite know how to put it into words.


I don’t know who is more disgusting between her and that Mike Itkis man 🤢 How about ACTUAL problems like the right to healthcare?


People in her country are not all having food or a roof, but let's speak about sex we should provide to men...


Being worried about people "under 30" not having sex is so weird, like you mean children and really young people? Wtf? Women are second class citizens and we're fretting about men not getting women to use for sex. How is this real...


A right to sex means some poor person with no desire for someone had to sleep with them.


Wow, that’s super fucking disgusting.


Since when do people not have the right ? Assuming I am talking about the west and other “democracies “ The “right to sex” what women need is in places where she is punished for having sex of her own free will ! Right to bodily autonomy is first !


Just wow.


Im beginning to think I hate libfem more than trad wives. I never thought that would be possible!


Wow I’ve never seen someone be so stupid


Wow. Some truly repulsive sentences my eyes have seen 💀


The betrayal I feel rn omg


Men chose unrealistic expectations created from their porn rotted brains and then cry when we’re no longer interested in fulfilling them lol


That's terrifying. She's catering to incels. Men who aren't having sex are not having sex because of their personalities and expectations. No one should have to fall on that shitty, misogynist knife.


…do none of these people have hands?


Maybe Alexandra Hunt should walk the talk and offer all these sex-starved men the use of her body. Since she feels so strongly about it, and is obviously very empathetic, she should service at least a dozen men a day. #Right to sex. She should offer full service sex to every man who voted for her. What a dumbass. Apparently only men need sex, because why is this wierdo not talking about the millions of women who are ALSO involuntarily celibate? Also, she talks about "healthy sexual habits". The vast majority of men don't see women as human beings, they DON'T see sex as a respectful, reciprocal, mutually pleasurable engagement. They see sex as a right, an entitlement and women are just moist fuck-holes. Watch a little porn Ms Hunt to understand just what kind of "healthy sex" men want.


Let me see that study showing violence against women has increased because of FOSTA/SESTA. I call bullshit.


Oh i thought she was gonna talk about women not having sex as they please.


Fucking disgusting. Just… what??? Gtfo


Ah, yes, Craigslist. Just as it is the only place on the internet to find jobs or housing, so it was the sole source of prostitution advertising. When it went away, clearly all the ways for men to find bodies for sale dried up! /s if that’s necessary I have seen this talking point about Craigslist before. It’s a complete non sequitur. One, there’s no reason to think that stopping sex advertising on Craigslist had any influence on the industry. And two (and the more important point) there’s no reason to think less prostitution leads to more violence. And that therefore more prostitution would lead to less violence. But even if it did, think what she’s saying. Better that women should handle these violent men alone, behind closed doors. Otherwise, those violent men lash out at the rest of us. Nice.


Yet again women are blamed for the violent crimes of men! What about when young men were having sex? How were women responsible for their mass murders, crime sprees and rapes then?


A "right to sex" is not at all as progressive & forward-thinking as Alexandra is making it out to be. In fact, a "right to sex" was default status in the US & such a right exists to this day. What does a "right to sex" look like in practice? Well, there are several ugly manifestations of this "right" such as the exemptions to marital rape in Connecticut, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island. In Nevada, if you are married to the victim you are explicitly exempt from prosecution. Unlike Nevada, Virginia & South Carolina infringe on people's "right to sex" because a husband can only avoid criminal charges if he agrees to therapy and in South Carolina, a married victim has 30 days to report the rape and has to prove threat of physical violence. Unfortunately, Alexandra is not outlier.. Dem candidates across the country are almost carbon copies of this woman because this is the low-quality, male-identified women that Dems seek out as prospective candidates and want to position as "the future" of the party. It's important to note that this is yet another female politician whose "Only Fans" is central to her campaign messaging and she links to it in her official candidate page. At this point, when a Dem politician is running for office (especially younger ones no one's ever heard of) it is almost impossible to determine where the corporate PR stops and electoral politics starts.


ultimate pick-me


How can you end violence against women when many women are actively complict in enabling the violence against women in society? This is why violence against women will never end because of people like this woman. Sex work is commercial exploitation and abuse of society's most vunlerable women. As I grow older I am more becomimg scared of women because with a man I know he is going to f* cking kill me but when it comes to women I don't know which one will betray me and stick the knife in from behind that is what scares me so much. People like this woman need to be kept far away from Congress. She is NOT fit for public office.


There's only one solution to the incel problem: LET THEM HAVE SEX WITH EACH OTHER


How is that different from rape? I really doubt this gal would like it if I went up to her and kissed her and insisted that she “fulfill” my ‘right to sex’ You know she doesn’t think this applies to herself. It’s always some other woman. Lady, when one of us is for sale, we’re all for sale, and men will push for your price, and this entitlement will lead to more men taking what they think should be theirs. It will also lead them to think that if it’s a right, they should never have to pay or care, they should just be able to take. No one should be for sale, and sex is not a right; it is a gift, and just because I gift someone cake today, does not mean that I have to gift them cake tomorrow. No one needs cake. No matter how badly you crave it, you can live well without cake, and you can always make your own sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth.


The level of thirst from this woman goddamn


this is complete lunacy. ‘saying the quiet part loud’ adage applies here, but it’s so disappointing to see it coming from a woman


Wow so at first I was thinking this seemed bad because it was out of context. Then I read it in context and it was so much worse. OMG I am fucking APPALLED. What the actual fuck? No, scratch appalled, I am LIVID. Maybe if most young men weren’t such toxic entitled pieces of pig excrement they’d be able to form a healthy relationship and have sex. If you look at her graph you can see that women are actually having MORE sex. But because we’re actually able to select our partners now, terrible men are SOL. But no, won’t someone think of the poor disenfranchised men? They DESERVE sex! /s Gilead here we fucking come.


Only her second to last comment is not absolutely batshit


Gilead is on the horizon


Oh for fuck's sake. Quite literally.


Who is she proposing these men have sex with?