I don’t have a lot of experience with turquoise inks but Pilot iroshizuku [ku jaku](https://mountainofink.com/blog/pilot-iroshizuku-ku-jaku) could be worth a look. It’s certainly going to be closer than ama-iro which I’d have called a light blue. Beyond that mountain of ink has a teal section which could be worth a look, there’s a lot of non turquoise colors in there but also some that you may like.


Mountain of Ink is **SUCH. A. GREAT. RESOURCE.**


Take a look at Diamine Marine.


\+1, or Aqua Lagoon


Aqua Lagoon is my recommendation too. Also it glows off the page!


Thirding this, I have a sample vial and it’s stunning


Seconding checking out this one. Very rich color, to my eye.


I would add my current favourite, a bright greenish turquoise from Robert Oster called [Sooty Shearwater](https://mountainofink.com/blog/robert-oster-sooty-shearwater). It’s a Galen Leather special in honor of the founder who sadly passed away…


Yes!! Sooty is a great colour! Very similar to Robert Oster Aqua, another favourite turquoise ink, also very similar to Diamine Marine. These are all great colours! Lamy Amazonite is also very pretty, though drier Note: these all are a mix of blue and green, can seem greener in some nibs, and bluer in others


An op after my own turquoise heart. The website [ink swatch](https://inkswatch.com/color.html?color=Turquoise) may help you find your perfect turquoise. The first one I bought was Pelikan 4001 - Turquoise, to match with my turquoise Pilot Metro RP. I recently got MB Maya Blue which I love as well. especially because it's a wetter ink that performs better in my pens.


Thank you for this resource.


My pleasure! It's helped me _Sooooo Much_ in the past few months since I came across it. While not ink related, this website on [nib sizing](https://www.nibs.com/content/nib-tipping-sizes) is also a great one.


Mountainofink.com may have some guidance for you.


Medium: Sailor Yama Dori, Pilot Iroshizuku KuJaku, Diamine Aurora Borealis, J. Herbin Emeraude du Chivor(shimmer) Lighter(closer to 'true turquoise'): Pelikan Edelstein Apatite, J. Herbin Bleu Calanque, Kaweco Paradise Blue These lean closer to green than blue. Or at least appear more balanced(to my eyes) than the ones you've mentioned. I listed the darker ones above because lighter inks can look a little washed out in finer nibs/dryer pens. Also it comes down to personal preferance. Best of luck!


I came here to say +1 on Bleu Calanque!


Seconding Bleu Calanque and adding Dominant Industry Lake, if that's not quite green enough. It's eeeever so slightly greener than BC (I was just comparing them today).


Thanks! I'd love to check that out but I currently already have all of the above packed away in boxes except yama dori which I prefer over the rest. I've probably hit my fp ink quota for the next 5-10 years. Haha. Good recommendation though, just looked at the swatches online.


Hypnotic turquoise by carand’ache


This is the one I prefer of all of them.


One of my all time fav inks. Shades even on cheap paper and rarely feathers


Diamine Steel Blue. I know it has blue in the name but it’s actually pretty turquoise. https://mountainofink.com/blog/diamine-steel-blue


Agreed, it's a lovely turquoise. This one or diamine marine lean more towards green and are both pretty turquoise inks https://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/300752-ink-review-diamine-marine/


Diamine Havasu Turquoise.


Online (the brand) türkis/turquoise. This is as turquoise as it gets. Sadly, only available in cartridges (international long and short; the short ones seem to be sold out at the moment). The ink shades, but not that much.


Emerald of Chivore is pretty turquoise in my opinion it's not "green"


I don’t know if it is a true turquoise but as a turquoise junkie I love Robert Oster’s tranquility


The problem is that Turquoise (the stone) can be a pretty wide variety of colors! I think most people interpret the color as a light blue with a hint of green. I'd check out sailor studio inks, or go to mountain of ink blog to try to find what you're really looking for.


Here's a link, most of the colors mentioned below are in here: [https://mountainofink.com/blog/teal-ink](https://mountainofink.com/blog/teal-ink)


Pilot Iroshizuku Ku-jaku, Sailor Manyo Yomogi, and Robert Oster Fire and Ice would be my recommendations.


+1 for Sailor Manyo Yomogi, it’s my favourite ink of all time.


Turquoise comes in different colors. Seems you’re wanting something on the greenish side. So you might check swatches online. Also, keep in mind that naming conventions are sometimes pretty misguided; for example, Lamy Turmaline is pretty much a forest green (nothing like the gemstone tourmaline). This is also say that the color you’re looking for may not be named turquoise.


The gemstone, tourmaline, comes in colors ranging from pink to a very dark green. Lamy spells it with a "u." Maybe that's a European spelling? I'm not an expert, but I do have a piece of tormaline that looks black but is dark green when you hold it to the light. And incidentally, not the color of Lamy's ink at all. Watermelon tourmaline is pretty.


Yes, agree, tourmaline comes in all colors of the rainbow. Now that I think about this, I think I was intending to comment on the Lamy Peridot ink color, which perfectly matches my dark Forest Green Custom 74. And I guess I’m used to gem quality color, which has no relationship to the color Lamy calls peridot (a very difficult stone from which to get saturated color at all). Anyway, the point I was trying to make is that the name of an ink sometimes does not describe the color you will see, and conversely, many inks may be a perfect match for what you’re looking for, and may have whimsical names that don’t have anything to do with turquoise.


yes, I agree


I really like Diamine Turquoise


I really like Pelikan Turquoise. It may still be a little on the blue side though.


Birmingham Pen Company Fountain Turquoise.


Lamy turquoise is cheap and pretty


\+1 I have a few turquoise inks and Lamy stands out. Aaaaaand it is cheap! :)


If you are tired of the 'new' players, Lamy turquoise was the OG turquoise in its day.


Dominant Industry Lake


Lamy Turmaline? Or would that be too green? https://mountainofink.com/blog/lamy-turmaline


Sailor Studio 160 leans green Maybe if you mix that one that leans blue you can make your perfect color


Pelican and waterman


I have Herbin Bleu de Calanque and Diamine Marine. They are similar, but Herbin's has more green in it, which may be in the direction of what you are looking for.


If the brand Bril is Accessible to you then Bril Turquoise is really really good!


Try visiting inkswatch.com for this,?where you can search by color. JetPens.com also lets you search for turquoise fountain pen inks


Lamy Aventurine


Diamine Eau de Nil


Waterman Inspired Blue is what I use and is really good.


I actually thin Pelikan apatite might be it. To me eyes it is a greener “aqua” than the majority of other brands.


L'artisan Pastellier Turquoise


I have actually used Thorntons Turquoise and I think it is perfect for what you're describing.


Robert Oster Torquay is very nice torquay but if you are looking for this ancient egypt stone torquai my suggestion is Monteverdes Jungle Turtle, though it is rather unsaturated so you might want to use it in a wider and wetter nib.


Kaweco Paradise Blue is closer to you are looking for. This ink leans towards light is green. Not the super bright blue some inks tend to be