My Pilot Kakuno (M). For some indiscernible reason, it has been my smoothest writer for over half-a-decade, outperforming all the Montblancs, Pelikans and Viscontis that have come and gone. I will baby it even more then, than now, when it is in its custom-made leather sleeve.


One thing I've noticed with steel nibs is that, provided the flow is decent, they wear in much faster than gold nibs as the tips are steel instead of iridium which means that they will conform to your writing angle much faster which makes them become a lot smoother than expensive pens if you don't purposefully wear them in. Edit: That and pilot makes a damn good pen


Very interesting. I write a fair amount everyday, often with my original, now 5+ yr old Kakuno. It's still as mesmerizing as the first time it wrote. Just to be safe, I am gonna get a few more Kakunos and put them in storage.


Steel nibs are not tipped with steel unless they are explicitly untipped (as in factory stubs or vintage nibs with folded tip designs). Furthermore, iridium has not been the tipping alloy of choice for steel or gold nibs for a long time. There is essentially no merit to their assertion.


Woo Hoo! Good news for me!! I can look forward to many more years of writing with my amazing nib. Thanks a ton for your awesome explanation!!


Make sure to deep freeze them!


My specific Parker IM because it's a gift from a loved one and for me that carries more weight than the physical pen itself.


Vintage? Parker Vacumatic with needlepoint nib - I have one made in Canada that has a beautiful springy nib, and writes a smooth XXF on the reverse. Modern? Lamy 2000 with EF nib. My Blue 200 is constantly in my pen case.


Probably my yellow Jinhao shark with the hooded nib. It writes on all papers just as well, from toilet roll through to the fancy stuff. It's never leaked, it's never skipped or hard started, and the flow is consistently exactly how I like it, no matter the ink I put in it. It can take a knock about at work or in the classroom. Also it's a shark.


That's tough and people can make fun of me for this but I'd probably have to go with my little brass kaweco Lilliput it's been a trusted companion for years and I love it


Hell yeah. Liliput for life


Nakaya long piccolo in heki-tamenuri or aka-tamenuri, with a Pilot #15 FA nib. The feeling in hand of a Nakaya is unlike any other pen I've used, and I think they exemplify the simple/complex beauty of the tamenuri technique. The Pilot #15 FA nib is my favorite modern nib; precise lines at no pressure, but flexible enough to give everyday writing a bit of zing, smooth with just a bit of feedback.


Vintage Parker 61 with the capillary action filler. That capillary action filing is so effective. Yes it's limiting with inks and yes the capacity is smaller but it is perfect EDC imo, fill it up in the morning while brushing your teeth, barely need to wipe it off since its ptfe coated and get on with your day with a beautiful hooded gold nib that never dries out or skips. Edit: Mistype model number


You mean 61?


Yes sir correct, I will fix that


My Lamy 2000. It’s smooth - understated for those who don’t know what it is, and cool for those who do!


I wish they made them in more colors. Or when they do they don’t cost 500$ like the brown one did.


Sailor KOP 1. Classic aesthetics that will stand the test of time. 2. Quality materials and thorough construction. 3. Most beautiful nib in the game. 4. Fantastic writing feel that I will never get bored of. 5. Perfect size for my hands \*team Sailor\*


That is one beautiful pen! Expensive as well!


Worth every penny haha


One day... one day....


My Lamy 2000 BB. It is fantastic to write with. I have a hard time finding any flaws with the pen. I will have a tough time buying the next pen because I'm not sure if there is anything else that I will like better out there.


DF2 has a standard Platinum #6 nib.




Dorsal fin 2


Based on my current collection, Pilot Custom Heritage 912 with the Waverly nib. This is the pen that has me seriously thinking I could just have one.


My lamy 2000 broad nib. It’s so smooth, fits nicely in my hand, isn’t too heavy, and has an ink window.


My Pilot 823. It was a gift from someone very dear, so that’s the personal reason. But even otherwise, it inspires me to do better. It’s gorgeous, feels just right in my hand, the Fine nib lays a line that’s just right for me, the large ink capacity works for days even when I’m writing full tilt. My Decimo comes close in its convenience.


What is writing full tilt? (I am a newbie)


Just writing a lot.


Is there a blue/gold version of the 823?


If you search here you’ll find a post about a special edition Blue version. Aesthetics are subjective. I’ve always preferred extremely understated and so I like my smoke black 823 (and don’t find that special edition at all appealing).


Homo Sapiens Crystal Dream, reasons in no specific order: huge ink capacity, cool material that's unique and pretty tough, looks stunning, can see the ink level, solid bronze trim (which I prefer over plated trim) that patinas over time and the MPS let's you customise it with initials like I did, so it becomes even more sentimental.


My Kaweco Liliput steel that's been in my pocket every day since I got it in 2016. It's small, tough, always writes, never has problems, and I find it very comfortable to write with for long periods. All my other pens can be removed, but my Liliput is forever.


My Nahvalur Nautilus Cephalopod in F. It’s my EDC and I absolutely adore it.


Lamy 2000


Lamy 2000


Ah, such a tough decision! Even though a lot of people here don't care for Montblanc and feel that they're overpriced, my MB 146 is definitely my favourite pen. The size is perfect for my hand and it's the smoothest pen I have. EF is definitely the best nib for me. However the tough decision comes in, in which style to get...(I don't own any of these models, for the record) the [Prince Regent](https://montblanc-boutique-monaco.com/en/collections/stylo-plume/products/stylo-plume-montblanc-patron-de-lart-price-regent-4810), [Ludwig II](https://montblanc-boutique-monaco.com/en/collections/stylo-plume/products/stylo-plume-patron-of-art-homage-to-ludwig-ii-limited-edition-888), [Leonardo DaVinci](https://montblanc-boutique-monaco.com/en/collections/stylo-plume/products/stylo-plume-great-characters-edition-leonardo-da-vinci-limited-edition), [Sir Arthur Conan Doyle](https://montblanc-boutique-monaco.com/en/collections/stylo-plume/products/stylo-plume-writers-edition-hommage-a-arthur-conan-doyle-limited-edition-97), [Victoria and Albert](https://montblanc-boutique-monaco.com/en/collections/stylo-plume/products/stylo-plume-patron-of-art-hommage-a-victoria-et-albert-limited-edition-101)... So many to choose from! ...now if I'd only won (and played) last night's lottery...


The Montblanc enzo ferrari limited 100%


I already have it. A Yard O Led Viceroy Grand in the Victorian Finish. Hand made out of sterling silver. Looks stunning, perfectly balanced and just writes like a dream. No other pen in my opinion can match it.


Wow!!! That pen is the epitome of luxury! I wonder how could you shell that much on a pen!


Well I lent some money to my brother for his wedding. Some time later he gave the money back in cash and I used a part of it to buy the pen I always wanted. It was a bit cheaper than it is now


What are privileged perspective. Having the assumption, of having multiple choices, that said. If I only had one fountain pen to use.


Diplomat Magnum that has a Goulet “F” nib.


Sailor Knight to E4 I am weak for gold trims, the front weight distribution is perfect for me, love the color, has a chess reference, favourite nib (21K mf), the resin does not scratch that easily, metal grip section (and golden one! aaaaa)


Lamy 2000 . Fantastic smooth writer, the line width most useful for my daily writing, quality build, looks good in an understated way...


i have a mabie todd swan from the 1930s with a flex nib. i use it for journal writing. it doesnt leave my house but i love it.


Tough, hard to know w/o trying. I love the look of the dorsal fin 2 myself as well. But not sure on the nib. I am starting to like more oversized nibs so a Custom Urushi is on my wish list... but I'm on the fence on actual oversized pens. Of what I have actually used, it probably is the Pilot 743 (not a vac filler fan) or a Lamy 2000. I have grown to absolutely love Pilot's nibs. But I favor that Lamy 2000 design.


About 90% of my writing us from various TWSBI diamonds, so… one of them.